fierce girl

It’s that special day— The Legend of Korra officially premiered on TV 5 years ago today, can you believe it’s already been half a decade?!

On April 14th 2012, Korra burst onto the scene with Welcome to Republic City and A Leaf in the Wind, starting an unforgettable new era of the Avatar world and franchise. It’s been five years of a city of unity and division, of the art of bending evolving before our eyes, of villains rising and falling, of nations falling and rising, of worlds converging, of light and dark, of service and sacrifice, of death and birth and rebirth, of mentors and guides and family and friends old and new, of heiresses and orphans, and of a fierce girl carrying it all on her shoulders with unyielding conviction and strength.

Thank you Korra! 💚❤️️💛💙 Here’s to five more years, and many more after that! After all, legends never die.


Album+Art Tribute to the Queen Bey’s Studio Albums

Dangerously in Love + La Nuit by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

B'Day + Girl in Green by Lord Frederick Leighton

I Am… Sasha Fierce + Silver by Albert Joseph Moore

4 + Ianthe by John William Godward

Beyoncé + Untitled (Black on Grey) by Mark Rothko

Lemonade + Natural princess by Sophie Anderson

cause she a rebel princess shes the best shes a ball of lighting in a hot pink dress shes a thunderstorm roaring through the night shes our shooting star and shes lighting up the skyyy