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worst student ❖ sehun

anon requested: Oh I just saw the reqs are open 👀 Can I request a Sehun or Jongin fic, some teacherxstudent thing if you’re not uncomfortable with it & he’s kinda seducing her

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2355 words | semi-smut | velvet

✎ Mr. Oh is your new Math teacher and you both know that you suck at Math, but to pass the year you need help and he’s willing to give it to you.

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Listen…it’s always Dwarf Appreciation Week…in my heart…

i could teach you - taeyong scenario - part two

Lee Taeyong - NCT

words - 1855

genre - man idk really is jus taeyong doing his ting my guy

warnings - vulgar language?? mentions of sex

dedicated to @yongsexual  ♥ ♥ ♥

part - one / two / three / four / five

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You shoved your head further back into soft plush pillows beneath you and grumbled. Even through your eyes were shut the light was too brilliant in this room and someone somewhere was playing heavy metal at what felt like fucking dawn to you. Hissing, you jerked the covers over your hammering head, hoping the darkness would act as barrier against everything that was disturbing you. Unfortunately that didn’t work and you didn’t want to particularly move any of your dead muscles - maybe if you yelled something the owner of that horrendous music would at least turn it off.

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2 A.M

A/N: So this is the second installment of my apparently new A.M series that I didn’t even knew I needed on my blog. You can read Luke’s version here

Pairing: Y/N/College!Michael

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 6.000+

Summary: Y/N’s and Michael’s hate for each other won’t get any better when they’re paired up for a science project. And when a thunderstorm appears and Y/N isn’t safe to walk home she has to stay at Michael’s dorm against her will

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Watery, angry eyes turned and regarded the person who spoke her name. Her face had a comically large frown on it, her eyebrows furrowed fiercely, her upset obvious to anyone who looked at her. And boy were the villagers looking.

“Kagome. You are over tired. Come on now.”

“I’m mad at you, Inuyasha. I don’t want to listen to you.” With a loud ‘humpf’ she turned on her heel and gave him her back. It was quite the sight, the local priestess with her heavily pregnant body telling her husband off in the center of the village.

“Think of the baby, Kagome. Come on. Sango will let you rest at her house if you are that mad at me.” Inuyasha held his arms out to his wife. She was due any day now, and while the thought of her in labor scared him, he was ready to be able to hold his baby, and maybe have a wife who was a little less upset with him.

Kagome considered his proposal for a bit, before beginning to waddle her way across the village to where Sango and Miroku lived. Inuyasha patiently waited for Kagome to indicate he should follow. She made it 10 steps for exclaiming “Inuyasha! I can’t balance right!”

Inuyasha went to her and took her small hand in his, and together they walked slowly to Sango’s.

One of the men of the village who had seen all of it, vocalized what everyone was thinking. “What happened?”

One of the oldest women in the village, who still remembered the right when Inuyasha had attacked the village, responded, “Inuyasha’s met his match, and found himself a family along the way.”