Billie Joe's alter egos appreciation post.

Excuse me, they are definitely not Billie Joe. >_>

This is Fink. He’s in an 80s tribute band, from Germany and NOT Billie Joe.

The Reverend Strychnine Twitch was created as an excuse for Billie Joe to wear awkwardly fitting clothes and get completely smashed… and I find him extremely hot.

To Bilhelm’s credit, Pinhead Gunpowder is one of the only side projects he’s in where it’s not just Green Day in masks… Here’s Billie Joe in a dress.

Rock Band Billie Joe looks better with blue hair then real Billie Joe.

St. Jimmy, being a homoerotic drug dealer… fine, Billie plays him like a creeper. Why? Because Billie made the character up so he can play him however he wants I guess.  Do the creep.