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Reasons to Be happy if your a DickBabs Shipper:

-I mean Technically They are married In The comic version of Batman Beyond (Not animated) and Have a son Names John
-They are married In Earth 2 and Also Have a son
-They Got married in Convergence.
-Batman Lowkey Ships them.
-In Grayson, the end of the series it is mentioned that the only women dick truly has loved is Barbara
-He will always come back to her.
-The adorable nicknames she has for him (Hunk-Wonder)
-They were announced they will have upcoming movies. UM HELLO? HIGH CHANCE THEY WILL BE IN EACH OTHERS MOVIES.
-They still manage to be friends without things being absolutely awkward
-Remember when dick got a boner when him and Babs were locked in a box together?
-That KISS in Batgirl year one
-Possible romance in Young Justice season 3.
-They unconditional Love for each other causing them to ask advice to each other, Still work in missions together and still one way or another, always, ALWAYS find the route back to each other

Been super busy again this week.  But made sure to get my Fred and George Weasley submission in for the Harry Potter Character Design Challege! Weasley twin power combine

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Does it feel weird knowing you'll soon be Prince Consort of the Enchanted Forest, Captain?

I haven’t really thought about it, since it really is hard to believe. I never thought that I would be royalty. Pirates don’t become princes as a general rule. I’m clearly the exception to that rule. 

Since we’re in Storybrooke and Neal is more likely to inherit the crown from his parents than Emma, I don’t think that title technically will matter. The only title I care about is ‘husband.’ So long as I marry Emma Swan, I’ll be happy. 

Silver Eye - 2x16 - The Blood In The Veins

He woke up again with the sound of the electrocardiogram in his ears. It was so much time he didn’t listen to it and frankly he did not miss it. His eyes had difficulty focusing and every time he opened and closed his eyelids, his vision slowly changed from the desaturated of the silver to the normal colors of the environment.

«Alice, he’s waking up …» the boy heard Dr. Preston’s voice approaching the bed. He took a pen-shaped light and looked at his eyes.
«He is still dazed, but I think he is with us.»
«Silver… can you hear me?» he heard a female voice, Alice’s voice «Tell him no, tell him no… do you understand? » she whispered.
He nodded… then they heard other footsteps coming from the bottom of the room: «Young man! How nice to know that you have woken up so soon.»
Silver sat up with Dr. Preston’s help. Finally, he focused his gaze on Matros’s smiling face.
«I read the doctor’s notes and the shootings of the gym show that the serum we injected to you is too much for you, it’s taking the place of your blood. When the process will be over we won’t be able to do anything to save you. If you want, we can remove it from your body before it happens» said Matros.

«But actually, if…» the doctor could not finish his sentence because Matros interrupted him. «You know how much I care about my agents… I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I just need a yes and you can come back to Italy and have the life you want, maybe start a family out of these walls.»
Silver rolled his eyes around, looked out of the window, then to Dr. Preston’s face and lastly to Alice’s face. They both were praying him with their eyes to say “No”.


Silver Eye - 2x14 - The Gym

They were one in front of the other: Alice had tied her hair behind her head in a chignon, she was wearing a top that showed her abdomen and arms and long pants; Silver instead had a gray T-shirt, a blue helmet on his head and dark gray pants. With the protections on their feet and boxing gloves on, they were on the ring mat surrounded by elastic strings. Dr. Preston was close to Silver’s corner with a notebook and pen.

«I’m going easy on you, Silver. I do not want to send you to the infirmary» she said as he was warming up.
«But I don’t know how to fight, agent Sunners! And then, why don’t you have the helmet?» said the boy.
«You can always run away like a little girl and anyway I think you won’t even be able to touch me.»
«Hey, Silver, try not to get too hurt, okay? Alice has been unbeaten for 5 years and has already knocked out 89 people» Preston said.
«You’re very encouraging, Doctor» exclaimed Silver, perplexed, before putting the mouthguard on. He watched the girl finish her warmth and admired her curves.

Alice was ready, she approached the boy after putting the mouthguard on and stretched out her arms toward him. The boy looked at her dubiously and scratched his head «You have to beat, Silver… the greeting!» whispered the doctor, mimicking the gesture. Then, as he had just awakened, the boy bumbed his own gloves against Alice’s. He had not even the time to say something that Alice hit him with a jab in the forehead.

The boy stepped back to get away and touched his head with the glove. He was about to say something again, but Alice pushed him with another jab. With her back slightly bent, she studied him from between the gloves; as soon as the boy was distracted, he served her a new jab.

«Focus, boy! She’s playing with you at the moment, but I would not get her angry…» Preston said, taking notes.

Two other jabs hit him, and the boy retreated so much that he arrived at the ropes. Alice took a step back, looking at him, and as soon as he moved away from the ropes, she pressed him with a jerk and a hook in his abdomen. The doctor covered his eyes with the notebook while Silver dropped on his knees coughing. He spat out the mouthguard, holding his abdomen in his arms, then closed his eyes. Alice bumped his head with her glove and gestured him to get up, but what he saw was just a pure silver arm shaking in the air.

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As a literati shipper, it’s not that I think Logan FORCED Rory to change per se. I strongly believe that he didn’t know/wasn’t trying to change her because it’s the only version of Rory he knows. I think Rory ALLOWED herself to have him as an influence and change appropriately. We all sometimes have negative influences in our lives that isn’t necessarily the fault of either party. Do you get what I mean?

Oh, yeah, definitely! This is a lot along the lines of my thinking too. I was going from the idea that “Rory only became insufferable when Logan showed up”, which is thankfully not a popular opinion I think. 

Rory in Season 5/part of Season 6 seemed to think Logan wanted her to be a certain way, so tried to change into a way that would please him. The thing is, Logan never wanted her to do that; Rory only thought he did. Logan was quite willing to go along with whatever she had in mind. Like with the yacht and dropping out of Yale and all. Rory had her own stuff going on separate from Logan, and decided to do that stuff on her own. I personally think it was less influence and more lack of communication, you know?

Here was my warmup from this morning.  Barbara from “Stranger Things”. From the moment she appeared with that frilly collar blouse and her purple Trapperkeeper, I knew I was going to like her.  She surprisingly has developed quite the cult following from the show. I was sad to find out what happened to her in the final episode, but I hope that the creators and writers keep in mind how popular shes become and find a way to bring her back.  Barb you’ll be missed.