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a collection of alllllll the links i could find in reason. each link has a different name and a different personality. Hopefully this will help everyone

The ones in green are official Links. the ones in blue are still links, but for one reason or another, they aren’t considered “official”

 shout out to the “hero of Men” link mentioned in the Minish, the “ancient hero” in breath of the wild, and the “King shadow” mentioned in the comics. they were almost included but don’t have enough behind them for mention. if more links pop up or people want me to include those links, I will do so. 

Love me some ZELDA 

“Everyone has gone away, haven’t they? Will you play with me? You don’t have any masks left do you? Well let’s do something else.
Do you want to play with me? OK, let’s play good guys against bad guys… I’ll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy, and when you’re the bad guy, you just run. That’s fine, right? Well…shall we play?”

The last one!  I figured it’s only appropriate to end on the mask that requires all the other masks to get. Thanks for sticking with me! :)

Process Video here

> Great Fairy’s Mask
> Keaton Mask
> Captain’s Hat
> Giant’s Mask
> Don Gero’s Mask
> Deku Mask
> Kamaro’s Mask
Zora Mask
> Blast Mask
> Garo’s Mask
All-Night Mask
> Goron Mask
> Bunny Hood
> Postman’s Hat
> Bremen Mask
> Stone Mask
> Couple’s Mask
> Mask of Scents
> Gibdo Mask
> Mask of Truth
> Kafei’s Mask
> Troupe Leader’s Mask
> Romani’s Mask

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devilsneverdies  asked:

kendo captain Link who moonlights as the Fierce Deity for the magical heroes au?

Link is actually a high school drop out that is gifted a sword from Fi and becomes a hero, but sure, why not. I’m gonna do the thing like in Pokemon anime where there are 50 million different versions of Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys except with Link. So now every iteration of Link exists in the Magical Hero AU as relatives of each other and they all somehow all have the same name. And all of the Links are inexplicably very fond of Fi for one reason or another.

FD Link is blind and teaches kendo at a local dojo. He is a magical hero so he can transform into his armor and shit. Fi is a part of his class and likes the head pats he gives her.

(Fi is not a child in this pic, she’s just really short and FD Link is just really tall)

Maybe I’m just a sucker for dumb humor, but the face Link makes when he tries to draw a weapon without having one equipped is the funniest thing in the entire game, so I took pictures of every version of Link doing it for kicks and giggles.

just like photoshop something into his hand for the perfect ‘wtf is this’ reaction image lol


ゼルダの伝説ログ4 by リクアキラ@ついった廃 on pixiv

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