Every plant lover’s dream setup

Orchid, snake plant, and aloe plant

The indestructible mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant. The planter looks like like a Case Study planter. They run $150-$200.  There’s some cheaper knockoffs on Etsy and stuff. 

Full shot of the living room 

Pothos vine plant, variegated dracaena, and bird’s nest sansevieria are the plants here.

ZZ plant, put up the mirror here to reflect a little more light on this side of the room. Though this plant can survive in pretty low amounts of light.

African Milk Tree and Fiddle Leaf Fig. Have these bad boys in a south facing window as they require a lot of bright, indirect light.

A little painting I made a couple weeks ago! Or was it last week?? I can’t remember. Time has become mush to me. I used gold paint on the dreams, but you can’t really tell. 

Sleepy. sleepy. In a bed of fiddle leaf fig tree.

evysims  asked:

Hello! I wasn't sure if you accept wcifs, but if you do, where can I find the fiddle leaf fig tree you've had in a few recent cc posts? Thank you so much!

Hi, it’s a personal conversion and I don’t have an original link :( Sorry