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Okay, so, I'd love to read a little something by you set in a world where Lavender made it out of the Battle of Hogwarts. Maybe not okay, but alive?

Once upon a time, Lavender had wanted everyone to look at her. She had been the kind of kid who put on dramatic plays for her stuffed animals, for any visitors to the house, and for any neighbor or passersby she could snag from the front yard.

Dating Ron in sixth year had been fun, most of all because everyone had kept sneaking glances at her. She had heard her name in curious whispers and she had grinned and giggled into Parvati’s shoulder.

Everyone was looking now, or pretending not to. She heard the whispers– oh it’s that poor Brown girl. Can you imagine, if it was your daughter, if it was you? Oh and she was so pretty before, too–what a pity–almost makes it worse, doesn’t it?

“You know Professor Lupin was a werewolf?” Hermione said, ten minutes into a very awkward lunch she had asked for in an equally awkward letter.

Lavender pushed a sauteed carrot through a little puddle of pasta sauce. “I think everyone heard about that one. Someone told the papers, or something, right?”

“Er, yes,” said Hermione. “Snape did. Which is what I– I mean, it’s related. Oh, I wish you’d gotten to talk to Remus about this. He was a lovely man.”

“Not as lovely as Lockhart,” Lavender said and she and Hermione spent a moment in wistful remembrance. “God, I feel old,” Lavender said.

“Anyway, Snape,” said Hermione. “Snape and Lupin. When Lupin was at school, Snape would make him a potion that would… tame him, on full moons. He could just curl up in his office and sleep by the fire. If you’re interested, I’m trying to learn how to brew it myself.”

Lavender shook her head. “We’re not friends,” she said. “Never have been. So why are you doing all this?”

Hermione looked like she was trying to say “we’re friends,” but she couldn’t get it out. “I was there, once, when Lupin turned without the potion. I was so scared. I thought we were going to die.”

“Afraid I’ll sniff you out on a dark night?” Lavender said, face twisting as she sank back into her wicker chair.

“No, I–” Hermione squeezed her eyes shut, and all the hesitation was making Lavender more and more uncomfortable. Even at eleven, Hermione had bulldozed through things. She didn’t waver. “I was so scared, but I think it was even worse for him. It hurt, but he looked so scared, too, I–”

“I know how it feels,” said Lavender, very quietly, and Hermione snapped her mouth shut. Lavender took a big sip from her tea. It was still steaming– it had not taken long to exhaust small talk, between the two of them.

Hermione cleared her throat and tried again. “I’m trying to do the right thing. I’m trying to make amends. I’m trying to– make things better. Do you want this?”

Lavender put her mug back down, shaking out scalded fingers, and said, “Yes.” Then, because her mother had raised her right, she said, “Thank you.”

“That sounds like a weird conversation,” said Parvati, whose door Lavender went and knocked on after she and Hermione had split the bill with the precise-to-the-Knut math of the vaguely acquainted and recently employed.

Lavender kicked through the fall of autumn leaves that had collected in front of the porch swing. “She was trying to be nice, I think.”

“She’s not very good at it,” said Parvati.


Her father wept. He tried not to but he was a crier, always had been.

“You were so brave,” said Lavender’s mother, cupping her cheeks in her warm hands and not even flinching at the scar tissue under her palms. “We are so proud.”

Lavender’s mother was a Muggleborn, daughter of a math teacher and a door-to-door salesman (“now there is a profession that requires some magic,” her grandfather used to tell her).

Her father was a wizard and he was trying hard not to cry, bending down to pet the dogs weaving between all their ankles. Lavender bent down, too, scratching behind Fiddlestick’s floppy ears while Mopsy cleaned her cheek forcefully. “Hey,” she said, and her father looked up, trying to firm his wobbly chin.

“You know I’m proud of you, too,” he said, trying not to tremble on it. “I just…” He reached out to squeeze her knee gently. “You did everything right. You did everything good. I’m so proud of you, chickadee.”

“I know,” she said, and she did. He was a Gryffindor, too.


It took Hermione more than a month to figure out the potion sufficiently well enough that she’d let Lavender try it. She was founding a non-profit for nonhuman rights, too, after all, as well as doing a fair few local speaking gigs, petitioning the Wizenagamot on a half dozen issues, getting an advanced degree, and supposedly, at some point, sleeping.

It took more than a month, so Lavender spent another night locked in her parents’ newly fortified cellar. She didn’t remember much, but she woke up with her throat sore and her nails ragged. The door was gouged from the inside. She wondered if she had been screaming. She wondered if that’s what the howls were. She felt like screaming, maybe, a little.

