I’m watching Paper Jam videos again (why? because the Koopalings are in it of course) and i noticed something during the Larry & Ludwig boss fight:

If Paper Mario avoids Larry’s attack (with the wand), Ludwig gets mad. But if Paper Mario manages to jump on Larry’s head as well…

…oh my. Ludwig gets PISSED. So do NOT hurt one of his siblings while he’s around. If you do, you will have a BAD day.

Ludwig is not the only Koopaling to show its protective side in this game, look at Morton during the final Koopaling boss fight:

Iggy and Lemmy are too dizzy, and Morton looks very upset once he sees them!

He does not think twice and throws Iggy’s Chain Chomp at Mario & co.! They’ve made a BIG mistake.

So…yeah! I love these turtle children too much ;v;

Nintendo of Japan posted a video with new Color Splash gameplay on their Youtube channel, and we get to see paper Wendy for the first time!! She emerges from a clamshell and guards the purple Big Paint Star.

We also get to see this circus level, if Lemmy is not the boss here i will be very disappointed…

And finally, Iggy’s boss fight is shown again. But LOOK AT THIS-

-I MEAN, LOOK AT HIM. The spectacled spanker, everyone.

I really need to get this off my chest because…ugh.

(english is not my first language, please keep that in mind. thanks!)

The Koopalings appear in a lot of games recently. That’s great of course, but that’s my opinion. Now that their paper versions are confirmed (ABOUT TIME!) for Color Splash, i’ve seen a lot of people complain about the Koopalings appearing in ‘’every new Mario game’’ and saying that “they need to disappear for a while”.

‘’Every new Mario game’’.

Did they appear in Mario Party 10? No.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash? Nuh-uh.

Super Mario Maker? NOPE!

I’m perfectly fine with the Koopalings appearing every now and then, and not all the time. There is one character that appeared in almost every Mario game since her debut, and that is Rosalina…because she’s VERY popular. More popular than the Koopalings, that’s for sure…

“They need to disappear for a while.”

The Koopalings were created in 1988 for Super Mario Bros. 3 and they appeared in a few other games before going on a NINE-year hiatus after Hotel Mario (1994), reappearing once in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003). SIX years later, they were redesigned for New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009). In total, Nintendo ignored them for FIFTEEN YEARS. And for no good reason…

So, in my opinion, the Koopalings DESERVE all this sudden attention from Nintendo. They are creative characters with interesting personalities, but we still don’t know a lot about them!

We learn more and more with every new Mario game featuring the Koopalings, and that’s a lot of fun to me! I wonder what we’ll learn about them in Paper Mario: Color Splash!

(we already know that Morton’s paper counterpart is louder and…less intelligent)