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Chapter V: The Fall of Dol Guldur (Pt. VII)

“After much discussion, I left Celeborn’s tent for mine. I knew at first light, my last battle would begin. I looked South to a familiar sight—the flames of Orodruin. As they had burned for as long as I could remember, I thought of all that were fighting not far from where so many of my warriors fell beside my father.

“Ada,” I heard behind me. “Might I have a word?”

“Yes, Tarthôn,” I answered as I entered my tent with him.

I sat in my seat beside my table as Tarthôn sat on my chaise nearby.

“What worries you,” I asked.

“You worry me,” he said. “I know what you lost in similar circumstances. I fear you would allow yourself to fall.”

“There is no need to worry,” I said smiling. “I would not do such a thing. I have had plenty of time think on it, but there were far more things I had to live for. You and Legolas, Nenduîl and Tárimë. My people. I worry how it would be should I not return against my will.”

“You will return, Ada. And so will I.”

“Why are you so sure of such things,” I asked.

“Because, I was told,” he said. “Though I have a family of my own, I still in need of a father. You will keep your word you made to Melros. It still ails you.”

“Yes, son,” I answered. “It does.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” he began. “You are as great a father as you are a king. As Legolas, I will keep my word and return home.”

“You are a good son,” I said, remembering Melros’ words to me. “A very good son. I am proud to have raised you. You are much a part of me as Legolas.”

He smiled and bowed to me.

“See you at first light, Ada,” he said. “And when we complete our task, we will ride home together. I love you, Ada.”

“I love you as well, Tarthôn.”

He left me alone to think. Silence demands to be heard—it can be sharper than a blade and more painful. I tried to keep my thoughts from clashing like blades in my mind. I realized I had not fought many wars but one. There had only been times of peace intermingled with battles. When I found a calm within me, the darkness had begun to lighten. It was time once more to wage war with evil.

**** **** **** ****

In the twilight of the coming day, I saw that the elven troops had surrounded the garrison of Dol Guldur. The orcs would use their height to rain arrows down upon us. Aradin had positioned archers a distance away and as high as the crumbling remains of the walls of Dol Guldur. Surrounding Celeborn and Me were shields to deflect arrows away from troops at the slope. At the first ray of light, arrows fell from above and over us. I glanced at Celeborn and he nodded.

“Noro, thî,” he shouted and hundreds of elven warriors ran straight toward the ruins from which orcs ran to meet them in battle. We rode into the fray together—into a fury that created its own winds with the blood of the slaughtered blowing in the air. I swung my sword until the pain was nearly unbearable when all of sudden everything stopped abruptly. I looked around me—not one elf nor one orc moved. They were looking to the south toward Mordor.

Friend and foe stood together watching what seemed out of place to us. We felt the earth rumbling and rolling as a wave on the sea. Orodruin seemed to turn from orange to red then fade to black. Only puffs of dark clouds erupted from it—eventually fading into daylight.

“It is done,” I heard Eldôr say to me. “It is finally done.”

“Perhaps,” Celeborn said. “But what there is left, we must destroy.”

As nothing had happened, the battle continued well into dusk when we found we stood amidst the corpses of orcs and some elves. I began to worry once more—my heart beating so loudly I heard not a word.

“Thranduil,” I heard.

I looked up to see Elranduil with Nimlos and Ardôr, Orísil and Tarthôn. I felt some comfort when I saw Eldôr speaking with Celeborn and Galathil.

“Where is Êlenuil,” I asked. “And his brother Elendôr?

“There,” Elranduil pointed. I looked to see them alive and well, speaking with Aruilos, Elmîr and Fëaluin. When I saw Isílion and Tárion with Haldir, Orophin and Rúmil, I knew our loses were very few. It took me some time to reach land unsoiled by death. When I found my footing night had begun to fall.

“We can rest,” Galathil said. “For the first time, we can rest. The ring has been destroyed.”

“We will return to Mirkwood tomorrow,” I said. “Victorious.”

