Friday The 13th

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has invited Y/N, Bruce, Thor, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, T’Challa, Loki.

Sam: Who came up with the horrible idea to make us stay at the most isolated and creepy camp ever?

Loki: I bet it was Stark, he is known to be quite theatrical.

T’Challa: No, it must have been Clint. He loves this kind of stuff.

Natasha: That’s true but it was not Clint.

Bucky: It was Tony who ushered us here, so him.

Loki: Only someone truly evil would come up with this.

Bruce: It was my idea.

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Dexter Copycat Killer
Mark Twitchell 

On the 10th of October 2009 in Canada, John Altinger was about to meet a woman he had met on dating site, Plenty Of Fish. However he was about to meet Mark Twitchell. Upon arrival Altinger was knocked out, stabbed to death then dismembered . Graphically he was decapitated and enjoyed using his head a puppet. 

Twitchell was a budding filmmaker and described himself like fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan. On Twitchell’s laptop, authorities found a document labelled “SKConfessions”, SK stood for serial killer. One entry was “I grabbed his jaw with my gloved hand and moved it while making a funny voice to make it look like it was talking, and chuckled to myself at the total silliness of it all”. The story was deemed to graphic for it to be fully shown to the jury. 

The story also described his first failed attempt at murder. This was true and the man was called Gilles Tetreault who had also been lured from the dating site. However he fought back when he got to Twitchell’s garage and managed to escape. 

In 2011, Mark Twitchell was sentenced to 25 years. 

OC Ask Meme - 100 Followers Special

1) Name something they were really afraid of as a kid

2) With which fictional serial killer/psychopath figure could they relate?

3) Languages they’d like to learn/be able to speak?

4) Hidden talents not even themself know about?

5) What would they name their kids?

6) If they do, how often do they masturbate on average?

7) Celebrity crushs?

8) Do they go with the hype or are they always looking for more underground things to like (ex music, movies etc)

9) Any allergies?

10) Yaoi or Yuri?

11) Any fandoms they’re into?

12) Hogwarts house they would fit in?

13) Game Of Thrones house they would fit in?

14) Optimistic or pessimistic?

15) What kind of drugs do they consume regularly? (ex alcohol, cigarettes etc)

16) Do they play any video games?

17) Do they feel comfortable looking other people in the face/in the eyes?

18) Netflix or illegal streaming for free?

19) An emoji/text face they often use

20) A phrase/word/expression they often say without realizing

21) How do they feel about violence against animals?

22) Alcoholic drinks they easily get drunk from?

23) If they had to kill a person, how would they rather do it? (ex stab with a knife, shoot,..)

24) Smells that trigger them/they associate with bad memories/people?

25) How was their first kiss?

26) Oppinion on Manga and Anime?

27) If they could change one thing about their body, what would it be and why?

28) Would they ever agree to go on a blind date?

29) Do they believe in things like magic and supernatural things?

30) If they could have a mythical creature as a pet, what would they choose?

31) Have they ever had a near death experience or did they ever actually die?

32) How do they like to wear their hair?

33) How do they integriat in a group project? What role do they automatically take?

34) Are they afraid of fire or water?

35) Ever watched porn? Did they enjoy it?

34) Songs that relate to their personality and life experiences

35) Do they get stage anxiety or are they comfortable with performing?

36) What do they look for in a good book/movie?

37) What do they look for in a partner?

38) Do they believe in the existence of aliens? How do they feel about this topic?

39) Do they like talking about things like the meaning of life, the universe, god, the end of the world etc?

40) Any specific foods they absolutely hate for some reason and would never eat?

41) Their favorite pizza topping?

42) What zodiac sign are they and can their personality relate to the traits of said signs?

43) What do their dreams look like? Do they have nightmares often? How do they feel?

44) Have they got a green thumb or are they terribly bad at keeping plants alive?

45) If they were given a death note, how would they use it or would they even want to use it?

