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So I have basically finished all of my stuff for class until finals so I have downtime, but I feel useless when I’m not doing things for school. How do I stop this?

Read a book. Reading is a relatively “school” like activity that has a start and finish and can take up as much time as you want it to. I suggest “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern, “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margret Atwood, and “Emma” by Jane Austen for those that enjoy fiction and “Then Comes Marriage” by Roberta Kaplan, “Never Have Your Dog Stuffed” by Alan Alda, and “The Princess Diarist” by Carrie Fisher for those that enjoy non fiction. Of course there are plenty of people who don’t enjoy reading, so audiobooks are a good alternative. Also, video games, especially those that are campaign based are excellent for this. I suggest any Legend of Zelda game, “Life Is Strange,” “Castlevania” and “Super Metroid.”

Just Wait

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-shot

Warnings: Starts out angsty, with some arguing and swearing, but mostly just a fluff piece with a happy ending.

Word Count: 1,583

Summary: A sad Tom doesn’t want you to go out of town for work, which leads from an argument to a much bigger, more important question. Small mention of jealous!Tom over Chris Evans.

A/N: Haven’t written in a while, but this little one-shot popped into my head last night and I just had to bring it to life. :) Enjoy! (Not my gif, obviously)

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You had found over the many years with Tom, that it was never good when he was quiet. It meant that every gear in that beautiful head of his was turning. Calculating. Drawing conclusions without merit.

In many ways, you noticed that he paralleled his infamous character Loki. In that, he was calculated, measured, and observant. This was one of those observant times.

So, it was no surprise to you that as you came into your home and began shedding your jacket, Tom’s voice carried across the room barely above a whisper, and cool beyond belief.

“Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

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Moonlit: Kim Taehyung x Royalty AU

Moonlit: Kim Taehyung

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Arranged Marriages/Royalty/Princes

Author: Taettybear

Words: 5.5 k


You ignored Christine’s shrill scream, climbing even higher onto the tree, your hands stinging slightly from the scratches made by the branches you grabbed to hoist yourself up.

The pain was nothing compared to what you were trying to escape from. You looked back down, only feeling a small tug of guilt as you saw Christine, your life long maid’s face staring up at you in horror.


You rolled your eyes, moving to sit comfortably on a branch, hiking up your long, heavy dress up so you could swing your legs.

“Mother and Father will care less. Currently, they are too concerned meeting up with the neighboring Queen and King to even care about their daughter that they’ll be sending off to marry a bratty prince,” you spat, moving your eyes to the horizon where you could see the vast, blue ocean spread.

Your country, although small, it was a place you prided from the bottom of your heart. Located right by the ocean, you were always surrounded by the salty breeze and the sounds of waves hitting the shores.

You loved it there. And you didn’t ever want to go away.

But your wish wasn’t going to come true because you were going to be forced to marry a prince within a month.

A man you have never met.

And this was information you had just learned that morning. And it was the reason why you were having a tantrum by climbing up the ancient apple tree.

“Y/N, are you seriously doing this right now?”

Your eyes shifted down to the ground where you saw a new figure standing beside Christine. 

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The war between our Love (Loki x Reader) Chapter One: The Princess of Bevollion

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Note: Loki is angry. Odin doesn’t care, and Thor cares too much.

Words: 1585 

The second Prince of Asgard held a scowl on his face, it had been there since he heard the news he wasn’t happy to hear. He was storming down the hallways of the palace towards the Throne room where his ‘father’ was. His eldest brother was not far behind him looking worried that his brother might level the entire land of Asgard. “Brother, please calm down.” Thor spoke softly. “Don’t tell me to calm down Thor.” Loki spat to Thor looking back to him with darkness swirling in his eyes. “You aren’t being forced into marriage.” He huffed before ripping open the doors to the Throne room where Odin sat.

“Well well if it isn’t my two sons.” Odin smiled as Loki’s eyes darkened more with hatred. “I am not your son. You cannot sell me out for marriage as a peace treaty.” Loki hissed his anger as Odin frowned. “If I do not, then war will happen.” Odin growled. “That is of no concern of mine you fool.” Loki growled back. “As far as they know you are my son. This is your punishment as well.” Odin said leaning back in his chair as Loki gritted his teeth. “You can’t make me.” Loki fired back. “You don’t have a choice in the matter. She comes tomorrow which you will be betrothed.” Odin said. “Not another word Loki.” Odin clenched his fist when Loki huffed.

