Young God (M) || Jungkook AU!Smut

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Genre: Smut || Fluff (Kinda) || Stoner!Jungkook
Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: Drugs, Smoking, Dirty talk, DESCRIPTIVE Fingering okok

Description: Jeon Jungkook was a fucking God. He was beautiful. One look from him was enough to make your heart soar. He was a bad boy, he drinks, he smokes, he was reckless; and why such a boy would ever go for someone like you, you would never understand.
None the less, the only thing that infatuated him as much as weed did – was you.

A/N: I changed the story line a lot from the teaser i posted earlier but oh well

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Legolas #1

Author: Yeeah… I am new to the whole LotR-fandom. But I hope to write foor Legolas as well in the future; depending on how well this Imagine goes.

Prompt: Imagine Legolas braiding your hair.

>> Legolas x Reader

You groan in frustration. Your fingers tangled in your (h/l) (h/c) hair.
The winds on the fields of Rohan are strong and your stubborn hair does not cooperate anyways.

You grab your brush again, trying to unknot your hair. When you get stuck with that too, you yell out loud.

You wanted your hair to look good for once. You were almost in Edoras.
Thinking about your hair was like looking at GImli’s beard. But even that was more attractive.

You feel a warmth behind you, and you look up to see that Legolas sat down on the rock you were leaning on.
Feeling the warmth rising to your face, you quickly look down again, fidling with your brush. The Elf Prince has his legs on either side of your seated body.

“Are you alright ?” He asks, giving you a quick once over.
“Oh… yeah… completely fine.”


As expected, Legolas raises an eyebrow at you.
“Okay. Truthfully ? My hair is irritating me.” You say as you shyly twirl one of the strands with your fingers.
“Maybe I can be of help ?” Legolas offers, petting your hair lightly.

Blush intensifies.

You can only nod, not trusting your mouth and the archer reaches forward to grab your brush. His face is directly next to yours, his chin on your shoulder, his chest on your back.
He wraps his fingers around the brush, but you fail to let go, still caught up in the sensation of him being so close to you; and it is not combat-related.

Being the second archer of the fellowship, you are around each other in battle more often than not.

Legolas begins to brush your hair in gentle strokes. It doesn’t hurt one bit. (For people with curly hair - skip this brushing part - your hair is always on point ! :D)
Before you know it, he pulls back the top part of your hair and braids it.

The feeling od his hair send shivers all over your body, making goosebumps appear all over your skin.

Yes, you had a crush on the handsome elf. Yes, you knew he wouldn’t like you back. But this moment felt like heaven.

Before you could register what happened, Legolas stood up.
“It is finished.” He says, fidling with his fingers.

The hair is out of your face. You let your hand lightly wander over your hair, feeling it’s style.
You smile shyly as you begin to notice that it is much like Legolas’ hair.

Gathering all your courage, you kiss his cheek, whispering “Thank you.”

Walking back to the camp, you missed his red tinted cheeks as he looks after you.

Edmund x Reader: Not Going To Be Easy

Anon asked: Could you do one taking place in VODT where Edmund is basically jealous of Caspian bc he sees Cas & the reader talking & laughing although neither Caspian or the reader are interested in each other & in the scene where Ed finds the treasure it’s really bc he wants to impress the reader & when Caspian and him start fighting Ed acts like he just wants power and a kingdom when it’s bc of his feelings for the reader & when the crew camps at the island at night there’s fluff between Ed & the reader?

So sorry I took so long! Besides being incredibly sick it took me forever to get my hands on this movie to rewatch what I forgot what happened.

Also in this Caspian never showed any feeling for Susan, since it would get in the way of Edmund thing they liked each other. All but the follow the events of the film since I haven’t been able to read the book again.

-During the Voyage of the Dawn Treader-

Edmund was thrilled to be back in Narnia. He was glad to be back where he wasn’t treated like a kid like he was back in England. He remembered that before he, Lucy, and (Y/N) had gone to get groceries for his uncle. (Y/N) had gladly gone with them. He had tried to enlist into the war to help, but couldn’t since he was underage.

