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I decided to write a continuation of the Gency Preganancy prompts since they’ve kind of ended in a cliffhanger, sort of…

A Continuation of these prompts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

“He’s been stable for hours. Morrison and Master Tekhartha were able to maintain a steady stream of biotics throughout the ride over,” An omnic nurse was looking through a tablet at Genji’s condition, “Between that and the repairs to his cybernetic systems, along with plenty of bed-rest, he should be ready for the training field within the week, mission-ready within two.”

Mercy’s arms were crossed over herself, and they tightened around her at the thought of Genji going out in the field so soon. But then Genji himself would likely be frustrated at how long it would take for him to heal compared to other times. She knew she should be relieved that the injuries were so treatable—-that was what she worked for, that was how biotics worked—-but she remembered Volskaya, and the thought of Reaper coming so close to killing Genji itched at a dark and terrifying memory in her mind. The omnic nurse opened the curtain to Genji’s section in the infirmary and Mercy stepped forward.

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other FO Star Destroyers 

the Finalizer

With Love

Title: With Love
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 2.7k
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None

A little Valentine’s Day fluff for you. This one was inspired by the heartfelt post @ourpeachskies made the other day. I asked for her permission to write a fic based on it, and she graciously said yes. Everyone deserves a little kindness, and this is my attempt at it.

Originally posted by rohgers

Bucky celebrates his last Valentine’s Day in the field, stuck on a mission in bloody Czechoslovakia and sharing a tent with a snoring Jim Morita while Bucky himself curses his misfortune. His mind keeps drifting to that girl he went out with the night before he shipped out, Bonnie. He hardly remembers what she looks like anymore, his memory too clouded by the horrors he’s seen, by the experiments he suffered. Turning over on the hard ground, Bucky swears that next year will be better. He’ll be home, he’ll give a proper Valentine’s Day card for the girl he’ll find, maybe splurge on some nice chocolates.

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More from modern mob Au: Crowbar G (post amnesiac version)

Don’s trusted underling for field missions. …Heard he’s quite cold blooded, however he likes sweets (cakes, snacks) and seems to like sleeping a lot. 

Very good melee & excellent at deducting advantages/disadvantages from a present/past situation (compare to Stone, who is instead good at foresight planning & calculations as an assassin- seeing things from ‘10 miles away’ but not as good at melee as crowbar)

VS good guys wise, direct ‘rival’ of the Field officer of EchoG


Arrow 5x12 Inside “Bratva” (HD) Season 5 Episode 12 Inside by  Television Promos

It’s hilarious to me that Oliver doesn’t seem to remember kicking the crap out of the Bratva the last time they met.

Looks good so far! FELICITY IS USING PANDORA!!! DUN DUN DUNN!!!! Angry Diggle! Yahoo! Felicity taking Rory and Curtis out in the field for their own mission… hmmm… should be interesting.

the signs in a spy team

aries Field Lead - the most agile and strong spy, in charge of leading all the other field agents in missions of combat.

taurus Quartermaster - crafts the finest prime gadgets for maximum espionage, and weapons for maximum damage.

gemini Master of Disguise - transforms agents and themselves into multiple different identities using cosmetic effects and training in acting.

cancer Mission Director - researches and briefs the team on their targets and mission. They keep the team updated with possible threats/alternatives throughout the assignment.

leo Agent of Influence - in cahoots with the organization,they use their celebrity position to sway the general public in ways that can favour the spy team.

virgo The Hacker - infiltrates the enemy’s database of top secret information, and codes to access prohibited areas.

libra Right-Hand Man - they may not be the most skilled of the agents, however their loyalty far surpasses the others. Their are entrusted with the most valuable/risky evidence to seize the enemy.

scorpio Agent Provocateur - coerces the enemy’s lackeys to commit illegal acts, catching them in the act (hence diminishing the enemy forces). May also be used to deceive targets of interest.

sagittarius The Dangle - feigns interest in joining the enemy team, relaying the secret information they’re fed back to the original team.

capricorn Agency Head - the top tier/founder of the whole organization, responsible for keeping the agents in line and making the dire decisions.

aquarius Double Agent - mysterious to the other agents, but due to their high skill level no one dares to call them out on it.

pisces Informant - provides crucial and sensitive information to the team, keeping their identity unknown as they may be compromised.


