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His Dream

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 6886

Author’s Note: This is long and full of fluff. I really hope you guys like this. I put the Met’s game he had pitched in it, along with a tiny bit of the premiere he had the next day. I like it, a lot. Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me and giving me some ideas and @dumbass-stilinski for her Met’s knowledge and helping me with some of the names of the players! Enjoy!

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I walked out of our building’s elevator, groceries in hand as I went on the weekly shopping since Dylan eats a lot of food throughout the week. You’d think he’d be fat by now, but nope. Still skinny and I couldn’t be anymore jealous.

I attempted to unlock the door without putting the bags down. I hate having to make more work for myself as I groan, dropping the keys to the floor. As I was about to bend down and attempt to pick them up, the door opened, Dylan standing on the other side of it. 

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Way to Go, Kid (unedited)


Summary: Reader finds a news report on herself about joining her school’s track and field team. Father!Tony × Daughter!Reader, Mama Bear!Nat, Word Count: Lots, too long for me to even care. Warnings: Fluff, slight mental break down, terrible writing A/N: Please forgive me for not posting for 2 weeks. Requests are open. I might do a Bucky one later today, who knows. Gifs ain’t mine, y'all.

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Pressing the on button of the treadmill, you went to work. And by work, I meant you were running, like actually running running. It was 5.15 am in the city that never slept, meaning the traffic 18 stories below you was in full swing.

As your feet hit the treads, you immediately got bored. Music would never help, so you opted to turning on the TV. The first channel that played was the news. You were used to people talking around you when you ran that it just flew over your head.

That was until you heard the new report. “Y/N Stark, daughter of the billionaire, surprised us all last summer when she started at Midtown High School.” Your public school photo was shown next to a photo of you and Peter Parker.

Tripping on your own feet, you fell off the treadmill. “FRIDAY, record this and send it to dad when he wakes up.” You say to the AI system.

“Yes, Miss.” The feminine robot replied. “Your father is awake. Shall I alert him that you are awake?”

“Yeah, why not.” You mumble, getting back on the treadmill.

As you keep watching the report on you, you see a familiar photo. It was Peter Parker and you smiling to the camera. You were in your track uniform and his arm was slung around your shoulder. “- the young girl has been seen during track practice flirting with other athletes. It is unknown what events she is in, but according to footage from the school’s Twitter page suggests she is a sprinter and a long jumper.”

A video of you sprinting around the track showed, and in every frame there was a certain spider boy yelling for you to keep pace. Peter wasn’t on the team, he wasn’t a manager, he was just there because your control freak of a father is paying him. He’s there because Tony freaking Stark wants someone he trusts there if you get hurt.

The sound of the door opening behind you pulled you from your running. And as the world would have it, you tripped and flew off the end of the treadmill. “Geez, Y/N, you’re supposed to be a runner.” Your father joked.

“Hahaha, very funny.” You glare towards him and get up. Turning your attention to the TV, you see more of yourself in running shorts and tank tops. “What are we going to do about this?” You sigh.

“Sweetheart, you’re a Stark. Whatever you do, it’s going to be broadcast across the world.” Your father’s hand was placed on your shoulder. “The press got all worked up when you started at Midtown in August. They’re not going to let you feel normal. Just do your best and stay out of trouble.” Kissing your head, Tony started to leave the room.

“But why me? I have ‘Stark’ in my name and now I’m a celebrity.” Feeling of despair made themselves prominent in your mind. “Why can’t I be normal like Pete?” You cry.

“You’ve never been normal, Y/N M/N, deal with it.” And with that, your only parent left the room.

Your attempted work out was cut short by this sudden development. You went to your room to get ready for the school day.

When you emerged from your room, the team was having their team meeting over breakfast. Steve noticed your presence first. “Hey kiddo!” His cheery tone pushed you farther into your melancholy state.

“Good morning Steve.” You muttered.

Everyone noticed your mood and looked at your paternal unit. “What? It’s not my fault!” Tony threw his hands up in defense.

Nat got up, once again glaring at your dad. “I’ll deal with this.”

She followed you into the kitchen. “Hey, hun.”

“Hello.” You grumbled as you made yourself a bowl of cereal.

“What’s wrong?” Was all she had to say before you broke.

Tear flowed fast down your cheeks. “I just want to be normal. I don’t want to be a Stark. I want to be myself and not my father’s shadow.” Falling to the floor, you curled into a ball.

