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Today 100 years ago the second battle of Arras started

The Battle of Arras (also known as the Second Battle of Arras) was a British offensive on the Western Front during World War I. From 9 April to 16 May 1917, British troops attacked German defences near the French city of Arras on the Western Front. The British achieved the longest advance since trench warfare had begun, surpassing the record set by the French Sixth Army on 1 July 1916. The British advance slowed in the next few days and the German defence recovered. The battle became a costly stalemate for both sides and by the end of the battle the British Third and First armies had suffered about 160,000 casualties and the German 6th Army 125,000 casualties.

For much of the war, the opposing armies on the Western Front were at a stalemate, with a continuous line of trenches from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border. The Allied objective from early 1915 was to break through the German defences into the open ground beyond and engage the numerically inferior German Army (Westheer) in a war of movement. The British attack at Arras was part of the French Nivelle Offensive, the main part of which was to take place on the Aisne 50 miles (80 km) to the south. The aim of the French offensive was to break through the German defences in forty-eight hours.[4] At Arras the British were to re-capture Vimy Ridge, dominating the plain of Douai to the east, advance towards Cambrai and divert German reserves from the French front.

The British effort was a relatively broad front assault between Vimy in the north-west and Bullecourt to the south-east. After a long preparatory bombardment, the Canadian Corps of the First Army in the north fought Battle of Vimy Ridge and took the ridge. The Third Army in the centre advanced astride the Scarpe River and in the south, the Fifth Army attacked the Hindenburg Line (Siegfreidstellung) but was frustrated by the defence in depth and made few gains. The British armies then engaged in a series of small-scale operations to consolidate the new positions. Although these battles were generally successful in achieving limited aims, they were costly successes.

When the battle officially ended on 16 May, British Empire troops had made significant advances but had been unable to achieve a breakthrough. New tactics and the equipment to exploit them had been used, showing that the British had absorbed the lessons of the Battle of the Somme and could mount set-piece attacks against fortified field defences. After the Second Battle of Bullecourt (3–17 May), the Arras sector then returned to the stalemate that typified most of the war on the Western Front, except for attacks on the Hindenburg Line and around Lens, culminating in the Canadian Battle of Hill 70 (15–25 August).

Brief Australian History - The Eureka Stockade (Gold Rush)

Well! I’m procrastinating, and am going down to Sovereign Hill next week, and knowing it’s been brought up on my feed recently, I felt compelled to educate a little today on the Eureka Stockade. Forgive me as a lot of my knowledge is aged and coming from text books I have from school. But, it’s an interesting thing and if I bore you, I pray you look it up elsewhere and it won’t. The Eureka Stockade is an important part of Australian history, and is strongly symbolised in our pop culture.

// Also, specifically for the Hetalia fandom, the gold rushes were mentioned in the strips with little Australia and Canada. It’s said his character aged drastically due to the gold rushes and wool industry. (Chapter 201 / 202)

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To every emison fan that said paily its an abusive relationship:

* ohh that makes soo much sense,

 look at what emily says about that relashionship:

This is totally the face of a victim of an abusive relationship. Thats totally the smile of a person that looks at her relationship and is scared, and hates it.
And as you can see HERE:

Paige totally forces the kissing on Emily.


Such an abuse.

Sorry, but seems like i just fucked up your theory han?


[Translation] Kurobas Cup 2015 Pamphlet: Murasakibara & Himuro Pair

Managed to squeeze this translation in between Halloween, family, study and typesetting (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Not for profit. Fan for fans. Please do not use my scans or translation without permission.


Questions for the Casts:

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
Q4. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!!
Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.


Suzumura Kenichi: Voice of Murasakibara Atsushi

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. I’m simply and honestly moved. While watching the last ever episode with all the cast members, I feel very glad to have been involved (with this series) so much so that I got goosebumps (at the same time).

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. Because Akita has so many delicious things to eat, so I think it would be nice to make things in the Home Economic club and eat them while walking leisurely.

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. I am very happy to be participating in the ‘KUROBAS CUP’ at last! On the day, I would like play ‘basketball from the heart’ with everyone. Thor Hammer ~!

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Always “Good Fortune” with Fortune Slips’
Aside from Murasakibara, they all have ‘Good Fortune (吉) [pronounced as Yoshi]’ in the names so it seems like a good omen (for winning matches). Miyaji is an anomaly to this (system), so please don’t pay him too much attention. When we were recording for the series, I always thought that there were a lot of characters with ‘吉 (good fortune)’ in their names, but actually there are only three characters (laugh).


Taniyama Kishou: Voice of Himuro Tatsuya

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. I’ve had my highlight scene, and performed as an essential character (commentator) (laugh) until the end, so I feel really accomplished as a member of ‘Kurobasu’.

