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POSTED: April 7th, 2017 / UPDATED: April 7th, 2017

Eyo, fellow Sonic Roleplayers! I’m currently in the process of looking for MAINS FOR SONIC’S FRIENDS.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means FOR INTERACTION WITH MY SONIC, your character would be the character that adheres to his about / history entirely. Meaning, Your Tails would be around 19, instead of the normal 8 - 10. Your Amy would be around 23, and own a bakery in Station Square! Etc, etc.

What’re the requirements for this?

  • We must be following one another. Not exclusively, mind you, but we have to be mutuals.

  • YOU MUST READ MY ABOUT PAGE COMPLETELY AND ADHERE TO IT. It’s not a bible though – we can discuss your muse and how they’d be in the mains. We’d talk about how Sonic and your muse interacts, or have interacted over the last ten years!

  • There is only ONE SPOT open for each main. Once that position has been filled, then I’ll update Sonic’s relationship page in order to change the character from NPC to your account!

  • MAINS DOES NOT MEAN EXCLUSIVITY. I’ll still interact with other muses for your character, thusly, you’re free to interact with as many Sonics as you please. However, on my end, Sonic’ll know your muse as the one he’s known for the last ten or so years. You’re free to disregard this and have another Sonic be your main, but this’ll hold true for me / my Sonic.

  • WE MUST INTERACT. It doesn’t have to be daily, and I won’t hound you for it or anything. But I do expect interactions, whether via asks, or threads ( short or long, plotted or spontaneous ), in order to take place. Even if we just talk about what might happen, and never get around to writing it, I’ll still count it towards something Sonic / Your Muse experienced in their life.

  • ONCE YOU BECOME A MAIN, I’LL DO MY BEST TO TRY AND THINK UP A TITLE FOR MY VERSE. so that way, you can add it to your verse’s page / about page. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, maybe just a small ‘ part of [VERSE NAME] ’. And, again, this isn’t meant to feel like you’re locked into my main verse solely. That isn’t the case. This is mostly for myself, it’d just be nice to see really!

  • CHRISTOPHER THORNDYKE & IVO ROBOTINK ARE, AS OF NOW, NOT OPEN FOR MAINS. The reason being that they are very important characters to Sonic’s life. You will have to thoroughly discuss with me about them, there must be a connection there, not only between the characters, but ourselves as well. If you run a Chris blog, or want to in the future, by all means be free to come talk with me, but I will be very picky for that role alone, along with Ivo, but y’know.


  • SALLY ACORN: age: 25
    taken by @skilledstrategist ( job: princess / freedom fighter leader )
  • MILES “TAILS” PROWER: age: 19
    open ( job: mechanic / up for debate )
  • AMY ROSE: age: 23
    open ( job: baker / up for debate )
    open ( job: master emerald guardian )
  • SHADOW ROBOTNIK: age: looks 25 / is actually 60+
    taken by @gunagentshadow ( job: G.U.N agent )
  • ROUGE: age: 26
    open ( job: G.U.N agent / former thief )
  • SILVER: age: 21
    open ( job: up for debate )
  • PRINCESS ELISE: age: 24
    open ( job: princess of soleanna )


PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA IM TO DISCUSS BECOMING A MAIN. please note this discussion may take a while, or maybe be very brief, it all depends on the muse, how much you’ve read my about, if you have any questions, etc. etc.

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if you HAD to, which of the fierce deities on tumblr would you marry?

     ❝Sweet mother of Hylia have mercy…

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out of your friends, who do you find yourself missing when they're not around?

“Hm,” that was a lotta people, actually. Clearing his throat, Sonic began listening them off, “Julian, Chris, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Jane, Ross, Danny, Arin, Shadow, Rouge….” he paused, itching behind his left ear while considering, “pretty much all’a my friends, really.”

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