The door cracked open the moment the moon had dropped down below the horizon, outside. Her mother came in with a tray of her favorite breakfast foods– danishes and boiled eggs, steaming hot cocoa with the barest splash of bitter coffee in it.

Parvati came stomping down the stairs after her. “Graceful,” said Lavender. She winced at the roughness of her voice.

“Look who’s talking,” said Parvati. “Up, c'mon, eat your breakfast. We’re doing midnight manicures. Your dad says he’ll let us doll up his nails, too.”

The next full moon night, Lavender locked herself in the cellar again. “It should be safe,” Hermione had said. “It should. I mean, I’ve done all the tests. I followed all the instructions. It should work.”

Lavender didn’t remember, because she never remembered– she didn’t recall the cellar door unlocking and opening after ten minutes of post-moonrise silence. She didn’t recall Parvati Wingardium Leviosa-ing a comfy chair down the stairs, or her sitting down and pulling out a stack of Witch Weeklys, nor did she remember curling up on Parvati’s fuzzy button slippers and going to sleep.

But she did remember waking up in the morning, her cheek pressed into a soft pillow. She was tattered under a thick blanket, but she was human and looking upward at Parvati’s slack, sleeping face. Her dark plaits tumbled, curling, over the soft pink polka dots of her pajamas.

Lavender pulled herself up to sitting, stole the open Witch Weekly, and waited for Parvati to wake up.


“You’re going to be alright,” Professor Trelawney said and she wasn’t even looking at Lavender’s palm, just holding her hand tight in her cold fingers. “You’re going to be happy. You’re going to be fine. People are going to love you and stand by you and we will be there.”

The tower room was just the same as Lavender remembered it, down to the spicy-sweet tea and Trelawney’s big blinking eyes. Lavender squeezed her hands back. “I love you, too, professor.”

“You know, I think you can call me Sybil. It seems the time for it.”

Dean and Seamas’s housewarming for their ugly little first flat was a crowded mess, but the afterparty wasn’t. Lavender and Parvati came by with paint swatches, opinions, and hangover remedies. They ate greasy Chinese food on the floor, because it was about as comfortable as the couch.

They came back the next week, and the next. Parvati conjured a crackling fire in a big fruit bowl Dean’s mother had given him and they all sat around it like they were back at Gryffindor Tower’s hearths, procrastinating on homework.

On nights like that they sometimes talked about Hogwarts, but most of the time they didn’t. Dean had started drawing again and he walked them through his notebooks– his sisters, caricatures of the customers he dealt with in Ollivander’s wand shop, the snarky little comics he’d always scrawled in the edges of his notes. Parvati told them about the Auror trainees’ antics, going ut on their first field missions with their mentors. “All bravado and caffeine,” she said. “Bunch of show-offs.”

“So you fit in well, then?” Dean said.

“Nah, that’s Lav,” Parvati said. Dean and Seamas glanced warily at Lavender, but she just giggled and reached for another potsticker.

Seamas was considering going back to school. “Hermione’s been badgering me about it,” he said. “Says I have a talent for pyrotechnics, and there’s a whole major for fire magics at Brinxley.”

“What about you, Lav?” said Dean. “You still thinking about vet school?”


“Oh, uh, that’s the Muggle word. Veterinarian– a medimagizoologist?”

“The schools aren’t too interested in a werewolf as a student,” Lavender said, shrugging.

“Not that that stops Hermione from showing up on the doorstep with half-penned anti-discrimination lawsuits she wants Lav to star in,” Parvati said.

“When does she sleep?” said Dean.

Little children asked about it in the street sometimes. “Mum, why’s her face like that?” “How come she’s walking all funny?”

Sometimes their parents turned to Lavender with eager bright eyes in the grocery store line, expecting her to answer. (“I got hurt, but I’m okay now.”) Sometimes they shushed their kids and gave her little apologetic half-smiles, glancing away from the raised lines of scar tissue. Sometimes they pulled their children closer to them and crossed to the other side of the street.

Harry Potter had a godson. Teddy Lupin was four the first time Lavender met him, just outside Gringotts. Teddy clung to Harry’s pants leg, peeking past his godfather’s hanging robe. “Why’d her face do that?” he said and Harry dropped a hand down into Teddy’s hair, which was bright green.

“She’s just like your dad,” said Harry.

“Puppy,” Teddy whispered, eyes wide with joy, and his skin shifted until scars stood out stark on his smiling chubby cheeks.

