fidelity trust

If a girl asked me why should she believe in me that’ll be faithful, all I gotta say is the following,

“if it took me 25 years of my life to find you, do you think I’ll let you go that easy? If is so rare for me to find someone I can share similar interest, you think I’ll let an ordinary problem get in our way? If is so hard for me to find someone I can have a conversation for hours, you think your flaws would scare me that easy? No, instead I’ll take the pleasure to know you better than anyone ever could and authentic what love is, that is accepting one’s flaw with the price of holding onto on what you love most of that person…”

—  By me
I assure you that it would be a world of freedom in which the spirit of mankind might grow to undreamed-of glory, a world of peace—the peace of clear conscience, of unsullied love, of fidelity, of unfailing trust and loyalty.
—  Gordon B. HInckley

Fidelity Trust Company building (showing water curtain)
Charles Street and Lexington Street, Baltimore
ca. 1915
Hughes Company
8x10 inch glass negative
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection
Maryland Historical Society
MC7207 .1

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