hey mercedes! fiebretheemes was the first theme blog I found, and it is always the one I go back to. for a long time i’d swap my blog appearance for isla due encanta, then back to durr new theme. the theme I have at the moment I chose because it is similar to your black big post theme, but with a little more options. I still gush over dear newspaper theme, debaser theme and subbacultcha theme. strawberry fields theme has always intrigued me because of the flowery tapestry that appears when you hover on the menu. Eventually I followed the link to your personal blog. the simplicity that was put into your themes showed through the photos you posted and i’ve been following you ever since. your blog gives me a feel of delicacy and warmth. I think it’s very beautiful. I’d love for you to choose me because that would mean my tumblr theme would be made by the best coder I know AND that my future followers would have similar tastes as mine.

Hey! I just messaged you the other day about how I’ve been following you for a while and how your blog is forever koala tea :3 back when I first started tumblr I had not a lot of followers, but more, but I became inactive and lost most of them :$ Id like to be your featured blog because … I don’t have a real reason, I’d just like to find more people that have the same interests as myself and maybe make some new friends along the way :) thanks for your consideration!


well I would like to win because I really need some new followers and lets say friends haha (so alone) I would help out the new followers I gain because I’d just be so happy that I’d won something for once :o I’ve never won anything before an if I did win this it would just be ‘wow’ haha well yes I would like to reach my next goal because lately I’ve been stuck on the same number :’( But thank you for the chance and I hope you pick me !fingers crossed! Xxxxx


(First, sorry if my english is wrong) Ok… I’ll be honest here. After doing everything I need to do on the internet I enter in Tumblr. I do Publicity in college, so this site gives me a lot of inspiration for the design’s campaigns and even to other things in my life. Of course it’s not only me, but I can spent a few hours just seeing incredible images (and others not that incredible). And yes, there’s a lot of things I like here, but I only reblog the ones that I think it’s worth to reblog. Sometimes it’s stupid and sometimes it’s amazing. I guess my blog shows a part of my intimacy because once in a while I write what comes from my heart and I share my vacation’s photographs. It’s a normal tumblr, but yet shows a lot of me. If I could say why should I “win” this? Well, I could only say that everyone wants to show their personality. I am no different, but, without modesty, I can bring new eyes, what’s inside my brain. My interest in design, photograph, simple things, big things, hearts broken, hearts unbroken and other things.

I guess this is why Tumblr relax me when I need it :)

OMG I CANT EVEN the idea of having a blog article and making a theme and everything omg that is so nice like wow
I would adore to be your featured blog first if all cause you seem to be a lovely girl and i wanna make friends with you and talk to you not only get promos or wuteva
i really adore your blog also and your taste is perfect
idk how much it will mean to whoever gets picked as a winner but i will deffo be so happy and on the top of the world
please do consider me cause it would make me reallyreallyreally happy and ily have a nice day babe

So basically I think your blog is pretty awesome and I’ve never done anything like this before but if you picked me like wow thank you and considering how much time I already spend on tumblr I figure I might try and make some friends out of it so yeah it would be pretty cool if you actually picked me… have a lovely day dude! (I posted this earlier but tagged it wrong..go me)