anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm that anon that gave you all that Filipino emotional dump earlier (thanks for helping me sort that out btw) and yes I would love some recommendations!!! Also, my appreciation for your existence (which was already very high) went up about one hundred million percent.

ahhhh thank you!! i just wanted to say that your message really meant so, so much to me.

and now: RECS. YES!!! pls take note that all of these recommendations are subject to my own biased preferences, so while i love them with all my heart, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea

NOVELS (these can easily be found at national bookstores!!)

SHORT STORIES/SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS (again can be found at national bookstores. probably. the hunt is worth it.) (pls buy local books)

POEM (im not as well read here so bear with me)

  • Aral Sa Heograpiya by Edgar Calabia Samar (i cant find it online so heres a sneaky pic from my fil textbook bc u just…gotta read this) (simple and heartbreaking portrayal of best friends/maybe more and growing apart)



  • At Last, the Ocean by Alie Unson (i bought this chapbook just a few months ago and i had to stop after the first essay to just. breathe. for an hour. my god. if my heart was ripped out, her essays forcibly put my heart back in)


this looks like a lot but this is just baaaaarely the tip of the iceberg. it’s like. an icecube from the iceberg. im not as well read as i wish to be, but i will read and read and read til i am! i enthusiastically encourage all ph readers out there to give some of these a try and maybe venture even further!!! go to chapbook launches!! open mics!! find out what you like and what you dont like!!! buy and read classics and buy and read new stuff from up and coming writers!! 

the ph literature scene is, heh, lit, and exploring it is an utter joy. i hope you find some of these useful. happy reading, anon!!!