What We’ll Wear to Mars

In the 47 years since humans first stepped on the moon, space-helmet technology hasn’t exactly made a giant leap. But the prospect of exploring Mars has NASA’s designers scrambling for their drawing boards. “The requirements are different from anything we’ve done before,” says Dave Lavery, who leads NASA’s Solar System Exploration Program. They include durability (to withstand abrasion in wind storms), flexibility (for yearlong missions), and field of view (for 360-degree visibility).

Past — 1960s & ‘70s (Top) : The iconic bubble helmet worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin was built to withstand the moon’s extreme temperature swings and protect astronauts’ eyes from solar glare and radiation. At the back, the helmet’s fitted shape cushioned the head in case of an emergency during launch or landing.

Present (Middle) : Today’s helmet is almost identical to the Apollo era’s—bulbous and locked solidly into the neck of the suit—except that this one has cameras and lights. Since the International Space Station circles the Earth every 92 minutes, astronauts might be suddenly plunged into darkness during a spacewalk, so lights are a must.

Future — 2030s & '40s (Bottom) : On Mars, visibility and range of motion will be extremely important. That’s why the helmet for the BioSuit—one of the contending designs for a Mars mission—moves freely with the astronaut’s head, like a motorcycle helmet. It will also have a heads-up display with information on navigation, logistics, scheduling, situational awareness, and life support.

Photography by Douglas Sonders

Okay but my question for the Oil Rig Mission is

all the Generators on the lower floor have to be taken out by Luxray right 

you know who has a luxray with them at all times



Pretending To Play Pretend ➵ Percival Graves Imagine

☆ p r o m p t s : “kiss me now and make it look convincing!” + “do that again.” // basically the “fake-lovers” trope :)



There were two things you were aware of as of that moment: one, Madame President had forced you to go on a field mission with Percival Graves, and two, you were actually not mad at her - which was strange, considering that you and Graves could barely stand eachother’s guts.

“I expect the best from the two of you,” Seraphina Picquery spoke, followed by a gesture towards her office’s door, dissmissing you and the Head of all Aurors in MACUSA.

Without any other words, you headed towards the exit (more exactly, you sprinted, because the need to mentally prepare yourself for the assigned mission was high) and left Graves behind without even exchanging glances. It was enough for both that you were soon going to spend time together, tracking down one of Grindelwald’s most ‘beloved’ fanatics.

Perhaps it was the differences between you two that made you capable of only tolerating the other; he was severe, blunt and his facial muscles were apparently incapable of raising his lips into a smile, whereas you were sarcastic, yet kind, and endulged - or even loved - by many. It was enough already that Graves was your superior, despite not having much more skill compared to you. You guessed that it was the reason Madame President had chosen you to be his partener in the field task.

Saying goodbye for the day to the colleagues you actually enjoyed, you knew where to head for the night. And the location involved lots and lots of giggle water, even though you wouldn’t allow yourself to consume too much of it, already knowing its brutal side-effects… but perhaps you considered the future mission so despicable that you forgot exactly how many glasses of it you’d had as you ordered another one.

* * *

There was someone knocking repeatedly on your apartament’s door and you swore to all the famous wizards and witches that you were going to end them when you opened that damned door. Your headache wasn’t that bad, but your head still pounded with each hit on the door at the end of your home’s main corridor.

“Coming!” you yelled as loudly as possible, yet your throat was sore and the word sounded more like a whisper than a holler.

Using your wand to quickly change from your nightwear to a more decent outfit, you hurried and muttered a cuss word before swinging the door wide open. And there was Percival-fricking-Graves, dressed as sharply as ever, not a single strand of hair not in its assigned place, his face riddled with something that awfully resembled annoyance.

“It’s 10 a.m. and you were supposed to meet me at MACUSA at 8 a.m.” the man spoke, a cold tone obvious in his voice.