Nat sat next to you and held your shaking form in her arms. “What made you come to these thoughts?”

“The news report on me.” You whispered.

The team was gathered at the door frame as you looked up. Sad faces met your own, all speaking words of wisdom. “You what? You may be a Stark, but you’re never stuck in your father’s shadow. No one in this tower has lived a normal life.”

Thoughts of how dumb this tantrum was wandered through your head. “I’m sorry. I should have my feelings in check.” The apology falls out of your mouth.

“It’s normal, Y/N.” Nat kissed your cheek. “Now, you need to get to school.”

You ate on the floor, leaving your bowl and spoon relatively close to the sink. Steve and Bucky offered to drop you off because you had definitely missed the subway.

The ride there was filled with unique questions. When your school building was in sight, your need to get out of the black SUV rose. “When should we pick you up from track, doll?” Buck inquired as you jumped out on to school property.

“4.30, probably… What time is it?”

“8.15, why?” Confusion hit both of the super soldiers.

“I’m late and as a freshman, I need one of you to check me in.” The day was just getting better by the minute.

Steve parked the car where it was and they both escorted you in to your first period. You were embarrassed as whispers erupted around the lecture hall. “Miss Stark, you’re late.”

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” You squeak as you find your seat next to Peter. You were never living this down.

“Worn Out” ((Joji x reader)) //nsfw//


You had no idea what you were doing to him- but you were driving Joji insane. Of course, you weren’t really paying much attention to detail of your boyfriend’s mental state at the moment, because you were talking to a friend from way back- a guy friend from highschool. And this friend of yours- had also been your crush in highschool. Though you gave not thought to it, because Joji and you had been dating for a two years and you only really had eyes and heart for him. 

Provided, you didn’t stop yourself from thinking that your old pal was still cute, because you saw no problem in thinking someone was attractive, because thinking someone had a nice fate didn’t entail that you wanted to date them. You didn’t just care about looks. However, boy had you lucked out when you met George. 

You watched intentively as your senior high buddy blabbed about being out far from your shared hometown on a business trip, how he worked for a big corporation, even for your early twenties. You were sort of surprised by his success, because he was a junkie in school. 

Joji had watched only from a distance, sitting at the dinner table you guys were supposed to be at…together. He had turned his head to face the two of you, waiting at any moment to jump up and pound the living daylights out of the man who was talking to you. 

He was listening to the conversation too, and felt slightly content with how innocent it really was, but the consolation was nothing compared to the raging whirlpool of jealousy inside of his gut. Joji also listened to his success story, and though he, successful himself, he felt like this guy was actually better than he was. That scared him. 

Cracking his knuckles while remaining in his seat, he couldn’t help but feel like going over, in his head he considered excuses to use. “Sorry, I was looking for the bathroom, where are they, babe?” He might ask, or maybe “I need to know what drink you want me to order you.”. He’d be sure to add in something like “Anything my girl wants, it’s on me. But his legs wouldn’t move just yet. 

You were personally ready to return to your date now, but you felt compelled to talk to him, and you didn’t want to be rude. But now, you could feel his eyes on you, much like in highschool. You might had been repressed one detail about you and your friend’s relationship in school, you were totally ‘buddies’ who really fucking loved to make out behind the stairs of the school. 

When you remembered that- you gulped. You remembered how the tone in his voice would get, and nervously realized that this guy was totally lusting for you right now. You felt dirty, not in a good way either, like a whore in church. What a good analogy, you thought to yourself. 

You shivered as your old chum stepped a little bit closer, too close. Before you could step back, however, you were pulled back, by a forceful yet familiar hand. You squeaked, jumping slightly in his grasp as you turned to see a flustered Joji. 

“hey baby, let’s go back to our house.” He emphasized the ‘our’, with his eyes locked in on the male standing before him. You sighed softly in relief, but the intensity in the moment brought it out to sound annoyed. Joji didn’t show it, but it broke him a little bit. But for right now, right now he was just fucking fuming. 

The guy frowned, scoffing in actual, genuine annoyance. “Oh, (your nickname), I didn’t know you liked imported things.” He smirked snarkily. You couldn’t respond because of the shock of what he had said, and the painful grip that Joji had on your hips getting tighter. You could feel his fingernails grasping into the skin on your curves, and you felt bad that it felt strangely erotic to you. God, you thought to yourself, why am I like this? 

