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If a girl asked me why should she believe in me that’ll be faithful, all I gotta say is the following,

“if it took me 25 years of my life to find you, do you think I’ll let you go that easy? If is so rare for me to find someone I can share similar interest, you think I’ll let an ordinary problem get in our way? If is so hard for me to find someone I can have a conversation for hours, you think your flaws would scare me that easy? No, instead I’ll take the pleasure to know you better than anyone ever could and authentic what love is, that is accepting one’s flaw with the price of holding onto on what you love most of that person…”

—  By me

As a lover, Prince is the best. I’ve spoken to many women who have been to bed with him and they all say the same thing. Prince is something different, something special. He’s uninhibited and wild, in and out of bed, but he can also be tender. Love to him is pure instinct and he’s got the most amazing inner confidence.

During our time together, we became so close it was frightening. It was a deep, intense relationship and sometimes a love-hate one. I often hated the fact that I loved Prince so much. He can get away with the craziest, most bizarre things that other people wouldn’t dream of doing.

One night, for instance, we were at a James Brown concert when Prince suddenly climbed onto his bodyguard’s back and rode onto the middle of the stage knocking over some equipment and singing at the top of his voice. With him it’s always ‘here I am and there I go.’, while everyone else sits back and watches in stunned amazement.

Another time we went to an awards ceremony in Los Angeles. On the way there we drank a bottle of champagne in the back of the car and got very merry. When we arrived, we staggered up this sweeping staircase, hanging on to each other, then rolled all the way down in front of all the well behaved superstars.

I wanted Prince all to myself and he’s not the sort of guy you can hold on to. When it comes down to it, I’m basically an old-fashioned girl who believes in fidelity and trust. I didn’t need other men. I wanted only Prince, and for him to want only me. One day I found out he was seeing other women while we were together and I confronted him with it.

I screamed and cried and pleaded, but it didn’t do any good. So I left Minneapolis without telling anyone where I was going. I still loved Prince, but I knew that our relationship was over. I suffered, but it was the only way, there was nothing else I could do.

It’s difficult for me to watch Prince on the screen. I can’t bear to go and see Purple Rain because I know I’ll break down in tears. I saw the video for When Doves Cry and I just bawled. I still adore him and I don’t think I’ll ever get over him. Not only because he’s so special, but also because I see him everywhere on posters and television all around the world. I’ve had no contact with Prince since we split up.

I’ve had plenty of lovers over the last two years, but none of them have meant anything special to me. They were all casual affairs. I’m finding it hard to meet anyone who can live up to Prince.

-Vanity, New Straits Times (June 13, 1985)

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SLBP/IkeSen Warlords/Ninja/Others Name: Kanji Breakup

Note: Sorry for missing definition etc etc. It’s fun coz I relate them with game personality lol. Also to be noted, SLBP & IkeSen got some characters with different/opposing personalities~ 
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Kirigakure Saizou
霧隠 才蔵

fog, mist

conceal, hide, cover

ability; gift; talent; aptitude; genius

warehouse; storehouse; cellar; magazine; granary; depository; treasury; elevator​
possession; ownership

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Allison angrily gets up from her chair and shakes her head. 

Allison upset: Oh never mind. You’re too obsessed with him to care about me.

Lala: Allie! That’s not true! I care about you very much. 

Allison sobs: I know you only just met me, but I love you already, Lala. And I really need you right now.

Lala softly: I love you too, Allison. What’s going on, hermana? This has more to do than Remy. Why are you so upset?

Allison: Oh, Lala. I’m pregnant. And Nico isn’t happy about it. And why should he be? I’m going to lose this baby like all the others. Or I’ll have to end it because of my health…I will never be a mother. 

Lala sympathetic: Oh, Allie. Don’t say that. Oh my goodness. You poor thing. I’m so so sorry, Allie.

Allison cries: I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, Lala! Nico and I would be such good parents. We’re in a stable marriage. He’s faithful. He trusts me. He gives me space. But, we can’t have this ONE thing. It’s so unfair. It drives me crazy with how unfair it is! There’s no point hoping.

Lala holds her sister close. She closes her eyes…stability, fidelity, trust…Nico and Allison had everything that was lacking in her relationship with Remy. It made Lala feel very sad for her sister. And for herself.

Allison: So promise me you’ll stay, Lala. No matter what Remy says or does. I want to give my nephew everything.

“(Girl) My boyfriend is leaving for the army soon. I won’t cheat on him. I will wait like a patient army wife.”
“How do you plan on repaying your girlfriend for waiting for you?”
“(Boy) By trusting her.”

“(여자) 남자친구가 곧 군대에 가요. 고무신 거꾸로 신지 않고 현모양처처럼 기다려줄 거에요.”
“남자친구는 기다리는 여자친구분께 어떻게 보답하실 건가요?”
“(남자) 믿음이요.”

