field study

Little mushrooms keep popping up under this bit of bark in the backyard and it is adorable.  I was outside painting this when nature decided to dump an inch of rain and break some trees, so I finished them inside. >:c

(my work often suffers in the texture department, and life studies are always the best remedy…watercolor and colored pencil)


Random studies. Animal tails, bird wings in action. Done with BIC’s.

I’m not used to extremely fluffy fur, that is why  I picked a fox tail to draw. I’m kind of proud with it.

forgot to add a subtitle to the tail on the bottom - it’s a pit bull tail. So basically the idea was to make a texture for the short haired dogs kind of thing.

Thank you all for whatching :)

D. Falcão

All about careers

I’ve received some questions about AI. So I want to make a post with information for you (and me).

I found this website: Great site.

If you are wondering what can you do, you can explore sectors like law, engineering, IT, finance, business, science, medicine, art, …

You can read about misconceptions in the fields.

Information about jobs you can do in the field.

And advices.

Plus, if you want to do a career test, there is one.