Joji didn’t retort with a shitty comeback, but instead lifting his grip form your hips, and for the first time he allowed your old friend’s jaw to meet his fist live and in person. You could of sworn you heard a crunch, and it made you squeak once more. Oh god, what was happening? This was all so fast. The groan the dude made was nothing but sheer pain, and you next felt a firm grip on your wrist, pulling you out to the parking lot. 

“Joji- Joji what if he calls the cops?” You said frantically, but Joji felt no need to answer- he had money to get him off anything he tried to put him at- he didn’t even think about it now though. He ignored you. 

“Joji-” Once again, no reply, and no motion of consideration given. You could see it in his eyes that Joji was all sorts of enraged and jealous. You slumped back into the passenger seat of the car and watched as Joji pulled out of it, his hands turning off the radio, focusing all he could on the road. He couldn’t. So many thoughts were going through his head. He wanted to turn the fuck around, go and beat the dude senseless, but now, he had the intention making sure you knew who you were with.

 Not far from the house, he hadn’t said a word to you, but he moved one hand from the wheel to grab firmly at your thigh, his hand latching on your inner thigh. You were wearing a dress, a short black one, all the more reason to be jealous, because it showed you off perfectly.

 However, another pro of the dress was the ease in touching your warm, bare skin, parting your legs slightly He kept his eyes on the road in front of him. He cursed something in japanese, before that rough, lower voice of his came out, almost in the form of a whisper. 

“I can make you so limp, you won’t be able to walk to go and talk to these bastards.” 

That sentence alone caused a sinking feeling in your stomach that started from your chest and went down, and the purple lace panties you wore under that dress were started to gather moisture already. Why were you finding this so hot? Why were you enjoying this? You knew exactly what Joji meant- and it caused a fucking rapture inside your torso. 

Once the two of you were at the house, you were immediately out of the car, however not as fast as George, who it seemed had opened the vehicle door before it came to a full stop. He was going to be honest- this was method he sort of preferred over brutal punches between him and her friend, but he damn well gonna be as aggressive as he could. Most of this anger wasn’t directed to you- most of it. 

He left the door open when he walked indoors, because you were the one to close it- with your back. As soon as you walked into the den, forcefully your were shoved against the shiny, black door, hearing a loud slam behind you. You grunted slightly, causing Joji to halt for about .2 seconds, realizing you were fine, he got worse. Finally, his lips rejoined yours, his body pressed against you as he sloppily brought your mouths together. He had no repeated movement at first, other than with every time he pulled away be came back three times stronger. 

He wanted to explore your mouth now- feel the taste of the words he hoped you’d never say but he feared at that dinner table. Joji quickly brought his hands up to your chest and pulled down the clothing covering your breast, the strapless clothing prohibiting the wearing of a bra. He let the cold air blow against your nipples, and seeing that wasn’t enough to make you gasp, he gave your left breast a squeeze. In there were bruises in the morning, he wouldn’t give a shit, in fact he’d be satisfied. 

Upon having your boob grabbed, your mouth instantly parted from pursed lips to a widened mouth- you even let out a small moan. The wetness was getting worse. His eyes looked into yours for a moment and they were even darker than usual, but as soon as you felt his tongue in your mouth, you had to close yours. You tried to fight it back, locking together as Joji pressed his hardening crotch against yours, and Joji of course won. 

After a while, you felt yourself being lifted, and Joji was taking you to the bedroom you shared. He threw you on the bed, with no mercy, and you could hear a low tsk tsk tsk. It drove you wild. Joji was now between your legs, teasing you by pulling down your panties with his teeth, in a painfully slow manner. He knew you were enjoying yourself by the wetness that revealed itself. “This better be because of me, y/n.” He warned, bringing his thumb up to press against your clitoris. 

A slow, circular motion followed, and your back arched. “Joji~” You moaned, he stopped for a moment. “that’s my fucking name.” he smirked, before replacing his thumb with his tongue. And you knew, when he joked about eating pussy in his youtube videos- whether frank persona or not- he was a fucking legend. 

His tongue met up slightly with his top lit as they dove down on your clit, his hands spreading your legs out to give his space to move his head, before deciding to flick his toungue for a short amount of time- you knew you were going to cum- he knew. He was going to piss you off now. 

Right before you could announce it- he stopped, shaking his head. “No, not yet baby- I’m not lettting you off that easy.” 

He took off his shirt and pants, his boxers going with them, and he was already fully erect. His boner always came as a shock to you, “Get up.” He demanded. 

