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Been super busy again this week.  But made sure to get my Fred and George Weasley submission in for the Harry Potter Character Design Challege! Weasley twin power combine

fictional-redheads  asked:

See I think that's the ideal scenario for me with the info we know. Have Emma find out this week however she's gonna find out, have Gideon "torpedo" the Nautilus to the princess adventure, perhaps give him an opportunity to break Snowing's curse, give Emma time to come to terms with it while also going after Killian. There's a lot of potential there without crushing our hearts in angst and pain.

I think the writers do a pretty great job with balancing the angst with romance in the CS story. Not everyone in the fandom is going to like or appreciate what is going to happen but they are going to take us on quite a journey this season!

Here was my warmup from this morning.  Barbara from “Stranger Things”. From the moment she appeared with that frilly collar blouse and her purple Trapperkeeper, I knew I was going to like her.  She surprisingly has developed quite the cult following from the show. I was sad to find out what happened to her in the final episode, but I hope that the creators and writers keep in mind how popular shes become and find a way to bring her back.  Barb you’ll be missed.

What is Redheadssquad?

We’re a tiny network and we all have something in common: Our love for fictional redheads whether they are from anime or video games including orange and red hair.                                                                
This network reblogs redhead posts to support redhead appreciation. So if you’re a graphic / gif maker / drawer and you post something with the focus on a redhead there is a high possibility that we reblog your post.

“What do I have to do to get your support?”

It’s simple: Just tag your post with “redheadssquad“ and I will make sure to queue or reblog it on the network’s page. Our criteria are:

It has to be someone with orange or red hair and from an anime or a video game eg.

Kagami, Hinata (Haikyuu), Ichigo, Joker (Black Butler), Gaara, Karma, Axel, Reno, Neku, Yuzuru Otonashi, Kairi, …

Please don’t tag redheadssquad if the hair color is pink or purple. Pink belongs to whiteheads and purple to blueheads ;).

If you have already existing posts with redheads, of course you can tag them too with “redheadssquad”.

That’s all I’ve got to say right now. Thanks for your attention :).