“My bad,” you muttered, slightly squinting your eyes at him despite the apology being half-sincere.

You didn’t want anybody, not even Graves, getting the wrong idea about you, because you were a bright and ambitious and organized witch… when you wanted to be, of course.

Without even asking you first, Graves stepped past you and into your home, earning a very confused and exasperated glare.

“Don’t you dare say something about my place,” you warned, returning to your room to grab your boots and coat and use a spell to arrange your hair.

“I wasn’t going to,” you heard Graves say, but there were mischevious hints in his voice that made you press your lips together in a thin line.

You quickly ushered him out of the house after drinking a glass of water - not even considering offering him once, since he had entered your apartment without your permission - and locked the door behind you with just a flick of your wand.

“Where to?” you asked, hugging yourself to shield you from the April still-persistent chilly weather.

“I’ve been hearing that our target is enjoying a… date today,” Percival said, and you burst out in laughter without even wanting to.

“Excuse me? So you’re telling me that a dark wizard who’s highly valued by Grindelwald himself is going on a date, with like, an actual person?” you asked, half-shocked and half-amused.

“Indeed,” the auror muttered, ending any other conversations, and fixated you with a raised-eyebrow gaze that literally spoke ‘what, can’t evil men go on dates too?’.

Ducking into a retreated alley, you grabbed Graves’ arm, the harsh fabric of his coat against your cold fingers. Without any further delay, he apparated and the magical action that was supposed to make you sick to your stomach didn’t even bother you - you’d done it one too many times to feel anything. When you opened your eyes, you were surrounded by little, cozy-looking shops and couples sitting on benches, side-hugging or sharing some kind of dessert.

“Oh,” you made, taking in your surroundings, “this isn’t exactly the place where a dark wizard would be usually found.”

“That’s probably the only thing you ever said that I agree with.” Graves said and you rolled your eyes.

“So, where’s our guy?”

The man pointed towards a cute confectionary from which couples emerged. “Over there.”

‘You have to be kidding me,’ you thought, but began walking in its direction alongside Graves. Before you knew it, you felt him grab your hand and pull you closer to him.

“What the hell are you doing?!” you exclaimed, loudly enough to make the people in your close proximity turn their heads towards you.

“Trying to blend in,” he spat through gritted teeth, squeezing your hand hard enough to let you know that raising your voice was a thing you couldn’t do again if you wanted to lay low.

You complied and entered the confectionary before him - he had opened the door, just like an ideal boyfriend would’ve. You picked a table as soon as you spotted your target, who was chatting with a dark-haired woman, and luckily, it was near them.

After you took off your coat, you plopped on the soft, red couch in front of the glass table. Graves, despite his need of blending in, kept his distance and he ended up sitting on the opposite end of the couch.

“Gr-Percival, love,” you recollected yourself, playing your part of the role, and spoke on a sweet tone, “you should come closer.”

When the only reaction you got from Graves was a terrified stare - the man, despite his natural confidence, seemed to be failing his couple classes - you grabbed the sleeve of his white shirt and pulled him closer to you. Your knees were touching and you rested your head on his shoulder as the waitress, a No-Maj, approached you with an obviously fake smile plastered on her face.

“What can I get you darlings today?” she inquired, eyeing you and Graves, but there was no trace of suspicion in her gaze - more like jealousy.

“Two slices of apple pie, please. Seems good, right, darling?” Graves chimed in just as you were about to speak and you grinned.

“Of course, love.”

As soon as the waitress left, you squinted your eyes for the second time that day at your pretend-lover.

“This isn’t a competition,” you whispered blatantly and Graves simply shrugged his shoulders. “And besides, I hate apple pie. A boyfriend should know.”

“Whatever you say,” he answered, then added with an almost victorious smirk, “love.”

As a punishment, you started laughing like he’d just said something funny and pinched his shaved cheek lovingly.

“Oh, Percy, you’re such a sweetheart!” you made, loud enough to be heard by a few, yet not enough for your voice to echo in the confectionary.

