While errybody loves SU on here, I’m surprised I don’t hear more folks talking about the series as specifically a work of brilliant science fiction of all things.

Like, not only does the show manage to deftly combine emotional introspection with fun comedy and action, it’s also managed to create one of the most fascinating alien species on TV in years, the gems, and explore their alien physiology; history and psychology in the sort of depth many shows could only dream of.

Like, it’s even managed to explore a concept it yoinked from another series, fusion, in the sort of depth that that concept-progenitor never did, both conceptually and narratively in the idea of a composite being! If this was a work of literature, I’d be the critics in that sphere would be going gaga over it!

Hell, if it weren’t for tha business with the Puppies, I’d say that the Hugo awards should totally nominate it for something!

An awakening can be simply appreciating that you are alive , it’s not complex, but beautifully simple. The universe has a simple yet astounding way of revealing itself to you. The flowers are beautiful, but it takes only a subtle awareness within you to recognise that you are one and the same, breathtaking yet easy to see, easy to feel. It is now like an art where the flow cannot be stopped, as the recognition of life goes further and deeper, only becoming more and more sweet and loving.
—  Aurora

Chapter 6 is here!


Summary:  It’s finally Christmas! And Clarke finds herself swept up in the ways of the Blakes, from playful bickering to late nights on the couch opening presents. She is having the time of her life, until it all comes crashing down when her past seems to worm its way back into her life.

Word Count: 14,265 (I apologize it got so big ><)


Clarke opens her mouth then closes it. There was a million of ways she could answer him (several of which included storming off and telling him it was none of his damn business, and others,  breaking down into angry tears for the shambles that is her life) but something in the way he’s looking at her makes her reconsider. There wasn’t any pity in his gaze, nor any resentment for her past lie. No, there was just honest to God curiosity, and Clarke finds herself saying the only thing that seems to fit.

Well, people, I really sick of seeing all your pranks for a month almost all I see is hate in this fandom, hatred about some couples of Steven Universe.

Listen, I honestly do not understand where is the problem exactly … We are in a fictional universe, we can dream, imagine, have our own headcanons, our own ships… We shouldn’t even judge others on that.

I think the biggest problem is the ship Pewey. I absolutely  agree with the fact that Pearl have feelings Rose Quartz, but honestly, is it a reason to hate a ship like this? Since when have we only ship when it’s official? We have always ship the characters together, official or not. 

And people dare to say that we erase lesbians because people ship Pewey? I honestly think that if some people think that they are completely immature. We will never erase lesbians, at least, it will never happen to me, I respect people too. And I have friends that are lesbians.

Pewey is homophobic? Pewey is lesbiphobic? I don’t think. Since when in fiction there is a phobia? We don’t have the same thought about it, I guess. After all, we’re not all high in the same way, it’s true.

After all, it is only fiction, ship two characters together, canon or not, it did nothing wrong and it has always existed. Although Pearl have zero interest on Mayor Dewey, this is not a reason to hate to the point that ship. After, you hate this ship or not, that’s your problem, but don’t create a blog for that, don’t spam the tag with your shit, it’s really a form of disrespect for those who want to see good things in the tag. Thank you.

To continue, Perinaldo and Lapidot. People say it makes no sense to ship it here because this character have yet had no connection together. Again, where is the problem? There is obviously no and personally, there will never be a problem for me. Understand, we all have the right to have our own OTPs, official or not.

And then have a ship, it doesn’t mean that it will become official one day, tuck you in what it serves you brains. Or buy maturity? I think it would be useful for your pretty faces.

Anyway, have worries about a cartoon, it’s useless. Hate people because they like something in particular, is childish. Force people not to ship what they want is childish. Force people to be what they are not, it’s too childish.

Please, stop to decide what we need to ship or not. That the ship is straight, homosexual, bisexual or any other sexual orientations (from where I come from, I never learned that they were the others, sorry for that) or even that the ship is incestuous (as pinecest of gravity falls) I beg you, stop to decide in the place of others, stop insulting others. Respect others.

