WOW! Moritz and Fieke sure have a long drive ahead of them, all the way from Michigan to Arkansas! They’re gonna need some tunes to keep them company. What should they listen to? You decide!



  1. There really aren’t any?
  2. Pretty much anything you think would be fun/represents their friendship/belongs on a road trip playlist/like to imagine the two of them belting out with the windows down while driving down the highway in their rent-a-car 
  3. Bonus points if it’s a fun, upbeat song yet painfully relevant in context

illbeyourvalentine  asked:

bleas,,,, tell me your headcanons about owen i am Desperate,,,,,,,,

look, man, i’m not good at headcanons at all but,,,here goes nothing 

  • consider for a moment: trans owen
    • i’m convinced that if trans owen does exist he has one of the like super cool galaxy binders and like collects cool looking binders and shit what a dork
    • also probably once ran like a mile in his binder and couldn’t breathe for a minute please save him
    • ‘so is there like a pill to make my boobs go away’ ‘no’ ‘but…chestosterone’ 
  • he wears bomber leather jackets and has a fauxhawk fight me
  • his parents kicked him out when he came out to them as gay/trans (and when fieke did cause i’m convinced she’s hella gay as well)
  • after he first came out to fieke he was so happy and gay that he snuck out into a gay bar and ended up hiding in the bathroom, texting fieke to pick him up cause he was just so confused about what was going on and he couldn’t talk to anyone 
  • oh yeah i bet owen has anxiety too 
  • ice cream is his favorite food because he can just shove it down his throat
  • he knows how to kiss,,,surprisingly well,,,every boy is impressed
  • he knows how to play guitar but also ukulele and is honestly a dork for ukulele
  • tries to get into rap music b/c moritz
    • let’s be honest the only kind he’d like is tøp
  • his music taste ranges from jazz to rock but owen can never tell fieke about jazz
  • let’s not pretend owen doesn’t love the internet,,,besides fieke it’s the only place where owen feels like his words are heard
  • owen on tumblr has like 2,000 followers and treats every one of them as his children
    • he runs exactly one meme account and one aesthetic account
    • mutual: owen i hate my family owen: live over here! mutual: owen i literally live across the fucking world
  • i’m trying to think of some artistic way that owen got into dj-ing but all i can think about is owen watching the get down and going ‘hell yeah’
  • yes i know this doesn’t’ make sense at all it’s just i know nothing about dj culture aside from the get down so just roll with me pal

These two are still definitely for sale. $25 for the sprite/design as it is, and $30 if you want any edits, extra expressions, or outfits.

I should add that you need to have SAI or photoshop for these, but I have a free download for SAI

EDIT: Lumina’s been sold
EDIT 2: Fiek is back up for sale

''Yeah. Hello~''
Ludwig von Koopa / David J. Goldfarb
''Yeah. Hello~''

For those people who think that Ludwig’s new voice isn’t as good as his voice from the NSMB games because it doesn’t sound mature (or deep?), here ya go. These are voice clips from Mario Kart 8.

Think about it, Ludwig sounds so happy in Mario Kart 8 because it’s his first Mario Kart tournament, and he likes to show off his many tricks!


Hey y’all! Have you guys heard of the app Dexter? It’s a really useful Pokémon app (with a lot of features) i’ve been using for a while! The creator adds new features and improves the app from time to time, and he also listens to its users!

This app is free to download, and i think it deserves a lot more downloads! It’s only available on iOS though :[

By the way, you can change the color of this app, that’s why its purple~