You did, quivering as you watched him lay down where you were previously. “Ride me.” He commanded again. “Fucking show me you’re mine and mine alone.” He said, you immediately positioned yourself onto him, moaning out “J-Joji~” As felt him getting deeper inside you. 

This point, he grabbed your hips and guided you, grunting softly as he started to feel the buildup of pleasure he knew he would outlast you, you were already coming undone, but he wasn’t going to let you stop until he was done. 

Bringing your hips to clash with his as the rolled together, the sounds of exhilerated screams coming from your euphoric state brought him so much pleasure- along with the movements of your breasts, how they bounced with you as you moved. This was all his, and only his. 

Finally, when he released, he groaned out louder than usual, he’d joke about ‘ a great nut’ later. Now, Joji couldn’t help but not feel complete, even after making you cum three times- and hearing you say his name- he still felt jealous. “y/n?” He said.

You were laying down on your back panting, exhausted by him- but you turned your head. “yes joji?” You asked back. 

“thank you for staying with me and not running off with business boy…” He was tired too, but his words had meaning, had purpose. “You keep me going… and the thought of losing you..” You stopped him. 

“George ‘Joji’ Miller…” You leaned up to face him, laying your head on his chest. “You’re all I want and more, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.” 

With that Joji could sleep tonight. Peacefully. “I love you.” you mumbled. 

“And I love you,” he said back, but chuckled. “And I love your titties.”

You’d smack him tomorrow, but for now, you were too worn out.

Field Trip

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I went with a more normal storyline, I hope that’s okay!

I don’t have any younger siblings or cousins, so I don’t know how tall 10 year olds are, so just, sorry.

I also don’t know anyone that’s autistic, so I hope I portrayed the child okay.

If you were being honest, you were having as much fun as the school kids were. You had to keep reminding yourself that you were just a teacher’s assistant, not a 5th grader yourself, but you were enthralled with Stark Industries. The teacher you were helping, Mrs. Robins, had told the kids that none of the Avengers would be making an appearance at today’s field trip, but they had all hoped they’d catch a glimpse, as did you.

The kids squealed when Tony Stark casually strolled up to you and Mrs. Robins, introducing himself and informing you both that he was just dropping by to say hello. It was a frenzy, all the kids descended on Tony Stark like a tidal wave, clamouring for photos and autographs. You were dazzled too, but something in your gut told you to look for Lucas. He was autistic and Mrs. Robins told you that he had a tendency to wander away from the group on previous trips.

Your stomach sinks through the floor as you notice he’s missing. You check and re-check the crowd of kids a dozen times, you were starting to panic.

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Dating Emily Fields would include

-Shy glances and flirty jokes when you first meet

-Everyone can tell you like each other

-Hanna sets the two of you up on a study date after weeks of you two flirting

-Trying desperately to look at your book instead of her lips

-Finally she gives you a long sweet kiss

-Mostly going on dinner dates, you’d rather spend hours talking than going to a movie

-Going to every one of her swimming events

-If you do any sports, musicals, competitions, etc. she would always be there to cheer you on as well

-Having sleepovers and spending hours talking and staring at each other

-Holding each other as a movie plays in the background

-This is the first time you said I love you

-Her placing her hand on your thigh when you sit together

-Short and sweet kisses everytime you separate

-Being good friends with the other girls

-Emily doing everything she can to keep A from hurting you

-Knowing about A and trying to help without prying into their business

-If one of you ever thinks the other might be in danger you freak out

-And reunite with the tightest hug ever and a desperate kiss

-“I dont know what I would’ve done if you ever got hurt”

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Master List

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Thank you for reading!!

solaela  asked:

Got one for noct mostly but the bros (and iris due to nature of ask) can react too in a meeting them sense Noct survives the events of the game and S/O have twins with him. A boy and a girl. s/o wants to name them regis and lunafreya after the two people who are not here now who helped him most.

I really, really looked forward to this! Like I’m gonna try to fluff the hell out of this!

Please be aware that all of my knowledge of childbirth comes from me reading the internet at 3 in the morning, going “well that seems painful” and than going on ebay for 20 min.


You waddled out to the garden, waddle being the key word, one hand to your back, the other rubbing protectively across your stomach. Your enlarged stomach that housed your precious baby, and the future heir to the newly rebuilt Kingdom.

Nearly 5 years had gone by, prior to the the defeat of Ardyn and the ‘Death’ of Noctis, you two were wed. Yet with quick thinking on your part, you managed to get most of the gods on your side which assisted with returning your husband back to you from the afterlife. The first few months were rebuilding the city, and the next few years flourished underneath the new King and his Queen. Now everyone was waiting for the next generation.