Lucy and (Y/N) smirked once he came out grumbling. He kept rambling about how he has fought wars and lead armies.

“Not in this world,” (Y/N) told him.

(Y/N) was very well educated on Narnia since she had luckily been sent to the Professor’s house with the Pevensies during the aerial bombings. She was also there last year when they returned to help out Prince Caspian overthrow his uncle. She was Queen (Y/N) the Loyal. She remembered clearly her crowing alongside the Pevensies in what seems like so long ago.

“To the brilliant shining stars, Queen (Y/N) the loyal.” Crowned after Lucy and before Edmund. She and Edmund had nearly gotten together but then they came back to England and those feeling seemed strange at the age they returned to. Both were the same age actually.

(Y/N) had realized she had drifted off in her memories until she heard Edmund ask Lucy, “What are you doing?”

Lucy seemed to snap out in wherever she was and told him they should head back.

“Are you coming (Y/N)?” Lucy asked her. (Y/N) nodded and smiled.

Now they were back in Narnia and abroad the Dawn Treader as Caspian told them.

He would’ve been ecstatic and overjoyed, but something came into his mind instead. Jealousy. They had been lead to Caspian’s office as he showed them there was peace all over Narnia for three years since they’ve gone.

“And in those years have you found yourself a Queen?” Lucy asked him.

Caspian chuckled and shook his head. “No, I haven’t.” He smiled at them and inconveniently stopped his gaze on (Y/N) which made Edmund a bit suspicious.

If only that had been the only thing that had happened to trigger his jealousy. Yes, after they first got back from Narnia his feeling for (Y/N) had diminished, but after the time had passed he seemed to rekindle those feeling for her.

Whenever he would see (Y/N) and Caspian talking and laughing an unsettling feeling in his stomach would surface. He couldn’t get past his jealousy to realize they didn’t like each other at all. They had just become good friends the last time they were here and great friends now. They saw each other like as if they were the siblings they never had.

Edmund sat by himself on the ground. They had decided to dock on an island for the night. (Y/N) got up from where she sat with Lucy and Gael.

“Hey Ed!” she smiled as she sat beside him.


(Y/N) frowned. “You seem off. Is anything wrong?”

“Fine. Why do you ask?” he told her rather harshly. (Y/N) looked hurt and looked down. Edmund sighed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

“It’s okay. I get it. It’s been rather exhausting. Just being on a ship and islands.”

“Yeah, that’s it” Edmund mumbled even though that wasn’t the reason he was upset.

Just seeing them together would rattle him up inside. In the morning when she and Lucy were captured by some creatures with huge feet he had gone hysterical. Both his sister and (Y/N) were gone. He had been so relieved when they found him. He however became again very jealous as Capsian hugged her when they were found.

Edmund then would try to impress (Y/N) every chance he got. Except one of those times had gone to far. The four of them had found an enhanced pond that turned things to gold. Edmund had saw this as an opportunity to impress (Y/N), but he couldn’t do it so obviously since Lucy and Caspian were there too. So he devised a plan to do so.

He retrieved the sword and handed it to Caspian.

“He mustn’t have known what hit him,” Lucy told them referring to the lord in the water.

“Maybe,” Edmund said, “Or maybe he was on to something.”

“What are you talking about?” (Y/N) asked him.

The three watched as Edmund bent down beside the pool of water and got a shell and dipped in into the water. He quickly took it out and placed it on the ground as it turned completely into gold. He picked it up and stared at intenty as his plan hit him.

“What are you staring at?” Lucy asked him.

“Whoever has access to this to this pool, could be the most powerful person in the world.” Edmund told them. They all looked at each other puzzlingly.

“We could be so rich. No one could tell us what to do or who to live with.” he said as he looked at Lucy and (Y/N), but mainly the latter. “We could be treated like the king and queens we are,” he stared intently at (Y/N) as he spoke.

