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Peedee’s Dragon

While on a school field trip to the nearby woods, Peedee finds a small, dragon-like corrupted gem that he takes home (to the great interest of Ronaldo). While no one is willing to believe Peedee’s story at first, everything changes when the dragon overcooks Mayor Dewey’s fries. With the whole town in a panic and rallying against Peedee and his dragon, can Peedee calm the crowds and keep his new friend safe?

okay so today was senior prank day at my high school.

there was the usual bouncy-house, blocking out the teacher’s parking lot, jumping off the third floor and onto the bouncy-house, painting stuff on the windows, etc. except this time some people brought cows in from a nearby field and released them into the school.

They released four cows into the school and we’ve only found three.

so now the whole school is on this manhunt (cowhunt?) looking for these damn cows please help us.


So, as we learned previously, sound can actually travel through space. But the recordings our spacecraft send us from other planets or from the edge of the Solar System aren’t really that kind of sound. Acoustic waves require a medium; they travel when particles bump into one another, which, given the sparseness of space, means that only very low frequency sounds can travel. But space has a lot of ions and plasmas – charged particles like electrons and protons – and those particles can interact without physically contacting one another. Instead their motion causes a changing magnetic field that affects nearby particles, which in turn affect more particles (and so on). This transmits what’s called ionic sound. Check out the video above to hear some awesome examples of the ionic sounds of our solar system! (Video credit: The Point Studios)

16-year-old Colette Aram was on her way to her boyfriend’s house when she was abducted, raped, and murdered in October of 1983.  When Colette did not arrive safely after the 10 minute walk, her family alerted police and a search was launched immediately.  The next day, Colette’s body was found in a nearby field, naked and posed in an explicit fashion.  Tests would later show that she had been strangled to death.  Despite being featured on the newly launched Crimewatch, and tip-offs submitted in their hundreds, no suspects were arrested and the case remained unsolved for 26 years.

In 2008, Jean-Paul Hutchinson was arrested on a motoring charge, and a DNA swab was taken as standard procedure.  The match proved near identical to that of Collette’s killer - but, at 20 years old, Jean-Paul had not even been alive at the time of the murder.  This chance match gave police what they needed to close the case once and for all, and a week later, Jean-Paul’s father, Paul, was arrested.  Despite damning evidence, including a fingerprint on a letter sent taunting police, 50-year-old Paul pleaded not guilty.  After attempting to pin Colette’s murder on his own dead brother, he eventually admitted his guilt in 2009.  Paul was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 25 years.  In 2010, he was found unconscious in his cell, and later died of a suspected overdose.

The Orange Socks Murders

The evening on January 6th, 1982, Bobbie Oberholtzer called her husband Jeff to let him know she would go out with some friends, and would hitchhike back home. At that time, it was a common, safe practice in the quiet area of Breckenridge, Colorado. But Bobbie never came home. Her body was found on the next day, shot twice, in a remote field. Nearby in the crime scene, there was one orange sock that didn’t belong to her.

Six months later, the body of Annette Schnee was found 13 miles from where Bobbie’s had been. She also used to hitchhike to and from work, and had been shot in the back. Coincidentally, she had been reported missing on the same day Bobbie was found. She was wearing only one orange sock which proved to be a match to the one next to Bobbie. More shockingly, police also found she had a business card that belonged to Jeff Oberholtzer, Bobbie’s husband, and they immediately linked both crimes.

Jeff said he had once given Annette a ride and gave her his card, but denied any involvement in her or Bobbie’s murder. Years later, he was cleared as a suspect by DNA testing.

The investigators’ theory is that the killer first picked up Annette and sexually assaulted her. She attempted to escape, leaving her sock behind in the criminal’s car, but he shot her. Later, he gave a ride to Bobbie and tried to rape her as well, and that’s when the sock fell from the car.

The case remains unsolved and open. Police claim to have good evidence thanks to DNA found in a bloody glove and tissue. The blood belongs to a man, but they haven’t been able to match it to someone yet.

Tommy Lynn Sells killed several people before authorities finally caught up with him. He eventually confessed to killing 13 people in numerous states across the US, over an extended period of time.