46) Do they wear socks in bed?

47) Do they wear anything at all in bed or do they sleep naked/in underwear?

48) Would they stand up for their rights/the rights of others and fight discrimination?

49) If they ever attended school, what was their favorite subject and were they good at it?

50) A random fun fact about your character!

anonymous asked:

wait, so Sangwoo didn't actually fuck Bum??

Okay here’s the thing. I feel like in the beginning he was fucking Bum bc you can see in some panels he had both hands on Bum or one hand on him and the other hand away so how the hell can he hold a dildo???

I think @fictional-serial-killer made a post about it while I was going through the tag but I can’t find it anymore :(

anonymous asked:

I know this is a bit random, since it's not a fandom you talk about much, but I'd be interested in your thoughts on Erased? Favorite character, etc?

NO THAT’S COOL I love Erased!! I was actually fantasizing about rewatching Erased the other day, for no particular reason except I’m having some kind of full-body weeb breakout. Favorite characters: Satoru, Sachiko, Kayo… Kenya in the ‘not a main character, yes a main grandpa’ tier… okay, I’m going to be honest with you, Yashiro is REALLY funny. Like. I’ve tried to not acknowledge this to myself. But as fictional serial killers go Yashiro is standout.

um. When I was rewatching with @catchaspark and @lambergeier I found myself very irritatingly cracking up EVERY time Satoru accidentally airs his adult self’s opinion. I’m super fond of Satoru. I like the thing with his mom where in the original timeline their relationship legit is kind of broken—it wasn’t like, AMAZING when he was a kid either, though better than most of his social stuff then—and… it’s not… it’s not the result of an obvious failing on either person’s part, it has something to do with cumulative avoidance and not knowing what to change. It’s not something I see so much with parent-child dynamics and it felt really real and gripping. Also in general I like the thing where Satoru simultaneously has the “I’m empty and a fake” narrative that didn’t come from anywhere, that didn’t even begin with abuse, that dominates his childhood and makes his adult perspective lastingly childish, AND he’s a total numbskull. And really impetuous? Not “I’m a fake because of the SUCCESSFUL SHELL PERSONALITY I HOLD BETWEEN MYSELF AND THE WORLD,” because he fucking doesn’t. He’s just. A Fake, and chronically oversharey, with no manipulation ability to speak of.

anonymous asked:

Is it bad to admit that a fictional serial killer hand fetishist is what's prompting me to think about taking better care of my hands?

Fictional is the keyword here. Nothing wrong with taking better care of yourself.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite blogs? (Doesn't necessarily have to be ks blogs)

A lot of my favorite blogs are like, friends of mine’s blogs lol. I’m also weird a like reading people’s personal blogs sometimes???? But of course my favorite blog of all time is my husband’s, @loveyourcrookedneighbour :)

I also really like @ikkakujuu, @ikanai, @fictional-serial-killer and @antisdontdoshit

There are definitely others I’m forgetting but those are some mostly KS-related good ones!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if I'm bothering you or anything but Why the hell am I using fictional serial killers as a coping mechanism? I've been going through a rough patch lately and I've been really depressed but they help me feel better?? I think there's something wrong with me, like this isn't normal??????? Help

Not a bother at all, but honestly… relatable, I mean I could try to explain how I view the problem/solution but through messages because I’d be embarrassed to pour out what I think about it over here lmao but really, there’s nothing wrong with you, don’t worry! (You also don’t just have to IM me for this but if you need someone to talk to, ever, I’m here!) 💞❤️

Hot Actors in Scary Roles

Meet the dreamboat stars who’ve played straight from the history book serial killers, fictional savages and every petrifying thing in-between


The former teen heartthrob is following up a slew of comedic roles with a very sinister turn. He’ll portray real life serial killer Ted Bundy in the the upcoming film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The film will chronicle Bundy, who killed 30 women between 1973 and 1978, through the eyes of his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer.