Loki glared daggers to the man placed on the Throne. He wasn’t a father, he would never be Loki’s father. Sadly, Odin was right, since he is the Prince of Asgard Odin has a say in who he is to marry. Loki turned around before storming out of the room feeling the darkness threatening to consume him as he walked down the halls. Maids, and other folk stepped out of the Prince’s way in fear of the black aura surrounding his scowling face. Once again Thor was trailing along behind him before he dared himself and placed a hand onto the trickster’s shoulder. “Brother, please–” Thor turned Loki around as Loki swatted his hands away.

“Leave me,” Loki growled stepping closer to Thor. “Alone.” He hissed the word as Thor’s stubbornness wouldn’t allow Loki to be alone. “You never understand. You might desire this woman.” He said making Loki roll his eyes. “Odin said I was marrying her. He never said I had to desire and care for her.” Loki spat making Thor’s jaw clench. “Then there is no point in this marriage.” Thor countered as Loki placed a hand onto Thor’s chest. “Now you’re understanding it.” Loki grinned sickly as he patted Thor’s chest before he walked back to his room. He refused to eat that night, he had lost his appetite and he did not wish to be in the presence of Odin.

Loki sat alone in his room in the coldness of the night as he glared down to his hands in silence. “Bastard.” He growled more to himself than anything when he gazed out to the pale moonlight. He let out a small sigh running his fingers through his hair thinking of what tomorrow may bring. He stood up thinking about how his mother wouldn’t allow this to happen, but he knew she was no longer here. Whatever Odin wanted, Odin got even if it was at the cost of others. To his surprise he felt a tear dripped down his face as his eyes widened when he brushed away the salted liquid. He swallowed thickly before he got up from the chair before laying down on his bed.

Someone knocked on his door making him jolt slightly. “My Lord, are you going to eat tonight?” A small voice asked softly. “No, I shall be fine.” He called back before turning on his bed to face away from the door. His voice was slightly strained from holding back his emotions as he let out a shaky sigh. His eyelids felt heavy as he tried to stay awake for as long as he could, because if he dared to close his eyes then his life would be over. He didn’t want to wake up, he didn’t want tomorrow to come, but sadly fate as it is sleep had claimed him without a second thought making his body relax in the blissful unconscious state.

Then it was morning must to Loki’s disapproval when he noticed a figure towering over him as his blurred eyes readjusted to see Thor standing there. He held a tray in his hands as he placed it on the table by Loki’s bed when Loki took notice of the angered look on his face. “You never came to dinner last night.” Thor said in a stern tone as Loki sat up looking down. “I wasn’t hungry.” He countered as Thor frowned softly. “Well you are told to eat now. The Princess of Bevollion will be here momentarily.” He said watching Loki grit his teeth. “Please eat.” Thor whispered before he walked out as Loki huffed looking to the tray when he started to eat.

Loki washed up and got dressed when there was a knock at the door before it gently opened. “My Lord, you are requested in the Throne room.” A young woman said as Loki stood staring expressionless in front of his mirror. “So be it.” He whispered to himself before following the woman who gave him a weary smile. “She is beautiful my lord.” She said trying to make conversation. “I don’t care.” Loki huffed before soon she opened the doors to the Throne room. The entire room has been decorated for the occasion when Loki slowly made his way towards the Throne seeing Thor smiling softly to him while Odin glares from his seat.

Loki noticed a woman who had a veil over her face when two women behind her pulled it back as Loki’s eyes widened for a moment. She was… breathtaking. Her hair was the most beautiful shade, her eyes piercing yet playful at the same time and her lips the perfect hue of pink. This couldn’t be the woman he was to marry as he walked up to Odin who gestures to the woman. “Loki, I want you to meet (Y/N) of Bevollion. She is the daughter of (F/N). She is the one who you are to be wedded to.” He said as Loki looked at her. For the first time in his life he was actually speechless by such a beautiful creature who stood before him dressed in white.