Even storyboarders of Steven Universe say that we should ignore the haters and appreciate our headcanons. Who do you consider yourself as a fan steven universe, you, you ignore what even say the creators?

That, I think I have said everything, this, peace and love.

anonymous asked:

i've seen a lot of debate about xander being a misogynist. what do you think?

The interpretation I follow on misogyny is that living in a misogynistic society and being beneficial of this power makes one a misogynist, independently of actions or intentions. I don’t see misogyny as an aggregation of evil isolated actions intentionally against women, they only could be a reflection of the misogynistic social norm. So it doesn’t simply rule an individual’s thinking and actions, it’s a widespread power play. Xander is a man in America, therefore he is a misogynistic presence. But you are asking about his individual actions, I suppose.

Being a supernatural series covered in metaphors, real social stuff aren’t always directly or deeply explored. For example, we never see Larry, Willow, Tara, Kennedy, Satsu or Andrew struggling with homo/lesbophobia, just their internal battles; we only know homophobia exists in this fictional universe’s society because of the hetenormative necessity of “coming out.” (I was forgetting: Billy deals with homophobic bullying! But just one character, still.) So we have to read beyond the intentional and superficial.

One example. In a non-misogynistic society, Xander’s scene in Prophecy Girl, when Buffy rejects being his date and he answers her very rashly, would only denote his immaturity, and that’s what I think it was the intention and how I’d superficially read it. But Xander is a boy and Buffy is a girl, and it is a misogynistic world (Reptile Boy, Go Fish, Parker, Warren, Caleb…); despite she’s the Slayer and he’s awfully insecure, he still is the one with the power. And he does know it somehow – in the same way we all learn to fear men very early, even before we’d heard the word “feminism” –, he knows Buffy is a girl and therefore educated to be too kind to punch a man when answered like Xander did. He’d never talk this way to Larry, but he’d to Cordelia; it overpasses high school cliques. So he doesn’t recognize this power, he only uses it in his favor.

This was in Season 1. Xander’s characterization was around his immaturity, on his ways to display laziness, humor, infatuation, jealousy, selfishness, etc. And this immaturity is slowly developed, along the specific events he lives, into a intensity of feelings, such as a desire to protect and good observation. We followed Xander for ten years, so we also saw how much he was influenced by his father’s violent behavior, how his protection for his friends has a lot of patriarchal ways, how judgmental he can be when something threats his knowledge, how his sexual attraction for women is generalized like a man that was educated to see woman as sexual objects…

(I’m not saying men are educated to be assholes therefore they are also victims of the patriarchy: they are the ones who created and reinforce these rules in their own benefits in matters of power.)

But he’s been developing even more. Buffy 9 #20: The Watcher is one of my favorite issues because it has a lot to do with finally exploring his difficulties on dealing with helplessness and consequential anger, a series of events that fortunately culminates in his current search for help with a counselor (Dr. Mike). It’s never mentioned as having relation with Xander being a man that’s supposed to be stronger and in control, but we know everything involves one’s social roles (experiences and expectations), even if not directly.

Seeing a Season 10 Xander dealing with his flaws, working himself to be a better person, more sensible, understanding, temperate, is a great and interesting development/subject for me. His deep support when Andrew discovered being attracted to a man, the space he’s been giving Dawn to develop around her confusion, the advice he tells Spike favoring Buffy’s feelings, the constant vigilance around his anger, the acknowledgment of his guilty in his past relationship with Anya… These are good things to see in such intentional light.

He’s probably a feminism supporter and also makes an honest effort to manage his own displays of misogyny, but his existence as a man in a misogynistic society will always be a power display by itself. Humility and self-awareness are the best way to work around one’s own social privileges; and feminism isn’t about a state of being, it’s a mean of constant analysis and fight. If that’s your question, these are paths that I’ve been happily seeing Xander follow.

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