“You can’t take anything out of Narnia Edmund,” Caspian said.

“Says who?”

“I do.”

Edmund stood up and stared at Caspian. “I am not your subject.”

“You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you, to challenge me? You doubt my leadership!” Caspian told Edmund.

“You doubt yourself,” Edmund snarled.

“You’re a child!”

“And you’re a spineless sap!”

“Edmund-” Lucy tried to grab him and stop him but he pushed her away.

“I’m tired of playing second fidle. First it was Peter and now it’s you. You know I’m braver than both of you. And why did you get Peter’s sword? I deserve a kingdom of my own! I deserve to rule!” All Edmund wanted was to impress (Y/N) but he wasn’t realizing the look of confusion and disappointment she was giving both him and Caspian. They were letting the evil mist consume them.

“If you think you’re so brave-prove it!” Casian challenged him. Both he and Edmund had drawn out their swords ready to fight.

Before they could clash swords, both Lucy and (Y/N) rushed in between them.

“No. Stop it! Both of you!” (Y/N) yelled. Edmund’s eyes softened at she glared at him and Caspian.

Lucy the spoke, “Look at yourselves. Can’t you see what’s happening? This place has tempted you. It’s bewitching you. This is exactly what Coriakin was talking about. Let’s just get out of here.”

Lucy stormed out of the cave. Caspian followed after her. (Y/N) looked disappointedly at Edmund and followed them.

Edmund frowned. His plan hadn’t worked and now he had caused this unnecessary problem. Even though he was trying to impress (Y/N), he couldn’t help but the things he said weren’t a total lie. To make himself feel even more terrible he had learned his cousin had been obliviated, but luckily wasn’t and just turned into a dragon.
That night as they camped on the island he looked up the stars. (Y/N) layed beside him copying his actions.

“To the brilliant shining stars, Queen (Y/N),” Edmund murmured as he fixed his gaze on (Y/N). “You’re not mad anymore?”

She turned her head to look at him and frowned. “No. At least not as much as I was. And I was upset not angry,” she told him. She turned back to look at the stars. “And you forgot something.”


“Queen (Y/N) the loyal.” She hummed. “You can’t get rid of me even if you tried. I’ll always be here for you Edmund.”

“I know.”

She turned her head to look at him again. She was now smirking. “I don’t think you do.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m not as oblivious as you think, Ed. I know you haven’t been off because of our surroundings.” She was glad they were far enough from the others not to be heard. “Now I’m not going to say why because I want you to tell me yourself.”

Edmund knew exactly that she knew he was jealous, but she had always been way too nice to him to tease him about it.

“Just don’t take a long as you did the first time because after you finally admitted it to me, we went back to being kids,” she smirked. Guess she wasn’t as nice to him as he thought.

He couldn’t help but smile. “If that’s the case then why do I have to admit it if you already know?”

She rolled her eyes. “Because I can’t let you go off that easily. I’m telling you Edmund, I’m extremely loyal. I don’t like Caspian and I would never because I’m loyal to you.”

“Prove it,” he challenged her with a smile as he leaned forward.

She giggled and backed her face away. “I may be loyal to you but like I said, I’m not going to make it easy for you.”

“Fine,” he smiled. He looked down at her hand and held it. He looked up at her and smiled. “Is this okay, at least?”

“It’s perfect,” she smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Edmund definitely knew she wasn’t going to make this easy for him, but that wasn’t going to stop him from treating her like the true Queen she is.

fidling around with systemd-nspawn containers, flask webapp development in python and kali linux

top terminal: metasploit updating in a Kali Linuix systemd-nspawn ontainer
bottom terminal: my Webapp Testing container with a (vulnerable) Flask webapp (just a simple login form (vulnerable to SQL injection) and a page that allows you to ping hosts (vulnerable to command injection))

J-hope x reader fluff. 'But YOU are my present.'

my-unicorn-ran-away said: Aigoo i have so many. I go with jhope and green *-* i want fluff

Anon said: Hii ^.^Could you pls do Jhope fluff :3

Green: virginity scenario.