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. I think I’ll either be in a track-and-field club or in a band.

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. Let’s enjoy this together, to our hearts’ content.

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Shooting Stars with A Muscle’
The ‘Golden State Warrior’, an underdog team whom until now have been told that they cannot win, have finally won the NBA championship this year. So riding on that current of time, we’ll entrust the centre position to the Gori(lla)-Macho Eikichi Nebuya so that the rest of us can focus on shooting (to win). Of course, we expect Midorima to do his best in the Ace position, and in the unlikely event that we miss a (3-pointer) ball, the plan is for Nebuya to catch all the rebounds.


Yosen High School

A truly powerful school from Akita prefecture, Tohoku. It’s a team of tall players, that has three inside-court players with heights of over 2 metres, and they make use of this height advantage in their defence so that they’re known as ‘An Absolute Defence (Shield of Aegis)’. They have the 208-cm-tall centre Murasakibara Atsushi from the ‘Generation of Miracles’, whose field of defence covers all the area from the three-point line. With the addition of the points received by the American returnee point-getter, Himuro Tatsuya, even their offensive power does not leave any gap for the opponent team to get an inch in.


Umm…wonder why kishow didn’t chose hyuuga, I mean he’s quite a high level player (on par with Reo even) ~

I’m slowly working my way through the pamphlet. Next is either Seirin (sans kagakuro) or rakuzan. Stay tuned….( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )

Here’s my {Translation Master List} with all translations / scanlations I’ve done including other parts from the pamphlet.


“To a captain, to a team-mate, to a friend,

I got to Liverpool, a historic club, coming from another historic club. And amongst my team-mates, Steven Gerrard. A model of the club, in the Premier League and outside the championship as well. He shrunk the field on defence, was a great shooter and a great goalscorer and was a very skilled passer. A unique player indeed.

As weeks went by Steven showed himself as a true leader. He was a natural and an ambitious player on the field and a good and consistent team-mate off the field. He was always of great support and taught me lots of valuable things while pulling the best from me.

Thank you very much Steven. For being by my side during my career’s tougher times. For supporting me no matter what and gifting me advice so many times. Our relationship goes beyond the football field. You were always with me even when some others were not. So many chats, so many times you helped me reconsider situations, and always in order to teach me – like an older brother teaches his younger one.

We went through so much together and fought for big things to come for our club. This will be imprinted forever in my memories.

My friend. YNWA.“

- Luis Suarez x

Bucky: Pushing The Moment

This is about number 5 while the other two were 1 and 2, so this is a bit of a time lurch. Heads up,

They’re talking about you. Wanda whispered through your mind and your brows furrowed. Where? And what were they saying?

About Bucky too. You guys hanging out. I don’t think they know I can hear them. You could feel the eye roll in her words. Usually, you assume, they were more careful and didn’t speak of you in places where it could get back to you. They certainly did that with each other.

We’re in the kitchen. She advised you as you impatiently thought about the location you needed. They’re discussing who would win in a fight now.

“Me.” You announced, cutting through their words like a knife as you rounded into the room. “I’d win.”

“I can’t see it.” Steve protested dubiously as his eyes looked you up and down clinically.

“I can.” Nat countered, “We haven’t seen how her powers work in hand to hand combat, she’s kept on the edges with Wanda.”

“Force fields are more defence than offense and that other thing she does works better long range though.” Sam pondered, also appraising you from the original conversation across the room. You were now sitting on the table next to Wanda, who was drawing out plans of something.

Then Bucky clomped in, looking extra grumpy and blew you and your pink flowy dress out of the wager water.

“Bucky!” You groaned dejectedly and he looked over at you, confused. You waved a hand at his general everything to clear up the issue. When he quirked an eyebrow you rolled you eyes and grunted. “Don’t worry, you big lug!”

After throwing you a small smile, he went back to what he was doing, which was getting a cheese toastie it seemed. His favourite.

You waltzed into the training room, similar to a torture chamber with all the exercise machines and stopped in the middle of the mats.

“James.” You sung and gave him a devious look when he met your eyes. Without a word he wandered over to you, coming to a stop slightly at an angle to you.

“Y/N?” He asked, eyes searching your face. And your empty hands.

“I have a proclamation of sorts to make. Gather the troops.” You smirked and he glanced at you sideways, before whistling loudly, letting you capture the sharp sound in dozens of tiny field balls, and sending them out. Within a minute, everyone was gathered and glaring.

You paced in front of them like a drill sergeant, Bucky watching you with amusement.

“It has come to my attention about an hour ago, that there was a debate. A debate about whether Bucky or I would win against one another.” You announced, Steve giving you a smirk.

“You were there, Y/N.” He stated obviously and you waved a hand to shush him.

