fiebrre asked:

omG i don't mind that you're reblogging everything omfsgshh please i'm just happy people like what i post /)w(\

ASDFHSFLSFHS you’re like my favourite night vale blog ever okay i just want to reblog your blog bUT I FEEL KIND OF DUMB DOING THAT

“and I fell in love instantly…”

a cecilos fanmix kinda requested by jess, cover art is by fiebrre ty very much for letting me use it

I Wouldn’t Mind - He is We // Walk Through Hell - Say Anything // Bones - The Killers // Alive With the Glory of Love - Say Anything // G.I.N.A.S.F.S. - Fall Out Boy // Hurricane - Panic! at the Disco // After Midnight - Blink-182 // For Baltimore - All Time Low // Bittersweet - Panic! at the Disco // All I Wanted - Paramore

listen here