Source: People

Source: People


Dornan has induced shivers as the show’s Irish serial killer, Paul Spector, since 2013. In 2015, he even admited to stalking a woman in preparation for the role.

Source: People


The Avengers star had a decidely less heroic role in 2002’s Dahmer. The film’s real world subject, Jeffrey Dahmer, killed and dismembered 17 young men before his 1994 prison death. Dahmer’s story will be on the big screen once again this fall in My Friend Dahmer.

Source: People


DiCaprio is reuniting with frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese in an upcoming adaptation of Erik Larson’s nonfiction bestseller The Devil in the White City. The book follows killer H.H. Holmes, who confessed to murdering at least 27 people before his 1896 execution and was suspected of slaying many more. Before the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, Holmes constructed a hotel that was later nicknamed the “Murder Castle,” thanks to the hidden passageways, gas chambers and crematorium where he did his evil deeds.

Source: People


AHS veteran Peters played sadistic hotel-builder James Patrick March in the show’s third season. The sinister character was inspired by H.H. Holmes.

Source: People


Gyllenhaal went full creep in 2014’s Nightcrawler. His character Louis Bloom is a socipathic con man who becomes obsessed with the violent world of crime journalism.

Source: People


The former child star portrayed Norman Bates, the iconic killer from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, for five seasons.

Source: People


McAvoy portrayed a man with 23 different personalities in the 2016 psychological thriller. At least one of these personalities decides to kidnap three young teenage girls and hold them hostage in an underground facility.

Source: People


Hall played Miami’s premiere blood splatter analyst/ serial killer, Dexter Morgan, from 2006 to 2013. The fact that Morgan only took out his bloodlust on fellow killers made him only slightly less horrifying.

Source: People


Damon commits murder and steals an identity as the 1999 film’s con man Tom Ripley.

Source: People


Ulrich’s teenage character ends up being one of the monsters behind the Ghostface mask in the 1996 meta slasher flick.

Source: People


Murphy’s Jackson Rippner (get it?) ensures Rachel McAdams’ character Lisa has the worst flight ever in the 2005 film. While seated next to her on the plane, Jackson reveals that he’s taking Lisa’s father hostage and will kill him unless she helps him assasinate a politician.

Source: People


Mikkelsen played fictional killer cannibal Hannibal Lecter (of Silence of the Lambs fame) for three seasons.

Source: People


In season 2 of the hit show, Quinto’s Dr. Oliver Thredson turns out to be psychotic killer Bloody Face. The villian’s hobbies include skinning his victims and wearing the resulting material as a mask.

Source: People


Bale’s psychopathic yuppie Patrick Bateman terrorizes New York in the 2000 film based on Bret Easton Ellis’ novel.

Source: People

well, this isn’t going to get any more done, so here’s a translation of the DR3 Cast Interview from Otomedia’s winter 2016 issue. thank you so much to @yukiz0me​ for providing scans!

the interview features Minami Takayama (Hajime Hinata), Mai Nakahara (Chisa Yukizome), and Kana Hanazawa (Chiaki Nanami) talking about their roles and DR3′s production. highlights:

  • a personal look into the hell of DR3′s tight production schedule and sadistic staff;
  • kamukura’s portrayal was modeled off of a fictional serial killer;
  • yukizome/hagakure confirmed?? (jk)

any text [in square brackets] is my own note. I apologize for any mishaps in wording…

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Momocon schedule

7:00-Voices of Steven Universe
8:30-The Mystery of Gravity Falls

1:00 Steven Universe Jam Session
4:00-Yuri on Ice
7:00-Pearl’s Secret Panel Career (don’t know what this is about but I think DeeDee is going to be there?)
8:30-SU sing-along and Q and A

2:30 Gemology Steven Universe

Aside from that, I’ll be in the manga library or taking pictures of cosplayers. I plan to upload pics and videos in real time, here and at @fictional-serial-killer.