Graves offered you an ice cold glare in return, but remained silent until your desserts arrived. You both ocasionally glanced towards the tracked wizard, and you realised that his date was actually going… well?! He was laughing and talking with the woman and sipping something that looked like cider from pretty glasses.

Your apple pie slices arrived in no time and you had to control yourself not to gag at the sight of your sweet.

“I can’t comprehend quite a few things about you, (Y/N), and your disliking towards apple pies is one of them,” Percival said, sounding actually genuine, and you were about to reply when a fork full of pie was placed in front of your lips.

“Eat,” Graves ordered, smirking with superiority, and you blankly stared at him.

You began thinking that the whole fake-lovers idea had been a terribly bad one as Graves, Head of Aurors, was feeding you the thing you least enjoyed - yet you complied and annoyedly glared at him as you swallowed the pie.

The following hour went decently well, and besides the sickly sweet petnames and hand holding (your hand just wanted to be freed after twenty minutes), you had made small talk and learned that Graves wasn’t that bad underneath the whole stoic and rude mask. But, of course, he might’ve been faking everything just to maintain appearences.

There was only one flaw in your ‘brilliant’ plan: the wizard you were keeping an eye on was getting bored - which seemed unlikely at first, but became more obvious as time passed -, and his attention fell more than once on you and your 'date’. Your jaw clenched as you remembered that he was trained in the Dark Arts and could probably read people like open books, despite you and Graves having acted as a perfect couple. You looked at Percival, who was absentmindedly - yet intentionally - playing with your fingers, and a sudden, desperate plan came to your mind.

“Kiss me, now, and make it look convincing!” you whispered and the Auror’s eyes widened as his brain processed the words that had just escaped your lips.

Without any further notice, you grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards you, smashing your lips together, your free hand on his chest. You were expecting that kissing him would’ve been just a part of the act too; what you didn’t expect though was to feel as if the most spectacular firework show went off in your entire body.

And you, for sure, didn’t think that Graves kissing you back would’ve felt that good, especially not when you were playing roles. As your fingers released his chin and made their way through his hair, his hand cupped your cheek and one went down to your neck. Your heart was pounding against your ribcage, threatening to crawl its way out of your chest. You inhaled deeply through your nose and didn’t even have the guts to wonder why Graves had just bitten your lower lip when nobody could see that precise gesture.

After a couple more moments, you finally pulled away and tried your best not to stare in awe at the man - you failed and caught his gaze, unconsciously licking your lips. You both remained speechless as Graves grabbed your hand once again, glancing at your target over your head.

“He’s lost interest in us,” the Auror confirmed and you slightly frowned - you hadn’t told him the reason for the sudden kiss, and it surprised you to have him figure it out.

“I think it’s time.” you announced quietly and stood up, getting into your coat and grabbing your wallet. “I’m going to go pay, you take him out and apparate to MACUSA. I’ll take care of obliviating everyone here.”

Graves solemnly nodded, and you skipped towards the register, where your waitress was loudly chewing bubblegum.

“I’d like to pay now,” you offered her a smile as fake as hers had been when she served you.

You quickly scanned the confectionary, and to your relief, there were only five other people in it without you, Graves, or the other two wizards. When spells got to your ears, you turned around and spotted only the extremely confused No-Majs left. Graves had taken the probably innocent witch with him too. You pulled out your wand and shouted 'Obliviate!’, disappearing without a trace, the only signs of you passing by being the ten dollars near the cash register that you had been kind enough to leave behind.

You apparated to your office at MACUSA and patiently waited for either Graves or Picquery to storm into the room, announcing the success of the mission. Fortunately, it had been the Head Auror that entered the silent room without even knocking - what was it with that man and not caring about personal space?

“Madame President congratulates us for catching him.” he told, looking quite satisfied with himself, “The witch was innocent and thought she was going out with a man as innocent as her.”

“Poor her,” you replied, half-jokingly and half-honest, and swallowed hard when you felt the heartache that followed the thoughts of the day ending.

