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No, I’m serious, if women all got together and went into electrical engineering or automotive repair en masse, then ten years later people would be talking about how it was a “soft field” and it would pay proportionately less than other fields.

Likewise, if men moved en masse to bedeck themselves in sparkles and make-up, then suddenly you’d get a bunch of editorials talking about how classy they look.

None of these things are inherently masculine or feminine; none of these things inherently elevate you or drag you down. But whatever women are seen to do is automatically seen as being inherently more frivolous than anything men do. And shaming women for not pigeonholing themselves into a narrow range of acceptable “masculine” behaviours is just going to result in the goalposts getting moved once again.

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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on


Spread Eagle* - by figure skating living legend Victor Nikiforov

*Spread Eagle: is one of the moves in the field in the sport of figure skating, in which a skater glides on both feet, the toes turned out to the sides, heels facing each other. It can be performed on either the inside or outside edges. It is commonly used as an entrance to jumps, adding to the difficulty level of that jump under the Code of Points. It is most commonly used an entrance to an axel jump.

Damn he’s sexy…

This is a homopolar motor.

It’s really easy to experiment with at home. It is driven by the Lorentz force - the force which is exerted by a magnetic field on a moving electric charge. When a battery is placed on top of a magnet, and a wire then connects the top of the battery back down to the magnet, the circuit is complete.

Students in our Summer Schools were making these the other day. This one won the ‘most creative design’ competition <3

The crossover nobody asked for, but the mod is a crossover ho.

Bonus sort of

Tips for Effective and Proper Neutralization of Obstacles Both Inert and Hostile, Organized by Guardian Type:


  1. Inert: Study it. With research and due diligence, every obstacle is surmountable.
  2. Hostile: Destroy it utterly with Space Magic - no obstacle can resist the channeled knowledge of the Warlock Orders.


  1. Inert: Strength is its own reward, and nothing can bar a Titan’s path. Your forebears smile upon you.
  2. Hostile: Punch obstacle until it ceases hostilities.


  1. Can you stab it? If yes, stab repeatedly. If not, shoot it. Finally, check to see if obstacle is hostile.

- Cryptarch Records // “Field Guide to Strategy // Rejected

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pale moon.

My worn eye

stares back

at me.

I am all

the tendrils

of the river,

caught in ever-


The black

of the

sun, once

set; the white

of the field,

in snow.

I move slowly,

my limbs as

swaying trees,

my breath

a breeze.

Look hard,

and I find

myself as of old -

a shrinking woman,

all fret and strut,

with feet, yet,

planted in

darkest earth.

walking through rooms of people is so hard. it’s like having to use your thoughts to move an odd meat machine through a colorful moving maze of force fields but for the moving matter with your thoughts to work you have to think the thoughts exactly right and you’re supposed to look at the maze and also not look at maze so the maze doesn’t get offended and also pay attention to whether the maze is doing a code at you while also doing code at the maze but every time someone is willing to explain the code to you they turn out to be wrong

Back in high school marching band, a kid used free AOL subscription CDs as his field markers. This seemed like a good idea at first…until the sun got high enough in the sky for these CDs to reflect Helios’s full fury directly at everybody’s retinas. Everyone knew where this kid was on the field, even when he wasn’t actually on the field. Those things were so much of a distraction that the band director eventually banned any and all reflective materials for field markers. It was that bad lmao

Me, I used Pokémon toys for my field markers one year. The only trouble they caused was from other kids wanting to pick them up and play with them when we were supposed to be learning drill. It was cool, though; at the end of practice for the day, I’d gather up all my toys and let kids check them out while they waited for their rides. :)

the signs as things tuba players from my band have said or done
  • Aries: "If someone in front of you dies while we're marching, you march THROUGH the dead body. Band is more important than human life."
  • Taurus: *uses sousaphone as pillow*
  • Gemini: "Elbow sweat is the most attractive sweat."
  • Cancer: (singing to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody) "I'm just a band kid, nobody loves me. SHE'S JUST A BAND KID, GIVE HER ALL YOUR SYMPATHY!"
  • Leo: *points to marching shoes* "These are my sexy shoes."
  • Virgo: (trying to give a pep talk) "I know we screw around a lot and marching band sucks, but this is important so do your best."
  • Libra: *holds Kermit the Frog hat to mouthpiece* "Kermit isn't very good at tuba... I can relate to Kermit."
  • Scorpio: "Instead of doing field moves, we should just chuck our sousaphones into the crowd and run off the field screaming."
  • Sagittarius: "I don't wanna put my jacket on. I wish we could march without anything on."
  • Capricorn: “Why are there so many bugs? Are you seeing this? There are so many! Why? YOU AREN’T NECESSARY TO THE ECOSYSTEM.”
  • Aquarius: *casually balances sousaphone on head*
  • Pisces: *twirls bass drum mallet like a baton*

Not all heroes wear capes, but these ones do.

Or in other words my attempt at editing a superhero AU. Cause that’s what Until Dawn needs, MORE AUs.

Beth, Hannah, Sam, Jess, and Emily are superheros with powers while Ashley is a superhero cyborg. Mike is a powerless vigilante. Matt is the one good cop on the force. Chris is a citizen determined to figure out the truth behind these supposed heroes. Josh is a fanboy basically in love with the superhero Sam. Together they run a blog.

Sam can change into any land animal, Jess can fly and has super strength. Emily is telekinetic and can summon shadows to do her bidding. Hannah can turn invisible and create force fields. Beth can move the earth. Ashley has X-ray vision and can shoot lasers.

There is more to it, but that’s the basics.