Make sure to put on your best dress for tomorrows opening of Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair. Come and learn the origin story of the Field Museum.

And don’t forget your hat!

© The Field Museum, CSGEO6232_1, Photographer J.W. Taylor.

Detail from CSGEO6232. West Court large Right whale skeleton. Man and woman standing near the restoration model of Mammoth, skeleton of mastodon. 1 man and 3 seated women in period 1894 dress, woman in white.  Field Columbian Museum.

8x10 glass negative



Reticulated Giraffe for the Field Museum’s “Biomechanics: The Machine Inside” Exhibition

One side is realistic, the opposite side houses an interactive demonstration of the pressure required to pump blood all the way to the animal’s head, with liquid filled rubber “heart” sack and clear tubing showing the movement of blood up the neck.


Travel along with scientists from Chicago’s Field Museum as they collect and prepare fossils out in the field