It made her look even more breathtaking, she looked like an angel that stepped out of the heavens themselves. It made the organ that pumped blood through his system clench in desperation to figure a way to get out of this. For once, he did not wish for war, and if this marriage didn’t work he would once again be blamed for the consequences. It didn’t matter that he was forced into this wedding, it only mattered if he stopped the war. His mind was racing with thoughts, with actions, but none of them ended well for anyone, especially not him. He glanced back to the woman thinking how beautiful she was and how he wanted to touch her.

No, he would not fall for the likes of her. She isn’t of his race and he refused this mainly because he was being forced into all of this, yet he couldn’t help but notice the gentleness of her expression. It made him want to keep her safe and make sure nothing ever placed her in harm’s way. He felt this tingling feeling on his skin as he stood in front of her. It was almost as if he was standing in front of the sun with the warmth that radiated off her. He held back a shudder that coursed its way up his spine as he watched her every movement like he was studying her. He was getting lost in her eyes as felt his entire foundation crack under him in her presence.

That’s when the priest cleared his throat when Loki suddenly remembered what was happening. Once again he wasn’t happy with the turn of events, as beautiful as she was he didn’t want to marry her. He didn’t want this, he wanted to scream, fight back, but he could do nothing as the priest spat out the words of the holy matrimony. Loki felt like there was a knife being shoved down his throat as he forced himself to swallow. They were given rings when he noticed the glittering tears welling in her eyes as she slid the ring onto his finger.

It felt cold, colder than his own skin when he picked up her ring and slid it onto her finger as he watched her. The expression mirrored his own, she didn’t want this as much as he did, yet there was nothing that either of them could do. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest called. There was nothing good about this situation, they don’t know each other. They’ve never heard each other's’ voices, nor do they know how this will in the end play out. They woke up and were forced into the marriage at the break of dawn with no will to fight back against this. Their marriage was the treaty. He placed his hand onto her cheek before his lips pressed against her own making it seal their fate as one.

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Author’s Note: I have a lot of ideas for this one! I hope you liked the first chapter! If you wished to be tagged please ask! :D 

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write:

The thing about her is that she was never the one who’d settle down with him. She was never the one who’d hold anybody’s hand in public or come out to some fancy restaurant to make small talk, or have you over for dinner to meet her parents, and she certainly wasn’t the girl who’d be standing next to him at the alter wondering if she made the right choice.

No. Instead, she was the girl who’d spontaneously make out with him as four different brands of liquor flowed through their veins. She’s the girl who could make him laugh, cry and love all at the same time. The girl who’s mere existence was a roller-coaster of highs and lows, ups and downs. She’ll be the girl who runs through his mind twenty years from now as he clambers into bed yet again with his boring middle class wife in their monotonous house on the cusp of this deadbeat town. He knows in that moment, he’ll be thinking of her.

Change Is Gonna Come

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: Part I of II, or can be read as a One-shot.

Warnings: Explicit language, pregnancy, mentions of sex. Some sweet fluff, for now.

Word Count: 1,310

Summary: You find out you’re pregnant while abroad for work, and tell Tom after a month of being apart.

A/N: This is going to be a two-part story, but you could read this as a one-shot and just take it for what it is, if you like. :) Enjoy! (Gif not mine!)

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You and Tom weren’t even actively trying to conceive, it had just happened. After years of long distance, FaceTime calls, dreaming and scheming about the future late at night when only the stars were awake – suddenly it was all a reality. You were pregnant.

You found out one night while you were abroad for work, and had last seen Tom a month ago in London. You were hardly even with him for 24 hours, just a quick trip before you went back to Berlin. You remember lying in the hotel bed late one night, thinking to yourself, it’s been a while since I last had my period. Sitting up abruptly, you opened your period tracker app to find that your hunch was right – you were eight days late.

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“In fantasy fiction divorce is often shown as a bad thing–”


“Nobody’s lives just fit together. Fitting together is something you work at. It’s something you make happen - because you love each other.”

I think people forget that love, just like everything else , is something you have to work at everyday.

p.s. that’s my wedding bouquet 😍

The war between our love (Loki x Reader) Chapter Two: This is our lives now..

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Note: Arguing, having to pretend to be in love.