I went to my tent for the first time feeling thousands of years of darkness no longer weighing down the night as the stars seemed to shine brighter than they have since I was a youth.”–Excerpt from TKWR Book III: To Eryn Lasgalen by J.M.Miller 03-25-17

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.

The Saga of Thranduil

If you are new to The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy by J.M. Miller, the rest of Book II: The Saga of Thranduil is found at @tkwrtrilogy2. Thank you.

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.

The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy by J.M. Miller. © 2015 All Rights Reserved.

Newsfeed #81 March 24, 2016 (24 Súlimë)

It almost Ring Day and Lee Pace’s Birthday: Serendipity

I would have been here sooner (as so much has happened dealing with the story) but I had to deal with a rumor that is the biggest lie in the history of lies on a place like Tumblr and also hate mail and notes on my pages. It is a shame people can hurt someone they never met or even had a conversation without any provocation of truth whatsoever. It hurt me–which was the point–but it did not defeat me. My love for my work outweighs the pettiness of others.

So horrible the near suicidal outcome of it all, I changed the dedication of the entire trilogy. It is now dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien (not my idea but the thought of the Mythopoeic Society) This makes my story a very small part of the Tolkien universe. Still unofficial (no, the rumor that Christopher Tolkien has approved it is false–nicer rumor than I steal fan art to tell my story, which I NEVER have and whenever I speak of artists–those that don’t steal the work of the photographers on the set of the films and change them and say it theirs, but really talented artist that draw their own thing–I ALWAYS give credit.).

So what would have been a weekend of celebrating the completion of Book II has been extended after spending hours of harassment and feeling hurt by so called “friends” I thought were my friends but friends don’t believe rumors–they ask and they never did. I had to move on because Thranduil–my little story–has turned the corner every authors dream of in a world that near impossible to become a part legitimately–The Tolkien Universe.

I do have to give at least one of my muses a gift–Lee Pace. Especially his birthday is the official “Ring Day” of Middle Earth. The day Sam, Frodo and Gollum destroyed the One Ring at Mount Doom. Thranduil and Celeborn were able to bring down Dol Guldur and ironically, the delays actually made if possible for me to be right on that event on the day of Ring Day and Lee Pace’s birthday. Sometimes, not everything bad is bad–at least this time. But I’m very proud of Thranduil. He’s brought his kingdom beyond literary obscurity and into the spotlight mainstream media that has the strong possibility of doing things I never thought possible.–J.

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.

  • Meanwhile at the human collar store…
  • Maven Calore (Red Queen): Hello I'm looking for a collar for my ex-fiancée because I'm obsessed with her and I want to tyrannically rule over the realm with her by my side but she keeps running away from me and I don't know why.
  • King of Adarlan (Throne of Glass): I know just what you need *takes out collar* This collar lets you possess whoever you so choose with a demon that you can control!
  • Maven Calore (RQ): *points to another collar on a nearby shelf* I like the spiky, bedazzled one.
  • King of Adarlan (TOG): Why would you want that? Sure it's just as demeaning and symbolic of how evil and despicable you are. But you could get that at any measly torture device store. It won't even let you unnaturally manipulate someone else’s mind. It literally just has spikes and jewels.
  • Maven Calore (RQ): *wearing all black, listening to FOB, wearing expensive chain necklaces to match his pure gold crown, holding back all his emotions behind his cold, dead heart* It’s my aesthetic.

#iconic duos in toku: writers edition

  • kobayashi yasuko and her clinically depressed protagonists
  • sanjo riku and his blatant bodysharing kink
  • inoue toshiki and his interesting interpretation of what platonic straight male friendship looks like
  • yonemura shoji and his occasional ascension to a realm of fiction most of us cannot hope to comprehend
  • amemiya keita and building a franchise on nothing but self-indulgence
  • urobuchi gen and his 500 unsent fan letters to kobayashi yasuko

As a kid who was constantly sketching and creating original characters, I never drew a single black person until the age of 15 when I made the conscious decision to do so. My default for so long was being plugged into this system where I wasn’t represented, that it just never occurred to me. For preexisting characters I was limited to Storm (who conveniently had straight long light hair, a thin nose, and blue eyes), my favorite singers, or…a self portrait.

