[OPEN LETTER OF COMPLAINT] to Fide Fashion Weeks Singapore

To the Operations and HR manager of FFWSG

I am writing to you to bring your attention to the appalling outcome of events for the “special and private” G-Dragon Showcase on the 12th of October during Fide Fashion Week in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. 

TWO mini-stampedes occurred when security ICs and organisers failed to control a crowd that was close to 1000 strong, injuring a handful of people, including myself. this could have been largely prevented if security and the organisers were transparent and actually communicated information across to the attendees.


The moshers were rounded up in the holding area prior to the event which was scheduled to begin at 4.30pm across all mediums: tickets, online articles etc. It is customary for moshers to be settled into the pits at least half an hour before the start of the showcase. As a result, fans started getting rowdy and impatient from 4pm.

We were left completely alone, unattended for the most part and for the one, two times that any organiser IC came down, no questions were answered nor updates given when we asked. We received a series of unhelpful and unprofessional responses. As if being squeezed into a compact space wasn’t sufficient we were:

1. Ignored when we requested to enlarge the holding area due to the largely apparent lack of space which no one on your side seemed concerned about

2. Ignored for updates and instead forced to be photographed with our concert banners while displaying a false sense of enthusiasm despite our extreme state of discomfort 

3. Photographed and videoed endlessly by organisers despite our requests not to be

We were instructued to queue in a snaky zig-zag line and were told that this was the way we would be let in too. Instead of following the queue structure, some mis-informed security staff decided to let us in via rows instead, effectively jeopardising the queue numbers. This was QUEUE JUMBLE #1. The stampede happened, and those near the barricades fell along with them helplessly, including myself, and bruises happened. 

Things out of your control:

1. The presence of trouble-making fans who search for all ways to cut queues and push

Things you could have done but chose not to:

1. Give us an explanation to the severe delay in schedule and status updates

2. Use AV equipment that would facilitate clear orders that are actually audible by all who were present

3. Uphold strict measures about rule-breaking behaviour like queue-cutting and actually practising them when they happen

4. Actually following the order of the queue when granting access to the event venue

5. Appoint more manpower resources for crowd-control - NO ONE was around to help us when the barricades were toppling

6. Communicating with the moshers when it was absolutely required


Instead of leading us to the actual venue where the showcase was to be taken place at, the moshers were ushered into the runway room. We were manipulated into attending the Burkman Bros fashion show which received poor attendance, causing further delays with the schedule. At no point in time were the moshers informed of this beforehand nor any of this stated in the ticket - this is a breach of contract. 

At the end of the fashion show, showcase attendees were asked to stay put while the fashion show attendees were to exit and  "chairs were to be taken away". No further information was given that the showcase venue was actually NOT the runway room and moshers had to realise this by everyone adjourning towards the place and in a state of annoyance and confusion, leading to an inevitable QUEUE JUMBLE #2 which could have been avoided.

The second stampede happened just before the entrance into the showcase venue. Ticket checks were done haphazardly and carelessly; mine was barely verified. We were also spoken to very condescendingly by the female host.

Things out of your control:


Things you could have done but chose not to:

1. Stuck to your word and terms, and led us straight into the showcase venue

2. Give clear instructions on where to go beforehand and provide a venue blueprint

3. Be firm but professional with instructions and not resorting to condescending comments - there are legit adults in the crowd who have been overshadowed by the rowdy actions of the younger audience


I hope to have either organisation’s response on the matter. You may email me at onlyforgiyongchy [at] gmail [dot] com.

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