fierce all stars

I swear if the cast of All Stars 2 does not include all of the following I’m going to sue Rupaul:

- Ivy Winters
- Ben Delacreme
- April Carrion
- Adore Delano
- Max
- Milk
- Alaska
- Alyssa Edwards
- Katya
- Trixie Mattel
- Pearl
- Jaidynn
- Willam

Like seriously if we get some bullshit like Roxxxy Andrews arriving I’m gone

I present to you the Polishremover bitch herself: Adore DELANO!!! I am sooo freaking exited for This all starts season gurl I just cant! I just saw the “meet the queens” and I fell in love with her once more! She is just So cool!!!!


High school team of the day:
River Bluff

They got 2nd btw