Send me the name of your bias and your favourite colour and I’ll write a smut or fluff based on it. (clarify smut, fluff or both.)



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You nervously fiddled with the packaging of the box. You trailed the larger letters on the front, fingers gliding over the smooth surface. You couldn’t help but feel anxious. Today was your boyfriend Hoseok’s birthday. You sighed.

‘Do I really want to do this?’

You thought of Hoseok’s smile, all he had done for you in the time you two had been together. You straightened your shoulders. You wanted this. No, HE probably wanted this, but your were willing to give it to him. You got a purple set of lingerie from a shopping bag next to the door. You slowly put it on, your heart bouncing against your chest. Releasing your hair from your previous ponytail you looked in the mirror. Biting your lip you grabbed the package you had been fidling with before, a pack of condoms, and put it on Hoseok’s nightstand. Lastly you grabbed the piece of white ribbon you had gotten along with the condoms and lingerie. You tied it into a bow around your waist. You walked into the living room, and sat down on the couch, waiting for the sound of the door opening.

When you heard the key in the lock your heart started pounding again, but you still laid down sexily on the couch, that faced the door so Hoseok would immediatly see you once he came in. He opened the door. His face was flushed and sweaty, and he was carrying at least four bags of God knows what. He awkwardly shoved the door closed with his elbow and stumbled a few steps into the living room before he saw you. All bags fell to the ground. His jaw fell open and you could see him gulp visibly. He stood there for a minute, speechless. As you realised he wasn’t going to move you got up from your position, heart still racing, and walked up to him, giving him a long loving kiss.

'Happy birthday, oppa.’

Your whisper was intented to sound seductive, but instead it sounded scared, and your voice was a little higher than usual. You pulled him towards the couch, sitting him down and sitting on his lap. This seemed to snatch him back to reality as he stopped your advances to open up his jeans.

'Jagi, what are you doing?’

His voice was genuinely surprised. Your movements stilled as you stared at his chest, your hands still on his zipper.

'Giving you your birthday present.’

It came out as an uncertain whisper. Hoseok reached forward to lift your chin and look into your eyes. He looked into them for a long time before whispering back.

'You don’t ACTUALLY want to do this do you.’

He gave you a little understanding smile, and you suddenly realised he wasn’t expecting you to do anything. He wasn’t expecting you to do what you were so afraid of. A short quivered sigh came out of your mouth, but it was cut short when your felt tears streaming down your face. You shook your head, answering his question.

'I wanted you suprise you, I wanted to be a good girlfriend and not have you wait any longer for something some guys have every day..’

Your bottom lip tremebled, and Hoseok was brushing away the tears, pulling you closer to his chest so you could lean on him. You only realised how cold you were when you met his warm chest, and you buried your face in his neck and ugly sobs of stress came out. Hoseok kissed your head and hushed you until you had calmed down a bit.

'And now I also ruined your birthday..’

You pouted getting up and rubbing your eyes a bit. You looked at his shirt.

'And your shirt too.’

Hoseok laughed looking at the smears of mascara, and grabbed your hands tightly.

'Jagi, where did you get the idea I would want to do that if you weren’t ready for it? I would never be able to do this if you were still so scared of it.’

He brought his face closer to yours and you brushed noses.

'And you ruined nothing. I came home to my beautiful girlfriend who I love more than the world, and that is enough to make every day beyond perfect.’

He picked you up, holding your to his chest like a baby, and carried you to the bedroom. He grabbed a large T-shirt of himself, and slid it over the purple bra, after undoing your ribbon.

'Purple DOES look beautiful on you though.’

