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MORE Adult Animated Films You Can Watch Instead of Sausage Party
  • Waltz With Bashir: An Israeli animated autobiographical war-documentary film about director Ari Folman attempting to recover repressed memories from his time as a soldier in the Lebanon War of 1982. This is a very dark film that explores many heavy themes throughout. It was actually quite controversial in some Arabian countries, being officially banned in Lebanon.
  • Persepolis: It's about a young girl growing up in the middle of the 1979 Iranian revolution and the political conflicts and government corruption she dealt with at that time, covering mostly the first 20 years of her life. This film was controversial too, with Iranian government only allowing a limited release and Bangkok's International Film Festival dropping it completely, as well as being protested against after an airing on a Tunisian television network, and being completely banned in Lebanon.
  • Mary and Max: A stop motion film about two strangers, an adult with Asperger's Syndrome and a little girl who lives in an abusive environment, who one day become pen-pals. It's actually a very profound film that deals with themes such as friendship, isolation, abuse, suicide, mental illness, and more. The film has many heavy moments as well as many light-hearted and funny ones, having just as much drama as it has comedy.
  • Strange Frame, Love and Sax: A 2012 cutout animated science-fiction musical film starring Tara Strong and Claudia Black, about a lesbian couple from another planet who fall in love after meeting each other while escaping a riot and form a band with an ultimate goal of worldwide fame, but are eventually split apart. Many of the characters in this movie are LGBTQA+, and all of them are of color.
  • A Scanner Darkly: An American animated sci-fi thriller film about a future where America lost the war on drugs and everyone is under constant police surveillance, directed by Richard Linklater and starring Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves, and Winona Ryder, based on Phillip K. Dick's novel of the same name.
  • Waking Life: Also directed by Richard Linklater, an American animated drama documentary about a guy who constantly finds himself placed in various dream-like realities, most of which have people who have conversations with him about philosophical topics questioning the nature of reality and existence itself.
  • Wrinkles/Arrugas: A Spanish animated drama film about a retired bank manager suffering from Alzheimer's who is taken into an assisted living home and makes a new friend, who together try to disguise Emilio's worsening illness from doctors so that they don't transfer him to the top floor.
  • Princess: A Dutch drama film about a missionary named Augustus whose sister, a former porn star named 'Princess', leaves behind her daughter after she dies of a drug overdose. Augustus adopts her daughter and embarks on a violent mission to destroy all existing evidence of Princess's career. Probably the most explicit one of all of these films, not for the faint of heart due to it's themes and graphic nature.
  • Fantastic Planet: French stop-motion film about a group of aliens who get captured and kept as pets by another, more spiritually/technologically advanced species of aliens, but organize a mass rebellion after one of the aliens from the advanced planet educates the other spieces, which is forbidden. This film contains very surreal, psychedelic imagery that's similar to Classic Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and Yellow Submarine.
  • Me: Wow, I'm so glad that I'm not attracted to animated guys anymore. That was a weird phase, haha. I think I've finally matured and am ready for a real relationship with a real man.
  • Also Me: But Nightwing from Young Justice. Shiro from Voltron. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not to mention-
  • Me: Shut your pie hole

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Part of the reason I hate the YOI fandom so much is because how much people IDOLISE ot*y*ri like. It's gross and paedophilic in nature and the disgusting fangirls have harassed me about it and tried to use the fact that Yurio had his "birthday" (it was just the date that Kobu gave him for his birthday) so he was "legal." Like there's so much pedo apology in the fandom and it makes me really uncomfortable.

Ok I’m gonna say my honest opinion on this.

Yurio is 15, born on march 1st, and otabek is 18, born on October 31st. This makes otabek less than than 2 and a half years older than yurio.

As medical student, it upsets me when people call this pedophilia. It is not. Neither is it “technically ephebophilia”. Those two are very serious terms used to categorize two very problematic adult sexual and psychological behavior. They are disorders in which an adult is only or mostly attracted to children or teenagers solely because of their age and youth. It’s disgusting and serious and I need people to not throw those terms around so casually. Those terms are not relevant to this situation.

Now that we cleared that, the arguments against this ship that I can see are:

Idk about Europe but In America, if 18 year old otabek had sex with 15 year old yurio then he could be charged with statutory rape. That makes some people uncomfortable. I understand. Second, a sophomore in highschool and a senior in highschool will likely have a maturity gap, which also makes some people uncomfortable. Ok

My personal opinion? I don’t find the pairing “problematic”. Two teenage boys with about a 2 and ½ year age gap, personally not really a huge deal to me (even more so because theyre animated i guess lol). Furthermore otabek seems to be very respectful and supportive/caring towards yurio and vice versa so I’d like to think their relationship is a very positive one with no emotional or physical abuse. And I am allowed to do so because this is purely a work of fiction. 

