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I think it was moose. Why is he called moose?? because its his alibi. He's a shapeshifting fiend that turns into an actual moose. So, he followed Jason to wherever he was going as a moose and turned into a human and shot him and tortured him because he is an evil moose. There we go.

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In the north of the Windmire there settled a fiend of brutish force and knightly rebuke. His history with the Blackmourns was palpable to the convincing want for power. His mistress Xyvria had procured him from the slums in eastern Orgrimmar centuries ago when the elven man could barely wield a scimitar. There was never a time when regret came to him when involving himself in politics and as such caused The Silver Haunting company to thrive. Yet as age took to him cruelly there were approaches one needed when speaking with him.

He is here to see you.” Ivora Shadowforge spoke from the window sill, lounging there to guard the property from unwarranted forsaken that hadn’t the appointment.

“You’ll want to get out if you know what’s good for you.” Thales Bloodpride growled as his feet met the channeled pine in front of him. His hand reaching for his blade out of habit. Having been in the mercenary occupation for longer than one should - paranoia overcame him often. 

“I want you to meet with your brother in the drawing room for action should I need it. You’ll knock thrice on the bookshelf and I’ll whistle to cue you.”

The doorknob turned ending their conversation abruptly. Malice Blackmourn, the inferior sibling, took his time to find his seat. Admiring the shelves covered with his employees belongings and sensible taste. “Thales,” He ushered with a wave of his hand as some kind of introduction. “I confess I am thankful you were free to take time from picking fights with the locale in Holsworthy .”

“Get on with your speech, Blackmourn, I require your mouth for productive reasons not to gamble with you over pleasantries.”

“Indeed, your liege, my intention to see you is of the utmost importance. As you’re aware there is a family trail that we’re to overcome. My sister wishes to abscond the act that I am to lead our organization.”

Limelight cast across the features of the man in thought with what this could internally mean for him. It had already been established that his own heir was off ransacking his passions with the scheming Lady Blackmourn. What of the matter at hand, he couldn’t describe, anger revising itself amongst his form deceivingly. “It has been known that you let slip an opportunity right out from those whom oblige you. Therefore, your arrival will not incline me to change or alter the decision I have sent to the Conclave. You and your siblings have been in my care since before you took the initiative, boy, and while I am at allegiance with the Blackmourn name, I am not one to be bought. Much to your sister’s disregard and I hope that you’re not here to bribe either.” His arms folded over his chest as the answer dwindled between them. 

“Never.” His employer hissed as if the mere coincidence that he be compared to his siblings would start an outright war. “I am to give you news to another function I have managed to receive. You’ve certainly heard of the Oathguard and the Sun’raels correct?” A persuasive smile clouded the character of the individual in their lapsed silence.

“I have not.” He froze suddenly curious as to what this -deal- entailed. “But go on with the knowledge, sir.” His proper self came from the before. “I am dying to hear what exactly aligning yourself with a family of militant reprieve will edge off in the mention of marriage contestment?”

“How kind, Thales, I didn’t think you would mind at all. After all, you followed my stepmother blindly into her own ruin did you not? Women are confusing in that sort.” He looked to the personage  with a small amount of sadism. “Anyway, enough of my chides, Lady Sun’rael and I have had association since I became one of her colleagues in the Seventh Sanctum months prior. She was raised into adulthood through ownership of her own devices and has easily persuaded me into having her father’s forces as long as I can keep the name.” 

“As long as?” The older elf rhetorically bantered back. “There will be no one that will take your title from you. You have my company along with the Nephrim’s guard.” It was a moment before the superior understood. “Ah, you want us to join them as well? A consolation to the nerve you don’t have. You really are your father’s son aren’t you?”

The divide between two hierarchies was painfully struck. The lord with his pride and the rogue that could care less to the wilting of stubborn men. “As I was saying, boy,” His counterpart in turn used the same rile. “– my approval of this will not be voided due to your beliefs that our family shouldn’t improvise outside the realm of unknown territory. If you really have such grandeur thoughts on what you think I am trying to achieve you’re free to hand over your rule now.”

“I wouldn’t think of disowning my alliance to those which gave me a home. Xyvria would hang me up if she was alive to see that pass.” He said cordially, moving one leg off the desk with a huff about himself. “So what shall I incur to my compatriots? Send them notes to be on the move immediately?”

O’eris and Sinead will stay at my estate. They have no place to accompany your kind as they’re free spirits and my head guards.” Malice began, arising from his chair. “Iveos and Ivora will pledge themselves to the outskirts of the Ghostlands and will travel the perimeter to relieve anyone of Qeivh’s handle.”

“And what of the rest? What of my son?”

“They’re to head to the Oathguard with my contract in tow. They have no reason to deny where they should be as order are orders.”

“My son?” Thales snarled, a tinge of pain welting his heart and was blithe in knowing that the Necromancer couldn’t read body language entirely. “What of him?”

“He’ll be dead in time, Bloodpride. In war the cost of life is amenable.”

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