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You've mentioned the idea before, but do you have any plans for a Lingfan role-reversal?

Wow, I never really thought about it, but that’s a badass idea. I’ll have to keep that on the back burner and let it fester because how cool would that be to flesh out oh my god Lan Fan as the future empress and Ling as her bodyguard w o w

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How can I watch Hetalia?

Alright I watch all my animes here at animeratio. This is the dubbed version. It also only has season 1 and 2, and the movie. But if I find a place to watch season 3 and 4, I’ll let you know. I still haven’t seen those seasons myself ‘cause I can’t find the dubs so I’m probably just going to buy them on dvd.

And if you prefer sub they have them all (even season 3 & 4) at over at funimation

Hope this helps! And enjoy!!

Hasta la pasta~

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Hello, I'm going to try and finish the SAO light novels in the next couple of months, and I was wondering exactly what you thought of them. I know they're your favorite, but why? What makes them superior to other books you've read? I'm just curious.

Well hm it’s not really easy for me to say. It isn’t something I normally think about when reading, I’ll just think ugh or i love it. But let me try.

(I’m gonna exclude Alicization when talking here because I don’t like the cause of it and it isnt over yet)

But I mean SAO arc. There are a lot more stories and details than the anime went into. I’ve read books were it literally said ‘it was sunny’ instead of description. I liked the description. Now I mean I didnt like how it was like Kirito’s harem and he was invincible but.

The ALO arc. There was the whole Tonkii story come on. It was cute, and it showed a good side of Sugu. Also, it showed Kirito could be beaten, and it showed character progression and character traits.

Phantom Bullet. I really like Shino/Sinon’s character. She was different, and it shows how a lot of gamers really are. Picked on and fearful in real life, and courageous and strong in game. I also liked the idea behind it.

Mother’s Rosario. I liked how someone other than the main protag was shown here. Asuna and Yuuki (is that the spelling). I liked how they faced real world issues too, and possible solutions? It made me cry though.

Alicization. I’ll put in a few words. I don’t like Alicization as much, but there are a lot of real, scientific things (same with the former 2 arcs) and it shows that you may be powerful in a game, but not necessarily so in real life. It’s kind of dragging on, but it has some good aspects like that. 

I’m not going to say they’re superior to other books I’ve read, but I will say that they’re original and stick out in my mind. Yes, there are lots of flaws. Yes, people hate them. But I really do like them.

Wow this dragged on sorry


paigedayspring answered your question: DrunkZutaraQuestions for our steam bbs–

I want to see more Zutara kids and such from Zutara fans

Yes. This we can do. Drunk Katara knows pugletto/*Pugletz draws Zutara kids a whole lot. But there must be plenty of that kind of fanart out there. Point us in the direction of that stuff and we shall deliver all that you desire.

And maybe Drunk Katara will draw her own Zutara kids for you OH WAIT NO I TOTALLY DID NOT SAY THAT.

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I definitely support the notion of some only zuko art. bc lets be honest, he’s a hot piece of ass.


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(whispers obviously you should start a nsfwdrunkzutarafeels blog for all the porn am I right)

This is Drunk Katara writing RN but I will address this on my own because I kind of end up doing the majority of the posts on this blog anyway–

I mean. I would. But the same idea applies. I do not want to risk any chance of the other human beings that I live with seeing me looking up that stuff. I freak out every time I see something NSFW appear on my Dash. Especially because I actually Tumblr Savior NSFW. So. I am sorry my steam bb. But that will not happen.

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I suggest putting exceptionally long posts under a cut more often. Also I think individual fanart would be great, because it’s still Zutara.

Very legitimate point. Our archive shows that there are far too many text posts that are extremely long and should be under a cut. Especially the ones that are not totally relevant to Zutara. We may just keep posting the specifically Zutara related text posts (like the drunkzutaraheadcanons) without putting them under a cut unless they are extremely long. But there are frequently posts that are directed to the admins or posts about other random things (LIKE MAIJUN UGH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SHIP) that should always be under a cut if they go over a few paragraphs. Excellent suggestion my steam bb. So this is most definitely a WILL DO. Except this post kind of should be under a cut BUT LAST ONE I SWEAR.


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I’d go for more fan art of Zuko and Katara as induviduals - but maybe no other couples.

Excellent point is excellent. We blogged that one fanart that had Taang and Zutara going on. It was pushing the boundaries of Zutaraness. And shipping Zutara does not mean someone will ship other ships that might appear in a fanart with the Zutara ship. Some people might like Taang. But not everyone who likes Zutara likes Taang. Liking Zutara does not determine liking any other ship. Some people ship Kataang AND Zutara. So this is a very good point. Multiple ships in a fanart will be avoided as much as possible.

And bless you for ALSO approving of solo Zuko and solo Katara fanarts. Because then we will blog ALL THE SEXY ZUKO THINGS and also ALL THE SEXY KATARA THINGS but Drunk Katara has a obscene obsession with Zuko’s sixteen-year-old sexiness (I AM NOT GROSS HE IS ANIMATED IT DOES NOT COUNT) so I will take this opportunity with open arms.

But just to double check– is there anything else?