Words: 1605

Loki felt something spark behind his eyes, but he refused to give in as he pulled away from the woman before looking to Odin. “The peace between the Bevollions and the Asgardians has been resort!” His voice boomed as the people of the two races smiled to each other. Yet the bride and groom glared to each other, there was no happiness to be celebrated on this occasion. “We will come back in two weeks.” (Y/N)’s father spoke. “I want to see how your love has developed.” He grins as (Y/N) looks to her father with pleading eyes, but he kissed her forehead before turning to Odin. “I shall see you then.” Odin nods as they leave.

Loki looked to the ground clenching his fists when he heard Odin clear his throat. “In two weeks you better be in love, or at least act like it.” He growled before Loki sighed. Thor watched Loki step towards the door as (Y/N) stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. “Loki, shouldn’t you show your wife to her room.” Thor said as Loki stopped before glaring back to Thor when he nods. “I guess.” He said before walking back over as he offered his arm to her which she hesitantly took. They walked out of the room in silence as she covers her mouth looking away from Loki when he glances over to her noticing tears.

His expression softens seeing the tears sliding down her cheek when he opened the door to his room as she looked around. “This is our room.” He said as they both winced at the ‘our’ part. “I shall have someone bring your belongs here.” He said as she nods numbly. “Yes, well.” He said not looking at her. “Loki, you know we are in the same boat. Right?” She asked finally speaking and much to Loki’s shock his heart… fluttered at the sound. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I don’t want this, you don’t want this. We both don’t want to be married.” She said as Loki nods. “But there is nothing we can do is there?” She asked softly removing her hand from his arm.

“I’m afraid not.” He said gently swallowing what felt like fire itself. “Not unless we want war between our worlds.” She whispered as he nods despite her back being towards him. “This is just great.” She laughed dryly as he looked over to her. “I am forced from my home that I’ve known. Into an unknown land, married to a man who is considered a criminal.” She said as Loki gritted his teeth. “Oh yes, because this is exactly what I wanted. Another woman of a race I’ve never even heard of.” He spat back as she turned around glaring at him. “You have murdered. There is blood on your hands!” She countered back.

“You think I don’t know! You think I haven’t scrubbed my skin raw in hopes that the damn screams will finally give me peace.” He snarled as her eyes widened for a moment. “This is exactly what I knew would happen. No matter what, people will always judge me based on my past.” He huffed feeling hurt when he shook his head. “Get someone to get your belongs. Do whatever you please. We are married, but I shall never love you. Ever.” He growled before storming out of the room as he slammed the door feeling his heart being stabbed. He pushed himself off the door before he walked down the halls of the palace towards the Garden.

He needed to calm down, he needed to breathe. This wasn’t going to get them anywhere if they fight like this constantly. Deep down Loki was relieved that he spoke what his heart needed to let out. The voices of his victims plagued him at night, but he never told a soul until today. It felt like there was a weight lifted off his shoulder when suddenly his body began to tremble. He held himself as he snapped his eyes shut refusing to allow his emotions out in the public. He couldn’t return to his room, because she was there and the look of anger on her face tightened in his chest. He heard movement behind him as he turned around expecting Thor only to see her.

“What do you want?” He spat harshly. “Look, we won’t get anywhere with this marriage if this is how we’re going to act.” She said calmly as Loki turned away. “I am a monster, I could never love someone.” He said standing up. “Your father said in two weeks he’ll come back to see how we’ve progressed. I have a feeling we’ll be at each other’s throats until the end of one of our lives.” He explained as she remained silent. “Our best course of action is to pretend when your father arrives that for a moment I don’t detest you and you don’t detest me so that we don’t cause another war to break out.” He said when she walked over to him standing behind him.

“You are the God of Chaos, I tend to think that you of all people would love war.” She placed a hand onto his back when he jerked away as if her touch burned him. “You think ill of me.” He said gently. His voice was soft, like he wasn’t sure of the words himself before he shook his head. “Leave me.” He said as she frowned. “Loki, I–” She started. “I said leave me.” He hissed watching as she grits her teeth before storming away as he sighed softly covering his face. “Don’t say a word Thor.” Loki spoke up noticing Thor standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. “You are really bad at being a husband.” He said walking over towards him.