Lavender bit her lip and sank down to her knees in the street, holding out a hand. “Why aren’t you handsome, chickadee. What’s your name?”

Once, Lavender had wanted everyone to look at her.

She hated stories that told you to be careful what you wished for. Were you not supposed to want things? Was that the answer? She was nearly twenty two and she could make things fly with a few whispered words. She had lived through her seventh year at Hogwarts, had stepped out into that battle with her wand out and her eyes open. She had woken up–hurting, wounds tended, poison in her veins–to Parvati sleeping on Sybil’s shoulder at her bedside.

She had cried when they told her about the lycanthropy. She had cried over her bunny because a fox had gotten to it. Both times it had been with her face buried in Parvati’s shoulder and Parvati’s hands stroking her hair. She wished and she wanted– animals that never left you, bodies that never betrayed you.

Once, Lavender had wished that everyone would look at her, and now they were. Everyone was looking– so Lavender held Parvati’s hand in the grocery store at midnight, because they had both been craving green apples. Everyone was looking– so Lavender curled her hair and pinned it up, wore tank tops and little skirts on any day hot enough that she could get away with it, laughed aloud in public spaces. Everyone was looking– so Lavender knocked on Hermione Granger’s door one evening and asked, “What would it take to get me into magical vet school?”

Hermione had her bushy hair all tied back and a quill behind each ear. “A lot. There’s some statutes we’ve got to fight, and even if we can handle that you’ll still be under intense scrutiny for years.”

“I can work with that,” said Lavender, and Hermione grinned.

When Teddy marched down the aisle with the rings, his hair was a shimmering swirl of pink and purple to match the flowers woven into Parvati’s braids and Lavender’s curls.

The honeymoon would be short–a week in magical Paris in the townhouse of a Beauxbaton girl they’d befriended fourth year. Lavender had more medical textbooks packed into her luggage than anything else. Parvati’s bags were lined with half-finished reports that she’d owl to Auror headquarters from a rumpled Parisian morning, getting croissant crumbs in the bedsheets.

But for now the hall was filled with pink and purple blooms, white candles, familiar faces. Hermione stood in a violet bridesmaid’s dress, and Dean and Seamus in matching ties at Parvati and Lavender’s respective backs. Padma was luminescent with joy over Parvati’s shoulder. She had taken Lavender aside that morning for a short quiet walk in the mist and told her, “I know tonight’s what makes it official, but I’ve thought of you as my sister for years.”

When Lavender leaned forward and kissed her wife, her father burst into proud tears in the front row. He was a crier, always had been. Lavender buried her face in Parvati’s shoulder, smiling so hard she thought she might come apart. Her scars creased and puckered in her dimples, and she was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

YALL I REALIZED WHY MAGNUS DOESNT WEAR A ROBE. at first i assumed he was a bodyguard or escort but then realized actually the other six are all powerful magic users, why would they need a nonmagical tuff boy?? but his job isnt combat related at all - the mission they were sent on was a biology field research mission. they went to INVESTIGATE THE VOIDFISH, and MAGNUS HAS ANIMAL HANDLING


NASA’s MAVEN Discovers How Mars Lost Its Atmosphere

“The good news for us, mind you, is that the magnetic field here on Earth shows no sign of ceasing anytime soon. The dynamo in the core may do things like flip and reverse, swapping north-and-south magnetic poles, but we should continue to stay protected from the solar wind far into the foreseeable future: for billions of years (at least) to be sure. We could, conceivably, one day suffer the same fate as Mars, but our mass, our rotation and our active, dynamic core should keep the Earth’s magnetic field in business for at least as long as the Sun shines!”

If you had taken a trip to our Solar System four billion years ago, you would have found two worlds with liquid water oceans, temperate atmospheres and all the conditions we believe are needed for life. Earth would have been one of them, but Mars would have met all those criteria, too. It was long suspected that something happened to Mars around a billion years into the Solar System’s history that caused it to lose its atmosphere, something that should still be going on today. Thanks to NASA’s Maven mission, we’ve measured this atmospheric stripping by the Sun for the first time, and we’ve reached a few incredible conclusions, including that in about two billion years, Mars will be completely airless, and that if we were to terraform Mars today, it would hang onto this new atmosphere for millions of years.

