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Pretty Little Liars 7x11 ‘Playtime’ First minute

Things we can look forward to in 7B:

- Troian’s directorial debut

- Holden’s return

- Finding out whether Toby/ Yvonne are dead or not

- WREN (In multiple episodes, including one with Ezra!) (He is also ‘part of the ultimate final twist in the final episode’)

- Pastor Ted

- Alison’s classroom flash forward (Finally!)

- PLL Wedding(s)

- New character - ‘Katherine Daly’

- A.D. reveal

- ‘the biggest question of all is yet to come, it will be revealed after A.D. is revealed’

- Alison’s pregnancy - which is ‘not average’ (Emison - potentially Emily’s eggs??)

- More people than just Jenna are working for Uber A

- Spencer’s backstory

- Charlotte’s killer

- Jessica’s killer

- Vanessa Ray’s return!

- Finding out why Sara was redcoat

- Emison morning scene

- Alison will verbalise how she feels about her sexuality

- Charlotte’s father

- 2 hour finale

- New Kissing Rock scene

- Ezria ‘hot and heavy’

- Aria wearing Ezra’s shirt

- Lucas/ Jenna/ Mona

 - Aria will go ‘dark’

- Potential Haleb sex scenes/ wedding

- We may meet a relative of Maya’s 

- More information about Charlotte/ Mary/ Elliott

- Final ever group scenes :(((((

- Melissa Hastings

- Addison Derringer

- Most likely Spoby (we all know Toby’s not dead)

- Final Rosewood high scenes

- We may hear ‘every breath you take’ again 

- Radley/ The Radley scenes

- Ashley/ Veronica/ Tanner/ Barry Maple/ Pam/ Ella/ Peter will all return

They can take everything from us, but they can’t take us from each other. I don’t care how far apart from you guys I am, I will still be with you
—  Spencer Hastings, Welcome to the Dollhouse.
TMI Status Updates


It’s not always a bad thing when one of the truly ancient professors asks to “add you on the Facebooks”. It’s just like adding any other technologically clueless person, inadvertently hilarious.

We now know what most of them search in their off time, because they have a habit of getting the Google search bar and the Facebook status update field confused. You’ll log on and first thing you’ll see is a recent status by the choir teacher that just says “toad discoloration remedies”.

Hi! + life update

Hey Tumblr,

Long time (like, really really long time), no update. I’m sorry for such a long absence! Last year, when I dropped off the face of the earth, I got so busy with school that I kind of forgot this site existed. Lately, I’ve been remembering how much I used to enjoy it and would like to start up this blog again. I know I’ve lost a lot of followers due to this page being dormant, but for those of you that are still here, thanks. =) Since my last post I have:

A. finished grad school

B. completed an internship at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

C. traveled around Europe (mostly Italy) for six weeks

Maybe I should make individual blog posts about each of those things? It’s been a wild ride. I’ve had some major ups and downs, but overall, I’m so happy with the direction my life has taken. I’m a much happier, healthier person than I was a couple years ago. Now that things have slowed down, I’ve been hopping around between Ohio, Virginia, DC, and California, job searching, and just generally trying to figure out my life. This is the first time that I haven’t known what the next step is, and that’s a little scary. I would like to move back to California permanently, but I’m really open to go anywhere. Job searching has been frustrating, but I haven’t lost all hope yet. Someone will hire me soon, right..?

Well, that’s a short summary. Thanks for listening! Here’s some pics from my experiences over the past year and a half or so. More to come soon, and more art to share!

My class and teachers at the opening reception of our final exhibit! I love these people so much and miss them terribly. <3

A conceptual project from school about conservation genetics, inspired by an article from Scientific American.

I learned how to mount herbarium specimens at the National Museum of Natural History! This was oddly thrilling for me. Such a plant nerd. =P

A botanical plate of Piptocarpha lechleri created for my internship at NMNH. It will be published in the new edition of Flora of Ecuador. =)

I did some sketching during my travels in Italy. This is the view of San Giorgio Maggiore from Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Obligatory selfie on top of Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome!

Sealed with a Kiss

I really should be writing Beyond The Field but I had this idea and wanted to write it before I forgot it. Don’t worry! Beyond The Field will be updated tomorrow (:


Pairings: NaLu

Summary: Their very last promise was sealed with a kiss.

“LUCY!” Natsu roared as he watched his beloved partner fall to the ground. After a few seconds of staring… he seen she wasn’t moving. Fear consumed his entire body, focusing himself to take his attention off of Lucy he focused of the enemy he was fighting. He used his anxiety as energy, throwing the punch towards his face knocking him out instantly. Once his victim fell unconscious, he sprinted over to Lucy instantly falling to his knees next to her unmoving body.

“LUCY!” He felt the tears start to develop in his eyes, observing her he seen she was covered in nothing but cuts and bruises. Her once pale white skin was masked with dirt, as well as her hair. The person Natsu was staring at didn’t look like Lucy, she looked broken, but somewhat peaceful.

“…Natsu.” He heard her hoarse voice say. His eyes widened, looking at her face he seen her eyes were slightly opened, her once bright brown eyes now turned muddy and lifeless. Natsu decided that he didn’t like the look, that he never wanted to see that look again. The male tried to elevate the Lucy, putting one hand behind her head and lifted her off the ground.

“Lucy what happened!? Are you okay?!” She smiled, but this smile didn’t do anything to relieve the dragon slayer like it usually did. His teary eyes continued to look into hers, the brown eyes he fell in love with grew more lifeless with each passing second.

