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When I See You Again {Closed}

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It had been a week and still the dead piece of technology sat on the Quartermaster’s desk without so much as a spark. According to him, he had tried all of the ways he knew to get it working but it was dormant and seemed to remain that way.

Capturing it from Russian spies was a feat in itself but now they had hit a wall again. This technology, the small rectangular block, in front of them was worth upwards of a million pounds and was rumoured to be the world’s first compact supercomputer and yet all it seemed to be was a million pound paperweight.

Elisa, or Retro as her team has designated her, was tiring of this entire project and was close to waving it off to some other division to fight over. This was not her team’s purpose and here the Quartermaster was, pawing over this piece of glass. Nevertheless, if they could get it working they had something capable of truly bringing British Security ahead of its time.

“Q, for the love of god, give it up. Losing sleep over something that clearly isn’t working is hardly productive. Go home and rest.” She said, glancing up at him over the rim of her laptop as she adjusted her glasses into place. He eyesight used to be clear as day once, now technology had ruined it beyond the full repair of blackwater making her long-sighted. On the rare occasion that she used it, it only healed temporarily before the migraines and blurred vision started again. Now that she wasn’t a field agent, she’d booked herself in for laser eye surgery in the next coming month. She would be glad to be rid of damned glasses again.

The poor man jumped at her order and shut his laptop quickly, nodding respectfully he gulped down the rest of the coffee before leaving. 

Forehead in her hand, she sighed and pushed on her desk to get herself up. Putting away the forgotten device would give her a break from all of those case reports and assessments.

How times had changed in just over one hundred years. It seemed so little time when you kept yourself busy. She had gone through four different aliases and three different professions. It was almost strange to think about her life within the Order now. It seemed a millennium ago that she had sat together with her old friends and family and truly felt at home; saving London from half-breeds and naively thinking of retirement. She had changed much since then. Now most of those close to her were either in heaven or hell, watching her continue on and on.

What she missed most was her family, how it felt to be so close to someone and trust them with your darkest secrets without necessarily having to get anything back. Having someone that was more permanent than any lover could be. Her brother was truly missed and she regretted it each year that she didn’t go to see him anymore. 

Those were her thoughts as her fingers brushed over the box and went to hit close on the other computer’s program. The one that would supposedly show the thing. 

No sooner had she fully clasped the box, a blinding burst of light erupted from it singing her hand and forcing her to drop it back onto the table. Shielding her eyes, she called out for help but as soon as she said it, her eyes rolled and she collapsed as the pure energy wiped her clean out.

The light continued and prevented anyone entering as her thoughts were brought to life and her brother was brought forwards to the present.