Friday The 13th

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has invited Y/N, Bruce, Thor, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, T’Challa, Loki.

Sam: Who came up with the horrible idea to make us stay at the most isolated and creepy camp ever?

Loki: I bet it was Stark, he is known to be quite theatrical.

T’Challa: No, it must have been Clint. He loves this kind of stuff.

Natasha: That’s true but it was not Clint.

Bucky: It was Tony who ushered us here, so him.

Loki: Only someone truly evil would come up with this.

Bruce: It was my idea.

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“Oh, the symphonic shriek of a thousand hiding voices, the cry of the need inside, the entity, the silent watcher, the cold quiet thing, the one that laughs, the moondancer. The me that was not me, the thing that mocked and laughed and calling with its hunger.”
                                                                       - Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

OC Ask Meme - 100 Followers Special

1) Name something they were really afraid of as a kid

2) With which fictional serial killer/psychopath figure could they relate?

3) Languages they’d like to learn/be able to speak?

4) Hidden talents not even themself know about?

5) What would they name their kids?

6) If they do, how often do they masturbate on average?

7) Celebrity crushs?

8) Do they go with the hype or are they always looking for more underground things to like (ex music, movies etc)

9) Any allergies?

10) Yaoi or Yuri?

11) Any fandoms they’re into?

12) Hogwarts house they would fit in?

13) Game Of Thrones house they would fit in?

14) Optimistic or pessimistic?

15) What kind of drugs do they consume regularly? (ex alcohol, cigarettes etc)

16) Do they play any video games?

17) Do they feel comfortable looking other people in the face/in the eyes?

18) Netflix or illegal streaming for free?

19) An emoji/text face they often use

20) A phrase/word/expression they often say without realizing

21) How do they feel about violence against animals?

22) Alcoholic drinks they easily get drunk from?

23) If they had to kill a person, how would they rather do it? (ex stab with a knife, shoot,..)

24) Smells that trigger them/they associate with bad memories/people?

25) How was their first kiss?

26) Oppinion on Manga and Anime?

27) If they could change one thing about their body, what would it be and why?

28) Would they ever agree to go on a blind date?

29) Do they believe in things like magic and supernatural things?

30) If they could have a mythical creature as a pet, what would they choose?

31) Have they ever had a near death experience or did they ever actually die?

32) How do they like to wear their hair?

33) How do they integriat in a group project? What role do they automatically take?

34) Are they afraid of fire or water?

35) Ever watched porn? Did they enjoy it?

34) Songs that relate to their personality and life experiences

35) Do they get stage anxiety or are they comfortable with performing?

36) What do they look for in a good book/movie?

37) What do they look for in a partner?

38) Do they believe in the existence of aliens? How do they feel about this topic?

39) Do they like talking about things like the meaning of life, the universe, god, the end of the world etc?

40) Any specific foods they absolutely hate for some reason and would never eat?

41) Their favorite pizza topping?

42) What zodiac sign are they and can their personality relate to the traits of said signs?

43) What do their dreams look like? Do they have nightmares often? How do they feel?

44) Have they got a green thumb or are they terribly bad at keeping plants alive?

45) If they were given a death note, how would they use it or would they even want to use it?

46) Do they wear socks in bed?

47) Do they wear anything at all in bed or do they sleep naked/in underwear?

48) Would they stand up for their rights/the rights of others and fight discrimination?

49) If they ever attended school, what was their favorite subject and were they good at it?

50) A random fun fact about your character!


Dexter Copycats (1 of 2)

The TV series ‘Dexter’ is about a fictional character who is a blood spatter analyst, called Dexter Morgan, and leads a secret life as a serial killer who only kills other murderers. Ever since the show aired on television, some people got ‘inspired’ by it and went on their own killing spree.

• Mark Twitchell, Canada (October 10, 2008)
Murdered 38-year old John Altinger on the 10th of October, 2008. Mark pretended to be a woman on a dating site to lure his victim to a rented garage. John had agreed to meet up, but once he arrived he got hit on the head with a pipe and stabbed to death. Mark then dismembered the body and disposed the remains. He has said that ‘Dexter’ inspired him to kill. Mark got sentenced to 25 years to life imprisonment.

• Andrew Conley, United States (November 28, 2009)
Strangled his 10-year old brother to death on the 28th of November, 2009. He told police that he felt like the main character of the TV series, ‘Dexter.’ However, the connection made between the main character of the TV show and the murder he committed was overblown by the media, said Andrew in an interview in 2012. He was quoted as saying: ‘‘Dexter was just a TV show I watched. The only thing I felt like Dexter was that I felt alone. I felt like nobody wanted me, even though I had friends and I had family. I just felt like I wasn’t any good to anyone.’’ Andrew got sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

• Christopher Scott Wilson, United States (February, 2010)
Allegedly stabbed 17-year old Mackenzie Wilson to death in February of 2010, but has maintained his innocence. Christopher had a fascination with death and serial killers, he even has a tattoo of Hannibal Lecter, a fictional serial killer. He was also interested in the TV series ‘Dexter’ and prosecutors even compared him to the main character. Christopher got sentenced to 14 years.

