field maple

Things we can look forward to in 7B:

- Troian’s directorial debut

- Holden’s return

- Finding out whether Toby/ Yvonne are dead or not

- WREN (In multiple episodes, including one with Ezra!) (He is also ‘part of the ultimate final twist in the final episode’)

- Pastor Ted

- Alison’s classroom flash forward (Finally!)

- PLL Wedding(s)

- New character - ‘Katherine Daly’

- A.D. reveal

- ‘the biggest question of all is yet to come, it will be revealed after A.D. is revealed’

- Alison’s pregnancy - which is ‘not average’ (Emison - potentially Emily’s eggs??)

- More people than just Jenna are working for Uber A

- Spencer’s backstory

- Charlotte’s killer

- Jessica’s killer

- Vanessa Ray’s return!

- Finding out why Sara was redcoat

- Emison morning scene

- Alison will verbalise how she feels about her sexuality

- Charlotte’s father

- 2 hour finale

- New Kissing Rock scene

- Ezria ‘hot and heavy’

- Aria wearing Ezra’s shirt

- Lucas/ Jenna/ Mona

 - Aria will go ‘dark’

- Potential Haleb sex scenes/ wedding

- We may meet a relative of Maya’s 

- More information about Charlotte/ Mary/ Elliott

- Final ever group scenes :(((((

- Melissa Hastings

- Addison Derringer

- Most likely Spoby (we all know Toby’s not dead)

- Final Rosewood high scenes

- We may hear ‘every breath you take’ again 

- Radley/ The Radley scenes

- Ashley/ Veronica/ Tanner/ Barry Maple/ Pam/ Ella/ Peter will all return


A Golden Leaf by Li Feng


Autumnal fruits - Hedge or Field Maple, Alder Buckthorn, Broad-leaved Linden, Strawberry Tree, Ash, Crabapple, White Beam, Hawthorn, Sloe, Guelder Rose.

Illustrations by Mrs Henry Perrin taken from ‘British Flowering Plants’ by Professor Boulger. Published 1914 by Bernard Quaritch.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, McLean Library.


Plant of the Day

Friday 29 April 2016

A cultivar of a native tree can be useful to help in the transition from the more rural to the designed landscape Acer campestre ‘William Caldwell’ (columnar field maple) is my latest discovery. This elegant, upright deciduous tree is suitable for gardens with limited space. The leaves turn lovely shades of orange-red in the autumn and in winter the shadow of the tracery on a lawn is great. It is a tough and hardy plant with the best autumn colour if planted in a sunny position. A pair of these columnar trees would look good as sentinels either side of a gateway leading from a garden into a meadow.

Jill Raggett | 'Dancing with the Stars’ Season 22 Full Lineup Announced

Earlier this morning, the full cast for the 22nd season of “Dancing with the Stars” was revealed on “Good Morning America”!


Erin Andrews Helps Jimmy with His Dancing with the Stars Gambling

So good to see Erin again! This is funny, and also it’s interesting to hear her perspective! She’s feeling Wanya like many of us are, but is surprisingly skeptical of Jodie and Keo.