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We got so much gold at SDCC on all fronts, and Wendy is my favorite interviewer after David, Stephen and Emily because like them she clearly knows how to sell a show. What are you most excited about for the season, like for Olicity especially what are you most looking forward in terms of development for our characters and their dynamic?

There was suggestion made during season 3 (fan suggestion, I mean) that Arrow needed to add to its EP cast someone with more of a television background to help even out the TV needs vs. comic book background.  Wendy Mericle definitely has that.  She’s been made an EP on Arrow and her past credits include Desperate Housewives, Eli Stone, Ghost Whisperer, Smallville, Jack & Bobby, Everwood, Eastwick, etc, etc, etc.

I am in no way knocking the other EPs like Guggenheim or Kreisberg whose resumes are just as extensive, but I think having someone more grounded in “tv” vs “comics” might help keep a POV at the table that’s more “your average daily viewer” than one so enmeshed in comic books POV.  Hm. Does that make sense?  I hope so. It makes sense in my brain.

So what am I most excited for?  Lots.

Getting the focus back on Oliver Queen as The Title Name.  I felt Oliver really got shuffled backwards a lot last year.  I didn’t care for it.  Yes, other characters have to grow, but Oliver Queen should never feel like a side character on his own show. 

Getting back to a balance between Oliver Queen’s personal life vs. Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen’s life.  I want to see more to Oliver’s time than just what he does in the arrowcave, which is another thing I think we lost for almost all the characters last year.  I’m excited to hear that they’re going to try to balance those two things out.

Felicity getting more episodes devoted to her as a character.  I need to see Felicity in a Felicity-centric, Felicity-focused, Felicity-driven story of her own.  No more using her to prop up, spin off, build up, or try to manipulate via her popularity the “selling” of other characters.  These characters either fly on their own or they flop.  Period.  So I’m really looking forward to seeing Felicity’s journey as an individual character in her own right move on to show us what her destiny is.  Hand in hand with that is her father and her mother.  I’m excited about Donna returning to Starling and I’m super excited about Papa Smoak, whoever he turns out to be.  *rubs faux rabbit foot that he’s a villain*

Diggle getting more focus and episodes devoted to him.  Same reasons as above.  Plus Season 3 really pushed him aside and I felt that loss.  I don’t want that in Season 4.  I want to see centric story for him, development of his character, his destiny, etc.

Hand in hand with Diggle comes HIVE/Andy’s death.  I have a sneaking suspicious that HIVE and the events that led up to Andy’s murder will tie into Oliver’s flashbacks this year.  I’ve wanted that for 3 seasons now and I think Season 4 might be the year I get it and maybe the answer to: Just how much did Oliver know about Diggle (and possibly Felicity) when he returned to Starling City in the pilot.  How “coincidental” was all of this in the end?

Quentin Lance getting a damned story.  I love and adore Paul Blackthorne.  That man is fabulous in everything he is in and I want him to get a bigger slice of the pie come Season 4.  If they bring Donna Smoak in, then I want my SmoaknLance.  Big time.  I will ship that so hard core it won’t even be funny.

Oh.  Olicity.  Do I even need to really put this on the list?  LOL.  I’m sure everybody knows it’s on my list.  I want to see Oliver and Felicity being a couple, committed to making it work, fighting to be together, actually being *shown* together as that couple.  I want all the great flirty, fun, bantering, awesome, sexy, passionate moments between them.  I want to see them being partners in and out of the arrowcave, and I definitely want to see them in action together, on adventures, missions, fieldwork, doing joint stunts together, etc.  I want all the fun I know Arrow can deliver with them.

I also want to see the side effects Thea develops from the pit.  They have me curious.

Damien Darhk. O.M.G. I want him to be the smartest, deadliest, most ruthlessly evil villain Arrow has ever had.  I want to fear this man the way I wanted to fear Ra’s al Ghul but never did.  In the end it was like, well, I could sit down to tea with Ra’s and maybe watch some cricket….  I never feared him.  I didn’t care for that.  I want to Fear Damien Darhk.  Make me afraid, Arrow Writers.  Make me afraid.

Oliver & Diggle repairing their relationship. I love their bromance. I want to see them earn that back.

Magic.  I’m great with the occult, mystical and magical, so I’m super excited about what they’re going to do with that.

I want lots of scenes of interaction between characters I like.  Like:









Felicity/Mama Smoak/Quentin

Felicity/Papa Smoak/Oliver


I am excited about probably 98% of Arrow.  I just need them to give focus to the characters I watch for, not shove them to the background like they did in Season 3, not lose sight of the point of Arrow by getting – once again – lost in spin offs and character building for spin-offs, too many crossovers (please, please, TV Gods, control the crossovers), and I absolutely need them to remain as grounded, gritty and “real” aka Non-Powered as possible.  They made that promise before the pilot and I need that to stay as true as possible.

It’s a long list, Anon, but I’m excited about a lot of stuff.  Let’s see what they deliver.