fiddler hat


We have a regular at the French bistro I work at that orders oatmeal multiple times a week. He is known as the grumpy old oatmeal man because he never has anything nice to say to anyone about anything. I usually avoid him as much as I can to avoid hearing any rude complaints.
On Sunday I sat his oatmeal down in front of him and he told me that he liked me beanie. I then told him that I liked his fiddler hat and that I almost bought a similar one the night before. When he asked me why I didn’t buy it I told him that it was $5 more than I wanted to spend. It was cute, but just not worth that price to me.
As he was leaving, he waved me over. I was expecting him to complain that his oatmeal hadn’t been hot enough or something like that. He instead asked me if the store that sold the hat I wanted was open that day. When I said yes, he gave me a five dollar bill and told me to buy myself the hat.

I love being reminded to love everyone. Even strangers. Even people that usually don’t seem to be worth it. God loves every single person, and we are called to do the same.