You giggled and sniffled a bit. Hoseok chuckled as he grabbed a pair of his sweatpants and put it on you too, covering your cold legs and getting the blood flowing again. He carried you back to the couch, wrapped you in his bathrobe, and told you not to move. You buried your nose in the hem of his shirt as he went back to your bedroom, and came out not much later wearing pj’s too. He then grabbed the bags off of the floor, while smiling and blowing a kiss to you, and disappeared in the kitchen. You switched on the tv to turn on a variety show, and your saw Hoseok return from the corner of your eye. He was carrying a tray with cups of tea, cake, snacks, and soda. He placed it on the coffee table and leaned forward a bit more to steal a kiss from you. He went back to the kitchen to grab something else, but your timid voice stopped him.


Your turned around, eyes loving and smile bright.

'Yes jagiya?’

'I really wanted to give myself to you for your birthday, but now I don’t have anything to give you..’

Hoseok walked back to you, kissing your forehead and squeezing your nose slightly.

'Don’t you understand baby? You have already given me yourself, and you continue giving me every day! You don’t have to worry about lame presents like aftershave or watches, I have you, and that’s all I need.’

He walked away again, and quickly came back in with some DVD’s and another bathrobe losely around his shoulders. He flopped down next to you and handed you the DVD’s.

'So, what do I get to watch with the most beautiful present in the world?’



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so many things for kylo x girly frand four word prompt: “Is that my shirt?” “I need to go.” “You love me, right?” “I really need you.” “I can’t do this.” “I don’t want you.” “You look really tired.” “You need to go.”

Okay so these are actually super fun to write and I’ve already had two done and I will have the rest of them posted this week. I love doing the small short prompts. 

“Is That My Shirt?” 

The wooden floors were cold beneath your feet as you crept across the room. Goosebumps rose across the flesh of your bare legs, and your fingers gripped the edge of the long, black t-shirt, that hung loosely over your body. As you pulled the door to the bathroom open, it creaked loudly, and your eyes widened. Stopping your actions instantly, you peeked over your shoulder in order to make sure you hadn’t woken Kylo. The tall boy was sound asleep, his bare chest rising and falling softly every few moments. His dark hair was tangled and fanned out around his head, and a small pout rested across his features. You smiled softly at his sleeping figure, before ducking into the bathroom quickly. The smile remained on your face, and your eyes rose to meet your reflection in the mirror against the wall. Your hair was a disheveled mess, and stray hairs were falling out of the messy bun planted atop your head. Dark circles framed your eyes, which were puffy from sleep. And a dark flush covered your cheeks. Across your torso, Kylo’s t-shirt hung. The material was soft and plain, nothing more than an ordinary sleeping shirt. It stopped mid thigh, and was large across your petite from, due to Kylo’s taller, broader, masculine body. Biting your lip softly, your hands fidled with the hem of the shirt and heat rose to your chest and face. With a deep breath, your hand found the handle to the door, pulling it open with a soft creak. On the other side of the door, Kylo was sat up in the bed. His toned arm stretched above his head, with his eyes scrunched closed. Pushing the door shut, his attention was drawn to you. His gaze hovered across your body, taking in your lack of clothing and messy appearance. A small smirk spread across his lips and he chuckled softly.

“Is that my shirt?” A deep blush etched across your face as you nodded quickly. 


So, what if Keith had a growth spurt, and he has to go to the space mall to get some new clothes. He decides to keep his old clothes though because it’s all he has left from earth. But one day, he comes back from a mission, and finds his clothes gone. At first he is super freaked, but later he finds Pidge wearing his black shirt. Pidge is emberassed, but explains that she outgrew her clothes too, and thought it would be easier to borrow some of his. However, the next day keith tells Shiro, and shiro says that pidge used to do the same with Matt all the time. Shiro told keith it was a brother /sister thing. An hour later, keith finds Pidge in the green lions Cock pit, fidling with the stealth device. Keith hands her a his jacket, because he has nothing better to do with it, but tells Pidge she doesn’t have to wear it if she doesn’t want to. It’s been months, and Pidge hasn’t taken off the jacket.

