fierce cologne

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What do the diaboys smell like?

Shu: Fierce cologne by Abercrombie and Fitch, and sex.

Reiji: On special occasions he’d put on fancy foreign cologne but on a daily basis he just smells clean and like guy deodorant.

Ayato: Axe body or old spice, the typical teenage boy cologne.

Kanato: Sweet vanilla, but if you hug him you’d smell a hint of deodorant.

Laito: Expensive cologne, specifically anything from Playboy, and maybe a bit of perfume from the last girl he did the dirty with ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Subaru: Axe body spray.

Ruki: Straight to heaven by kilian cologne.

Kou: He has a diverse taste in colognes based on his mood. It switches off from expensive colognes to old spice or something typical. Either way he still smells yummy.

Yuma: Old spice and axe body spray, with a natural hint of Petrichor (the smell of a garden after it rains.)

Azusa: He has a naturally sweet cinnamon-like scent with a touch of deodorant. 


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The Lack of Looks

Gay teens in the early 2000’s:
The internet exists for school projects and AIM conversations. Cellphones don’t even have screens in color yet.
Online shopping is not even a thing beyond the bounds of eBay bidding that your one aunt does for Christmas ornaments. The men’s fashion magazines aren’t available at Target or a Stationary Store. They’re in the lifestyle section of magazines at Borders next to Out, The Advocate and some other one that always has sexy latin men in speedos on the cover. Blogs? Fashion blogs? You mean like livejournal? No. Not yet.


No. You’re not buying that magazine. No, there’s no real internet access available to you and even if there were…let’s be real, you’re watching 3 minutes of Sean Cody and that’s about it. If it’s not on sale at your mall, you’re never getting it. So how do you dress? What do you wear?

It goes like this: the girls your age are devoted to The Hills and One Tree Hill and The O.C. and High School Musical. So they put pictures in their lockers and quotes on their away messages from those shows and- in a stroke of actual brilliance- boys your age dress like Chad Michael Murray and Zac Efron. They wear polos from Hollister and don’t cut their hair for a year like Zac. They were leather flip flops and shell necklaces. They have one tee shirt from Hot Topic that says “All American Rejects” or “Dashboard Confessional” on it. They look the look. They are swimming in pussy.

You? You have to fit in. You must disguise yourself. There is no grindr, there is no Kurt on Glee. There’s Danny from The Real World New Orleans… but he obviously shops at Structure and you can’t afford anything there and besides, even if you liked their clothes they just scream HATE CRIME ME.

So you buy the same clothes. You buy 3 of the shell necklaces because you’re not in denial- just because you don’t want to look gay doesn’t mean you don’t want accessory options. You style your hair the same way. You wake up everyday for school and on top of hating youself and hating that you have half a six pack and you’re tall and awkward and you’re breaking out, you have to hate the clothes you’re wearing.
You have to hate the disguise you need to be a spy.

Or are you a spy? You’re a refugee. You’re deep cover. You wear that Cool Water or Fierce by Hollister cologne and you slide into the mass of predators to mask your scent.

You grow up. You don’t even live near that place or those people anymore. But you still struggle with what to wear. You get angry that sixteen year old gay men know who Marc Jacobs or Gareth Pugh are. You hate that online shopping makes it plausible that Kurt fucking Hummel could know who Alexander McQueen is and order his clothing for delivery in Ohio. You’re not jealous- you’re just waiting for the day when you can dress how you want or even figure out HOW to dress the way you want.

“But you’re an adult! You can!”

Truth: the gays who lived this way- the early aughts gays? They were compromised spies. They spent so long in the uniform and under deep cover that it’s warped their sense of identity, their sense of attraction.

And that’s why people that say “Masc 4 Masc” are emotionally stunted and have the same intelligence as a 10th grader. They’re the queer equivalent of the solider who, ten years out, doesn’t know the war is over.