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I Think I Can Get Over It

Swan Queen Week Day 3

This was originally for winter Swan Queen Week 2015.  So, I know the prompt was Arranged Marriage, but I figured that out that these poor babies had enough pain in their lives without being forced to marry someone. So I took it in a different direction. It still sort of fits the prompt. But only sort of. Emma and Regina both play the romantic leads in a high school play. So it’s arranged in that sense. Anyways. Enough with the rambling, On with the show!

Rating: K

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anonymous asked:

Ross and Rachel

one day ross was like ‘rach can i have a blow job’ and rachel was like 'not unless you admit we weren’t on a break’ and then ross was like 'but we were on a break’ and then rachel was like 'no we weren’t’ and ross was like 'yes we were’ and rachel was like 'no we weren’t’ and then they started screaming at each other so loudly that an employee of their nursing home had to come in and sedate them and ross never got his blow job because they were 97

chromaticrose  asked:

Amber/Luhan, complexities :)

“so you and lu han, you guys are more than friends.” it isn’t a question so much as it is an observation sulli makes over dinner one evening, when luna and krystal are off recording for immortal song and it’s just the remaining three eating ramyeon out of styrofoam cups at the coffee table in the living room. amber nearly chokes, and looks over at sulli in something between confusion and irritation.

“that’s– what? where would you even–”

“from the way you guys interact,” sulli cuts her off, sipping some soup out of the cup to accompany her mouthful of noodles, “i mean it’s obvious to see.”

amber doesn’t feel like it’s obvious. amber doesn’t feel like she and lu han are… anything. they’re just two people who have fun together and end up spending a lot of time together. the world had been spinning so fast that she hadn’t taken the time to think about it, to put a name on what she and lu han had, because it wasn’t important, it didn’t change anything about what they did together.

but now she wonders. she wonders what to call it when lu han shows up at the f(x) dorm in the middle of the night, texting her please let me in because he’d found rose-flavored cupcakes in a bakery a few blocks away and he needs her to try them with him. when he texts her a picture of a bright pink wildflower growing through the cracks in the sidewalk outside the airport before he leaves for china because it’d made him think of her. when he says her smile is scientifically engineered by ancestral ghosts to be perfect, and he honestly means it, because he’s lu han.

what does she call it when she spends exhausted nights at the exo dorm, curled up on the couch with lu han, creating stories about dragons and mages, because they don’t have the patience for dungeons and dragons? when lu han grabs her hand when they sit together just to remind himself that she’s close?

amber doesn’t know what to call it. amber can’t put a name on this complex thing she and lu han have going on, because she’s afraid of boxing it in, putting a lid on it and setting limits.

“so, us,” she says a few weeks later, when they’re sharing bubble tea on the walk back to her dorm, “we’re… i mean what are we?”

“humans,” lu han responds, smiling a bit.

“well, i know that,” she says, biting her lip, “but i mean… you and me, what we have going… are we more than friends?”

the silence that ensues makes amber wish she could choke on a tapioca pearl so hard it’d send her back in time so she could never bring it up in the first place.

“yeah,” lu han replies finally, “we are.”

amber stares at him, mouth full of pearls and milk tea. “like, lovers?”

lu han wiggles his eyebrow. “if you want me to be.”

amber slaps his arm and laughs a little. “i’m being serious here.”

“more than friends. complex entities tied together by fate forever.”

lu han takes her free hand in his and she leans her head on his shoulder. “i think i can live with that.”

rilakkatie  asked:

sehun and lu han bro it up and talk about how funny delusional girls that ship brotps are :I don't look at me

“It’s false advertising or something,” Sehun says, elbow-deep in a jumbo bag of cheetos with dust halfway up his wrist, “that we sell ourselves as something other than bros. Academic dishonesty, you know?” Lu Han looks over at him from his spot on his bed, balancing a pencil on his upper lip precariously as he contemplates a crossword from a thick book held up on his legs.

“Academic dishonesty means cheating,” Lu Han says, “what we’re doing is simply catering to our fans. Who are we to deny them the pleasure of seeing us hug?” Sehun shoves another puffy cheeto in his mouth and chews it lazily.

“I guess so, but I mean… I don’t know. I don’t understand why our friendship suddenly needs to mean romance, as if it isn’t deep enough already as it is. Pretty sure if I was gonna fall in love with you, I would have already.”

Lu Han shrugs. “Our friendship is plenty deep and complex, just like any other relationship. There are different types of love! We’re in love. Just not like, romantic love. Platonic love.” Lu Han pauses. “What if they eventually want us to kiss?”

“Then you’d better pucker up,” Sehun says, doing so with cheeto dust caked around his mouth, “because rule one of the Sehan bro code is kisses are free.”

Lu Han snorts and flings his pencil at Sehun. “I wasn’t aware that we had a bro code, or that we were called Sehan.”

heroddsensibility-deactivated20  asked:

mama victoria taking her little exo ducklings out to the park. or something. ; n;

Victoria’s first summer job in Korea is at a daycare center, and she quickly becomes a fan favorite, so to speak, because of how she sings lullabies, and holds them when they cry, and never harshly reprimands anyone.

Tao especially takes to her. One of the younger, shyer kids, he spends most of his time orbiting her legs like a content planet, listening to her tell fairy tales in funny voices and sitting in her lap whenever she sat down to play with them.

Tao tells one of the older kids, Kris, that he thinks he wants to grow up and marry Victoria, or something, because isn’t that what adults do with people they love, marry them?

Kris says he wants to be invited to the wedding, and tells Tao he should get Victoria flowers, just to let her know he cares.