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Why don't you like game of thrones? I mean I stopped watching it myself a while back because I found it boring. But I'm just interested as to why others don't like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

toh my god, buckle up, you’re in for a long ride.

i don’t want to be one of those fans who are like “the show is just not like the books and the books are better”, but it’s true- the books are better. i know the show is just supposed to be based on the book series and that’s okay, but game of thrones has done so much shit that it’s not okay anymore. seeing what it has become of is awful and i’m SO not here for it anymore.

looking at season 1 and 2 of game of thrones i barely have any complaints. i loved these seasons and they made me love the show so much. the third season was still also very good, and it was very close to the book series. maybe that gave most of us readers the hope that it’ll stay like this. but it didn’t.

nah instead we have that shithole fest that is the fourth and fifth season of game of thrones and nobody really knows what to do with it. to be fair there are a lot of changes i appreciate and love! the sansa/margaery friendship was so good in the show, or how loras wore renlys armor to the battle, and i did enjoy the arya/tywin show for example.

the actors were also super good and i love them and how they portray the characters! they all deserve much better than this shitty show. and i’m 100% sure i forget a lot of things while i’m writing this down, but here we go

  1. all the female nudity “BUT ITS HBO” ah yeah the good old argument that hbo always has to show us some ass and titties and hold it to the screen so that nerdy and horny dudes and 14yo kids can watch it *sigh* but what about the men? i’m tired of it. tired of all the unnecessary sex scenes that we see, especially in the first few seasons with petyr baelish, was that really really needed?
  2. also the violence towards the women, yeah the sexism in this show is horrible. “but it was like that at those times!” i think everybody already knows that it was like that for women back then, we dont need constant reminders thrown in the face, duh. when the actress of ros said she didnt want to do anymore sex scenes, d&d killed her off in the worst way. idk if you know how but it was horrible and disgusting and fucking unnecessary, did they have to show her naked dead body like that? the scene overall was stupid and not needed. the writers showed it to make joffrey seem even more cruel, which is unnecessary (a lot of things are), everybody and their mothers now how cruel and awful joffrey is nobody needed to see it AGAIN
  3. so many stupid scenes that should be cut off so the screentime can be given to other more important stuff that got constantly ignores and cuts off. what was that stupid beetle speech of tyrion anyway that was such an uncomfortable scene tbh
  4. rape rape rape which is also kind of no #2 but as you know ther’s a LOT of rape on the show already. but you know what this show needs eVEN MORE? MORE RAPE! yah lets talk about how the altar scene between jaime and cersei was consensual in the books and on the show h fucking raped her and the narrative didnt even suggested that jaime was in the wrong, ppl probably thought he deserved to do that cause hes been gone for so long and he did all the things for her. nah that was disgusting and wrong. dany/drogos wedding night was also consensual in the books, while i’m not saying much to that bc after that he pretty much raped her for a long time (i’m not a drogo/dany fan btw)
  5. the erasure of arianne martell. idk if you know her but arianne martell is the oldest daughter of doran martell and the heir to dorne. she’s a woc and a really important character in the books and her enTIRE STORYLINE revolves about her making sure nobody ERASES HER AND ROBS HER OF HER BIRTHRIGHT. what happens???? ah yes, d&d do exactly that. they write her out of it. dornes, unlike the other places in westeros, oldest child are the heirs, not the sons. but d&d did erase that too bc- guess what- theyre fucking sexist. they erased not only arianne but also quentyn, making trystane the only son. trystane in the book is like 10 (idk anymore) (maybe a lil bit older like 12) and he doesnt even have any lines or POV chapters. not like arianne and quentyn, but apparently d&d saw him as the most important one and turned his sweet cute innocent relationship with myrcella into a big major plot point in the fifth season? 

muuuuuuch more under the cut

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Possible hint at Reylo in Star Wars: Episode VIII'

Rian Johnson Cites ‘Twelve O’Clock High’ & 'Letter Never Sent’ Among Inspirations For 'Star Wars: Episode VIII’

Johnson went on to reveal that he and his crew have been holding nightly screenings, mentioning Henry King’s “Twelve O'Clock High” starring Gregory Peck, and Mikhail Kalatozov’s “Letter Never Sent” among the recent choices.