“How this came about, I don’t know, but it seemed a ridiculous discussion to some, thinking off all the times he and I have practice fought. And I guess, as you all know and have witnessed, we have been experimenting with Buckys techno strength.” Clint snorted at that and you glared at him. “This was no game, despite what I have made it seem. So now, with my hand forced, I propose the greatest challenge of all. James, are you ready to meet your challenger?”

He nodded slowly, looking around you once more, unsure at where you were going.

“It is me.” You announced and Tony laughed this time.

“You want him to crush you?” He snarked and Wanda backhanded his stomach. Bucky blanched at the thought.

“Idiot. He’d never be able to crush me, have you met me?” Reaching out, you created an empty field ball.

Most of the gathered group seemed uninterested. Another practice fight? They saw those nearly every day, and real ones nearly every week. They expected another bout that was basically, Bucky stealing your ass then handing it to you. But at your glance you noticed Nat had perked up, having experimented with you and your powers in the beginning she was curious. You had yet to use them in any of your practice fights, as she had earlier stated.

Bucky just stared at you and you felt yourself waiting for something. Then you realised he hadn’t glanced at Steve to check if it was okay. You nodded, giving him a small smile to quell the question in his eyes.

He bent his knees lightly, his expression going blank as he fell into the right mindset. This was the Soldier. Maybe not quite the Winter Soldier, but near enough. The Autumn Soldier?

“Let’s dance, Jamie.” You whispered, rising slightly to your toes.

Then he was on you, his muscles rippling as he stomped forward with all the confidence of an apex predator. Just as he shot out a punch, you dodged left. This was usual. Then he’d go right again but kick your legs out. A move you forgot every time till the last minute.

Flat on your back and groaning, he thumped down, ready to deliver a crushing end to the fight, but then he wasn’t touching the floor.

Distantly, you heard Wanda give you a small and excited clap.

Then you dropped him, as you clambered to your feet. He landed kneeling, facing you and you laughed.

“You can’t propose yet; you haven’t even asked to court me.” You sniped and he growled. Quickly, before he got up, you kicked out, foot hitting him in the chest. You felt him accept the momentum as his hands wrapped around your ankle. You didn’t fight it, rather letting your powers carry yourself and land lightly while he slammed into the floor.

“Buck, if you let me get the quote killing blow in, then we can end this.” You sighed as he groaned slightly. Then you kicked him, checking the movement at the last second.

You didn’t really wanna hurt him.

Then he was on his feet. And you were trading blows, most of his getting caught in balls before they landed. Then you took his move and knocked his feet out and followed him down, pinning your forearm over his throat and giving him a wink.

“Dead.” Wanda announced and padded over to congratulate you. You bounded to your feet and your friend, bouncing like an excited foal.

The group let out a cheer in his defeat, only for it to die when he strode toward you dangerously. But you held still, until he scooped you up and kissed you hard. Pulling back just as suddenly. You gasped out a breath.

“He’s never done that to me when I beat him…” Sam murmured to Tony and Clint, who snickered.

He made to step back nervously, his eyes unable to meet yours but you held onto him, ending up being dragged a step forward.

“Bucky. Bucky. James.” You whispered to him, waiting till he met your eyes before pulling at him. His shoulders drooped slightly and his arm- the metal one if the cold was anything to go by- wrapped around your waist. You didn’t look away from his eyes as he pressed the two of you together, foreheads meeting softly. Then he sighed. Contented.

Yah. THat.


From Guidebook: Yuuki & Jun

Yuuki Tetsuya (3 year student at Seido)

First baseman
Throws right / bats right

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood Type: 0
Date of birth: 8 October
Place of birth: Tokyo
Hobby / special skill: shogi, Go
Has respect for: Kataoka-kantoku, Yorozuya Kinnosuke 
Favorite historical play: Kozure Ookami
Note: clutch hitter

Player Statistics: 
Defence: 3 (out of 5). Shoulder - 4
Running: 3 (out of 5)
Physical strenght: 5 (out of 5)
Mental strength: 5 (out of 5)
Batting: 5 (out of 5). Contact - 5, power - 4

Isashiki Jun (3 year student at Seido)

Center fielder
Throws right / bats right

Height: 169 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: A
Date of birth: 1 September
Place of birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
Hobby / special skill: he likes shoujo manga because of his mother’s and 2 older sisters influence   
Has respect for: Miuchi Suzue, Azuma Kiyokuni
Note: due to his lack of control (with his pitching) he switched to left field

Player Statistics: 
Defence: 5 (out of 5). Shoulder - 5
Running: 3 (out of 5)
Physical strenght: 5 (out of 5)
Mental strength: 4 (out of 5)
Batting: 4 (out of 5). Contact - 5, power - 3