Among the most horrific of his crimes was the 1987 slaying of an Illinois family. For 13 years authorities had no leads or suspects for the murders. Sells later admitted to befriending the husband, whom he had met at a truck stop and invited home. The man’s wife, who was 8 months pregnant, and his 3 year old son were beaten to death with a baseball bat; during the attack the woman gave birth to a daughter, who was also killed. The husband was later found in a nearby field, having been shot in the head and sexually mutilated.

18 year old Jean Pierre Orlewicz of Canton, Michigan, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Daniel Sorenson.  After stabbing the 26 year old 13 times, Orlewicz used a hacksaw to decapitate the body and threw Sorenson’s torso into a nearby field where he set it on fire.  In an effort to disguise the victims identity, Orlewicz also took a blow torch to Sorenson’s hands and feet.  The head was later found in a plastic container dumped in a river nearly 15 miles away from the scene of the crime.

Despite Orlewicz’s contention that he had acted in self defence, the jury found him guilty of murder and mutilation of a corpse.  Speaking at the trial, County Prosecutor Robert Moran stated:

‘Where was his emotion when he testified that he had to kill Mr. Sorensen? When he had to cut off his head? He testified like he was ordering a pizza. A typical day. That’s him. That’s cold.’

Since today is Mikey Way Day Fourth of July and both of us are petekey trash,we have decided to write some headcanons about them! So put Fourth of July and Bang the Doldrums on repeat and enjoy!

-  The worst part of any day for Pete was leaving Mikey’s bed and heading to his own so that they could keep their relationship secret
    - Every time Gerard saw the two of them together, he would either wink or nudge Mikey, because Mikey can never keep a secret from him, and Mikey would blush profusely while Pete just smirked back  
 -On the warped tour in 2005 Pete and Mikey would often go to a field nearby and Pete would make flower crowns and they’d watch the sun go down
 -After concerts at 1am Mikey would take Pete out to old diners that would be open and they’d just stay there the whole time talking and joking till the sun came up
  - Nowadays when Fall Out Boy releases a new album,Mikey will listen to all of it with a huge smile and text Pete a full novel about what he liked about all the songs
- Mikey wrote a sweet heartfelt text or FaceTimed Pete on his birthday and that was why there wasn’t a tweet
 - Pete’s favourite thing to do was to wind Mikey up in public by pretending he was about to announce their relationship but instead just saying shit like “I’m hungry as fuck”. Secretly every single time Mikey hoped he would actually tell the truth so that they wouldn’t need to hide
  - Mikey was never able to date a guy again. every thing they ever did would remind him of Pete and that was just too painful
  -the worst part for both of them was after breaking up pretending to still be good friends because they had to keep up appearances. In the end, however, this proved very good for their relationship as after a while they genuinely got on as friends again, though they never stopped getting that small ache in their chest when they found out the other was dating someone new
    - Mikey invited Pete to his and Kristen’s wedding but Pete turned it down. He said he had other plans but really it just hurt too much to see Mikey so happy with someone else. Although he had gotten over their romance, it still nagged in the back of his head that that could have been him

Migrant Mother,” Dorothea Lange, 1936

For many, Florence Owens Thompson is the face of the Great Depression, thanks to legendary photographer Dorothea Lange.

Lange made this photograph while visiting a camp in California in February 1936. With this image, represented as this proud nation was facing a time so desperate.

Thompson, 32, was a mother of seven children, who had also lost her husband because of tuberculosis. His family was feeding the birds hunted for their children and vegetables stolen from a nearby field.

The impact was amazing photo. The face of anguish Thompson was published in all newspapers, and triggered a massive protest that politicians got the federal government sent food and supplies.

