After a cold and rainy winter, we were finally able to take our sired mares to the summer pasture, outside of the village. Of course we go check on their water daily, but we don’t always get to see them in the 20 hectare lot. This morning, I was lucky enough to catch five of them on their way to the water trough. It seemed the three girls in the middle were a little surprised to see me… Three weeks without seeing a human and they forget who we are… Or maybe it was the camera? Or they were wondering if I had brought treats? Either way, there they stood, caught in the light of the sun, with inquisitive looks and bellies a mile wide. 

Automne was faithful to herself and just spent the whole time grazing.. Didn’t even look up once! Not so shocked about it though. What did surprise me was to see Libellule with the group. She usually doesn’t really like to hang out with the others.. Actually the only mare she seems to tolerate is her mother, Austère (who was probably on the other side of the pasture that morning..). Still true to her rebellious temperament, Lully didn’t really stick with the others but rather walked on her on path. Glad she wasn’t picking a fight for once!

The foals are due next month and I for one cannot wait to see them!

From left to right: 

- Libellule d'Auroy (Inconnu du Tussock x Austère de Long Champs), expecting a colt by Wakefield’s Baletto

- Jakarta HF (Howler HF x Automne du Tussock), expecting a filly by Wakefield’s Baletto

- Elphie, surrogate for Ivernale du Tussock (Voltaire du Tussock x Elphie du Tussock, expecting a filly by J'adore du Tussock

-WVS Fidgie (foundation), expecting a filly by J'adore du Tussock

- Automne du Tussock (foundation), expecting a colt by Inconnu du Tussock.