If you’re looking to lure in your date this Valentine’s Day then you need my fierce glamorous makeup tutorial!  
This reflective ‘Cranberry & Bronze’ eye makeup is so captivating, and the winged liner gives you a seductive feline come-hither look! Meow!  

I have listed all the products in the description bar of the video, but I will also link them on here in my next post! 

Imagine being a fierce Asgardian warrior. One day on the sparring grounds your sparring partner happens to be Loki. The session goes on longer than expected as he keeps cheating by using magic and illusion to evade you. Things get a little out of hand when you angrily pin him to the ground with your hands on his throat, to your surprise he moans “harder!” “what?!” you exclaim “What?” He blushes and can’t believe he said that out loud.