So in the realms of fiction and fantasy, representation was abysmal.
My default when it came to having a vision, was fantasy worlds devoid of people who looked like me…almost like I was emulating the majority of fantasy worlds gasp emoticon !!

I’d find whatever scraps I could and jokingly roll with it.
“This character has a tan……she might be part black”
“Fran, from Final Fantasy 12? Obviously a black woman….(or a rabbit human with brown fur)”
“Panthero, yep. He’s black too”
*queue to an 8 year old Odera who legtimately thought Lara Croft was simply a light skinned black woman kicking ass and adventuring*

So with that in mind, today I want to celebrate the works of the illustration legends Leo & Diane Dillon.
I actually hadn’t heard of them until I started to study illustration at RISD! So when I look at the Dillons’ vast and glorious body of work I think: These are the types of images I would have absolutely loved to see as a child. Works that show that black lives matter and can thrive in the real world and fictional worlds.
We can be singers and athletes, but we can also be knights, magicians, and limitless.

I’m lifting the ban for artists submit to Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen. Mostly because a known Tolkien artist is interested in me using their work (gee, asking me if I would do it–knows I use film stills–how unusual for some to do research rather than accuse). I’m doing that because now I’m going to have to move the books eventually to a website (and several designers have come up along with, interestingly, cover artists wanting me to use their work). Not anytime soon, so I wouldn’t worry. Moving 10 blogs to a website is time consuming and somewhat expensive and everything is revolving around Thranduil at the moment–reason for the move. I see “official” blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages soon. Seems the “accusations” about me had the opposite effect. On the contrary. It actually helped. The downside is now everyone wants the book published–including those close to Tolkien’s children and the Estate. I think some of that is excitement over Haldir’s recent return and the return of The King.

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Honestly I’m just consuming too much good media right now. I’m basically in a constant state of “HOLY SHIT”

Reaching the end of the Hunter Exam arc of Hunter X Hunter? HOLY SHIT

Latest Steven Universe episode? HOLY SHIT

The entirety of Breath of the Wild? HOLY SHIT

First episode of the new Samurai Jack season? HOLY SHIT

2017 is making a tiny bit of a comeback

Fluttering Realization

Soulmate AU. Everyone is born with wing tattoos, but when you meet your soulmate they transform.

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1591

I had a request for this one from kcdiz. I hope you like it!

You flipped to the next page of your book as you leaned over to pick your mug off of the table. Droplets of rain were beating down on the large glass windows of the coffee shop, and you were perched in your favourite plush chair in the corner of the store. There were a few other people sitting and chatting. You spent a lot of your free time here, diving into your fictional realms, and occasionally people watching. One thing that you loved to look for was other people’s wings.

Everyone was born with a set of wings. Starting off they were just an outline, some small and elegant, others large and almost intimidating. Later in life they would start to develop colour, forming their own unique traits. You had seen so many beautiful pairs, there were butterfly wings, birds, even bumble bee like ones. The set on your back was smaller and simple. The feathers long and appearing like they were tucked behind you. While a lot of other people’s were extravagantly coloured with warm hues and flashy colours, yours were a basic charcoal black.

Wings were special to each person, except that there was one other that shared the exact same pair. Your soulmate. The amazing part was when you first came in the vicinity of your soulmate.

The once solid outlines would start to transform from a flat picture to three dimensional. The wings would start to flutter and become another appendage of the person.

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Dean & Cas | A Legendary Love

I created this fanvid as a love letter to both Destiel and to the amazing fanbase that has shared their passion for Dean and Cas’ relationship through multitudes of stories, artwork, and songs. It’s been a rocky road at times, but I wanted to remind myself of why I started shipping Destiel in the first place…and why I still believe that, within the fictional realm, it’s the greatest love story ever told.

The volume is pretty quiet through my laptop speakers, so headphones or decent speakers are highly recommended.

Song is “Mars” by Nick Ingman and Terry Devine-King.