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Imagine a Mission Interrupting Your Wedding to Eggsy

A/N: This was requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch so I hope you like it! Love the idea and I spent most of this writing time on wedding Pinterests but whatever  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A bit of swearing and blood in this one but nothing too bad! Enjoy pals :D

“You look wonderful, Y/N. He’ll die when he sees you, I promise,” Roxy twisted the final strand of your hair on top of your head, and grinned as she looked you up and down. 

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See bookmarks of your works (for AO3 creators)

I like to look at the bookmarks people have made of my works – especially then notes they leave – and I like to do it all in one place, without having to click through to each work separately.

UPDATE: There is now an easy web interface for this!

  Anyone can do this – just replace YOURNAME with your AO3 username in the following URLs (note that there are two things to replace per URL) and paste into your browser:

Note: Creators, please don’t feel bad if you do this and don’t get any results. Most AO3 fanworks have 0 or 1 bookmarks, and the rate of recs is far lower – even when bookmarkers leave kudos or comments, or leave a nice note in a bookmark, they often don’t click the rec box.

Warm fuzzies (recs with notes):

All bookmarks with notes:

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10 Space & Football Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

There are more connections between space and football than you may have originally thought. Here are a few examples of how…

1. The International Space Station and a football field are basically the same size

Yes, that’s right! The International Space Station measures 357 feet end-to-end. That’s almost equivalent to the length of a football field including the end zones (360 feet).

2. It would take over 4,000 footballs to fill the Orion spacecraft

Our Orion spacecraft is being designed to carry astronauts to deep space destinations, like Mars! It will launch atop the most powerful rocket ever built, the Space Launch System rocket. If you were to fill the Orion spacecraft with footballs instead of crew members, you would fit a total of 4,625!

3. Our new Space Launch System rocket is taller than a football field is long

We’re building the most powerful rocket ever, the Space Launch System. At its full height it will stand 384 feet – 24 feet taller than a football field is long.

4. The crew living on space station will see the day begin and end…twice…during the Super Bowl

An average NFL game lasts more than three hours. Traveling at 17,500 mph, the crew on the space station will see two sunrises and two sunsets in that time…they see 16 sunrises and sunsets each day!

5. Playing football on Mars would be…lighter

On Mars, a football would weigh less than half a pound, while a 200-pund football player would weigh just about 75 pounds.

6. It would take over 3,000 hours for a football to reach the moon

Talk about going long…if you threw a football to the moon at 60 mph, the average speed of an NFL pass, it would take 3,982 hours, or 166 days, to get there. The quickest trip to the moon was the New Horizons probe, which zipped pass the moon in just 8 hours 35 minutes on its way to Pluto 

7. The longest field goal kick in history would’ve been WAY easier to make on Mars

The longest field goal kick in NFL history is 64 yards. On Mars, at 1/3 the gravity of Earth, that same field goal, ignoring air resistance, could have been made from almost two football fields away (192 yards).

8. A quarterback would be able to throw even further on Mars

Aerodynamic drag doesn’t happen on Mars. With a very thin atmosphere and low gravity to drag the ball down, a quarterback could throw the football three times as far as he could on Earth. A receiver would have to be much further down the field to catch the throw 

9. Football players and astronauts both need to exercise every day

Football players must be quick and powerful, honing the physical skills necessary for their unique positions. In space, maintaining physical fitness is a top priority, since astronauts will lose bone and muscle mass if they do not keep up their strength and conditioning.

10. Clear team communication is important on the football field AND in space

During football games, calling plays and relaying information from coaches on the sidelines or in the booth to players on the field is essential. Coaches communicate directly with quarterbacks and a defensive player between plays via radio frequencies. They must have a secure and reliable system that keeps their competitors from listening in and also keeps loud fan excitement from drowning out what can be heard. Likewise, reliable communication with astronauts in space and robotic spacecraft exploring far into the solar system is key to our mission success.

A radio and satellite communications network allows space station crew members to talk to the ground-based team at control centers, and for those centers to send commands to the orbital complex.

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What happens if you turn on Google maps while in your home appt? Will it show you at the church or in the middle of nowhere?

So in the interest of Science! I decided to try this with several location programs.

Google Maps (from phone): puts my location as “The Middle Of An Empty Field” but it’s the field that my building was built on… last year.

Google Maps (from laptop): Says “address not found” and suggests the same street address in different towns, none of which are actually in my state.

Mapquest (mobile): Puts me in the Middle Of The Lake On The Opposite Side Of The Highway.  You know, The One Nobody Is Allowed At Becuase People Kept Drowning In It. (I blame mountain kelpies and alcohol)


Geolocator:  has successfully identified WHICH side of the field my building is on! Yay! But does not acknowledge the existence of building.  Also there’s a geocache in my neighborhood?