Loki rolls his eyes looking back to his brother as Thor sat down next to him. “You aren’t a very good listen. I guess we are both out of luck.” He huffed. “I’m merely saying Brother. I mean this woman was forced to leave everything she’s ever known. She’s afraid, she is only defending what she knows. You are not helping her by attacking back Loki.” Thor explained. “So I am to just allow her to talk down on me. If I wanted that I could have married Odin himself.” Loki spat angrily as Thor placed his hands onto Loki’s shoulder. “That is not what I am saying. Stop twisting my words Brother. I am saying try and get to know her. Show her a new Loki.” He said.

“What if there is no ‘new’ Loki to show?” Loki asked as Thor looks in his eyes. “Then make a new one to show.” He said as Loki remained silent. For once in his brother’s life he actually was making sense as Loki let out a sigh. “Make her stay here comfortable. I mean at least you now have someone right?” Thor offered as Loki’s scowl returned. “Ah yes, because I wanted to be forced to marry someone so I am not alone for the rest of my life.” Loki stood up before walking away as Thor sighed running a hand down his face. Loki walked towards the library, he just needed to clear his mind when realization hit him like a brick wall.

Maybe Thor was right, if it wasn’t for Odin forcing this marriage onto him, maybe he would die alone. Solitude was the only thing he’s ever known and now he doesn’t have that anymore. Was he getting defensive, because he knows nothing else? Was it because he’s afraid to fall in love? His thoughts were stopped when he walked into the library noticing (Y/N) sitting in one of the chairs reading. She looked up to him as her expression softened when he looked down to the floor hoping that it would swallow him. “I’m sorry.” She spoke as he looked up to her. “My actions earlier were uncalled for. I shouldn’t have said it.” She said.

“I did not help the situation, but I am trying to change. It’s harder whenever you try and someone still kicks you while you are down. However, we cannot continue going like this. In the end it will lead to war.” He said as she nods. “It won’t be easy.” She said when a smirk danced across his lips. “No one my darling, ever said it would be.” He said as her face flushes at the term of endearment when she smiled softly. “Let us get acquainted so that this marriage may somehow work. At least around our family.” He said as she nods before gesturing to the chair beside her. “Come sit by me, Husband.” She said before making a face at the word as he walked over to her.

They barely spoke to anyone, much less each other for the rest of the day. At dinner Loki refused to speak to Odin, (Y/N) was too afraid to say anything, because she just wanted to go home. After they washed up they were standing on either side of the bed watching each other in silence. “Good night.” He spoke up moving the covers back as he sat down when she mirrored his movements. “Good night.” She said softly before they both laid down facing away from each other. There was no light in the room, there was nothing but the sounds of their own breathing and despite how tired they felt neither one of them could fall asleep. “This is our life now.” Loki broke the silence.

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Author’s Note: (O///A\\O) *looks at comments and people asking to be tagged* Thank you all so much! I’m glad you like this story! I’m really excited for it! All of your comments made me smile! I hope you have a wonderful day, or night! :D

Ayobami Adebayo’s debut novel, Stay with Me, begins in the midst of Nigeria’s political turmoil in the 1980s. It tells the story of Yejide and Akin, a couple who will do anything to have a child — including trying to find love with others.

“They live in a society where having children validates not just the individual but the marriage itself,” Adebayo tells NPR.

The novel has been shortlisted for the 2017 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction.

‘Stay With Me’ Is A Novel Of Commitment, Culture And The Struggle To Conceive

Image: Emily Bogle/NPR

Future Mrs. Stark- Part Three

Words: 2,045
Arranged Marriage AU
Tony Stark x Reader
Part 1 / Part 2 

I’ve had a few requests for a part three of this story over the past couple months and I always known how I wanted the next piece to start, but didn’t have an ending until today. So here is the long awaited Part 3, with a Part 4 coming soon! (Feel free to submit a request if there is any particular scenario you’d like to see played out in this story!)

“Are you sure this is the place?” Your family driver asked, looking back at you through the rearview mirror. You looked out the car to the crowded streets. There were rows as far as you could see of cars double parked on either side of the road. Amongst the cars, sidewalks and houses an ocean of people walked in small groups.  