If As You Like It took place in a preschool classroom:
  • Rosalind wears dresses in the beginning of the year. She is obsessed with princesses. By the end of the year she is all about superheroes and dinosaurs and jeans SCREW GENDER NORMS
  • There’s a field trip to the nearby park and lots of things happen
  • Like most of the kids decide they want to get married and there is drama about who likes who and their teacher is like um okay you are all four?
  • Introducing Touchstone, the class clown
  • There’s a lion stuffed animal in their cozy/calm down corner. Oliver and Orlando use it way too often because boy do those brothers fight. 
  • Orlando writes love letters to Rosalind. And by ‘writes’ I mean he scribbles on pieces of paper, throws some letter strings on them, tries to draw a bunch of hearts, and posts them all around the classroom.
He Said Yes

Picture Credit: dostmotherknowyou

Hope you enjoy this! I based it on the art btw :/


Dan was amazed by the view, Phils arm was tightly wrapped around Dans waist. Cherry Blossoms were everywhere on the field, “I love you so much” Phil whispered in Dans ear causing his cheeks to go a rich shade of red, “I love you too” his lover replied. Dan and his boyfriend was having a little stroll through a field nearby the hotel, words cannot explain how beautiful the sight was. Whilst Dan was mindlessly staring at the lake Phil couldn’t help it, he just couldn’t take his eyes of Dan.

Phil was grateful for Dan, god he loved him so much it physically hurt. “Is there something on my face?” Dan asked, “Wha-? Oh no, you’re just so beautiful” Phil said with a calming smile. Dan giggled and he nudged Phil. “Do you want to go for something to eat and come back later?” Phil asked, tightening the grip around Dans waist. Dan agreed.

They went to a small place and had sushi, they both really enjoyed it. Phil was so excited for tonight, he was finally going to make his boyfriend into his fiancé soon!

“Shall we go back?” Dan asked with a smile on his face, “sure, babe”. They walked back to the field near the hotel and started talking about how they are both really grateful for this break. It was really nice, you know? Everything was so peaceful and stress free.

Dan had his back turned to admire the scene of the sunset, “Dan?” Phil said, catching his attention, “Hm?” he said turning around. This was it. Phil lowered and got on one knee. “Dan, I love you so much, you are literally my everything, I’m really grateful that you are mine. Daniel James Howell, will you marry me?” Phil asked. Dan’s eyes widen with shock, he couldn’t reply. He was shaking at this point, all he could do was nod. He nodded eagerly. “Yes! Oh my god, yes!” Dan exclaimed.

Dan started laughing as he watched Phil slip the ring onto his finger. Dan had tears in his eyes, Phil stood up to kiss his fiancé and hugged him. Although Dan couldn’t hold his balance causing them both to knock to the ground whilst laughing.


Grandparents in harvest season, near Haskovo, Bulgaria

Waking up before dawn when the summer heat is steal bearable, many grandparents take their usual walk to the nearby fields to collect cucumbers, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons and corns which they have planted in the winter. Feeling a relaxing cold morning breeze, they are picking the fruits  of the hard work they have put, by Bayryam Bayryamali.

Rescuers, Current Roster

Sandy: Leader/Founder, wears many hats. Does field work, negotiates with nearby villages, assigns work to others, keeps an eye on supplies, fixes the lighthouse, always needs sleep, etc.

Lilyfeather: Medic and morale. Tends to the sick, and gives flower crowns to everybody. Resident expert on medicinal herbs and flowers.

Bitter Herb: Chef and ruler of the kitchens. Eat your food, get your nutrition, or face her wrath. Manages foraging parties, what little crops they can grow, and all-around foodstuff acquisition.

Merriweather: Honorary Rescuer, aids on missions from time to time. Den mother to the crew when she’s staying with them.

Book Review


Title: Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Library

Author: Brittany Rubiano

Pages: 201

Synopses:  Disney’s Belle is one of the best fictional bookworms around. But what exactly is on her reading list? In this unique literary journal, enjoy inspiring quotes from some of Belle’s favorite books, as well as her insightful notes and colorful drawings. Includes a forward by noted Disney screenwriter Linda Woolverton. 

Review:  I thought that this book gave a unique insight into Belle. I love quotes as it is, but I loved reading Belle’s views of the quotes in this book. I the book contained some wonderful quotes that were very inspiring or just likable. I liked that when the author did synopses of the books mentioned she talked about why Belle would enjoy such a book.


“Just because one’s plumage is attractive doesn’t mean one’s temperament matches.”

“I know I enjoy wandering the nearby fields whenever I need to take my leave of society (mostly Gaston).”

“This passage reminds me of Chip. Though he be small, he can do great things.”