I assure you that it would be a world of freedom in which the spirit of mankind might grow to undreamed-of glory, a world of peace—the peace of clear conscience, of unsullied love, of fidelity, of unfailing trust and loyalty.
—  Gordon B. HInckley

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oh exactly pity anon - Markle wanted fame instead of the real true gold - love. So in search of fame and money she betrayed Harry. But she was never going to be a true love since she knows nothing of fidelity, trust or authenticity. She is fake thru and thru and totally empty. Harry will find a real woman who will be a true mate for him. And won't need pr to make it look like they are a couple.

Exactly anon! I love this 💜💜💜💜

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I see humans stumble to make a connection between the universe and our bodies; as if without their metaphors and poems likening birthmarks to galaxies, we would be two separate entities— a collection of particles that occupy entirely detached spaces from one another. Truly, the connection is evident in far more than freckles that resemble specks of dust and planetary material; our skin is not just branded by our environment, but inflated by it.

I remember I felt this connection most when we knew each other. My body chastens into a cloud like existence— soft, floating, pacified. His voice warms me, it calms me, it grounds me but in the sense that I am still free to kiss the stars and my lips become soothing to them. He stirred sensations in my insides: fear and passion, dejection and zeal, woe and enthusiasm, despondency and love. They are mixed well which gives me a constant confusion when I felt my half-empty heart gets filled, when my demons wants to get introduced, when the mound of flesh inside this chest beats rapidly I cannot even breathe hardly. Everything might be a little bit puzzles right now, but I know, we can do it. We have got this beneath the constellations of happenstance, kismet, fidelity, genuineness and trust.

He is the moon to my dark night sky. He is not just a single star in the sky but the whole constellation. He is the way the oceans kiss the shoreline. And I believe he steals ornaments from the sky to gift to my heart so that I can feel as beautiful and as grand as the entire universe combined.

—  s.a., of celestial bodies and hearts caught up in the universe

Bureau 13 - Intelligence Database - Active file - #Z030626

WRC or Wolverine Risk Control

Private Military and Security Firm servicing Zootopia’s wealthiest citizens and businesses.

Their motto: “Protection, Fidelity, Trust”

WRC Troopers are often geared with a variety of special weapons, equipment and armor.

Pictured above is a typical WRC Trooper.

Typically the armor pieces (pauldrons, elbows, knees, shoulder, chest and head) are made of Kevlar and ceramic alloys.  The Helmet is equipped with a LED flashlight, short wave radio and enhanced optics (UV and flash protection)

Weapons include a modular assault rifle with a .249 caliber round, a .45 ACP Sidearm, and an assortment of explosives including Flashbangs, CS Gas and even fragmentation grenades.

The rifle has an integrated laser sight, spring recoil control and digital ammo counter. All the parts are made from aluminum alloys.

The armor’s modular design allows for the inclusion of other special equipment including, ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical) protection gear, Gas masks and eventual inclusion of next generation powered exoskeletal assist servos.

WRC’s mandate is to be prepared for any eventuality whether it’s the protection of a single client or going into a war zone, WRC plans to be prepared for anything.


Fidelity Trust Company building (showing water curtain)
Charles Street and Lexington Street, Baltimore
ca. 1915
Hughes Company
8x10 inch glass negative
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society
MC7207 .1

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Young Adult Our Whole Lives: Sexual Orientation

The first activity we did was that everyone wrote down on a card a fact about themselves that people can’t see when they look at them, then we mixed them up and tried to figure out who had each card. This was of course a lesson in stereotypes. I feel like this would be a good first time class activity, because many of us already knew each other too well. 

We talked about different sexual orientation scales like the Kinsey Scale (ugh) and the Klein Grid which I actually hadn’t heard of. For those who don’t know, the kinsey scale is basically just a line with “heterosexual” on one end and “homosexual” on the other and you pick where you are on that line. Obviously that’s incredibly limited. 

The Klein grid is a little less limited. It includes 7 variables that you rate.

A. Sexual Attraction: To whom are you sexually attracted?

B. Sexual Behavior: With whom have you actually had sex?

C. Sexual Fantasies: About whom are your sexual fantasies?

D. Emotional Preference: Who do you feel more drawn to or close to emotionally?

E. Social Preference: Which gender do you socialize with?

F. Community Involvement: In which community do you like to spend your time or feel more comfortable?

G. Self-Identification: How do you label or identify yourself? 

For variable A-E you give a rating somewhere in between 1-10

1. Another gender only

2. Another gender mostly

3. Another gender somewhat more

4. Two or more genders

5. Same gender somewhat more

6. Same gender mostly

7. Same gender only

8. Sexual attraction based on relationship

9. Limited sexual attraction

10. No sexual attraction

For variable F&G you have this rating system:

1. Heterosexual only

2. Heterosexual mostly

3. Heterosexual somewhat more

4. Bisexual, or both heterosexual/homosexual equally

5. Gay/Lesbian somewhat more

6. Gay/Lesbian mostly

7. Gay/Lesbian only

8. Demisexualy

9. Grey-asexual (which for some reason in this curriculum they call it grey-sexual)

10. Asexual

This does have some wiggle room, but some people definitely wouldn’t fit on this.