Once news had broken that the King and Queen were expecting, it was a rather joyous day! Now all you had was just about 4 more weeks and you would be able to hold the new Princess or Prince of the Kingdom. No one knew what to expect as the little one never wanted to get X-Rays right, sometimes it appeared to be a boy, sometimes a girl, yet most of the time with their back to the camera.

You stopped suddenly clutching your stomach, as you received a rather rough contraction. Turning as you heard a whine, “No, no Umbra it’s just a Braxton Hicks. I’m fine.” You smiled to your now constant companion, ever at your side if your husband was not.

Yet unfortunately your husband was currently locked away in a meeting with Ignis, and a few others from neighboring countries in Eos. Since the Starscourge was vanished, all of Eos was in a unity. Rather sad that it took the death of so many.

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Push and Pull

Tcoe making up for sassing you, and that hairpulling thing he’s got.

Word count/Warnings: 3,380 || grooming/shaving kink, swearing, graphic depictions of sex, passing mentions of food
A/N: For @roosterteethrambles she literally asked for this. Coe smut just for you.

You weren’t sure you wanted to know how your boyfriend ended up covered in so much makeup and fake blood. Well, why, rather, since he made for an incredibly pretty extra for his production company’s shows and shorts. “Hold still you mongrel.”

You didn’t think about pulling his head back up to expose his face to the light so you could continue carefully peeling away prosthetics from his face so he wouldn’t be stuck shaving. “Ah, come on, babe, you know what that shit does to me.”

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-Blind To Reality:
A requested fic ~ Based off of All In My Head by Tori Kelly; Oneshot

-Hoodie Thief:
A requested fic ~ Bucky finally discovers who has been stealing his jumpers; Oneshot

-Ain’t No Fool:
A requested fic ~ Based off of Ex To See by Sam Hunt; Oneshot

Steve Rogers:

-The Man For You (ModernAU):
Reader is torn between two men that couldn’t be more opposite; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

-Splitting Image:
Steve meets Claire, an assassin. She looks just like someone from his past; can he hold onto this familiar face?; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Based off ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran; Oneshot

-A Long Day:
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-Where were you?!:
A requested fic ~ Based off of the prompt “All I needed was you. And you weren’t there”; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Tony catches Reader and Steve kissing, threatening to expose their secret relationship to the team; Oneshot

-Collateral Damage:
A requested fic ~ Reader fights on Team Iron-Man, in the War Machine suit, against Steve, and gets paralysed when she falls from the sky; Oneshot

Peter Parker:

A requested fic ~ Peter’s grades have been steadily dropping, and his principle thinks it’d be a good idea for him to get Reader to tutor him; Oneshot

-It Gets Better:
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-What Was It This Time?:
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-The Bronx:
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A requested fic ~ Reader and Peter discover that half of the Avengers have been affected by one of Tony’s inventions; Part 1 & Part 2

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Wanda Maximoff:

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Sam Wilson:

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Tony Stark:

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Charles Xavier:

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-Subconscious Movements:
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-You’ll Pass:
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-Put A Ring On It:
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A requested fic ~ Sam and Reader decide to crash a fancy dinner Tony is throwing, and liven it up with some dance moves; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Clint helps Reader to win a bet and make Steve do the most reckless thing; Oneshot

-Aussie, Aussie, Aussie:
A requested fic ~ Reader forces some of the Avengers to celebrate Australia Day with her; Oneshot

Get Me Out

She walked to the center of the field, looking around carefully. He had said to come to this field right? Holding her bump protectively through her dress, she stared around the expanse, waiting for Him to appear.

“Hello, darling.” He said, startling her. She spun around, gasping in surprise. Relaxing slightly after seeing that it was indeed Him, she took a few steps toward him.

“Loki.” She breathed out. He smiled slightly at her, waiting for her to reveal the reason why she had summoned him. She glanced down at her stomach and back up at Loki nervously. He glanced down as well, noticing the protruding bump she was protecting. He took a deep breath, moving to caress her. She flinched, taking a step back. His eyes darkened at the implication.

“Why do you flinch away from me so violently?” Loki asked. She took a shaky breath before coming close to him again.

