field of colours

“Autumn Vultures”

I looked out the window to see if the clouds had broke and it was still overcast, but I noticed a few turkey vultures flying around. I grabbed my camera and once I got out the door I saw that there were about 20 of them soaring in the wind, circling above the trees. I’ve seen them around a bunch of times, but never this many at one time.
This is just across the road from my neighbors house. (they own the horses) So there’s a few more reasons why I love this new location. Horses and vultures.


Lavender Sunrise by Antony Spencer

“Colourful Mess”

This was one of those times when I was racing to find decent place to shoot before the sunset broke out in all it’s colours. It was looking like it was going to be a good one, so I settled with the first open field with a view to the west.
This sunset had great colour, but there was two layers of clouds, and the bottom layer wasn’t catching the light, so they blocked out some of the clouds above, causing breaks in the cloud trails and making them look messy in places.
I made this time stack by combing 308 photos into one image.


Golden Poppies by Chris Pope
Via Flickr:
Beautiful Sunset over a field of Poppies around Ladle Hill near Kingsclere Hampshire. Feel free to favourite or comment.Please do not use my image without permission


Odd’s shield (2D)

“Sunset Scratches”

We recently got hit with a lot of rain and the water levels have been higher than I’ve ever seen them. I saw these pools of water in the field and thought they’d make good mirrors to reflect the sky and add some interest to the foreground. I got set up just in time to catch the end of the sunset.
I made this time stack by combining 151 photos into one image.