What had gotten into you? Yes, playing pretend like two children had been fun, but it needed to end - so why didn’t you want it to?

Taking you by surprise, Graves stepped towards you, only an arm’s lenght between the two of you.

“Do it again,” he muttered, as if he was struggling to let the words come out.

“Do what?” you asked, not quite realising what Percival Graves really meant.

He leaned in even closer and you felt your breath hitch in your throat as it finally dawned upon you.

“I think we both know the answer to that, (Y/N),” he whispered and you didn’t wait or want to hear anything else.

Throwing your arms behind his neck, you kissed Graves once again, this time sincere and not with any reason other than to let all the hidden and supressed feelings out. And, of course, you made sure to repay him the lip-biting favour he had done you earlier.

Stolen - Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by: @nightwing-rules

Prompt: 127) “Why do you keep stealing my shirts, babe?”

Since you and Jason had started your whirlwind of a relationship you had noticed one thing about him: he had the softest shirts ever. They were comfortable for nearly all activities, such as sleeping, doing the groceries and dancing while you’re meant to be doing the dishes.

Jason often left to go on week long field missions with Roy, so, to help you get over the pain of missing him, you would were his shirts everyday. You and Jay would facetime every night it was possible and at the start Jason would just make small comments like “Baby, you look so cute in my clothes.” or “You have no idea what I would do with you in that shirt if I was there.” but there got to a point where Jason noticed that you weren’t just wearing his clothes to sleep in, you were wearing his shirts all the time. Jason decided that he would try and subtly bring it up to you on one of your daily facetime calls.

“Hiiii, baby!” you greeted cheerfully while dawning one of Jason’s larger shirts.

“Hey, cutie.” Jason smiled back at you.

“How’s the mission going?” you asked, while playing with the hem of the shirt.

“It’s good.” Jason said, “these guys have no skill in combat whatsoever, I swear…” you smiled while listening him complain about the unexperienced douches, as Jason called them, you couldn’t help your eyes drift to the blooming black eye that graced the left side of his angelic face. “… it’s an insult, really.” Jason finished.

“Baby, are you sure everything’s okay?” you hesitantly asked while making a motion to your own eye.

“Oh yeah, babe. Don’t worry about it. Anyway, you should see the other guy.” Jason winked.

You giggled and continued saying, “I just worry about you is all. Everytime you call me you have a new cut on your face or another broken bone.” You knew that this is what his line of work came with, but it didn’t stop you fussing over him. “And your clothes are always a mess.”

“Oh, geez thanks (Y/N). You really know how to charm a guy.” That made you chuckle which made him smile. “And speaking of clothes,” Jason said accusingly, “why do you keep stealing my shirts, babe?”

You looked up to see the smug son-of-a-bitch smirking. You felt a blush grow up you neck and on to your cheeks, “They’re so soft,” You said, timidly, “and they smell like you. They make me miss you less when you’re gone.”

“Aw, baby. I’ll be back soon. You know that I’ll always come back as long as you’re there waiting for me.” Jason said, which made you giggle.

“Oh, my god. As sweet as that was babe, that was the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said.” You laughed. Jason began to laugh to.

“And you’re whole thing about wearing my shirts because they smell like me wasn’t?”

You both began to laugh harder before slowing down. You both continued your conversation for another hour and a half before Jason had to go with Roy on night patrol.

“Okay, be careful.” You said through the camera.

“I will, baby. I love you.”

“Love you too.” You smiled before closing the laptop.

You got into bed that night, still wearing the shirt, laughing about the conversation you had with Jason earlier while the excitement took over knowing that he would be back tomorrow.

Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you liked it!


Secrets | Agent AU | Taekook

Word Count: 1.4k 

Summary: So Jungkook made a mistake… 

Part 2

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Pointing a fully loaded gun at his boyfriend was not the way Jeon Jungkook was planning on waking up.

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How about a reality tv show following the henchmen working for villains organization. Every time something dramatic happens, ooh guy looks at the camera and, of course, goes ooh.