“I need to get away.” Clara said instead. Loki narrowed his eyes, waiting for her to continue. “I can’t stay here anymore. Not now, not while im-” she took a shaky breath before continuing. “Can you take me away? Anywhere but here will do.” Clara asked tentatively. Loki smiled his signature smirk, caressing her swollen belly.

“Anywhere in particular you’d prefer?”

Originally posted by maryxglz

“bingo,m’love. I was goin ta show ya exactly what a real man will do to yah.”; drew mcintyre oneshot

SUMMARIZED: Adam Cole is forever harassing you but you only want Drew. Drew decides after hearing one such discussion between yourself and Adam, that he’s going to make his interest in you known. A bit of a brawl in the parking lot and a heavy makeout ensue.

[ masterlist ] can be found there and my [ original works ] can be found there, if interested.

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Worst Nightmare

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader where they are traveling for his book and the reader encounters a boggart? And the boggart is of Newt dying/severely injured/leaving her, etc.? And then he takes care of the boggart and comforts the reader? Really angsty but then all fluff? Thank you so much!!<3   AND   Hi i love your writing and was wondering if you could do a Newt x reader where they’re both in the case and newt is in his workshop and his boggart gets loose while the reader is in the fields and readers worst fear is newt being tortured so she cant use the riddikulus charm and then newt comes and sees her worst fear and then captures the boggart again and comforts her (lots of fluff please) :))) (sorry if its long)

Word Count: 1,423

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @whatinbenaddiction @studyforthreehands @thosefantasticbeast2

The first scream comes from behind you.

The diricawls at your feet freeze. Their food, forgotten. Their hunger, ignored. Each and every one of their eyes is focused on the grove of trees behind you, a miniature forest Newt grew to give the bowtruckles more space to live. Yet as you turn to peer into the shadows of the trees, not a single bowtruckle is present.

Unsettled, you turn back to the diricawls and throw more seeds on the dirt, hoping to break them of their trance. A few blink when seeds bounce off their neck and beaks, but none turn from the forest.

The second scream terrifies you. It’s not quite human, but not quite beast; a weird combination that turns into a moaning howl halfway through its long serenade. The diricawls disappear in small pops, vanishing before your eyes. Hands shaking, you slowly crouch and lift your wand from where you placed it in the dirt.

The third scream, the worst one, sends you into motion. It’s loud, carrying over the treetops, breaking from the shadows, a noise that would horrify even the most experienced of aurors. What’s worst, though, what sends you into a dead sprint, heart slamming against your ribs, terror pulsing with every fast heartbeat, is the familiarity of the voice.

“Newt.” You try to shout, but your voice is just a whisper, strangled by the fear that has taken a hold on your movements. You’re slow, think you may very well be running through honey as you force your feet forward. Your hands are shaking, your legs are wobbling, but Newt screams again. It tapers off into loud sobs, wails, and a few curses.

“Newt!” You shriek successfully this time as you reach the grove. You trip over a root, hardly noticing the lack of bowtruckles on the trees as you stumble into the shadows, eyes anxiously scanning the area. You turn into stone at the sight. Every limb freezes, you can’t even think about moving as you process what’s happening.

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Fields of gold (Thor x reader, songfic)

Pairing: Thor x reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut.

Author notes:

  • y/n is your name. 
  • This is a songfic inspired to “Fields of gold” by Sting which is one of my favorite songs, so I’ve been working hard at this and I really hope you’ll like it. 
  • Again, forgive me for any mistake.

Well, it’s a songfic, so listen to the song, you’ll love it.

Reader’s pov

With the wind in your hair you were sitting on your balcony, a beautiful countryside was there, right before your eyes, and it did nothing but remind you of him.
Thor had left about six months ago, you didn’t even know if he was on Asgard or on some distant battlefield, all you knew was that he hadn’t sent you letters in ages and you were so scared.
Your eyelids shut instinctively while your mind was going back to the beautiful moments you had spent together, you looked back to those days when the two of you used to lay in the fields of gold around your parents’ country house, you went there whenever you could since your parents rarely did the same.
Thor had loved that place since you first brought him there, he called it “your little piece of heaven”, the first time he made love to you it was on that golden grass during a summer night.
Your eyes filled with tears and you covered your face with your hands, you didn’t want to cry but you couldn’t help it.

“Why is my queen crying?”
Your eyes raised as you heard that voice and you found him there, smiling widely.
That couldn’t be real.

“Thor?! Please tell me you’re really here. ”
Your trembling voice was so low you could barely hear it, the blonde god slowly walked up to you and placed his big hands on your cheeks, wiping away your tears with his thumbs.

