Fidelma froze, her heart racing as the footsteps behind her instantly quieted. No one was supposed to be here, should be here. She had memorized the pattern of the guards for weeks now, planning the perfect moment to escape unseen. Her mount snorted once, breath billowing in the cool night air. Swallowing hard, she drew the blade at her hip and swiftly turned, glaring down the blade from beneath her cowl.

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Dread Ghost

The more I work with them, the more I’ve come to see the Dread Undead templates as a prompt for a story, not just a way to make more monsters.  Sure, some of them function as monsters of the week, but there’s some reason these creatures arise.  It makes the undead more meaningful to raise that mystery, even if it’s never fully resolved.  With the dread ghost, that really comes home.  These aren’t masters of ghosts, though their greater power could make them masters among ghosts.  For some reason, these spirits have greater power and impact in the world of the living, more ability to effect the changes they want to see.  There’s a story there looking to be told.

When he discussed the ghost, Patch recommended Classic Horrors Revisited, and I second that.  There are additional powers there that could easily be slotted into the dread ghost and the discussion of ghosts in general can be inspiring.

In life, the tiefling Fidelma was a notorious scoundrel, an arcane trickster who kept the company of the native corvii and bedeviled Roman rule. Her final exploit came to a grisly end when the guards burst into the treasury to find her staring at the setting where the governor’s priceless gems should have been.  Put to death for a crime she never committed, her shade has only gained in power, audacity, and contempt for empire through the years.  To finally lay her to rest, those gems will finally have to be stolen despite the interference of the ghost of the courtier who truly stole the precious stones, hoping that one great prize would convince her lover to repent.  And the interference of the guards in the British Museum, of course.

For two years, a mysterious gunslinger has menaced cattle drives in Texas.  Sent westward by the entreaties of a wealthy heiress, investigators pursue sightings all the way north to Kansas only to finally come face to face with a vengeful dread ghost who’s killed hundreds of cattle and at least two men.  Seeking to avenge his murder after he was wounded and left for dead in a bitter winter, both of the cowboy’s victims had connections to the same Texas county under the thrall of a cabal of powerful local ranchers. With his sister’s wedding to one of them imminent, the ghost may not stop until the town freezes solid and his phantasmagoria led an entire herd to plunge off a cliff in terror.

The duchy of Andelburg has not had a duke in thirty years.  Obsessed with legitimacy and lineage, Wilhelm II’s shade returned from the afterlife to torment the half-elven princeling installed there.  When the boy’s corpse was found, another was installed in his place, the daughter of the now-ruling house, foreigners in Wilhelm’s time. After several more of the dukes were found dead in increasingly grisly ways, the king finally consented to permit several of the free cities of Andelburg to elect a government, a move that will drive Wilhelm to ever-greater violence.  Until a duke he considers “proper” is found, it seems there will be no peace in Andelburg.

- Advanced Bestiary 83-86

metalgirlsolid asked:

Im reading "Hemlock at Vespers" of Peter Tremayne, Im near the end and its a great book. Its a series of short tales about sister Fidelma, an advocate in medieval Ireland, I can't describe how amazing she is. I really recommend it to you, specially if you're found of historical and investigation histories.

Wow, that sounds really interesting! Apparently my local library has it as well, so I might pop down there this week :3

Did you know MARGOT ROBBIE lives in Eastport? Oh, wait that’s just FIDELMA O’DYLAN, the 122 year old LAWYER born on DECEMBER 20TH. I’ve heard that she’s a VAMPIRE and is an ENEMY of the town.

Hey look, it’s Maggi! I mean, Margot. I mean, Fidelma? I’m terrible with names. I can’t wait to see how she does in Eastport, being one of only two vampires at the moment. (Thanks, Ana.) Please send in your account within 24 hours and take a look at our checklist!