• Håvard Nyfløt, Norway (February 3, 2010)
Got hired by Shamrez Khan to murder Faiza Ashraf (26) on the 3rd of February, 2010. Håvard kidnapped Faiza at a bus stop and forced her into the trunk of his car. She managed to call the police, but she could not give her exact location. After a while, Håvard stopped the car and told Faiza that he was being hired by someone to kill her, but promised not to harm her. Faiza then described her kidnapper to the police and said the hirer could be Shamrez Khan, a man that was obsessed with marrying her and had been harassing her for the past five years. After around 30 minutes, Håvard opened the trunk again and found Faiza unresponsive, she had suffocated by accident. He did not mean to kill her and said he originally had planned to murder Shamrez instead of Faiza. He got inspired by the TV series ‘Dexter’ and wanted to ‘stop evil’ like the main character does. Håvard got sentenced to 18 years, and Shamrez to 19 years.


Dexter Copycat Killer
Mark Twitchell 

On the 10th of October 2009 in Canada, John Altinger was about to meet a woman he had met on dating site, Plenty Of Fish. However he was about to meet Mark Twitchell. Upon arrival Altinger was knocked out, stabbed to death then dismembered . Graphically he was decapitated and enjoyed using his head a puppet. 

Twitchell was a budding filmmaker and described himself like fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan. On Twitchell’s laptop, authorities found a document labelled “SKConfessions”, SK stood for serial killer. One entry was “I grabbed his jaw with my gloved hand and moved it while making a funny voice to make it look like it was talking, and chuckled to myself at the total silliness of it all”. The story was deemed to graphic for it to be fully shown to the jury. 

The story also described his first failed attempt at murder. This was true and the man was called Gilles Tetreault who had also been lured from the dating site. However he fought back when he got to Twitchell’s garage and managed to escape. 

In 2011, Mark Twitchell was sentenced to 25 years. 

Killing Stalking fanfiction: Bum Masturbating

@eyebagchan @koulej @konekopon @icemiruku I dedicate this to you guys. :) @fictional-serial-killer

Twas the night before shitmas and all through the house, no a creature was stirring except for that country whore. Right in the closet sitting on a hanger next to his sexuality was Sangwoo’s Eminem cosplay.Hot dog! Thought Bum with a strum of his fingers against the lucious man candy’s sweatshirt. He took off everything, and I mean everything and wore only the sweatshirt. Reminds me of that line from Titanic. He thought it was soft as his ex girlfriend from highschool’s hair. Oh no, he couldn’t think of her if he dare.But he did and insta boner. Yoon Bum, you’re a loner. He got on the floor infront of the door hoping when Sangwoo came home he wouldn’t be so alone. Mutual masturbation in the nation of South Korea. Just as he thought, his snake began to be charmed. It looked like a sand mound rather than a mountain. Kinda sad actually. As he stroked his long schlong he began to yodel a familiar Chinese folk toon he learned in the military.
As two office whores were on patrol they heard their mating call. A cop car crashed through the door, getting out of it was two officers dressed as drag queens. Sparkle sparkle. They put down their champagne and began vomiting glitter on each other. That made Bum even more horny. Detective Seungbae and Detective Lee were in synchronization with their flambe van dykes poking through their dresses. Panty shots everywhere. Blush blush. Every single fucking anime has a panty shot. Soon enough all three were ass naked running around the house and rubbing olive oil on their asses to make it super shiny.
Sangwoo walked through the hole in his wall noticing the three naked men. He dropped the bag of groceries and stood in silence. Suddenly the famous gangnum style music video began happening around them. This was a deleted scene and Psy began Gangnum Styling next to them. Copyright Psy 2012. Everyone began screaming the lyrics and soon enough Sangwoo was dressed like Snoop Dawg. Sangwoop Dawg ft. Psy.
Bum woke up from his fever dream and put the coffee down.
“Sangwoo you bitch.”

@nearina you asked for it.

So I’ve been looking through the Pennywise tag and honestly I’m not surprised.

People freaking out over the wave of clown fuckers and any horror fan can tell yall bout the Freddys Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leather face ect fangirls. Fuck I was a Krueger fangirl veteran, I drew my fanart and search the web for any piece of fic I could find.

Main thing is that this ain’t new and as someone who has had my fair share of obsessions over some fictional serial killers, let people have fun. Let them draw their art and write their fanfics.

I’m writing a novel about a serial killer.

I’m always reluctant to “announce” any story I’ve written or idea I’ve had, because usually said story/idea winds up fizzling out and I don’t want to have to deal with people who were genuinely interested getting disappointed. There’s also the fear of my idea being plagiarized. But, in this case, I might as well throw it out here.

Yes, this blog was created for the purpose of learning about Dahmer and other folks who did horrible things, as well as serving as a resource to others. But there is, as with all my interests/obsessions, another motive to my research and analysis.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a writer, it’s what I do. Yeah, I cobbled together a couple of one-shots for AO3, but that just kind of happened.