“The address Tony gave me is about a half block from here.” You explained to the driver as you gathered your things. “But I can manage the walk!” You insisted as you clambered out of the vehicle. “Tony’s bringing me home, I’ll see you in a few days!” Your shouting was barely audible over the jumbled mess of the crowd and if the driver hollered something back, you couldn’t hear it.  

You could hardly believe that all of these people were gathered around for a college party. The street was ridiculously packed with students in costumes all walking towards the same house as you. There was so much else going on you doubted that you stood out with a dufflebag slung over one shoulder and your purse slung over the other. Six houses down from where your driver had dropped you off was the address Tony had sent you. It was a blue single-family house and was probably a beautiful Victorian style but you couldn’t see the house or much else besides the party goers. The line to get into the party stretched back three houses. You somehow managed to weave your way to the front of the line.  

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The Course of Honour - Avoliot - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he’s learned.

Looking for a long, m/m arranged marriage love story in which space princes awkwardly fail to communicate but help each other get over past trauma anyway? What a coincidence, I have one right here. Not looking for one? I have it here anyway! Please take it away, I need to stop tweaking it, I have to go outside at some point this year. Updates at least weekly, usually twice a week!

What is it that causes us to fall in love? We are met with those first, initial glimpses– a kind of curiosity, a longing for that which is both familiar and unknown in the other. And then comes the surprise of discovery; we share certain aspirations, certain appreciations, and that which is different excites us. Before each other, we are moved to bravery and we come to reveal more and more of ourselves, and when we do, those very traits that caused us some embarrassment or shame become beautiful in ways we did not understand before, and the entire world becomes more beautiful for it. There are, too, those intimate and nearly primitive stirrings, the scent of the neck, the delicious tremble of skin and breath. Yet for all their pleasures, they are as tenuous as light and air, and demand no fidelity.

And then there is this: Does not love depend on some belief in the future, some expectation beyond the delight of the moment? We fall in love because we imagine a certain life together. We will marry. We will laugh and dance together. We will have children.

When expectation falls to ruins, what is there left for love?

—  Eowyn Ivey, To The Bright Edge of the World

Right, so I know I haven’t posted anything on my over-sized WIP since April, but here I am starting another fic that I have absolutely no business getting into. At least this one should be shorter than the other (famous last words). Sorry.

Title: Mis-Matched
Rating: M (this is subject to change at the whim of the author’s muses)
Characters: Loki, Sigyn, Frigga, Theoric, and various supporting OCs
Description: This is an attempt to fill the propmt requested by @someillplanetreigns (and now I can’t even tag you!): “you asked for prompts and pairings - I would like to humbly beg for more Logyn? I don’t have a great prompt, but this odd thought is in my head about a way to make the comic plot about Theoric and the marriage into something about marriage by proxy? Maybe something like Loki has the duty of proxy-marrying Sigyn cos Theoric’s in the army, and totally plays everyone by going the whole hog and appearing as Theoric, but then Sigyn, who thought Theoric was dull as ditchwater and Loki is… well, y’know, Loki.”
I’m not sure this is precisely what you wanted, so I apologize in advance for my wayward muses – Loki does what he wants.
Chapter: 1 of 2?
Acknowledgements: thank you @icybluepenguin for serving as one of my favorite institgaors and sounding boards – you rock!


Mis-Matched, Part 1

Herr Braggison loomed over Sigyn as she slunk down lower into the chair, nose buried deep in her book, brown hands clutching the pages tighter as he moved closer.

“Sigyn — I just received a letter from the All-mother.”


“Apparently, the fighting at the front has become entrenched.”




“Put the book down and look at me when I speak to you.”

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The Carriage House, ch 4: A Little Problem Or Two


Chapter 4 read on AO3

It’s the night of Vera’s house warming barbecue, and Bellamy and Clarke have to put on a show, and pretend they’re really married. In front of EVERY BODY. Even Clarke’s MOTHER.

They’ve never even kissed.

“We have a problem.”

Bellamy turned from the giant batch of guacamole he was making to look at Clarke. She was dressed in a pale blue sundress for the housewarming barbecue and her bare shoulders made his mouth water. But he could focus. “What problem do we have?” He had learned his lesson. Nothing was easy. And this housewarming extravaganza that Vera was hosting, inviting all their friends and all her “kids” was going to kill him.