Would i be more worried/cautious if this were my actual 15 y/o brother dating a guy 2.5 years older than him? Yes. But since this is a fictional world/people we’re talking about and i have the ability to determine their realities/dynamic, i’m not concerned. 

Also do i think that young girls are gonna see this and go out of their way to go and date older men? Are they really gonna be encouraged by this fictional animated couple to go and find an older boyfriend right now? No, i really honestly do not think so. I dont think that thats the logical thought process in a shippers mind, They’re just here to ship two cute anime boys together. 

I’m not a shipper and I’m not advocating them so I’m not gonna go out of my way to defend otayuri, but I do not personally see them as anything to be up in arms about. Though if you dont want to ship  them that’s fine and i totally get it. 

ANTI-shippers??!?!! Seriously? 😂

So I’m just now finding out that there is actually such a thing as ANTI shippers. This is beyond pitiful. Guys, it’s as if people have run out of ways to bully others and are making up new ways, despite how pathetic their attempts may be. How bored do you have to be in life to be an “anti shipper”? Honestly. I thought that’s what NOTP’s were for? Is it not enough to simply not ship Ereri or not ship Otayuri or whatever other pairings people like to trip balls over? It’s not contributing anything to society. Really it’s not. People who ship Fictional ANIMATED characters are not endorsing anything irl. In fact we join fandoms and get to know each other to escape real life cuz quite frankly it’s boring half the time and just flat out depressing the other half of the time. I’m just confused as to why people feel the need to seek out negativity. I haven’t seen Killing Stalking (I think that’s what it’s called?). Hell it might not even be an anime. It might be a manga. I don’t friggin know. But “Antis” (isn’t it cute how they give themselves a name?) fuss at people who ship the characters in that because for some reason they assume people who ship these fictional characters (with NO IMPACT on real life people) are cool with this shit in real life. By that logic authors who write about murderers and rapists would be considered awful people. But guess what. Most people don’t see things that way because there’s such a thing as growing a pair and dealing with things that make you uncomfortable. The only pairing out of the ones I’ve mentioned that I actually ship is Otayuri, but do I have a problem with Ereri? No not at all. It would be stupid to. Ridiculous actually because at the end of the day it’s fiction. So fellow shippers, please don’t let the Anti’s (lol so cute) get you down. They’re clearly very bored and need a purpose in life and so bullying is what they’ve chosen. They don’t need our judgement. They need to be prayed for. End rant. Good night. God bless. Namaste. Whatever the fuxk.

Ask My Top 3s
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  • 33: Top 3 awesome moments in fiction


The homeless litter the streets. They’re everywhere. I can’t even walk from my car to the office without tripping over them. Someone should do something. I try to never look them in the eye. That’s how they trap you. Sad eyes, empty cup. Hell, with those pathetic looks, some of them probably bring home more than I do.

And now I see more of them with dogs. If you can’t afford to get yourself off the street, why the hell would you make a dog suffer with you? Probably for the pity factor, even if you can steel yourself to ignore the human, the dog will reel you in.

This morning, I accidentally made eye contact with one of them. His eyes were hollow, like someone had pulled all the brains out of his head and his eye sockets had caved in.

“Spare a buck?” His scratchy voice begged.

I stopped, even as I clenched my fist in my pocket, warding off guilt, repelling pity. “No.”

“We used to be somebody. Me and Sparky here, we used to be in the movies.”

I snorted, but I kept listening.

“We used to live in Hollywood, that’s out in California. He was in three different movies. Made a ton of cash.”

“Oh yeah? What happened, old man?”

His rheumy eyes squinted as he looked up at me. “I got sick. Docs and hospitals take a lot of money. Can you spare a ten, so I can get Sparky some proper dog food?”

“How do I know you won’t use it for booze?”

He looked mortified. “I’d rather starve myself than let Sparky here suffer.”

Thing was, I was starting to believe him. My hand unclenched just a little.

“Sparky, sit pretty for the gentleman.” His hands gave a signal.

“Very nice.” My hand opened further in my pocket, and I could feel the twenty I kept there for emergencies.

“Now show the nice man how you can dance.”

“Here.” My hand offered him the money before my brain knew what it was doing.

He grabbed it, quickly, and I could see the smallest amount of light enter his eyes. “Sparky, can you say thanks to the kind stranger?”

I couldn’t think of a thing to say, so I just fell back on my days in retail and told him, “Have a nice day.” I started walking again, calling myself a fool. A few steps later, I looked back and saw him sitting there all alone, with his imaginary dog. But just for a moment, I would have sworn I saw the shadow of a dog on the wall behind him. I was five minutes late, but I was smiling.

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