Future AU: It’s the twenty year reunion. Will Lucas Friar let the memory of his wife and the mother of his fourteen year old daughter prevent him from reconnecting with his first love, Riley Matthews.

Chapter One - Deep in the Heart

Chapter Two - Conversations with Dead People

Chapter Three - My Kingdom for a Horse

Chapter Four - The Boys are Back

Chapter Five - Looking Back

Chapter Six - Windows and Worries

Chapter Seven - Shopping and Subways

Chapter Eight - Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Chapter Nine - Do You Want to Hear a Great Lucas Story

Chapter Ten - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Chapter Eleven - I Could Have Danced All Night

Sorry this took so long, everyone.

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What is check please? What is it about? What is going on?

Check Please is a comic about hockey, and pie, and friends, and falling in love, and having an actual healthy relationship where people COMMUNICATE oh my god.

Um, to give a slightly better answer.

Check Please is a webcomic, which you can find at @omgcheckplease. It has extra media in the form of tweets, which are transcribed on the tumblr under the “tweets” heading because the twitter is often locked for timeline reasons. (I recommend reading through the comic–it doesn’t take that long, I promise–and then going back and catching all the extras and the tweets and such.)

It’s the story of Eric “Bitty” Bittle, a boy from Georgia who is very fond of baking and who is playing NCAA hockey for the men’s hockey team at the fictional university of Samwell (and who used to figure skate), and of him growing into himself and falling in love, often using the conceit that he has a baking vlog and the exposition in the comic comes in that form. He is openly gay at school (after a while) but not to his family, and it causes some interesting friction.

Also features Jack Zimmermann, the son of a hockey legend who’s trying to become one himself and who has anxiety and also does a lot of growing into himself and who KISSES BITTY A LOT (it can hardly be a spoiler at this point, if you’ve seen it on my blog you probably know they’re together, though the slow build to get there is AMAZING). Ransom and Holster, who are definitely drift compatible and are ridiculous. Shitty, who is … difficult to explain but not in a bad way or anything. Lardo, the manager for the hockey team, who can beat anyone at beer pong. And various other people!

Featuring college shenanigans, unspeakable amounts of pie, a sports-related story that doesn’t make me roll my eyes which if you know me is kind of a big deal, Romance, and communication.

11 questions tag thingg

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sorry for taking so long  i had school and work stuff

1. if you had to spend 4 hours a week sitting still in one place, doing nothing, where would that be? // An old museum or cathedral or somewhere like that -  somewhere indoors but still open and frequented by ppl.

2. if you had the option of visiting any fictional universe anytime you wanted, with the option to leave and return whenever, where would you go? // i wanna visit Rapture under the sea!  not the remastered or bs2 Rapture tho, the regular bs1 Rapture - Fort Frolic and Arcadia and the Welcome area and everywhere.

3. your choice of melee weapon and why? // whatever this melee is 

4. you’ve heard of spirit animal; now get ready for… spirit plant. what plant is your spirit plant? // raat ki rani, night jasmine

5. you’ve just been transported to the world of the last video game you played. how good / bad of a time are you in for? (if you can’t recall a video game, go for the last tv show you watched) // aoe2! so its just the normal world but 800 years ago… not great but it could be worse 

6. bread’s good, right?? whats your favorite bread? // tandoori naan, u need to try it if u havent already

7. how accurate is your zodiac to you? // idk even what my zodiac is :o

8. everyone’s got that favorite outfit, those go-to clothes. describe yours // iii dont think i have any but maybe just a regular dark colored dress shirt and jeans 

9. best weather ? // gray autumn weather where it isnt sunny and hot but it isnt super cold either

10. describe your ~*aesthetic*~ // arabesque minimalism

11. if you were a dragon, what would your hoard be made of? // letter openers? i actually have too many of those and nobody even needs letter openers anymore

ok ok now i come up with questions -

1.  whats a genuinely funny joke that uve heard recently? //

2.   what time do you usually wake up on weekends/holidays? //

3.  whats the most obscure fan community that ur a part of? //

4.  if u founded a new country, what would be the colors on ur flag? //

5.  language(s) that you want to learn someday (its never too late) //

6.  list 2 books that are closest in proximity to you right now (on ur desk or bedside or whatever). //

7.  most recent book that u read for pleasure //

8.  say something critical about ur favorite artist (actor/writer/musician/etc) //

9.  say something nice about ur least favorite artist (actor/writer/musician/etc) //

10.  fave obscure mythical creature (no dragons or unicorns, creatures that ppl might not know) //

11.  what do you do for catharsis / to unwind / to deal with stress? //

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just copy and paste the questions into a text post and answer them! then list a new set of questions and tag ppl to answer those 

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I’ve got to believe that the Resistance’s intelligence officers are just. constantly Done. With everyone.

