fidlar no waves


C H O K E   M E   O U T      dirty! dirty! dirty! i will never be clean!


Skull Love (Sandy) Alex G// Choke me out Dying While Driving// Now Waves FIDLAR// Anxiety (I Just Wanna Be Calm) Chris Ray Gun// Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner Fall Out Boy// People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist Say Anything// Tortuga Catfish and the Bottlemen// Green Eyes Joe Brooks// I Used To Have A Heart Say Anything// A Portrait Of Sorority Noise// what the hell am i [thinking of] an amiable melody// Tie Me Down (Sandy) Alex G// I Am Shit Crywank// Palace Fires Johnny Foreigner// skate witches teen suicide

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EXPERIMENTAL JELLY Listen on 8tracks

a collection of dreamy surf pop and beach goth songs

Teenage Girl - Cherry Glazer | King of the Beach - Wavves | Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill | Dead In Your Head - Bleached | Sick Shit - Together Pangea | Nothing To Do - Bleeding Knees Club | Location - Uncle Dad | Bloody Bandaid - Cherry Glazerr | Honey - Swim Deep | Flowers On The Wall - Tomorrows Tulips | Humdrum Blues - The Growlers | Offer - Together Pangea | Doused - DIIV | She Wore Rat Skin Boots - Goons of Doom | 58th St - Gap Dream | Pray For The Sunshine - Mylee Grace and Ozzy Wrong | California Daze - Peace | Someday - The Growlers | Untitled - Tomorrows Tulips | Haxel Princess - Cherry Glazerr | Sugar - Santoros | Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums | No Waves - FIDLAR | Redheaded Girl - Tijuana Panthers | Reverse Shark Attack - Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin | Lost My MInd - Froth | Oaxaca - Froth | Nobody Owns You - The Growlers | Melting - Meth Wax | Unchain Your Brain - White Fang | Nico - Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel | Planet Of The Dreamers - Jacuzzi Boys

me and you // listen here

no waves - FIDLAR // the mamas and papas - spoonboy // turning tides (by your side) - step rockets // undercover martyn - two door cinema club // breakneck speed - tokyo police club // white sky - vampire weekend // piledriver walltz - alex turner // old friend - sea wolf // pothole - modern baseball // no good (acoustic) - knuckle puck // beach - san cisco // unknown song - milky chance // south dakota - magic man

▷ adventures in existential dread ;  ( listen ) (art by wiresonde)

1. mgmt - alien days || 2. wavves - idiot || 3. los vikingos del norte  - a las diez || 4. mac demarco - blue boy || 5. the chemical brothers - another world || 6. mac demarco - chamber of reflection || 7. fidlar - no waves || 8. tame impala - let it happen || 9. death grips - i want it i need it (death heated) || 10. tyler, the creator - awkward || 11. dr. dog - the breeze || 12. the weeknd - the hills

witchywolfhard  asked:

congratulations on 1k love! i'm so glad that we're friends and that we started talking. you're so incredibly sweet and so talented, and i love you s o m u c h. can you make a playlist for richie pleasE?

I am so glad we became friends, it always makes me happy when we get to talk. You are just so amazing I just can’t deal with it. I LOVE YOU. Yesss. Here’s some songs that remind me of Richie.

It’s a lot of punkish/alternative stuff cause I can never get over rebellious teen Richie

F.A.G - Goons of Doom

No Waves - FIDLAR

My Face - Skegss

Way Too Much - Wavves

Thanks, Bastards! - Mischief Brew

Calling Old Friends - Defiance, Ohio

I really hope you like it AHHHHHH

Best Albums of 2013

Another year is coming to an end, and in honor of 2013, here are a few of my favorite albums of 2013.

1. Wavves | Afraid of Heights

favorite track: Afraid of Heights

The popular surf rock band, Wavves, released their second studio album on Mom + Pop Records earlier this year, and was a larger commercial success than their previous LP, King of the Beach. On this record, Nathan seems to drop the whole ‘California skater’ state of mind, though it does seem to make its occasional appearances, and embeds himself in sorrow for the majority of the record. Afraid of Heights found its way to the top of my 2013 list due to its instantly catchy hooks and powerful grungy anthems. 10/10 in my book.

Wavves | Beat Me Up

2. Beach Fossils | Clash The Truth

favorite track: Taking Off

The long awaited sophomore LP of Brooklyn’s own Beach Fossils, finally came around and after listening to this album, I remembered why Beach Fossils remains as one of my favorite indie rock bands of this time. This record definitely came out with a bang a long with some good intentions. The album comes jam packed with a large collection of dreamy, post punk tracks that could be played for hours on end. With more rising bands playing in this similar style of dreamy, note by note riffs, Beach Fossils really set themselves apart with this record.