Some German Locator site: lol ur whole town doesn’t exist.  (You disappoint me Germany)

An IRISH geocahcing site: OH LOOK, YOU HAVE MY ADDRESS, PICTURES OF MY BUILDING AND… you did your streetview while my mother and I got the couch in the apartment through the window?  At least my ass looks good in that pic.

so during my junior year of high school, my first class of the day was chemistry. It was too early in the morning for anyone to really focus, even the teacher; we were all just too groggy. Our lab had these giant windows with a perfect view of the soccer field, and on the other side of the field was like,,,some building where agricultural and animal biology classes were held? They had a donkey and chickens and shitloads of other animals over there

anyway one morning my teacher was lecturing on magnesium or something to that effect (again, we were all too sleepy to really pay attention) and she just paused and looked out the windows and said flatly “there’s a pig running across the soccer field”

we all stumbled to look out the windows and sure enough, there was pig bobbing along as fast as it could, followed by two desperate sprinting agricultural students. they must have caught it because that was the last we heard of that

during my senior year I was an office aide and I brought the ag. students a package that had bright warning labels all over it and it turned out that there was a snake and scorpion inside the box, in separate terrariums

gotta love rural high schools

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This is more of a general question, but what do you think would happen if a bot wanted to become conjux endura or sparkmates with a human? They wouldn't be able to spark merge with them or be cybernetically connected with them or be able to share EM fields with them the way they would with another bot. How (in your opinion) exactly do they become eternally or infinitly "bonded"?



I think it’s possible. It won’t be easy but it’s possible.

This is the Transformers universe after all. All sorts of strange things can happen when you start hanging out with giant alien robots who can transform into cars or boats or memory sticks at will.

I believe that if you hang out bots long enough and you’re exposed to the numerous materials and resources that’s natural to them, your body learns to adapt otherwise you die from the exposure. Since it’s been shown in media that the human characters are shown, time and again, to be perfectly fine I like to think this is true.

So on the subject of spark merging itself! Like I said, it’s possible. It just requires a set of factors and a lot of effort on both parties for work.

The most important factor is that human in the relationship has been exposed to the spark enough times for their body to adapt to the energy. Be it spark play when getting it on or just being shown it as an act of trust on the bot’s part, there are a number of ways for this to happen.

The process of bonding is normal enough- The bot reveals their spark to the human and the human tries to absorb, for the lack of a better word, the energy through physical touch. In return, the human’s own energies is sent to the bot in return. Not as much compared to what the bot is given but they’re giving something.

This is best done for an hour, no longer than a hour and a half, before the pair stop since, by that point, so the human can recover and resume the process. The human body can handle only so much after all and the human will feel full in a way after it’s over. Like how a person would drink a lot of water in one go and have that uncomfortable press in their stomach. Only this is with energy aimed at their heart and brain so there maybe a tingling, prickly sensation deep within their chest and the back of their head too.

Another thing that I can imagine happening is the bot asking a friend of theirs in the medical field to stand outside the room though this is considered an intimate and private act. Just in case.

This may take several sessions as the couple slowly bond together. I like to think it takes around half a year for them to be fully bonded to a full year if the human has difficulties. An earth year may not be long for a bot but it can be frustrating for them on their end to go and stop, go and stop, go and stop. They can feel the connection take shape but it’s not finished. It feels like they’re almost dangling in a sense and, depending on the bot, it’s strange but bearable or strange and annoying.

Over time the human will develop an EM field and that’s a a good sign. It means the couple has almost completed their bonding and are nearing their goal. It also means the most difficult part is about to come up.

Because the human’s EM field is a very, very basic thing. It’ll only pick up the feelings of others and project their feelings out to those who also have EM fields. They won’t be able to control the field or change the ‘feeling’ of the field so to speak. Depending on the personality, the human will start feeling overwhelmed or exposed by this change since other bots can tell how they feel and they can tell how the bots feel. It can feel weirdly intrusive and invasive for some or distracting and irritating for others. The bot will need to help their human get through this by teaching them tricks and ways to block out what they feel or focus on something to ground them.

Spark bonding with a human is possible. It’s difficult, long, and arduous. It’s demanding and exhausting. It can even have the pair going through this wonder if things can really work out.

It’s absolutely worth it in the end when the bonding is complete and the couple feel whole at last. )

  • College: here you go, STEM departments, the newest technology, the newest building, and the finest equipment, all state of the art
  • College: oh, humanities departments, um.
  • College: here's some chalk. have fun.

Gimme Shelter by Tony