Rey’s understanding of aurebesh is more functional than formal, which isn’t a problem until the Resistance starts asking her to submit mission reports—she rarely spells anything the same way twice (”even her name!” the intelligence officer moans) and her sentence structure is….not so much a structure as “a loose grouping of things that might be parts of speech”

“…..I don’t understand, what’s the problem?” Finn asks because Finn’s grammar is impeccable, once you decipher the dense nest of abbreviations, First Order codes, and trooper slang that fill his reports. (This does not save any more time.)

“If you could maybe…..not? wax lyrical about the TIE fighter?” the intelligence officer tells Poe, when he finally gets around to submitting his report on the escape from the Finalizer. “Not that understanding enemy technology isn’t a vital contribution to intelligence, but we don’t need 500 polysyllabic words about how the sun glinted off the casing.”

General Organa still submits reports like they used to in the Rebellion (her battle damage assessment style is about thirty years out of date, and she calculates galactic coordinates like it’s the late republic) but everyone in intel is fucking terrified of bringing this up to her. Instead, they have a designated officer who deals exclusively with translating General Organa’s reports into more modern New Republic standards,so they can be processed.

(At least yours actually submits reports, their counterparts in the First Order would say, if they all got together in a bar somewhere to commiserate about how hard soldiers make military intelligence. Kylo Ren has submitted exactly one misrep in the last 15 years. Thirty-two people died and it just said ‘it was the Force’.)

We recommend: LGBTQ YA

“There’s really no other way to say it except this: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is one of the best books ever! (See how it has won all the awards!?) Two boys, their families, and their love for each other: you will have all the feels.”

This is a beautiful, dreamy novel about art, love, and family. I absolutely adored reading about Emi, and her life. The little bit of mystery made the story even better.”

This is a fantastic resource for LGBTQ teens (and for those who know and love them)! It includes advice, some history, and some personal stories: all with a sense of humor and respect.”

None of the Above is a compelling exploration of gender told through the story of Kristin, a girl who learns she is intersex, and then must deal with the fallout as her whole high school finds out her truth.” (Part of our We Need Diverse YA! sale)

“Sensitive and honest, Beyond Magenta takes a nuanced look at transgender and gender-neutral teens by giving six individuals a chance to tell their stories. Eye opening and touching!”

“Jandy Nelson writes a beautiful intertwined tale of twins who have lost each other over the years. A must read.”

“Austin is in love with his girlfriend Shann, but also with his best friend Robbie. And they both love him. And the world might be on the verge of destruction due to some six foot tall bugs with a taste for human flesh. Basically the best book ever. 

This book may help you ask the hard questions, answer the hard questions, set boundaries, and listen with an open mind. This book will change your life. Read it!”

This tense and gripping novel is incredibly unique: part drama, part psychological mystery, part love story. Hutchinson weaves in some intense themes, as well as graphic novel style interludes for one of the most interesting and touching reads of the year.”

“Jane Eagland’s novel explores gender expectations and LGBT issues through historical fiction. Fascinating and surprising!’

“I love A.S. King, and I especially love this book! Astrid is so relatable, with her family problems, her longing to connect, and trying to figure out her sexuality as she falls in love with a girl. So well done!”

A sweet and engaging story of a trans character coming into her own. Perfect for fans of James Howe, Hannah Moskowitz, or coming-of-age tales in general.”

“A fantastic retelling of the classic Cinderella story from a lesbian perspective.”

This touching, emotionally resonant book does an amazing job depicting a wide range of homosexual experiences, while remaining focused on the two seventeen year old boys attempting to break the world record for longest kiss. It’s exciting, funny, sad, and inspiring!”

My Favorite Fictional Ladies Alphabet

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