We did an activity like this where we each got a card with different scales and we were to put ourselves on the scales (I and one other people put ourselves off of all the scales) Here are the ones we were to fill out:

Sexual Attraction: Rate 1-7 with 1 being other sex and 7 being same sex

Sexual Behavior: Rate 1-7 with 1 being other sex and 7 being same sex

Sexual Fantasies: Rate 1-7 with 1 being other sex and 7 being same sex

Sexual-Identification: Rate 1-7 with 1 being heterosexual and 7 being homosexual

They had numbers taped on the wall showing the spectrum. They mixed up our cards and we got a card that was not ours. The teacher named each category and we went to the number that was on the card we got. It was great in that it showed how varying it can be and that just because you’re a 7 on one doesn’t mean you’ll be a 7 on all scales. One person was confused as to how you could have different fantasies than your sexual attraction or sexual identification. We had a pretty good discussion on the fluidity of sexuality.

We then went over different orientations. We covered what sexual orientation means as well as Asexual, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, heterosexual, queer, questioning, biphobia, homophobia, Demisexual, and Grey-a. The rest of us also talked about romantic orientations, pansexual, and omnisexual. A lot of us talked about our own experiences and knowledge on the subject.

We then went on to biphobia which was great. Many of us who are attracted to more than one gender talked about our experiences of being excluded and put down by both the heterosexual community and the LGBT+ community. They listed off some myth busters: that it’s impossible to make universal statements about bisexual persons, bisexual persons can have committed relationships founded on fidelity and trust, bisexual persons do not necessarily have multiple partners, and bisexuality is a legitimate identity. I talked about how asexual and other multisexual people have similar issues, and talked about people being called “special snowflakes” or how people call bisexuality cissexist/transphobic, and other prejudices within the community. We also talked about the pros and cons of labels.

I think my favorite part was Dr. Dorothy Riddle’s homophobia scale. This works for really any prejudices/allyship for pretty much any oppressed group. Half of the scale is on the homophobia side, half is the positive levels of attitude side. 

The 1st part of the scale (most homophobic) is Repulsion: considering the people sick, crazy, immoral, etc and using that to justify violence and other oppressive actions.

2. Pity: language like “the poor dears” as to them seeming to be born “that way”. and possibility of “becoming straight” should be encouraged. 

3. Tolerance: I am so hyped that this is on the homophobia side because I hate using this term. While in the class I said “yeah I tolerate pelvic exams” which made our teacher burst out laughing. It  basically assumes that it’s a phase or that privilaged people are more mature and the oppressed group

4. Acceptance: I’m also really happy this is on the homophobia side because it implies there’s something to accept. It includes erasure and statements like “it’s fine as long as you don’t flaunt it” I’d describe it as “I accept the fact that I’m disabled” It’s not something I necessarily like but I know I have to live with it.

Then we get to the positive levels of attitude

1. Support: work to help marginalized groups gain more rights, though they may be uncomfortable with this marginalized group themselves. They are aware that the marginalized group is oppressed.

2. Admiration: The scale says that this step acknowledges that being from a marginalized group takes strength and people of this lever are willing to examine their prejudices and privileges. However, I kind of disagree. To me it sounds like objectification and “sympathy porn” which is when you applaud someones ability to function or thrive “despite” their condition. I’d also count faux allies who are happy to go to pride but don’t actually do any activism

3. Appreciation: valuing peoples diversity, willing to combat prejudice and oppression in themselves and others.

4. Nurturance: Assumes that marginalized groups and indispensable in our society, and view people with genuine affection and delight, and are willing to be allies and advocates. 

We also talked about what other things make us allies. That was pretty much it, next week we’ll take on communication.

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I like that you put a year on it so to speak, as to when Olicity will become official :) Coz I want a slow burn too and I mean I want them to really drag it out so that they can extinguish any and all traces of she-who-shall-not-be-named from Oliver's life and in doing so cement Olicity as endgame.

Hey Nonnie! I think I put more than a year on it, more like three, LOL. Oliver will absolutely have to rid himself of other feelings in order to truly be ready to have it all with Felicity. I mean, they can have it ALL. Oliver can have a fresh start with someone whom he hasn’t been so vile to in terms of fidelity and trust, and Felicity can be smothered by this man that she never expected to want her in that way. I think they have all the potential in the world. 

Season 3 is gonna be a tough one for us, I can kind of smell it in the air, because Felicity’s backstory will definitely shed some light on things and rock the boat of their friendship and potential romance. BUT I AM SO READY FOR THAT.