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1.  What is your favorite Naruto movie?

I haven’t watch a single Naruto movie ever T.T
I feel bad. I’ll watch some soooooon. 

2.  What is your favorite anime?

to many to mention haha but my most favorite of all,

definitely Hunter x Hunter

3.  What is your favorite manga?

there’s just to many yaoi mangas i like :3

if i choose one manga, it would be Omairi desu yo <3

4.  What is your favorite Disney movie (non-studio ghibli)?

I think it would be Beauty and the Beast :)

5.  What is your favorite Studio Ghibli (or Miyazaki) movie?


6.  How many dubbed animes have you watched in your life that you felt were either as good or better than the original?

1, one

7.  List them please.


8.  On a scale of 1 to all of your followers, where do I rank?  (lol I won’t be angry or disappointed if you say last. i understand this is an intrusive question; you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.)

5th/302 :3

9.  What class would you be if you were in a Fire Emblem game?

Whats that? HAHA T.T

10.  Favorite yuri (girl x girl) pairing?

Nope. This wont do :P

My Questions:)

1. favorite genre in anime?

2. Yaoi or Yuri?

3. Best anime character song you heard?

4. Are you a guy or a girl?

5. Favorite anime movie?

6. Favorite genre in manga?

7. Favorite manga/s based on the genre you listed above?

8. Favorite tumblr follower?

9. Choose only one, Reality, Fantasy or Dream?

10. My rank as your tumblr buddy? :3

fictionboybuttsex  asked:

Birds x Birds, featuring Gon Cheeps, Killua Zolchick, Kurapeepcaw, Leoriole Paladinflight, Hisocaw, Crowlo Lucifeather, Fowltan, Uvopenguin, Macheep, Flockunoda, Shizucoo, Nobuheron, Owlnark, Frankwren, Phinkiwis, Drongolenov, Bistwit Kregger, and Kite. Wow. He still gets to be called Kite since it’s a type of bird. Wow.


fictionboybuttsex  asked:

u will be ok jax. ships for the ask meme: katzula, korrasami, and rosemary. all the lesbians 4 u.

;.; Tyler you are my hero <3

(Im sorry to everyone who’s dash this appears on I can’t figure out how to do a Read More in asks with the new update)

KATZULA:(Shit are u talking Katara/Azula? Talk about old school crack, this is excellent)

Drinks all of the coffee: Azula.  She says it fuels her rage.  Katara just thinks it turns her into a hyperactive child.
Brings up adopting a pet: Azula! She wants every poisonous lizard-raven she sees.
Kills the bugs: Oh please.  Both of them.
Cooks the meals: Katara
Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Katara!
Initiates the couple selfies: Azula.  She posts them on every social media site to make people jealous that she has a hot girlfriend.
 Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Azula…
Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Neither.  They’re both super into healthy food.
Nicknames the other: I was gonna say Katara but then I remembered “Zuzu”.  So the answer goes to Azula.


Drinks all of the coffee:
Brings up adopting a pet: They already have Naga so I think they’d be ok, but I can picture them finding out what pounds do to animals who are there for too long.  They break all the animals out (Korra) and find them all good homes (Asami) and probably keep a kitten or two.
Kills the bugs: Asami
Cooks the meals: Asami, I think Korra would get impatient and burn everything
Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Korra!
Initiates the couple selfies: Korra
 Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: …Korra
Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: There you go it’s Korra AGAIN
Nicknames the other: Both of them have SUPER EMBARRASSING nicknames for the other and they like to use them in public and see who blushes first.


Drinks all of the coffee:
Lmao Rose
Brings up adopting a pet: Rose def can’t go too long without a cat
Kills the bugs: It used to be Kanaya, but after she went too far once and chainsawed through a table now Rose takes care of it.
Cooks the meals: They take turns! But I think Kanaya’s the better cook
Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Rose explains human holidays to Kanaya once and now every January Kanaya’s like “Okay But Is It Halloween Yet”
Initiates the couple selfies: Both of them :D
 Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Rose
Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Neither
Nicknames the other: Both of them! Really gross sickly sweet nicknames.  it started as a joke but now it stuck and they both really love it.  Disgusting romantic NERDS.

fictionboybuttsex  asked:


I love fennec foxes, but quolls are also gorgeous

(And if you don’t know what a quoll is, take a look at this cutie)

fictionboybuttsex  asked:

First name: Jacqui. Nickname: Jax. Age: 20-ish. Gender: Loli. Sexual Orientation: An ambiguous variant of queer. Nationality: American and hella Jewish. Relationship status: in love with your own hair. Likes: Tyler living his gay-boy dreams. Dislikes: not being able to reach the top shelf. Random fact: the most prominent Tyson shipper of the Tyson era. <3

Tyler.  I love you.

10/10.  Unbelievable.

fictionboybuttsex replied to your post: Whiny baby warning under the cut, don’…

Your identity is not something other people, even your loved ones, have any right whatsoever to have an opinion on. They can either support you or shut up. It’s none of their business to mess with. *aggressive grumbling*

Yeah, I know, it just.  Kinda sucks, esp because I don’t have a solid thing to tell them I guess.  Feelin kinda like I wanna be back in the closet a bit?

Yes, family.  I desire a lot of sex with a lot of men. It was all a joke.  Ha! Ha ha. Please set me up with as many people as possible.  I will date them all.  Every single one.