Come get the full story of how Mars lost its atmosphere, and learn what NASA’s Maven mission has taught us so far!

other FO Star Destroyers 

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Okay, after reading 500+ Kingsman fics I have observed that: 

  • Roxy is never put on any top ten list regarding Kingsman agents, she is her own category
  • If the fic is in multiple chapters, there is at least one obligatory chapter dedicated to Eggsy and Roxy having a sleepover doused in ice cream, alcohol and movies that they never really pay attention to because they spend most of the time covering topics from their mission related field trips through to Roxy promising Eggsy to kick Harry’s arse because the older gentleman spy did something stupid (again)
  • You do not want to cross Merlin. EVER. Otherwise you will find out just how much damage the man can do with his tablet.
  • Most fics also give Merlin’s real name as Alastair or Graham. Sometimes Ian, Iain or Andrew come into play. And sometimes Merlin is not just a code name, it is his actual name.
  • Former Lancelot, James was most certainly Percival’s lover (either occasional, one time or full time) or husband. 
  • Percival is rarely Roxy’s father but always an uncle or godfather. 
  • Sometimes Arthur dies in far more creative ways than how he died in the movie. 
  • Daisy is a princess, has everyone around her little finger, including on one occassion the Royal Family. 
  • JB owns every single soft place in the house or Kingsman’s mansion. Deal with it. 
  • Bors or Lamorak are in house experts in explosives and poisons respectively.
  • Gawain likes to gamble (very rarely loses though), is dangerously good sniper and pretty much the funniest agent to be around. 
  • Bedivere (unless this code name is given to Eggsy) is almost always a stuck up snob and has a proclivity to be a traitor. 
  • Harry is either superb, five Michelin stars chef or he sucks to the point where his culinary achievements are properly made tea and toast. 
  • This also applies to Eggsy.
  • Eggsy is a smug little shit who likes to show off his parkour skills every time he is paired with another agent that isn’t Harry or Roxy. He is ExtraTM when his mission partner seems to be of the same opinion of him as Arthur or Charlie.
  • Merlin stress bakes and Lord have mercy on your soul if you drink all the coffee and not replace the empty pot with a full one.
  • One or two weeks long missions to Siberia are reserved for agents who displease Merlin.
  • Merlin is also a dog sitter. Really good one. But do not EVER speak of the times you came back from mission and found him on the floor playing with the dogs. You will end up in Siberia.
  • In the event that Harry is not appointed as Arthur, the new Arthur is either really competent, forward thinking person or a total elitist snob who usually schemes on how to get rid of Eggsy and turns out to be a traitor later. In this case, Harry is appointed as new Arthur the moment they get rid of the traitor.
  • Harry as Arthur hates the fuckton of paperwork that keeps finding its way into his office but does it anyway. With breaks when he takes JB for a walk. Sometimes he goes back to the field because he is not even fifty five, damn it, he will go crazy from sitting down all day. In this scenario, he freaks the fuck out of new recruits because this Arthur is not like the old one current Galahad killed. This one is good with paperwork and is absolute champion in the field. Never think damage to his left eye has in any way diminished his skills as a field agent. You will regret it. 
  • Every fic has an obligatory sex in fitting room three. No exceptions. 
Red Dress

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Bucky x Reader

Inspired by the song Red Dress by MAGIC!

Warnings: NSFW

Bucky drummed his metal fingers against his knee as he reclined on the sofa in your shared living room. It had been almost half an hour since you had disappeared into the walk-in closet looking for something to wear to dinner tonight. At this point, you had to have tried on every little thing inside your closet.

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also i have created my own personal version of sharon carter and she is awesome and badass and dorky and she and natasha are girlfriends. here are some fun facts about my sharon carter:

  • this is actually comics canon but sharon loves cheeseburgers and maintains a list of the best ones from all her jetsetting. she has a very rigorous ranking system. (how could i not love her after this)
  • her sense of humor is very harmless pranks and if you text a typo she’ll never let it go and she thinks natasha’s Dad Jokes are hilarious
  • she is extremely competitive and this extends to All aspects of life. so yeah once she sets her mind to achieving a goal nothing can stop her, but also. ALSO. you do NOT wanna go up against this woman at foosball
    • seriously it’s always shocking to the newbies because agent carter is always competent and professional but then the time for agency scrimmage sports rolls around and she is a TERROR on the field
  • she’s a sharpshooter and she’s got a weird relationship with her guns. she names them and gives them personalities, she talks to them, she takes meticulous care of them
  • one time she gave steve a World’s Greatest Uncle mug (because she never kissed him because yeah steve is great but he’s also got unresolved issues with her 90-year old aunt and he’s also a mess and she’s also very happy with her gorgeous kickass girlfriend) and then proceeded to laugh at the look on his face for 20 minutes
  • she really likes plants but she travels so much for work she can’t take care of them properly so she has plastic plants all around her apartment
  • she is awful at most dancing. but she took tap when she was young and still remembers the basics
Being the youngest girl in Young Justice team would include:

- getting picked up Aqualad in his motorcycle after school so you can get to the cave.