While “Twelve O’Clock High” is about an Air Force officer who tries to improve a bomber unit during World War II, the second movie is about a team of Soviet geologists stranded in the wilderness of Siberia after a forest fire breaks out, among them are three young people in a rather sad love-triangle.

I don’t know how much Johnson will be inspired by the love story in this movie, but it looks rather sad and complicated. Spoilers ahead!

(I had to hide the rest of the post because it got so effing long I don’t even know how this happened…

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~Luke Brooks imagine~

“Okay guys send in your questions and ill answer them” Luke smiled into the computer it was about 10pm L.A time and 8pm Aus time. Its been really hard not having the boys just down the road anymore ,especially Luke, you two have always been close.

He strummed on his guitar waiting for some questions to come up on the screen, you didn’t text him to say you were watching though. You really missed having your best friend around, even though you guys all Skype all the time its not the same having him just down the road.

“Okay” he said putting down the quitar and moving closer to the laptop on the coffee table. “Hows L.A?, asked by (random twitter name). "Its good, weve been really busy lately with everything goning on. Cant wait to go home for christmas though really missing everyone” he shrugged smiling at the webcam. “Okay next question” he said biting his lip scrolling through the live stream. “Do you miss (Y/N)?” He laughed as he red the question. As soon as you heard your name your head shot up from your phone and glued your eyes to the laptop screen.

“Of course i do” he smiled. “Yeah i miss her a lot shes like one of my best friends” he smiled at the floor with a huge smile on his face. You felt a blush spread across your cheeks when he said that. “Omgod guys stop!” He laughed seeing all the cute comments about you two.

“We know you like (Y/N);)” Luke laughed not denying it. “Okay ill tell yiu guys a secret but you cant tell anyone okay !” He pointed at the webcam.

“Yes i do okay” he giggled. “Me and Y/N always say we love each other to one another, but its like a friend love to her i think. To me its more though” he smiled fidling with his hands. A huge smile spread across your face. You never thought Luke felt like this, you just always thought he thought of you as just a friend. “I think i really do love her guys” he said biting his lip looking deep into the camera. You looked through the live stream and saw countless twitters shipping you both and saying how Luke should tell you. “I cant tell her though guys what if she doesn’t feel the same that could ruin our whole friendship” he said giving a questioning look. “@Luke_brooks: i just wish you would feel the same” you saw he tweeted. You didn’t want to reply to his tweet just incase he realised you were watching so you just made an indirect tweet. “(Y/T/N): you never know, she could feel the same. Go for it;)” immediately fabs caught on and started Retweeting it. There was no doubt it was gonna get to Luke so you finally decided to text him. You: “so love huh;)” You saw Luke pick up his iPhone off the coffee table and open the text. His eyes got wide and he face palmed himself. “Did you guys break the promise?!” He pointed straight into the camera making you laugh. “Omgod” he said blankly looking into the camera. Fans were tweeting for you to answer him. “(Y/T/N): i feel the same way:’) dont worry.” Luke must’ve seen you’re tweets because instantly his face lit up and a smile spread across his lips. “Oh you’re blushing” he red out. “I am not” he laughed patting his face. You: “i feel the same” you texted You saw his phone buzz and he picked it up as he red the text he smiled even more. “Guys i have to take care of something, ill talk to you all soon, byyyyyeeeee” he waved blowing kisses and ending the twitcam Instantly after it ended your phone buzzed. Luke: “talk this over a Skype date?:/;) lol” You: sure ;) * * * A/N: let me know what you guys thought hope you guys liked it Thank you to the person who requested it:) xxx


New video! Watch it and have fun!!

They Played Us Like a Damn Fidle!

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this is the cutest omg