Every single day is a chance for every man to make his mark on history. On this day, we remember both fame and infamy, Coups, conspiracies, and assassinations show the motivation for power, and the measures we as people are willing to take in order to achieve it. For whether for good or bad, Ozymandias must not be forgotten.

It was on August 25th that we see the worst in people. In their first act of the Cold War, the Chinese kill an American intelligence officer, just ten days  after VJ day. Decades later, Serbian forces begin a three month siege of a Croatian city uprising. Centuries prior, the Nicaean Empire is taken by the murder of Mouzalon family. Knowledge was forever lost as German forces for the Kaiser burned down the library of Leuven University.

This day is not entirely of infamy. It was on August 25th that forces for freedom overcame a very apparent menace.

It was on August 25th that Galileo unveiled one of the greatest inventions of his time: the telescope.

On that same day, separated by years, America founds its National Park System.

In other American news, thousands stand for equality in the march on Washington. Three days later, Dr. King gives his dream speech.

On that inexact date, Voyager 2 achieved periapsis with Saturn and, on a later year, again with Pluto.

Every day is a chance to make history, and even though we may not make history every day, we can take practical steps to someday do so.