If proof of heaven was ever found, there would be mass deaths to get there. If proof of hell was ever found, the Earth would implode into chaos knowing everlasting torture was next.

We have proof we are alive, so why can’t we all live for the now?

—  The Fiction of Religion (2015)
If the supreme being (whichever version you want to choose), is omniscient and omnipotent, what did all those 150 people on that Germanwings plane do to warrant their 8 minutes of sheer terror then their deaths? Would that not be the right time to show how powerful and benevolent they are?
—  The Fiction of Religion

You’re told all your childhood that you shouldn’t lie, that lying is bad. Then in western culture you’re told about God, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and the many religious books, sadistic nursery rhymes and all the other lies.

No wonder the world continues to be at war with one another.

—  The Fiction of Religion

Religion requires everyone to conform and teaches you to fear unprovable consequences. This causes STAGNATION. Free thinking and imagination in conjunction with laws to better all of humankind causes ADVANCEMENT and means a BRIGHT FUTURE for all of us.

Please use your own mind and stop letting religious leaders use yours for you.

God was with him when he won the championship game with a glorious last second touchdown. God must have been appearing on a piece of toast when the championship hero was run over by the team bus in the parking lot after the locker room celebration.

God had his reasons right? Sadistic bullshit…

—  The Fiction of Religion

For argument’s sake, lets ponder the concept of the all-powerful in the feminine…

She is life for us in this universe. She creates the conditions to exist for life to thrive. In an instant she can take life away with her finger. Her moods shake the heavens and rock the ground. She flies the clouds like kites and rides the tides with the moon.

God? Maybe… Sounds miraculous.

If so then God exists!

Her name…



Oh and Mother Nature would also be acceptable but is actually a personification of the forces of nature and the universe… but hey let’s face it, the Earth is as close to a ‘god’ as we should accept and start taking care of her with the money we throw blindly at religious caretakers.

—  The Fiction of Religion
Religion gets you when you’re most vulnerable and gives you a bunch of empty promises and false hopes. They know you’ll grasp at anything to relieve your pain, real or not.
—  The Fiction of Religion