My real project was at first going to be Citizen Dahmer, the first official biography of Jeffrey Dahmer in 25 years. I’m salty about the differing viewpoints clouding the facts and I wanted to outdo Brian Masters, because who doesn’t want to outdo a posh, overconfident Englishman?

This would be a huge undertaking that would take me years to complete, and seeing that I just started college I don’t think it’s really feasible. Besides that, I’m a storyteller at heart, not a journalist or a scholar or a hotshot millennial college student regurgitating facts on the Internet. (Please God no.)

And so, I will now attempt to organize my thoughts and ideas for you. This is a real thing, not a joke or a mere pitch; I’m on the third draft already, numbering at 54 pages in Google Drive. Don’t get too excited, though, because I don’t know how much of what I’m about to describe will be in the final draft. (Assuming there is a final draft…)

Working Title: “Dark Journey”, most definitely not the official title. The current draft has a title page calling it “Interview With the Serial Killer” but that’s just me trying to be funny.

The Marketing Summary: Adam Jackson Hilliker. 31 year old night watchman. Blonde, blue-eyed, bespectacled. Dresses like a walking thrift store. The neighbors thought he was a nice guy, though a little strange. They had no idea what was really going on.

So when he was arrested after a heavily tattooed man managed to escape his apartment, naturally they were all quite shocked. Preserved body parts litter his home, which had long smelled of something foul. A digital camera containing photos of dead and dissected women only adds to the horror.

The Baltimore Police put the veteran Detective Mattingly in charge of interrogating the suspect. Adam agrees to talk in the hopes of answering the question which has haunted him all his life: Why is he like this?

The Pragmatic Synopsis: A detective is tasked with extracting a confession from a serial killer. The narrative is told primarily through flashbacks, interspersed with scenes of the two conversing in jail.

A lot of Adam’s history is ripped whole cloth from Dahmer’s life. The scenario of his first and second murders are virtually the same, and they both typically drug their victims before strangling them. Readers familiar with Dahmer will also probably pick up on how the two are described in similar ways - steely blue eyes, boyish looks, nerdy glasses, a shy and unassuming manner. In the first draft, Adam’s victims were both male and female, with him being a full-blown splanchophile who was only turned on by the sight of viscera; now he’s basically just a heterosexual Dahmer. A Dahmer/Bundy hybrid, if you will.

It’s more personal than what I usually write. Objects I own appear in the story as objects he owns, and in trying to find the true horror behind his actions, I revisited one of my childhood fears. Specifically, there’s an important scene involving a heavily pregnant teen hooker being drugged and murdered, then having her unborn child cut out of her, because Mr Hilliker read somewhere that a fetus can survive for five minutes in the womb after the mother dies, and he feels a little bit guilty about killing a baby. He then attempts to leave the kid at a hospital, but is stopped almost immediately by a well-meaning neighbor named Persephone. (Symbolic names, anyone?) Forced to invent a story claiming he found the newborn in the trash outside the building, the whole thing becomes neighborhood news, and he is hailed as a hero. In an even more bizarre turn of events, Persephone becomes infatuated with him. I like irony, it’s fun. This stupid subplot also dangerously edges the genre into the realm of the Gothic romance, which will certainly make me more popular among folks who suspect I am “romanticizing” a serial killer. Yay!

While it’s not necessarily graphic or obscene, there are enough detailed descriptions of gore, sex, violence, and sexual violence that those with weaker stomachs would squirm. I tried to avoid being repetitive, so there are only four murders depicted so far, though many more are implied. And… that’s all. I was expecting I would have more to say about it, but without spoilers, this is really it.

Uh, anybody interested? Thoughts? Feedback? Criticism?

I’m gonna say this in a blunt manner.
If you wanna write about fictional “pedophilic” relationships, you can. There is nothing wrong with liking something in fiction. You can write about bestiality and necrophillia and torture and kidnapping and rape. You can write romantic stories about fictional serial killers and sick fucks who’d be behind bars irl.

As long as you STRICTLY keep it in the realm of fiction and leave real people out of it, you are not a bad person. People will find it gross, but you are not a bad person. People will witch hunt you because they don’t understand how someone can read something and not want to do it irl. They don’t understand that viewing something in fiction doesn’t brainwash you into thinking it’s acceptable IRL. These are the same people who don’t bat an eye at violent video games, but harass anyone who even dares to consume stories they deem “problematic.”

Fiction is meant to explore things that cannot and should not ever happen in real life. Fiction is meant to explore the awful things in this world just as much as it is for exploring sweet and innocent fluff and sunshine and rainbows.

You are not wrong for enjoying FICTION.

honestly? you know why so many people connect with villains who they’d never wanna be friends with irl? (like, say, Kylo Ren, who you’d typically avoid at all cost because of his instability and violent outbursts? or Hannibal Lecter, a literal cannibalistic serial killer?) 

fiction makes it safe to engage with that sort of person. It allows us - the audience - to sympathize and interact with a character so morally repugnant, someone we never would in real life. It gives the creators a chance to delve into what makes someone like that tick, to entertain a possibility for redemption that we know would never exist - or be feasible - in real life.