Eggshells Part 1

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: AU Serial Killers Sam and Dean Winchester find themselves in a bind when the Reader gets caught in the cross-hairs of their plans.

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,488

Warnings: Very graphic descriptions of violence, mature themes, death, mentions of death, language, etc. 

A/N: Inspired by my girl @audaciousdean‘s incredible story Sex and Violence

Blood caked his hands so thickly for so long that it’d begun to dry. He starred at the tire-iron in his hands covered in his brutal mistake. The body on the floor in front of him had run out of blood to coat the white tile of the bathroom;  it was no longer recognizable as human. The skull had been bashed in, one relentless blow after another in a fit of black-out madness. He’d only realized what he’d done after the man he’d followed home was past dead. His mind was blank, numb with his own stupidity. He’d never lost this much control. It wasn’t his fault Dean rationalized- this guy just looked so much like him. The way he walked, the way he talked, the smug smile he’d given after his third shot.

Dean shook his head forcing the screams from his mind and attempted to refocus on the mess he’d created. There was no telling how many times he’d beaten the man, no telling how long either. The rage and fire had just consumed him, he hadn’t felt like that before, not since the night it’d all started.

The panic began to set in as the numbness slowly left his fingertips. He dropped the tire-iron and stood, his breath began to quicken as he did everything he could so keep his hysteria at bay. He’d fucked up, and he knew it. He stood over the sink for too long trying to wash the viscous blood from his hands, unsatisfied with the soap unable to cut through the grime as he would have liked.

“Fuck.” He hissed, the longer it took to wash away the evidence the more obvious his situation became. He was in this guy’s house, he’d never done that. He’d never planned on it either. He was just trying to get a drink, then next thing he knew he was in the house turning his brains to human jelly. “Fuck!” He hollered, chastising himself. How the fuck could he have been so goddamned stupid?  He’d never been so blatantly careless before and never so fucking messy either.

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Psycho Killer Chapter Two

Sociopathy Is The New Black

Description: Ah, winter in the City. The snow is falling, the tree is up, Holiday cheer is all around. HA fuck that. It’s just another day in the life of a serial killer. Spending time with the Winchesters has proven to be, interesting. However, a little to much liquor proves to be problematic. How will the reader handle a revelation that shakes her to the core? 

Characters: Serial Killer!Female!Reader x Sam, Dean

Words: 4,154

Warnings: Swearing- lots of it, drunken antics, fourth wall break, reader’s POV

A/N: Here it is! Part Two! I would just like to thank everyone who commented and gave feedback on Psycho Killer, without you guys this would never had happened. I am happy to inform that this will turn into a series (I’m not sure how long just yet). If you want to be tagged, let me know! Italics are colorful commentary. Bold is setting. GIFs are not mine. 

Part One

Day- December 6th / Year- 2011 / Time- 17:38 / Place- Random Diner in Brooklyn

I just remembered why I hate going to New York City. Everyone talks about how amazing New York is, I honestly don’t see it. Manhattan is filled with hoity toity businessmen and their spoiled bratty children, and the worst type of people, tourists. Unless you have a rolex on your wrist or a tiffany engagement ring on your finger, Manhattan isn’t really for you. Brooklyn isn’t any better. It’s all gentrified now with hipsters pretending to be starving artists while living off of their parent’s trust fund. Queens and The Bronx are alright I guess, and nobody comes to New York City because “they really want to see Staten Island”. The whole city has too many people, it’s ridiculous. The people suck, traffic sucks, everything sucks…

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OC Ask Meme - 100 Followers Special

1) Name something they were really afraid of as a kid

2) With which fictional serial killer/psychopath figure could they relate?

3) Languages they’d like to learn/be able to speak?

4) Hidden talents not even themself know about?

5) What would they name their kids?

6) If they do, how often do they masturbate on average?

7) Celebrity crushs?

8) Do they go with the hype or are they always looking for more underground things to like (ex music, movies etc)

9) Any allergies?

10) Yaoi or Yuri?

11) Any fandoms they’re into?

12) Hogwarts house they would fit in?

13) Game Of Thrones house they would fit in?

14) Optimistic or pessimistic?

