Bay Area Bart And Muni Turf/Break/Tutting.



Turf Feinz from The Bay. Pure swaggery.

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The First Cartoon I Painted. Now You Know Why I DJ. That Was My Basement. I Can’t Believe My Parents Let Me Paint Our Room! My Pop Is The Narrator. #tbt #milk #chonz #fienz #sam


FLEXING vs TURF DANCING - GET WET Ent. presents N.Y. vs BAY powered by YAKfilms, San Francisco from YAK FILMS on Vimeo.

TURF DANCING vs FLEXING - GET WET Ent. presents NY vs BAY powered by YAKfilms San Francisco

Featuring TURF FEINZ, BA (Best Alive), Retro, Sick Wit It, …

Filmed by Yoram Savion & Kash Gaines

Edited by Yoram Savion

© YAK 2010

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