“My mom is in town.”

“Your mom.” Bellamy knew that Clarke loved her mom and loved to see her, but she lived in DC, and was very busy with her work as a surgeon and her charities and her whatever else it was that society people did in DC. He wasn’t quite sure. “Why is this a problem?”

“Well, my mom has a very… uhm… clear sense of right and wrong.”

“Good. I share that with her. Morals are good.”

“Yeah. Uhm. But she really hates lying.”

Bellamy blinked. He was beginning to see the problem. “No, Clarke.”

“I told her we were dating. She’s okay with the marriage fudge, her mother was very conservative and didn’t always understand more modern ways of doing things.”

“Clarke. Your mother thinks we’re living together. As a couple. Romantically. Your mother.”

“Why is that worse than Vera?”

“Because she’s your mother. Holidays. Visits. Your future. Grandchildren!”

“Grandchildren!” Clarke snorted. “You’re taking it too far. We’ve never even kissed.”

“Yeah. And now we have to pretend to be MARRIED and legitimately romantically involved, not only in front of the landlord but also our assistant principal and YOUR MOTHER.”

“And the school superintendent.”

“The superintendent is coming to our housewarming party? Why is the school superintendent coming to our housewarming party?”

“Jaha. You know, he’s the one that suggested this house and recommended us and I grew up with his son. I used to make pillow forts in his family room. He goes to Vera’s church or something.” She wouldn’t look him in the eye.

Everything he’d heard about this housewarming party made him dread it more and more. It would have been fine with just their friends. They were in on the ruse. But this was huge. This was everyone. He braced himself on the counter and hung his head. This was too much. “We have to pretend to be married in front of everyone all night long, and do it convincingly. Clarke.”

“Bellamy, we’re great together. We just have to be ourselves. We don’t have to put anything on. We’re close already. We’re partners. We’re together. It’s going to be easy.”

He turned around and glared at her. “We have to pretend to be…” the words were so hard to say. “…In love.” He ground his teeth together. “And we’ve never even kissed.”

He watched emotions flit across her face and for once, he couldn’t really figure out what was going on in her head. She was a mystery. “We can fix that,” she said, and stepped up to him.

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Future Mrs. Stark - 30 Day Challenge - Day 2

Word Count:828
Prompt: Arranged Marriage AU
Tony Stark x Reader 

 I was going to do Bruce Wayne for this one, but changed my mind to Tony afterwards because he’s a lot less broody. I loved this idea and will definitely be adding more parts to “Future Mrs. Stark” later on! 

“So basically you’re telling me that for my sixteenth birthday, you’re giving me an arranged marriage?” You exclaimed. You glared down at the offensive documents your parents had just presented you. A gold string was tied around them and they’d been encased in an impeccably wrapped shirt box. It clearly wasn’t what you had expected.

“Don’t be so dramatic.” You looked up at your mother just in time to see her roll her eyes. “The term ‘arranged marriage’ is antique! You make it sound as if we’ve traded you off for a cow and a life time supply of grain!” She wasn’t wrong that the idea sounded antiquated, nor were you wrong for calling out the situation as it was. “We just want to make sure that when you’re old enough, you have a husband who can provide for you the way we have.”

“Frankly I don’t see why you’re so upset.” Your father growled, his arms now folded angrily over his chest. He puffed at the cigar in his mouth when he spoke. “You and the Stark boy are always off gallivanting together! At least now there will be some honesty to it.”

“Because he is my friend not my…” You couldn’t even choke out the word “husband”.

“Howard and Maria didn’t have any trouble getting Anthony to sign them.” Your mother reached over and plucked the documents from their box. She then untied the gold chord they were wrapped in and handed them back to you. Sure enough your best friend’s signature was scrawled across the bottom.

“Mom, Dad, I’m sorry.” You smiled, giving them your best fake apology. Inside you were fuming. You expected this type of nonsense from your parents by now but Tony was suppose to be different. “I’m going to the Stark’s now to talk over the formal arrangements.” With the contract gripped tightly between your fingers you headed outside three spacious mansions down to the Stark residence.

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