- the kids in your school always wondering who that mysterious guy is. 

- “It can’t be her brother, cos she’s the only child !!”

- always hanging out with Robin because he’s the only guy near your age

- developing a habit of asking Robin to help you with homework, cos he’s just so smart

- Robin practicing the pick-up lines he learnt from Wally on you so he can judge their effectiveness from your expression when you hear them.

- “Hey y/n?” 

“Yes, Robin?” 

“Are you a camera? Cos every time I look at you, I smile.” 


- Wally trying the same ones on you, because he has no idea Robin already did.

- “Hey y/n! Sometimes I wonder if you’re a camera…” 

“Wally, you don’t exactly smile every time you see me, in fact, you frown when I steal your chips.”

- Wally gaping at your response, seriously wondering if you do have psychic powers.

- You and M’gann constantly having sleepovers in each others’ rooms.

- Whenever you have friendship problems, you always go to M’gann cause she always know what to say and what to do.

- M’gann asking if she could hang out with you to watch animated films because she feels awkward to ask Artemis.

- Artemis being the coolest big sister ever, playing chaperone whenever you throw a party. She even helps to prepare food, making sure Wally doesn’t steal any.

- Artemis insisting on always being your sparring partner, because the last time Superboy sparred with you… let’s just say you couldn’t go to school for a week because you had a limp.

- Superboy being very sorry because he underestimated his strength.

- Also, who knew Conner was great at playing the stalking overprotective big brother when you go out with a date?

- Secretly shipping all the possible couples in the team. Because the moment Zatanna arrived, you knew you had another ship to start sailing

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- Basically, being spoiled and loved by all members of the team.

(including Batman and Superman worrying over you whenever you go out on any field missions with the others)

done by : K


Hopefully the anon who requested this is happy :)) - kiera

we’ll might be doing these kind of shit where we both answer to a request if we want to :-D - roxanna


With Love

Title: With Love
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 2.7k
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None

A little Valentine’s Day fluff for you. This one was inspired by the heartfelt post @ourpeachskies made the other day. I asked for her permission to write a fic based on it, and she graciously said yes. Everyone deserves a little kindness, and this is my attempt at it.

Originally posted by rohgers

Bucky celebrates his last Valentine’s Day in the field, stuck on a mission in bloody Czechoslovakia and sharing a tent with a snoring Jim Morita while Bucky himself curses his misfortune. His mind keeps drifting to that girl he went out with the night before he shipped out, Bonnie. He hardly remembers what she looks like anymore, his memory too clouded by the horrors he’s seen, by the experiments he suffered. Turning over on the hard ground, Bucky swears that next year will be better. He’ll be home, he’ll give a proper Valentine’s Day card for the girl he’ll find, maybe splurge on some nice chocolates.

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Favorite part

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✖ Characters/relationships: Original!Percival Graves x Reader

✖ Genres: Power play, smut

✖ Summary: Reader is a new Auror at MACUSA but she doesn’t slip past an experienced eye of Percival Graves. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 5940

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I’ve been slowly rewatching Supergirl s1, and the most recent episode was ‘Manhunter’  now I really want a fic where Kara and Lucy weren’t able to save Alex.

For, whatever reason, Alex and J’onn were being transported separately.  Maybe it’s protocol to keep alien and human prisoners apart, maybe they wanted a stronger transport for J’onn.  Whatever.

Either way, when Kara and Lucy stop the transport, only J’onn is inside, and they have no idea where Alex is.

Well, they know she’s at Cadmus, but they now have no way to rescue her.

When J’onn goes on the run as a fugitive, it’s to find Alex, not Jeremiah.

Only, if he had succeed he would have found both, because as soon as Jeremiah learnt that Alex was being brought to Cadmus, he made sure she was working with him.

Maybe Jeremiah lies to Alex at first, letting her believe that he is still truly a prisoner, being forced to work.  Maybe he’s upfront and tells her that the work is for good and everything.

It doesn’t really matter which, because Alex refuses to work for Cadmus either way.

Until Jeremiah is convinced that Alex may need to be ‘persuaded’.

And Alex is brainwashed.

Alex is programmed to be a sleeper agent and sent back to the DEO.

Jeremiah pushes her - passed out, beat up, and emaciated - into Kara’s arms when he lets her and Mon-El go.

