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Tina Sloan Green became the first black woman to play on the US national women’s lacrosse team when she earned a spot on the team in 1969. In 1975, she became the first black head coach in women’s college lacrosse history at Temple University. She would go on to win three NCAA championship titles, including a perfect 19-0 season in 1988. She is also a co-founder and president of the Black Women in Sport Foundation.

Neo Yokio Quote Starters

Change pronouns accordingly

  • “What up city be-OTCH? Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
  • “What are you doing after school? Come to my apartment and we can get high and have a fashion show.” 
  • “I love being in public when my hair’s…WET. I feel like a gucci model.”
  • “You know what? you don’t deserve this big toblerone.” 
  • “I gotta go. Snacks are ready.”
  • “Her withdraw from society fills me with unease.”
  • “My world has become cold iron”
  • “I’m done searching for meaning in the aesthetic cycles of commodities.” 
  • “Couldn’t even find the body. He’s probably being dragged around the Atlantic in a tuna net, like a dolphin!”
  • Water. Ain’t. Weak. Yo”
  • “Sorry to disappoint you sales clerk. But the universe is dictated by forces far greater than field hockey.” 
  • “I don’t know what it is about a well decorated apartment. But it makes me wanna smoke.”
  • “Today’s special is squid ink fettuccine”
  • “Well, that IS the most melancholy pasta.”
  • “Dude that was creepy as fuck son.”
  • “Oh that is BULLSHIT. I’ve been waiting to get the house for YEARS. I’m gonna pimp it out it’s gonna be sooo flyyy”
  • “Hahah- My Style- is NOT conservative.” 
  • “Girl you are wearing khaki’s RIGHT now.”
  • “I could look for CLUES in his apartment.”
  • “The ONLY worthwhile thing about you… Is your taste in luxury chocolate.”
  • “I had a dream a toblerone was in trouble….and that toblerone was YOU”
  • “Do you have a PROBLEM with those swim trunks?”
  • “A run in with my ex and my uncles funeral on the same DAY? Good lord I need a drink.” 
  • “Fuck that and FUCK my dad.” 
  • “You think you’re so much better than me because you fight demons??”
  • “I LOVE water, without water there’d be no nautical fashion.” 
  • “YEAH. That’s your problem, you don’t know how to treat ANYONE well.”
  • “Well that’s enough vaping for me. I’ll see you around.” 
  • “Communism forever!”
Field hockey rant

Dear guys that have never played field hockey,

Do. Not. Tell me that field hockey is an easy sport and does not require any physical ability. Also, do not say that the balls don’t hurt, or that it’s not dangerous. Do not try and tell me that it is just lacrosse or that it doesn’t count as a real sport. And most importantly, do not pretend like you know more than me. Because you don’t. I played for 6 years and I don’t even know all the rules because they’re constantly changing. You. Know. Nothing.

An angry college student.

ID #73289

Name: Rose
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hey! My name is Rose, I’m 17, and I currently live in Canada. I’m currently in my last year of high school, and besides working part time, (At McDonald’s, of ALL places) I love playing sports (mostly rugby, field hockey, and volleyball) reading, working on theatre productions, (Especially backstage) and music. (Favorite bands/artists right now are The Lumineers, Lorde, Kodaline and sometimes Post Malone, I’m a little all over the place.) I’d love to send snail mail, but I’d also like to make friends online, and just learn about people and places :)

Preferences: I’m looking for someone within the age range of about 15-19, for either snail mail, email, or online.


happy bfsn y'all!! thanks @skruprotocol
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alright so no selfies this week but enjoy these pics of my fantastic posing in my game last night (we won 4-1 whee!) so glad my fockey (Field hOCKEY) season is back on it’s been distracting me from the lack of BELLARKE + T100 because i’m lowkey dying

tagging anyone and everyone this week!! pce y'all ✌🏽