Beach Fossils | Generational Synthetic

3. Daughter | If You Leave

favorite track: Smother

After a large amount of success coming in from their first few EP’s, Daughter released their debut album, If You Leave, on 4AD records. From its ambient textures to its powerful lyricism, If You Leave is definitely one of 2013’s most chilling albums. 


favorite track: No Waves

“Fuck It Dude Life’s A Risk”, might be the perfect way to sum up FIDLAR’s (yes, it must be all caps) debut LP. The no good, modern day rock n roll, self titled album comes out locked and loaded for a solid forty minutes, and covers a good portion of a day in the life of FIDLAR. Wether it be indulging themselves in narcotics, surfing, or drinking cheap beer with friends, this album really keeps the energy flowing through a good fourteen tracks.

FIDLAR | Cocaine

5. King Krule | 6 Feet Beneath The Moon

favorite track: Baby Blue

19 year old singer songwriter, Archie Marshall released his official debut album on XL Recordings, and it really seems to set the level for most modern day musicians. The album features a collection of both new and old songs that feature strong chord progressions, hard hitting textures, and above all,  strong lead vocals. The mix of influences really adds to this masterpiece from quiet and subtle songs to intense expressive ballads. There’s even a little sax solo.

King Krule | Neptune Estate

6. Deafheaven | Sunbather

favorite track: Vertigo

Probably on everybody’s best of 2013 list is Deafheaven’s second studio LP, Sunbather. Whether you’re a fan of metal or not, this album will definitely hit you hard. The album stretches out to an hour long on seven tracks, each filled with a dreamy feel that will have the listener mesmerized. This album without a doubt is a big highlight of 2013.

7. The Growlers | Hung At Heart

favorite track: One Million Lovers

The Growlers hold very distinct attributes to their name. It’s their own genre really, and Hung At Heart is a perfect example of this. This is the 3rd album by the popular beach goth band, and it seems to be their best. Though their music hasn’t really seemed to evolve since their first album back in 2009, it holds a certain quality to it that keeps it fresh and exciting. Hung At Heart features fifteen incredibly catchy tunes that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

8. Smith Westerns | Soft Will

favorite track: Varsity

Soft Will is the third studio LP of Chicago rockers, Smith Westerns. It features the lovable qualities of their previous records, such as catchy choruses, groovy guitar solos, and ambivalent songwriting. The Smith Westerns definitely have come a long way since their first album though, more than just production wise. Soft Will features a large handful of tracks that really put their best and catchiest work away. Did I mention it was catchy?

Smith Westerns | Varsity

9. Bleached | Ride Your Heart

favorite track: Next Stop

2013 was definitely a good year for bands to release their debut albums. Most of them rose to the top, and Bleached was no exception. The Los Angeles, indie rock girl squad, released their first full length on Dead Oceans records and was quickly praised by everybody. The album features the common indie rock sounds that you would expect would hail from the California area, but with memorable hooks that make each song as good as the next. The album also features a mix of influences that lets Bleached stand out from any other indie rock band currently out on the market.

10. Pity Sex | Feast Of Love

favorite track: Drawstring

With many new bands coming up, the emo revival era is still growing strong. Pity Sex being one of those bands, released their debut earlier this year on Run For Cover records. The Michigan band released an EP, Dark World, last year that gathered a lot of buzz and also got them a deal with RFC. Feast Of Love is now their follow up and stretches out on ideas Dark World couldn’t. This album shows growth and development from their previous work and it seems as if they branched out into a more shoegazey type of atmosphere. Along with sound and production improvement, the album features fantastic songwriting accompanied by a mix of the band’s lead singers. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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enjoy yourself, it’s summer!!!

turnin / young rising sons, 40 day dream / edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, go for it / cruisr, king / years and years, beware the dog / the griswolds, beat of your heart / summer heart, francisco / swim deep, california daze / peace, blue / marina and the diamonds, king of the beach / wavves, who needs you / the orwells, salad days / mac demarco, rollin on / royal tongues, midnight kiss / propellers, when i get back / the neighbourhood ft. g-eazy, no waves / fidlar, long hair / drowners, my number / foals, wetsuit / the vaccines, time to pretend / mgmt, high / young rising sons, young hearts / strange talk, two weeks / grizzly bear, rearview / bad suns, ceilings / local natives, oblivion / grimes, best of friends / palma violets, i bet you look good on the dancefloor / arctic monkeys, smells like summer / early hours, sunset / avalanche city, ride / twenty one pilots, west coast / lana del rey, generational synthetic / beach fossils, carried away / passion pit, happy with me / holychild, it is what it is / blood orange, kisser / step rockets, say my name / odesza, easy easy / king krule