“My love, I’m here and I will never leave you again for such a long time”

Gently he brushed some locks of hair escaped from your elasticband, his beautiful blue eyes were staring at you and he was just so handsome.  

”But how did you know I was there?”

Thor laughed loudly throwing back his head, then he playfully kissed the tip of your nose.
-Hey, I’m a god, I know everything-

-Or maybe Heimdall knows everything- 
You teased him, a giggle escaped your mouth and a few moments later he placed his soft lips on yours in a painful slow way, your hands run through his long hair pushing him closer to you and you finally felt complete.

“I love you so much, Thor. So much”

You murmured those words while resting your forehead on his, your fingers desperately interwined.

“Let me show you how much I love you, my lady”
He lifted you bridal style and went back inside, he didn’t stop in front of your bed though, in fact he took  you downstairs and went out shutting the door behind him. His muscular body was so warm, you felt safe in his strong arms so you totally relaxed, resting your head on his chest. He walked for a few minutes, none of you said a single word, then he stopped in the middle of the field and put you down.

He moved your hair behind your ear once more and gave you one of the most beautiful smiles you had ever seen, then he kissed you again, his right hand caressing you cheek.

“Do you remember the first time y/n?”
He was whispering , it was like he wanted to keep the whole world out of that conversation, it was sort of a little secret between you and him.

“You were so beautiful…”

His fingers left your cheek and went down your neck, on your shoulders until he lowered the straps of your light dress and caused it to fall at your feet, leaving you half-naked in front of him.
“So vulnerable”

You felt your cheeks burning under your lover’s eyes as he continued, you were a little embarassed even though that was anything but your first time. Thor took off his cloak and placed it on the ground before he made you sit on it, following you soon after.
You sat down on his pelvis while your noses were constantly touching, you felt your heart racing as he caressed your smooth face again.

“And your cheeks were red, just like now”

He smiled slightly as you took his hand still placed on your cheek and slowly kissed his fingertips.

“And I felt so incredibly lucky that you were going to be mine.”

He was always so sweet and you couldn’t explain how much you adored it, so you stayed silent, listening to his loving words, your chest barely containing your heart. 
Thor pressed his lips on yours in a quick kiss before taking up what he was saying.

“You know, I’m feeling like that right now”

He broke the eyecontact for a moment and you could’ve sworn that he was blushing, anyway he immediately raised his head, kissing you urgently.
His hands were now on your back, searching for your bra clasp and, when they finally found it, he took off your brassiere exposing your soft chest. A moan escaped his lips at that sight and he startest kissing your breasts, your breath got heavier at the pleasant feeling, but after a few seconds you cupped his face lifting it in order look into his eyes.

“You’re still completely dressed, my king”
Your hands moved on his armor, trying to remove it, but it was quite difficult, so he gave you a little help and, when you both were finally shirtless, Thor wasted no time and held you tight, your naked chest pressed against his and your legs were around his torso, keeping him close.
Thor let down your hair never interrupting your hungry kiss, one of his hands was on the back of your neck, the other was holding your hip as he pushed himself towards you, desperately trying to create a friction.
Soon you had to break the kiss to grab some air and he laid you down, your back was now on his cloak and he was between your legs.
He placed his lips on your neck, biting and licking it and you whimpered, feeling a heat in your lower stomach which increased when he trailed his fingers between your thighs, pushing your panties aside. He teased you for a while until his need became umbearable, so he removed his last clothes and your underwear.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this… How long I’ve wanted you, my love”

The sun was going down and his features appeared even more beatuiful in that light as he pulled his messy hair back, then he held one of your hands above your head while connecting your bodies and the whole world stopped at that very moment; you moaned in pleasure, biting his shoulder, your right arm wrapped around his back, you placed soft kisses on his neck and jawline until you reached his hungry lips. He started moving slowly, while both of you were repressing your moans in those deep kisses.

“D-don’t leave again”
You prayed between your gasps and he held your left hand tighter, biting your lower lip.

“Never again”
He breathed those words against your mouth and you felt your pleasure building and building, you involountairly scratched his skin and threw your head back, letting him kiss your neck and breasts.


His thrusts became harder as he understood you were close, you shut your eyes, but you could clearly hear his moans.

“Let go, y/n. I’ve got you”

You reached your climax and he followed you a few moments later, your breaths were heavy as he collapsed on your soft chest and you put your free hand through his hair, still trying to catch some air.