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powerbloggerjung  asked:

what are your thoughts about Head of Department for Magical Beasts Newt Scamander and HOD for DMLE Percival Graves where they headbutt a lot on many issues esp. on Creatures Law & Newt always flinging his safety away just to rescue a creature when Graves explicitly tells him not to do it? Do you think there will be romance btwn them? Or theyre too busy huffing & puffing @ each other to notice the attraction?


My thoughts are that I love this idea so fucking much. 

More under the cut, ‘cause it ended up hella long.

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Arrow 5x12 Inside “Bratva” (HD) Season 5 Episode 12 Inside by  Television Promos

It’s hilarious to me that Oliver doesn’t seem to remember kicking the crap out of the Bratva the last time they met.

Looks good so far! FELICITY IS USING PANDORA!!! DUN DUN DUNN!!!! Angry Diggle! Yahoo! Felicity taking Rory and Curtis out in the field for their own mission… hmmm… should be interesting.

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (7/15)

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AU Summary: Y/N goes on her first mission out in the field with the Avengers.

Notes: yeah this is sort of a sucky chapter but it’ll have to do to speed things up lmao i have no patience. forgive me you guys.and yea a mysterious figure appears in this chapter so there’s that. ALSO im not sure if this is a steve x reader fic because i plan on having bucky added as a main character soon. and i like bucky. like a lot. ok cool

Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


The sound of glass breaking echoed through the halls and all around the empty mansion. A large man wearing a tactical vest and heavy boots stood by the door with his arms crossed and observing the scene in front of him.

“Do they know about her abilities?”

The large man nodded. “Most likely. She’s residing inside SHIELD’s Avenger hq. Extremely hard to break in and kidnap her.”

He watched as the owner of the mansion picked up another glass of scotch, gulped it in one go and flung it across the room, smashing it to pieces. The 5th one this morning.

“Avengers.” he snarled, grimacing as he spoke the name. He took off his white lab coat and wiped the blood of his hands on it. “They took everything I have. Everything I cared about.”

The scientist slumped on a chair and poured himself another drink, this time, keeping the glass unscathed. “They took my creation. And I’m going to get her back.”

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S4 Meta: A Different Kind of Monty Appreciation Post

So a lot of fans have been talking about Monty being the MVP of the season and wishing Monty was more appreciated. I may be the only one who wishes Monty’s flaws in S4 were being recognized too. And not because I’m a Monty hater by any means, but because Monty’s flaws make him a more complex character. In my Cold Child Thawing essay, I discussed that - despite fandom’s perception of Monty as this precious cupcake - Monty is actually one of the most ruthless of the delinquents. I’m seeing a lot of anger directed towards Jasper and Harper for upsetting Monty in 4x9, but not much criticism of Monty’s lack of empathy and his disdainful judgements towards his suicidal loved ones. I can’t criticize Monty too harshly either. I don’t think it’s entirely his fault. Monty strikes me as one of those High IQ Low EQ types who can solve all manner of technical problems but is useless when it comes to dealing with emotional problems. It has to be said that despite Monty’s many heroic accomplishments in S4, he has neglected his personal relationships. And now it’s come home to roost.   

“Clarke thinks you’re expendable”

Like Clarke, Monty has always been a diehard Team Survive member and can in no way comprehend anyone not sharing his ‘survival at any cost’ mentality. So with this aspect of Monty in mind, let me put this on the table - I think Monty was pissed off about being excluded from Clarke’s list. To be fair, Monty should be pissed. I’M pissed at Monty not being on the list. Everyone is. While Monty later says that he might’ve agreed with Clarke’s decision, I don’t believe him. If you re-watch the scene where Jasper discovers the list, Monty is defending Clarke and insisting that she “has her reasons!”, etc, right up until the moment he’s told he’s not on it. This isn’t the only thing that gets Monty appalled enough to make the list public. Harper being left off and Jasper being shock-lashed and locked up also contributed to his decision. But I don’t believe that Monty was opposed to Clarke playing God and deceiving the Arkadian population like Jasper was. I think Monty understood Clarke’s secrecy and control over her list as necessary survival protocol. Monty defying Clarke over that list was personal. I’d also say that Monty’s actions through the rest of S4 go to show how much Monty took being left off Clarke’s list personally. Yes, Monty is the MVP of the season but that is largely because Monty’s been hankering after the role of MVP ever since Clarke deemed him expendable. Monty thought he’d already done enough to be worthy of the A Team (IMO, he had). So Monty finding out that he has not been ranked as one of the top 100 most valuable members of the Arkadian camp has made him even determined to prove his worth.