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

As the humans of Attack on Titan grow more desperate, one of them sends out a powerful radio broadcast in the hopes that someone will hear it. Less than a day later, as an army of Titans swarms through a breach in the wall, a fireball blazes from the sky and crashes in a nearby field. As the smoke clears, the newcomer is revealed to be the Iron Giant. And he’s not happy.

Robert Goddard, Father of Rocketry

On March 16, 1926 physicist Robert Goddard launched the first liquid fueled rocket, and the science of rocketry was born.  Using arocket engine propelled by gasoline and liquid oxygen, Goddard’s first rocket managed a 2.5 second flight rising to an altitude of 40 feet.  With him that day were his crew chief, Henry Sachs, Esther Goddard, his wife, and Percy Roope, who was Clark’s assistant professor in the physics department.  The rocket rose slowly after several seconds of firing on the test pad, and although it only rose 40 feet in altitude managed to cover 184 feet crashing in a nearby field.  Goddard’s brief entries in his journals tell more:  

March 16. Went to Auburn with S[achs] in am. E[sther] and Mr. Roope came out at 1 p.m. Tried rocket at 2.30. It rose 41 feet & went 184 feet, in 2.5 secs., after the lower half of the nozzle burned off. Brought materials to lab… .

March 17, 1926. The first flight with a rocket using liquid propellants was made yesterday at Aunt Effie’s farm in Auburn… .

Even though the release was pulled, the rocket did not rise at first, but the flame came out, and there was a steady roar. After a number of seconds it rose, slowly until it cleared the frame, and then at express train speed, curving over to the left, and striking the ice and snow, still going at a rapid rate.

The science of rocketry progressed at a rapid pace after that, with Goddard devoting the next two decades to improvements in rocket design.  Born in 1882, at the height of the railroad century, Goddard lived long enough to see rockets used in World War 2-while not the happiest circumstances, still an amazing technological progress in a short amount of time.

The word rocket entered English in 1610 from the Italian word rocchetto, meaning a bobbin or spool head.  The Italian root probably derived from a Germanic root such as rocko with the same meaning.  The word was first used in English to describe a device propelled by a rocket engine in 1919.  

anonymous asked:

i have the biggest nerd crush on my best friend and she's so perfect!! i'm not out yet and we were holding hands and one of her friends asked if we were dating and she noticed how uncomfortable i was so we went off into a field nearby by ourselves and talked for a couple of hours and we have sleepovers all the time and gosh she's just so perfect

omg? this is basically fanfiction life!! I know it’s hard when you have a crush on your bestfriend but as you said you guys hold hands and it seems that everything goes well between you two!! maybe she feels something for you too! It’s good that you talked x

Tell me about your stories!


  • bbys being domestic af. historia still clad in her silk robe while she helps her future hubby get ready for the day, buttoning up his shirt for him, smoothing the wrinkles left over, helping him into his trench coat, finishing with a soft kiss to the lips and making sure he doesn’t forget anything on the way out. they have a checklist.
  • jean would wake up early to bring her breakfast in bed. he’s that kind of a boyfriend. 
  • i’ve always seen jean as the art friend™ given his talent, so naturally the bad boy persona isayama made him threw me off. art’s been his passion since he was a kid. plaid is his thing. he likes plaid. he doesn’t like anyone going through his sketchbook without permission. his blunt personality doesn’t change one bit.
    • but he’s really just a big ol’ softie that wants to be loved.
    • and one day he’s sketching up a storm on the football field and nearby he can see the cheerleaders practicing with historia leading because head cheerleader af and his hand slipped and whoopsy daisy now her face is in his sketchbook.

In the late 1980s, Colonial Parkway in Virginia was hit by a series of strange murders that somewhat resembled the Zodiac killings. All of the victims were young couples, sitting in or around their vehicles, and the majority of them were shot at point blank range. After snuffing out his young victims’ lives with the pull of a trigger, the mystery killer would then dump their corpses in nearby fields or parks. Only one set of victims, Cassandra Hailey and Richard Call, were never found. It’s thought that the murderer may have kept their bodies as a souvenir or dumped them far away in a different location. No strong leads have developed on this case since it turned cold in the 90s, and it’s unlikely police will ever catch the Colonial Parkway Killer.