field notebooks

This was my mini project for this past weekend: the field notes cover.

I’ve started to use the little field notes booklets more and more but they aren’t the most durable. So I did a bit of digging and found a few designs I liked on etsy but nothing really perfect.

So naturally my dumb ass decides, hey!! I can do this myself!

Have I ever worked with leather before? Not a whole lot. 

So I did a bit of research and found out what I need and headed to tandy leather. The guy there was helpful, but also very judgmental about what I was planning to do. He kept trying to convince me that buying a pre-made book cover was better. 

anyway, I did an outline of my booklet, gave about an inch and a bit for a spine and did a 1/3 clearance on all sides: 

cut everything out, and started the wet molding. I had a chunk of dowel sitting around that was basically perfect for the spine: 

And then clipped the top closed. It took about 2 days to fully dry out. 

I then added the holes I need for the elastic to fit through (this was surprisingly hard to do), and beveled and finished the edges. 

Finally, a stain finished it off: 

I added my name to the cover because I already had the tools to do this, and some charms to cover the knot in the elastic. 

Overall I am really happy with how it turned out! It’s nice and small and fits into my purse if I need it. And it holds about 4-6 notebook inserts. 

My only gripe was that the clips I used left a bit of a mark (you can see it on the edge in the pic above) and there’s no way to buff that out. I’ve made my peace with it though. 

I’d definitely try this out again! Especially now that I have most of the tools necessary for the easy stuff. 

I think it would be really interesting to try stamping something in for the cover… it requires way more tools to make though so not yet…


By this time last week I was resting from an exhausting 4 day field practice on Prades mountains in Catalonia.

Our class worked non stop cataloging insects, colecting plant samples, counting different species… and I had a lot of fun. A part of this classes grade goes to a field notebook and since I’m determined to mix my career with my art I filled it with watercolour sketches~


La semana pasada estube 4 dias en las montañas de Prades, en Cataluña, en una practica de trabajo de campo

Trabajamos sin parar: catalogando insectos, recogiendo muestras, contando especies diferentes de plantas… al final me lo pase genial. Como una parte de la nota de esta asignatura va para un cuaderno de campo que teniamos que rellenar y estoy decidida a mezclar mis estudios con el dibujo, lo he llenado de sketches a acuarela~


Tiny notebooks for handbags. Pens for scale. All notebooks are fountain pen friendly and are less than A5 size.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Paperblanks Morris Windrush in Micro format
  • Rhodia No. 12 lined
  • Apica note book
  • Field Notes kraft
  • Paperblanks Darwin, Tree of Life in Mini format
  • Kokuyo Campus B size

Yaaaay everyone finally got their 2016 Xmas cards so now i can post this without spoilers :D

I was really slack last year and when December came i realised i hadnt planned anything for end of year card trades (the digital ones were easy enough). These handmade A5 A6 sketchbooks/notebooks where the result of needing something that was simultaneously kind of cool but could also fit in an envelope |D I took my cue for the inside message from Field Note notebooks lol.

Made from: Kraft cardstock and sketchbook paper (luckily, i had some old sketchbooks which i…divested of most of the pages lol). Printed design with gel pen embellishments 👌🏼


Field Notes Campfire by Cliff Hutson

Things BTS Reminds Me Of
  • Jin: warm cookies, vanilla candles, a pink sunset, picking flowers in a field,
  • Yoongi: empty notebooks, smudged charcoal, a new moon, ripped jeans
  • Namjoon: new book smell, old leather chairs, finding a new favorite show,
  • Hoseok: the feel of the sun on your skin on a cold day, petting a dog, watching the sunrise, laughing till you can barely breathe
  • Jimin: being wrapped in a blanket, fairy lights, meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a while
  • Taehyung: balloons, dancing with friends, when you can see the moon in the morning, walking in the woods
  • Jungkook: lying in the grass, staying up late studying, solar eclipse, going on a hike
5 things tag game

Thank you @newstudyblr61 for tagging me!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
except for the usuals (wallet etc.)

  1. Field Notes notebook
  2. Trusty pen
  3. Lactaid pills
  4. Bandaids
  5. Tissues

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. Books
  2. Journals
  3. Stuffed animals (yes I’m 5)
  4. Makeup
  5. Clothes

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. Write a novel
  2. Read Infinite Jest
  3. Do the Bloomsday walk
  4. Live in a city I love
  5. Hike around Alaska

5 things that make me feel happy:

  1. Talking with friends
  2. Alone time
  3. La Croix 
  4. A pretty bujo spread
  5. Rewatching old shows

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. Drawing with brush pens
  2. Eating healthier
  3. Cold brewing coffee
  4. Milk tea (I guess I drink a lot of caffeine)
  5. Being frugal 

5 things on my to do list:

  1. Clean bathroom
  2. Apply to jobs
  3. Read for fun
  4. Register car
  5. Research loans

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AlMei Week Day 3: Aroma & Teacher

Many long days and nights were spent combing through tome after scroll after field notebook in the Palace’s expansive royal library. Candle- or lantern-light were the major sources of illumination and, along with the smell of old books, usually created Alphonse’s perfect atmosphere to study.

Although, there was a different aroma he found himself being more and more drawn to as of late. Nearly five years had passed since he was restored, and while he’d become used to the sensations of living, he still sometimes found himself inexplicably drawn to enticing scents. 

Which is why his nose was currently planted on his teacher’s head. Mei smelled wonderfully of jasmine and pear blossoms, which were no doubt a mix of her soap and their training grounds.

“Um, Alphonse?” 

His eyes snapped open, and he came eye-to-eye with Xiao-Mei. Was she… grinning at him? 

“Everything okay?” Mei added, turning her head to make eye contact. The darkness almost hid her blush, but not quite.

Alphonse jolted back, undoubtedly sporting a blush of his own.

“Yep! Everything’s fine! I was just…” He paused, deciding that the truth was better.

“You smell great.”

[Time Lapse Video]