“Someone’s moving up in the world…”

Monty proving his usefulness in S4 has ranged from tirelessly contributing to field missions (if he’s not in an episode he’s off in the rover somewhere), to individual feats of heroism (surrendering himself to Ice Nation to warn them about the Riley situation) and exhibiting his intelligence (solving the bunker key). None of this is out of character for Monty. He has been a useful team player in past seasons too. But in S4 I feel he’s more proactive and assertive where he used to be subservient. Take Monty’s involvement in stopping the Ark mob killing Illian. Monty compares the situation to the delinquent mob hanging Murphy but in that situation Monty had been a passive bystander. More recently Monty set a mob of Grounder slaves on the Ice Nation guard who’d killed his dad. Why does Monty, who has previously been passive or even supportive of mob justice, now object to the mob executing Illian? In my view, it’s because mob rule in Arkadia would mean that Kane and Jaha have lost control. If there is no hierarchy then what is budding MVP Monty supposed to aspire to?

Monty has been working to make himself invaluable to the camp leaders and Harper teasingly notes that Monty is “moving up” when he’s asked to join the leaders on the Polis mission. Monty’s striving for status not only puts him in a stronger position to be chosen for survival if options become available again. I think Monty also wants to be in a position to save Harper and Jasper who were also deemed expendable as per Clarke’s list. Monty spends S4 largely ignoring Harper and Jasper’s symptoms of serious depression because he’s mistakenly convinced that finding a sanctuary will be one simple cure all to their emotional breakdowns. When Monty succeeds in being the hero and the two people he cares for most don’t instantly recover, he doesn’t get it. He is angry at them for being suicidal even though the red flags were there all along and Monty had disregarded them. Jasper and Harper instinctively recognize each other’s despair while Monty is blind to it. Blind to them.   

“Are you judging me, Monty?”

When Jasper addresses his DNR party crowd he tells them they’re free to leave and there will be no negative judgements on those who change their mind. As much as Jasper may be nihilistic, the delinquents are not getting this kind of choice or respect from Team Survive. Monty is a prime example of this. Monty judges Bellamy for abandoning the survival cause for just one night of fun. The DNR party is being called a suicide cult, but Team Survive are just as religious about their ideology, frowning on those who lose the faith. Monty’s judgement of Harper is even worse, calling a suicidal person a coward being one of the most emotionally tone deaf things you can do. Harper and Jasper have both braved enough dangers during their time on earth. They are both broken Gryffindors who have fought for their own lives and their friends. What they’re questioning now is whether this fight is worth it when life comes in endless cycles of pain. If Monty had got them both to come to Polis they’d have been greeted by another bloody war. However, the decision over whether to leave the DNR group to their choice is still a very difficult issue. In the real world, you would certainly not let drunk traumatized children lock themselves in a room to die. Monty wants Jaha to take them by force. He argues that they are “wasted”, not mentally competent enough to make a sane decision. It is Bellamy, not Monty, who defends the DNR group’s free will. Monty’s not entirely wrong, but he fails to show empathy for Jasper and Harper the way Bellamy empathizes with them.

Ultimately I think Monty has made the best decision he could have under the circumstances. It would’ve been wrong to force those kids to go to Polis but it also felt wrong to abandon them. Jasper and Harper are Monty’s people and what were all his survival efforts for if he’s left alone? This is the problem that Monty has to solve now and emotional problems are not his strength. But at least he has the right approach now. Like Jasper said “If you think you have the best idea then you have to convince people” not take away their free will. So if Monty wants to convince those kids that it’s worth trying to survive then the first thing he needs to do is try to understand them. Not look at them as cowards or crazies. If Monty can do that he really will be the MVP.

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Could you do a Peter Parker imagine where the reader gets really hurt and one of the Avengers (one with abilities) donates their blood to them and Peter tries to help her control her new powers and try to be normal again? (Maybe she gets angry about her new abilities?)

“Are you sure that you she’s ready?” I ask Mr. Stark while we are walking down the corridor. 

“Seriously Peter, I know that you are so in love with her that makes me wanna throw up but we need to give her a chance. She has been practicing her powers with Vision since we discover her in Sokovia. I think that she is ready for a mission like this”  Mr. Stark tells me and I fidget with my hands. There is no point in denying my love for her altought she doesn’t know about it. 

(Y/N) is the newest addition the the Avengers. In one mission we were searching for more information in Sokovia after the Captain leave with Bucky and everyone else was in prison. There I met her and I have fallen in love with her since we bring her to the Avengers tower but I haven’t said anything taking in account that she is so busy trying to get control of her powers training with Natasha and Vision.