15) What kind of drugs do they consume regularly? (ex alcohol, cigarettes etc)

16) Do they play any video games?

17) Do they feel comfortable looking other people in the face/in the eyes?

18) Netflix or illegal streaming for free?

19) An emoji/text face they often use

20) A phrase/word/expression they often say without realizing

21) How do they feel about violence against animals?

22) Alcoholic drinks they easily get drunk from?

23) If they had to kill a person, how would they rather do it? (ex stab with a knife, shoot,..)

24) Smells that trigger them/they associate with bad memories/people?

25) How was their first kiss?

26) Oppinion on Manga and Anime?

27) If they could change one thing about their body, what would it be and why?

28) Would they ever agree to go on a blind date?

29) Do they believe in things like magic and supernatural things?

30) If they could have a mythical creature as a pet, what would they choose?

31) Have they ever had a near death experience or did they ever actually die?

32) How do they like to wear their hair?

33) How do they integriat in a group project? What role do they automatically take?

34) Are they afraid of fire or water?

35) Ever watched porn? Did they enjoy it?

34) Songs that relate to their personality and life experiences

35) Do they get stage anxiety or are they comfortable with performing?

36) What do they look for in a good book/movie?

37) What do they look for in a partner?

38) Do they believe in the existence of aliens? How do they feel about this topic?

39) Do they like talking about things like the meaning of life, the universe, god, the end of the world etc?

40) Any specific foods they absolutely hate for some reason and would never eat?

41) Their favorite pizza topping?

42) What zodiac sign are they and can their personality relate to the traits of said signs?

43) What do their dreams look like? Do they have nightmares often? How do they feel?

44) Have they got a green thumb or are they terribly bad at keeping plants alive?

45) If they were given a death note, how would they use it or would they even want to use it?

46) Do they wear socks in bed?

47) Do they wear anything at all in bed or do they sleep naked/in underwear?

48) Would they stand up for their rights/the rights of others and fight discrimination?

49) If they ever attended school, what was their favorite subject and were they good at it?

50) A random fun fact about your character!

What was the point of the whole development of the characters? Like ?????????
The fuck is up with Sherlock????
Why say “could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you? Yes. But do you ache for him?”
oh wait
that’s from Hannibal, a show about the famous fictional cannibalistic serial killer THAT ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH THE GODDAMN OBVIOUS RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE MAIN CHARACTERS.

I drew Nina The Killer. The creepypasta girl thingy.

I’ve actually read her story.
In my opinion, yes, it’s cheesy. But slightly better than Jeff The Killer, eyeless Jack, etc.

From my point of view,, it’s kind of realistic. It’s a real thing. It happened with some 11 year old girls that were obsessed with the Slender man story.

She’s just like that. Obsessive about Jeff The Killer.
Being emo n such. Into creepypasta. Serial killers at a young age. Influenced by all of it. Pressured by bullies. Wild imagination.

All leading to murder, losing sanity and control over her actions. Panicking. Looking over her shoulders all the time.

As well as the Jeff she saw being a hallucination. Symptoms of schizophrenia started, traumas involved.

So even if it is a Jeff The Killer ripoff, I like it a lot better.

Jeff The Killer is a popular and mainstream story.
The serial killer character himself is ok, I do like him as the serial killer character he becomes later on.
But I don’t like his stories. I don’t like the too unrealistic strength he has. I don’t like how they were written.
I like his killer pattern and looks however.

Serial killer Ed Gein in the back of a police car. Gein was the inspiration for a number of famous fictional serial killers, including the most famous - Norman Bates from Psycho. Despite the similarity in terms of the character’s fixation on their mother and the impact their mother had on their development and attitudes towards women, Gein did not keep his mothers preserved dead body in his home - instead he dug up the corpses of similar women and used their body parts to create household items.

Serial Killer

TITLE: Serial Killer


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: Horror (read at your own risk)

FIC SUMMARY: Tom is going on a date.

RATING: M for mature audiences only

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: This is a work of fiction. AU serial killer Tom is a fabric of my imagination. You can imagine him to look like Tom but he’s just a creepy character conjured up in my head. Don’t read if you’re creeped out easily. No ghosts. No monsters. Plain old serial killer Tom. Feedback is much appreciated.

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