Because drama is happening. I mean, there’s probably some rivalries in the ranks, office gossip that escalates, machines that explode due to avoidable mistakes, which villain’s bound get mad over, all with nice commentary, given by the henchmen on the confession cam.

Sometimes, the field missions also get filmed. The camera people get paid a lot on those days. Well, if they survive (most of them are ex-assassins or agents anyway).

The series starts when villain and hero are still enemies. Sometimes, when hero is captured by villain that day, he also appears on the confession cam: tied up with rope, but still. He gets along with the camera crue, but he never manages to convince them to free him (he always has to do that himself).

Villain always denies any feelings he has for hero, but the montage team makes sure to show footage of villain smirking at hero or looking at him for a bit too long after those moments.

The episode where villain and hero hook up has the highest ratings. After that, hero starts appearing a bit more frequently. And he’s not trapped during confession cam anymore either.


Supersonic plasma jets discovered

Information from ESA’s magnetic field Swarm mission has led to the discovery of supersonic plasma jets high up in our atmosphere that can push temperatures up to almost 10 000°C.

Presenting these findings at this week’s Swarm Science Meeting in Canada, scientists from the University of Calgary explained how they used measurements from the trio of Swarm satellites to build on what was known about vast sheets of electric current in the upper atmosphere.

The theory that there are huge electric currents, powered by solar wind and guided through the ionosphere by Earth’s magnetic field, was postulated more than a century ago by Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland.

It wasn’t until the 1970s, after the advent of satellites, however, that these ‘Birkeland currents’ were confirmed by direct measurements in space.
These currents carry up to 1 TW of electric power to the upper atmosphere – about 30 times the energy consumed in New York during a heatwave.

They are also responsible for ‘aurora arcs’, the familiar, slow-moving green curtains of light that can extend from horizon to horizon.

While much is known about these current systems, recent observations by Swarm have revealed that they are associated with large electrical fields.

These fields, which are strongest in the winter, occur where upwards and downwards Birkeland currents connect through the ionosphere.

Bill Archer from the University of Calgary explained, “Using data from the Swarm satellites’ electric field instruments, we discovered that these strong electric fields drive supersonic plasma jets.

“The jets, which we call ‘Birkeland current boundary flows’, mark distinctly the boundary between current sheets moving in opposite direction and lead to extreme conditions in the upper atmosphere.

“They can drive the ionosphere to temperatures approaching 10 000°C and change its chemical composition. They also cause the ionosphere to flow upwards to higher altitudes where additional energisation can lead to loss of atmospheric material to space.”

David Knudsen, also from the University of Calgary, added, “These recent findings from Swarm add knowledge of electric potential, and therefore voltage, to our understanding of the Birkeland current circuit, perhaps the most widely recognised organising feature of the coupled magnetosphere–ionosphere system.”

This discovery is just one of the new findings presented at the week-long science meeting dedicated to the Swarm mission.

Also presented this week and focusing on Birkeland currents, for example, Swarm was used to confirm that these currents are stronger in the northern hemisphere and vary with the season.

Since they were launched in 2013, the identical Swarm satellites have been measuring and untangling the different magnetic signals that stem from Earth’s core, mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere.

As well as a package of instruments to do this, each satellite has an electric field instrument positioned at the front to measure plasma density, drift and velocity.

Rune Floberghagen, ESA’s Swarm mission manager, said, “The electric field instrument is the first ionospheric imager in orbit so it’s very exciting to see such fantastic results that are thanks to this new instrument.

“The dedication of scientists working with data from the mission never ceases to amaze me and we are seeing some brilliant results, such as this, discussed at this week’s meeting.

“Swarm is really opening our eyes to the workings of the planet from deep down in Earth’s core to the highest part of our atmosphere.”

TOP IMAGE….Information from ESA’s magnetic field Swarm mission has led to the discovery of supersonic plasma jets high up in our atmosphere that can push temperatures up to almost 10 000°C.

UPPER IMAGE….Upward and downward current sheets

CENTRE IMAGE….Heated ions travel upward

LOWER IMAGE….Magnetic field sources

BOTTOM IMAGE….Front of Swarm satellite