“I-I’m sorry Natsu. But this is the last time-”

“Don’t say that!” He shouted angrily, more angry at himself for not being able to protect her. “You’re going to be fine. We’ll go get Wendy and shes going to heal you and everything will be okay-“

"Natsu, we both know that isn’t going to happen.” She said with a soft voice. “Just, look at me.” He didn’t look at her abused body again, it just hurt to much. It reminded him how weak he was, how he wasn’t able to protect her. “Natsu, I know what you’re thinking. This… isn’t your fault.”

“How isn’t it my fault?! I let you get hurt! I wasn’t able to protect you!” Tears fell harder from his eyes, blurring his vision from hers. “I-I failed you, Lucy.”

“You didn’t fail anybody.” She stated as calmly as she could, feeling her body getting weaker with every word she forced out. “We’re in the middle of a war Natsu, people die. It’s inevitable.” Her own eyes started to run down her cheeks. “I don’t blame you whatsoever, Natsu.”

“But Lucy, you’re-”

“I know I’m going to die Natsu.” She said it so bluntly it struck a cord in Natsu’s heart. She wasn’t going to die; he was going to go get Wendy and she was going to heal her. Everything was going to be fine. Even as he tried to convince himself, he knew Lucy was getting weaker and her voice was getting softer. No one could help it, he couldn’t help it…

Lucy was going to die.

“I don’t want you to die Lucy.” His eyes few desperate looking into her almost lifeless ones. “Can’t you see I can’t live without you?” Lucy laughed lightly at this, even though she was in unbearable pain.

“I don’t want to leave either Natsu. Not the guild, Happy, especially you.” Her tears ran harder down her cheeks. “I had the best times with you and the guild. It’s hard to believe my adventure is over…” Her voice grew more faint.

“LUCY!” Natsu desperately shouted. “NO! DON’T LEAVE ME, PLEASE!”

“Just promise me that… we’ll be together again in another life?” Natsu was never a man of words, but one of action so he did the first thing he could think of.

He kissed her.

The kiss was filled with so many emotions, fear and desperation being the most dominant ones.

“Of course you weirdo.” He said as he pulled back. But when he pulled back, she wasn’t breathing. He had taken her last breath with that kiss, and Natsu knew that Lucy wouldn’t have wanted to breathe her last breath any other way.

With the feeling of her lips still on his, Natsu said his final words to her, even though she couldn’t hear.

“I promise to find you again Lucy.” He gave her lifeless body one final kiss on the forehead.

“And I’m sealing it with a kiss.”

teasers for 7B - via marlene king -

- there will not be a time jump when 7b returns 

- alison’s pregnancy will be a driving force, ‘especially for emily’ potential the eggs could be emily’s? as ‘there is nothing average’ about the pregnancy and ‘it is a little spectacular’

- paige is sticking around and they are hoping to play out the dynamic of the paige/ ali/ emily triangle (aka more bitchy ali)

- the classroom flash forward scene will finally be shown! and it has a significance to alison’s storyline

- jenna is now working for A.D. and she is not the only one

- spencer ‘goes on an emotional journey’ aka she is NOT DEAD

- more will be revealed about the hastings family, particularly spencer and melissa if they can get torrey back. we will also learn more about charlotte’s father. (interesting tease that they decided on the spencer storyline because of her storyline in the books)

- wren is coming back for more than one episode! and he will have scenes with ezra

- there will be more than one wedding, maybe even more than two weddings!

- the final episodes will be very emotional, powerful, layered, dangerous and romantic

- marlene wouldn’t “talk about where it [toby’s storyline] goes, but people know how I love the character of Toby, so you can read into that what you’ll read into that. He’s one of my favorites on the show, it would be hard to make that phone call to him to tell him his character is being killed off.” aka he may not actually be dead

- 7x20 will be a two hour ‘movie event’ written and directed by marlene and maya goldsmith

- the biggest question of all is yet to come, it will be revealed after A.D. is revealed


Dinosaur Discovery & Updates on Cloud Rats | Natural News from The Field Museum | Episode 1

OH HEY – this is a project a year in the making. For decades the Field has shared, internally, updates, news briefs and discoveries from our research and collections scientists – and we wanted to bring more of that to you. But, like, in a super fun way, and maybe with some parody correspondents, and fake infomercials. 

So I’m proud to announce today we launched our brand-new series: Natural News from The Field Museum. We’ll be posting these updates every other week, in-between our regularly scheduled content.

I hope you’ll watch, subscribe, and stay tuned! There is a TON more where this came from…


New Deleted scene from 6x02 ‘Songs of Innocence’

Things we can look forward to in 7A:

- Snookers bar and B-26 - Ezria

- Sassy Alison

- Paige, Lucas, Mona, Noel, Jenna, Melissa, Jason

- Dollhouse Flashbacks

- More about A.D

- Lots of Mary Drake

- Charlie Craig episode

- Lots of epic crane shots

- More deaths

- New detective who may actually solve some of the many crimes

- Flashbacks

- More Sleuthing

- Spencer makes a ‘little mistake that may catch up with her later.’

- Dramatic Jenna entrance, potentially still holds a grudge against the girls, she is on the look out for payback and more information will be revealed about her character than before, she is ‘heavily’ involved with the upcoming storyline

- PLL Wedding

- Something huge happens involving the girls, which may destroy them if they don’t cover it up

- Love interest for Emily

- Someone visits Amish country

- Something ‘bad’ happens in 7x03

-  We will learn more about Spencer and according to Troian ‘it’s going to be very surprising to people. I think that people are gonna learn a lot about her but in a way that they would never expect.“

- Alison will go ‘crazy’

- Lost Woods Resort