This is Fidelma Healy Eames, a real live senator in Ireland. In the first tweet, she writes that Mother’s Day is banned in some U.S. states because of same-sex marriage. In the second, after she gets multiple replies asking her to name the states, she says “no slur intended” and claims Mother’s Day was banned in schools in New York and Nova Scotia.

PS: She’s referring to one school in New York in 2001 that chose not to recognize Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and another school in Nova Scotia that chose instead to celebrate International Families Day in 2013. Far cry from Mother’s Day being “banned” statewide, no? (via BuzzFeed)

Draw Your OC…

    5. As a chibi

Not gonna lie, this was pretty fun to do~! And that’s because I’m not at all good with chibis, so forgive me for doing anything wrong. I’m more impressed with myself for doing the head than everything else.

Small, but deadly!

Thanks to @soar319 for sending me the thing~! I had a lot of fun with this one!