Now that things are getting back to normal and the Captain and his team are back at the tower Mr. Stark thought that it was the perfect time to bring her to the field in a real mission and test the control of her powers. (Y/N) is capable of using the elements of nature in her favor, she can control water, fire, air and earth.

“Let’s make a deal in order for you to not worry that much. You will be partened with her on the mission and you will just take care of the security of Steve and I okay?” I nod and I was about to keep on talking but she enters the room leaving me mesmerized by her beauty.

“Are you both coming to the quinjet or are you going to stood up there looking like idiots?”


“(Y/N) I need you to throw a big ball of fire at the opponents okay? Tony will shoot at your ball at the same time in order for us to escape” The mission that was supposed to be an easy one has evolved into one of the hardest because they were expecting us and I was worried more about (Y/N).

“But I haven’t practice with fire a lot Steve!” She tells him scared

“(Y/N) DO IT NOW!” Tony screams and (Y/N) throws the ball of fire but by accident she throws it to a part of the building instead of the shield as the Captain commanded.

“Everyone run now!” Steve shout and as I was trying to escape from the building falling in pieces I turn around and catch no glimpse of her.

“Where is (Y/N)?” I ask and I can’t hide the fear in my voice. Everyone quickly answers telling that they haven’t seen her so I decide to make my way back and I see her lying under a part of the building. With the help of Tony we lift the bricks and Tony takes her in his arms as we make our way back to the quinjet before the whole building collapse. 

“How is she?” I ask with a big knot in my throat trying to hide the tears that were threatening to leave my eyes. She has a big wound on her stomach and Bruce is trying to stop the bleeding of it. 

“I need some blood right now to give her. Anyone volunters?” I quickly raise my hand forgetting this is not school. “Peter you are underage you can’t donnate” For fuck’s fake she is dying!

“I will donnate it if you let me Bruce. I’m O type but I don’t know if the serum is a problem” Steve interrupts my thoughts.

“If it has an effect it will only help her to heal faster. Natasha can you help me extract the blood from the Captain?” I can’t believe it. My eyes don’t want to believe what is happening. It was supposed to be a god damn easy mission to introduce her to the field and now she is here with Bruce trying to save her life and she will end up with super soldier serum in her blood.


“I thought you were supposed to be resting” I tell (Y/N) as I enter the gym where she is making some fire balls but they end up collapsing and her hands shaking. It has been a month since her accident. As soon as we arrive to the tower they took her to surgery to stop the internal bleeding but the problem was when she woke up discovering her now new super powers thanks to the serum. Bruce tell her that the serum will leave her body at the right time but she wasn’t capable of controlling her elements power thanks to it.

“I can’t rest, seriously I don’t feel tired Peter. I just want to make a fucking fire ball without it collapsing” I can tell how frustrated she and I can’t help to feel bad about her condition.

“You need to be patient, Bruce told that the serum will disappear from your blood eventually and you will recover your abilites” 

“But we don’t know when! It could be tomorrow, in a month or even in years.Is just that I can’t do almost anything! Even opening doors it’s impossible because I  break the fucking door. And look! I can’t do a fucking fire ball because I use too much force and I’m barely moving my hands but they just shake like crazy” She tries to show me but I decide to move my hands over her’s and stop her.

“Hey hey, I believe you. You know when that spider bite me I even broke my sink.” She laughs and I smile at her. “ I will help you okay? We will train together everyday and you will use this new power in your favor”

She nods and smiles at me. “Thank you Peter, I really appreciate this” She hugs me and I give her a kiss in her forehead. Maybe now I can tell her how I feel about her…


"I love you", Part 1

I wish this was off anon because this is the first request I’ve gotten, and to me that is very special. I sort of went off the topic a few times in this request, took it different directions, but I hope that is okay. In many of these, I just kinda went without how I think the gents would realistically work into it and act; I hope that shows though. 

I also broke this up into two parts because this was just getting enormous; so keep your eyes out for Genji and Soilder 76’s parts soon. Thank you and enjoy! <3

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Sparks Chapter 7

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky and y/n go out to dinner where they discuss their boring love lives. Bucky goes out on a mission and is missing for 2 days. When he returns he goes over to y/n’s apartment because he misses her. y/n falls asleep on Bucky’s lap after 2 days of worrying. They walk the Brooklyn bridge at midnight and have deep convo’s. Bucky’s feelings for y/n continue to grow.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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