i just??? love?? ollie and moritz so much?? in bynmm, we got chapters of ollie writing to moritz back-to-back with no reply from moritz, but ollie kept writing because he knew everything would turn out fine. in nny, it was the other way round, and everything really did turn out fine. i love the love and friendship between these two, they have so much faith in each other and it makes me emotional and so, so happy that they met.

i don’t think i’ve ever felt so much love for a couple of characters in a book before. the ending of nny gave me such a rush of emotions and some tears. i’m still struggling to find the right words to describe everything i feel for these books. thank you leah thomas ( @cuttoothom ) for creating and writing such a universe, and characters i’ll be keeping dear to my heart for a long, long time.




Mari belajar bahasa syurga ! :’)

1. Salam ukhwah fillah - salam persahabatan kerana Allah .
2. Ukhti - kakak atau saudara perempuan .
3. Akhi - abang atau saudara lelaki .
4. Zauj - suami .
5. Zaujah - isteri
6. Assif jiiddan - i’m really sorry
7. syukran-afwan - terima kasih - sama-sama
8. Ukhuwwah Fillah Abadan Abada - persaudaraan kerana Allah selama-lamanya
9. fa’iza ‘azamta fatawakkal’alallah - setelah kamu berazam maka bertawakkal lah
10. iinni akhafullah - sesungguhnya aku takutkan Allah
11. mafi qalbi ghairullah - tiada apa di dlam hati selain Allah
12. Lau samahta - excuse me
13. Naltaqi ghadan - kita jumpa lagi esok
14. Ilalliqa’ - Moga bertemu lagi
15. Syafaakallah - Moga Allah menyembuhkan awak – lelaki)
16. Syafaakillah -Moga Allah menyembuhkan awak – perempuan)
17. taffadhol - silakan
18. la aadri - saya tak tahu
19. ma fi musykilah - tiada masalah
20. Bitaufiq wannajah - semoga mencapai kejayaan
21. Jazakallahu khairan kathira - Semoga Allah memberi/menambah kebaikan yang banyak kepadamu
22. Wa iyyaka - dan ke atas kamu juga (jawapan utk jazakallahu khairan kathira)@Allahukhairujaza’ - Allah adalah sebaik-baik pemberi
23. fahimtum - adakah anda faham ?
24. fahimna - kami telah faham
25. sobahalkhair - selamat pagi
26. ijtahid wala taksal - bersunggguh-sungguh dan janganlah kamu malas
27. La Tahzan Innallaha Maana - Janganlah bersedih , sesungguhnya Allah bersamamu .
28. Kafaa bilmauti waa-‘izhan - cukuplah kematian itu menjadi peringatan
29. Bi idznillah , Inshaallah kull khayr ! Ameen , Barakallahu fiek - dengan izin Allah , inshaAllah semuanya baik ! Aamiin , semoga Allah merahmati kamu
30. masa ul khair - selamat petang
31. Tushibu ‘alal khair - selamat malam
32. Na’am - Ya
33. yallah yallah bisura’h - mari-mari cepat(lekas2)
34. ismahli ya ustaz/ustazah,uridu an azhaba ilal dauratul miah ?-tumpang tanya wahai ustaz/ustazah , bolehkah saya ingin ke bilik air ?
35. sannah helwah - happy birthday
36. ana aidon - saya juga
37. Maas salamah - Selamat tinggal
38. alaa khoirin wa afiyyah - dalam keadaan baik dan sihat
39. nin sain ? - kamu ada dimana ?
40. ayyuhidma alaik - apa yang boleh saya bantu
41. Barakallahu fik - Semoga Allah memberkati kamu
42. Dai’e - pendakwah
43. Allah ghoyatuna - Allah tujuan kami
44. Ar-Rasul qudwatuna - Rasul teladan kami
45. Al-Quran dusturna - Al-Quran panduan kami
46. Al-Jihad sabiiluna - Jihad jalan kami
47. Al-Mautu fi sabilillah asma amanina - syahid cita tertinggi kami
48. Innallaha ma’ana - sesungguhnya Allah bersama kami “

Everyone here is for sale, but some need updated sprites/designs. I mean, I would suggest updated sprites for any of them since…Old gross art, but that’s unrelated.

I’m willing to sell 766, Ankido, Cyr, Fiek, Hekaci, Mirral, Rigell, and Tanaki with their sprites for $20.

Atanis, Rati, Rigell, Shi, and Veir will be sold for $15 with a colored sketch. 

If you want new sprites for any of them the flat rate is $35 for sprites + the design.

Let me know if you want to get a better look at any of the sprites. In the case of new artwork (Colored sketch or sprites) you can change any aspects of the design you wish, but for old sprites I will only do minor changes. The same rules apply to these as my adopts.

No one can deny that the Koopalings are huge dorks. They all have unique interests, like Morton with construction and Lemmy with the circus. But which Koopaling is the biggest dork of them all? I firmly believe that it’s Ludwig.

I mean, look at this guy.

He marches to the victory theme during award ceremonies. No surprise there, since he’s a composer and a show-off. But still. He’s the most intelligent and cultured Koopaling as well, and has a lot of talents, so he must’ve spent a lot of time on studying and stuff like that, all for his own benefit.

So…the biggest dork ever? LUDWIG VON KOOPA.

halfmoongay  asked:

Hey so I just wanted to pop in and say that while you're triquel may not be published, I'm so glad there are going to be more Leah Thomas books in the world and I could not be more excited for When Light Left Us! Also, my friend without a tumblr would love to say that he loves and appreciates your work, and also that you've inspired him to make a multitude of headcanons and happiness towards the idea of Trans Fieke, a character which he also loves and appreciates.

All of this is so inspiring to hear, and thank you!! And as for Trans Fieke – there is absolutely no reason to refute that, and it’s brilliant. ;) Tell your friend I support this motion.

I’m watching Paper Jam videos again (why? because the Koopalings are in it of course) and i noticed something during the Larry & Ludwig boss fight:

If Paper Mario avoids Larry’s attack (with the wand), Ludwig gets mad. But if Paper Mario manages to jump on Larry’s head as well…

…oh my. Ludwig gets PISSED. So do NOT hurt one of his siblings while he’s around. If you do, you will have a BAD day.

Ludwig is not the only Koopaling to show its protective side in this game, look at Morton during the final Koopaling boss fight:

Iggy and Lemmy are too dizzy, and Morton looks very upset once he sees them!

He does not think twice and throws Iggy’s Chain Chomp at Mario & co.! They’ve made a BIG mistake.

So…yeah! I love these turtle children too much ;v;