Tao picks a fistful of wildflowers from the park, and hands them to Victoria after outside time one day, and Victoria smiles delightedly. “Thank you very much, Tao,” she says gently as she helps him wind down for a nap, “I’ll make sure these get a vase when I get home.”

As Tao drifts off to sleep, he dreams of what Victoria would look like with a flower crown in her hair.

notarlyss-blog  asked:

okay here's the best prompt i can think of: kris was diagnosed with a terminal case of kawaii

Literally everyone wakes up one morning and suddenly everything Kris touches becomes covered in glitter. At first, it’s sort of comical, because Kris sleeps next to Chen, and Chen wakes up with the sparkliest make up anyone’s ever seen because Kris tends to sleep with his hands smushed up against Chen’s face.

But quickly it becomes irksome, mostly because they all eat the same food, and Lay’s box of cheerios becomes a heaping pile of rhinestones the instant Kris takes it to pour himself a bowl. Kris tries to laugh it off, because Tao practically wets himself laughing, but Lay throws milk in Kris’s face and demands compensation, only receive a handful of bedazzled paper money.

Tao laughs. Lay tells Kris to pop off and look him up once the curse lifts.

Weirdly enough, it’s Lu Han who solves the problem. He breezes in several days later, carrying a thick paperback book (“Curses for Dummies”), and tells Kris to look him, square in the eye.

Chen, Xiumin, Lay, and Tao, watch in morbid fascination as out of nowhere stylized bubbles appear around Kris and Lu Han’s heads.

Then Lu Han kisses him.

The bubbles pop. The weird twinkle in Kris’s eye is gone.

“Wh– what just–”

“I cursed myself with un-kawaii. We just cancelled each other out.”

for katie: chanyeol tries to play wii sports

it’s widely accepted by most exo members that baekhyun, whether intentionally or not, is the best at playing wii sports, because all of the high scores are his, right next to his mii that he made himself (“which explains why it looks stupid,” kai says whenever he looks at it, because baekhyun purposefully fucked the face up so that there would never be any doubt about whose mii it is on wii sports laughing at whoever fails to break his records). which is fine, because the majority of them don’t actually care. suho and d.o play mario party sometimes with the others and sehun has his own playstation 3 that no one else is allowed to touch because of the incident where lu han and kris teamed up and put the entirety of nickelback’s discography on there when he was visiting his parents one weekend.

but chanyeol has been determined to break baekhyun’s records ever since baekhyun set them, which is unfortunate, because if suho and d.o are bad casual players, chanyeol has broken the bottom rung of the ladder and fallen through the floor.

but bless him he tries, even if it results in injuries, because his wiimote grip is weak and once he flung it across the room and nailed lay right in the stomach as he exited the kitchen. chanyeol just wants to have his handsome mii hold one record, just one.

chanyeol finds on his bunk one day a big golden star sticker, with baekhyun’s messy handwriting on it.

you win the high score for injuring the most people playing wii sports, please stop now.

daeanthus  asked:

suho and kris attempt to skype about leaderly things but are interrupted by the other members.

“So, it’s good to hear that you guys are doing good over there–”

“HYUUUUUUNG Baekhyun hyung keeps licking his fingers and touching me with them!!!”

“– Tell him I said to knock it off–”


“– Hold on, I have to take care of this.”

“Stop touching Sehun with your spit, I’m on skype with Kris!”

“But Suho hyung–”

No buts just don’t do it anymore.”

“Welcome back.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No, it’s okay, it happens–”

“Oh, hey Kris!”

“… Xiumin I’m on skype wi–”

“Is there anything left over from dinner? I’m starved.”

Xiumin I’m on skype with Su–”

“Aw, awesome, there’s dumplings left over and– oh.”

“… I’m on skype with Suho.”

“And here I am eating dumplings in nothing but a towel, I, uh, guess I’ll be going now.”




“Good to hear you guys are doing so well in China. Looks like you’ve got everything under control.”

daeanthus  asked:

can i have some woohyun/sunggyu where woohyun tries to mollify sunggyu after tricking him on ranking king (or whatever other situation works)?

pls im sorry ^ _ㅜ

sunggyu wants to cast his phone into the fires of mt. doom from whence it’d been forged, because he’s tired of woohyun begging for forgiveness with the dumbest emoticons. it’s not that he’s mad– he really isn’t– it’s that woohyun is making such a stupidly huge deal about it, like he expects sunggyu to be more irritated than he actually is, and that in and of itself feels like an insult.

hyuuuung i kno u have ur phone y arent u replying ))):

sunggyu almost fires back a hasty shut up im taking a dump in public tryin to use my phone to do word searches because he thinks it’d get woohyun to shut up but then woohyun would take it as a sign to text more, because when woohyun is like this, it’s best to just ignore him.

u can punch my arm as hard as u want ): hyung pls

sunggyu sighs.

since when does taking a walk by myself mean im mad at you. jfc youre so full of yourself nam woohyun.

sunggyu regrets just a little, because now woohyun knows he has his phone and plausible deniability is no longer an option.

i kno ur mad!!! u got that mad look in ur eye.

woohyun is so stupid, sunggyu thinks, somewhere between affection and irritation.

mad cause you apologized for something you didnt need to apologize for. i might just take you up on punchies for all the suffering you caused.

his phone goes quiet and sunggyu thinks he can finally get some peace.

when it goes off again, he groans and prepares to tell woohyun off again, but instead it’s a picture message from sungjong.

woohyun is hogtied with a pair of myungsoo’s jeans as hoya sticks one foot in his face.

^^ its ok hyung we took care of him for u.