“You know, It’s funny”
He giggled, lifting his head to meet your eyes, your eyebrows twitched in a frow.


He placed one simple kiss on your lips before answering.

“When I was younger I used to think I had everything a man, or better a god, could desire, and it’s funny because now I understand how poor I was before I found you”

Accident - Jason DiLaurentis Imagine

Requested by anonymous

“Hello?” you said, picking up your phone.

“Oh my god, Y/N.”

“Jason? What’s going on?” you asked nervously, hearing the pain in his voice. You had a huge argument with your boyfriend of six months only an hour earlier and you were worried he may have returned to his previous habits.

“Y/N,” Jason moaned again.

“Jason, what is going on?” you asked, as the phone began to break up. “Jason?! Jason!” you shouted but there was no longer an answer. You texted Emily, knowing she was with Jason, or was suppose to be, but she didn’t respond. You had to do something, what if he was hurt? You pulled your phone out again and called Spencer.

“What’s going on?” you asked as she answered.


“Where is Emily?”

“Her and Jason went to his dad’s- wait, didn’t he tell you this?”

“That’s not important, Spencer. Has Emily texted you?”

“No. Wait, she just sent me a SOS,” she said sheepishly. 

“Me too,” you said as your phone buzzed. “I’ll be over in five,” you said as you hung up the phone and grabbed your keys. 

“Hey,” Hanna said when you arrived at Spencer’s house. 

“What’s going on?”

“Y/N,” Aria said, placing a hand on your shoulder. “We don’t know yet, we’re gonna head down to the hospital right now.”

“The hospital?!” you asked desperately. The girls looked at you sympathetically as you followed them to Spencer’s car.

You pulled up to the hospital and rushed in. 

“Jason DiLaurentis,” Spencer said at the front desk. 


You spun around and saw Emily walking towards you.

“Emily, what is going on?” you asked for the third time that night.

“Jason and I went to his dad’s apartment to get the picture. We were on our way back up when the elevator came to a stop. Jason lifted up the doors so I could get out, and once I did, he started to come down when the elevator plummeted to the floor.” You sat there silent for a moment taking in what happened.

“Can- can I see him?” you asked hesitantly. Emily nodded and led you down the hall. You walked through the door Emily indicated and closed it behind you. The girls let you go on by yourself for a while. 

“Emily?” Jason asked hoarsely.

“No, it’s me,” you said, making yourself seen. This as the first time you got to see the damage Jason had and it took your breath away. He was strung up in so many different wires and cords, he could barely move. “Jason,” you whispered to yourself as you walked towards him.

“Did Em call you?” he asked. You nodded. “Good.”

“How do you feel?” you asked, knowing it was a stupid question. He felt like shit, he just fell down an elevator shaft. 

“Not great,” he said bitterly. You sighed and he looked at you concerned. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you said dismissively. You both sat in silence for a while. Spencer came in and saw the uncomfortable tension.

“I was just bringing Jason water,” she said as she swiftly exited the room.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” he said finally breaking the silence. You stood up and looked at him, beginning to pace a bit. You didn’t really wanna talk about this right now.. He placed an arm on your waist and sat you down on the bed next to him. “I know it’s not your fault that A keeps threatening our relationship. It’s - it’s just so hard not being able to do anything to protect you. To protect us. I was way out of hand.” You placed a hand on his chest, and he covered yours with his. “I love you, you know?”

“Yes, Jason. I know. It just felt like you were attacking me, and with A actually attacking me, I needed you to be there for me. I’m sorry about the things that I said. I was so terrified when you called me, and then when it broke off. I thought- I thought you might-”

“You thought I went back to my old ways?” Jason finished. You nodded.

“I know it’s crazy, and I should have more faith in you but, it was the first thing that came to mind. One of the worst things that came to mind as well.”

“It’s not crazy. I understand,” he said with a squeeze of your hand. “But have a little bit more faith in me, babe.”

“I love you, and I have faith in you,” you whispered, leaning over to kiss his soft lips. He flinched slightly and you pulled away. “Sorry.”

“I didn’t say stop,” he said with a laugh. You kissed him quickly but didn’t forget about the pain he was in. You laid down next to him and he shifted slightly so you could both fit. You laid your head on his strong chest and concentrated on his breathing.

“I will kill whoever did this to you,” you said before Jason and you fell asleep.

A/N: Walking Dead reference! Brownie points to whoever gets it! 💜