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FIDM Entrance Project

FIDM does keep your entrance project so you CANNOT , MAY NOT, and SHALL NOT copy but you can get an idea. I am majoring in Merchandise Marketing. I finished my project in 3 days and it was worth the restless nights. I got all my supplies from Jo-Ann craft store. All description will be above each photo.
**Reminder: FIDM does keep your entrance project whether you are accepted or not.

**I got all my supplies from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store.

I used a basic white scrapbook and I wrote my name and major my entrance project was for.

The first page was my entrance/admission essay. I placed one essay into my entrance project and I attached another to the form they gave me. Your entrance essay is: Why you decided to choose/apply for FIDM, What are your goals in/while attending FIDM, and What are your goals after your graduate from FIDM.

Merchandise Marketing means that I had to create my own store with the store name and information of your store. I also had to pick 5 different outfits (sports wear, formal wear, summer wear, etc.) and for each outfit I had to give a brief description which also/must include the price and where they can be bought at (Hollister, Forever 21, Romwe, etc.) of each item in the each different outfit.

1st outfit: Casual Wear - This IS an outfit that I would wear on a regular day.

2nd outfit: Back To School - This IS NOT an outfit that I would wear, but an outfit that I WOULD recommend.

3rd outfit: Winter Wear - This IS an outfit that I would wear on a warm cali winter but not on a super cold winter day.

4th outfit: Date Night - LOL I do have a history behind these dresses. I really wanted these dresses but I couldn’t get it ); I WOULD DEFINITELY wear this for a date night.

5th outfit: Girls Night Out - This is an outfit I MIGHT wear but WOULD recommend for clubbing or chilling with your galls.

I have this problem where I HAVE to do good an its a MUST too have a PERFECT first impression. Also its because of some personal issue that would be in my FIDM interview. My LeNasty Grumpy/PISSY Ass boyfriend tends to call me an “overachieving hysterical bitch” and I shall agree with him in certain situations. I had a few pages left so I put in an “About Me” page and a “My Works” page just so they can know me a bit more.

FIDM acceptance on O2.25.2O13