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Hey Bartender (Bucky Barnes x Plus size Reader)

Hey Bartender                                      

Summary: You thought you’d seen it all, heard it all till he walked in one warm summer night and turned your little world on its head.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Plus size Reader

Characters: Reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers,

Setting: future events

Rating: PG13

Warnings: name calling, body shaming, insecurities, language  

Word count: 1,947

Notes: Hello my sweet doves so this little one-shot is for “#Blade’s fix fest” held by the adorable @bookybuns, my prompt is “You own a bar and s/he is one of your regular patrons. Feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.

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Another warm stormy night, the bar mostly empty front door opens and the most unexpected person walks through that door which seen more action than most hookers on a good Friday night after paid day. Chestnut brown hair pulled back into a small man bun, black leather jacket covering broad shoulders, fitted jeans, boots and what looks to be a dark blue Henley under the jacket round out his look but it’s his eyes that trap and hold you. Eyes that have seen more than they should have for one who appears to be so young, yet looks can always deceive.

Watching while he took a spot at the bar just looking around like he’s been here before and trying to make sure it hasn’t changed much. Your dad always kept things as they were hollerin’ about changes being for the birds or something like that. You keep wiping down the old dark stained oak bar, eyes taking in everything and nothing all at once. Always keeping watch for any trouble that thankfully rarely broke out, yet one could never be too careful.

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At least we know there’s a name for it 😂😂😂

BTS Scenario | Daddy Dom

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Aftercare is not included.

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Warnings: Smut

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the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)

antis’ outraged reaction to Rian saying we can all relate to Kylo is reminding me of this C.S. Lewis quote @themoonslayer reminded me of the other day:

When a man is getting better he understands more and more clearly the evil that is still left in him. When a man is getting worse he understands his own badness less and less.

these people that systematically bully and harass people over fictional characters and ships seriously think they’re like the heroes of the story. they relate to Rey and Finn because like Rey and Finn, they’re good and kind and brave??? have they looked in the mirror lately??????

meanwhile, reylo shippers/ben redemptionists are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I think it’s because we see ourselves in Kylo. we see ourselves for the flawed people we are, people who fuck up and hurt people, and get up again and try to do better, which is what we hope Kylo will do. we like the heroes too, but it’s not because we think we are them, but because we admire them. they’re what we aspire to, but they’re not a reflection of who we are. who we are is Kylo (and no, this doesn’t mean we’re literally going to betray our families and kill our dads. this is a story, and Kylo functions as both a metaphorical reflection of our worst impulses and the hope that we can overcome them).

it’s just supremely ironic to me that here Rian is talking about how Kylo’s anger is a relatable quality, and then antis, the angriest people I’ve ever encountered, are screeching about how they don’t relate to Kylo at all. ‘understanding their own badness less and less’? sounds about right. (and I could add here that they’re possibly even more regressed than Kylo, who’s already showing signs of regretting what he’s done, Adam saying ‘humanity’ and ‘patricide isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’, etc. and I just laugh because it’s possible Kylo the fictional character who they think is worse than the devil is already more self-aware than they are.)

  • Wanting to bone Pennywise in human form: ok that's a bit weird but I can understand it. Bill Skarsgard and Tim Curry are pretty handsome men.
  • Wanting to bone Pennywise in demon spider form: this is getting a little alarming but still, harmless. just keep it away from me.
  • "Don't misgender Pennywise!": first off, the motherfucker is a demonic, fictional entity with no fixed gender that eats people why the fuck do you care about misgendering the damn thing created by a guy that was on enough cocaine at the time to kill the average human
  • Pennywise is a gay icon-: shut the FUCK up. Gay and bisexual men still gotta deal with the fuckin specter of John Wayne Gacy and he's been dead for about as long as I've been alive. One of the most pervasive and harmful stereotypes of men that have sex with other men is that they're fucking child predators so fucking stop this shit. stop doing this with fucking horror movie monsters that literally predate on children. stop. fucking stop. I ain't seen a single gay man do this, so fucking stop and show some goddamn respect
BTS Scenario | Riding

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Requested from Anonymous.

 Warnings: Smut

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This is supposed to be America meeting Benjamin Franklin for the first time but not having found a good reference on what young Franklin looked like I came out less than I wanted. 

Anyways when Ben was 17 he ran away from home (his bother harassed/beat him because he was jealous of his success with his Douglass letters) and back in those days it was actually illegal to runaway. So there was a time where Ben was walking around looking for work.(Mainly a printing job) And in my head cannons I like to think  that when America and Franklin meet.

Ben gets lost and desperate for some food and deices to steal some bread (baked by England)  from a home deep in the woods. only to be found by young America home from hunting who invites Franklin to stay with him in till England returns. (Who’s overseas)

Franklin is often dubbed as the ‘First American’  so I think it’s only fitting that he would be the first human that America revels his secret about being a personification to; and over the many years of their friendship they influence each other with the ideals and values of what the American character will be. 

First Kiss Story #2: The Art of the Kiss

“Crane?” Abbie called out, unable to find her fellow Witness in between the shelves at his favorite bookstore. He was usually easier to find than this, sticking mainly to one section but today, he must have gone exploring. She called out for a him a few more times before she turned the corner to find him in the self-help section.

He was completely engrossed in the book he was reading and didn’t even notice when she approached him. She could see the title plain as day when he finally looked over the top of the book and saw her standing there.

The Art of the Kiss.

According to the few lines she could catch on the back cover before he crammed it in place on the shelf, it covered such things as learning how to French kiss all the way to actual art that featured kissing. It seemed pretty inclusive and judging by the flush rising to Crane’s cheeks, pretty embarrassing to get caught reading if you were a grown man with no one to kiss presently.

“This is not what it seems,” he stammered, moving so he was standing in front of the section of books he had been focused so intently on that he didn’t even hear her call his name.

“What is it then?” Abbie asked, reaching around him for a copy of the book. She grabbed it and starting flipping through it. It was all rather lovely, actually. There were men kissing women. Women kissing women. Men kissing men. And art… from everyone’s favorite dorm room poster, The Kiss by Klimt to Pygmalion kissing Galatea in a work by Jean-Léon Gérôme.

“I was just curious,” Crane said, his hands now behind him as he stood there, not looking at the book as she flipped through the pages.


“Truth be told, it has been a while since I kissed someone… besides my wife…” Crane started to say, sort of mumbling through his sentence.

“Yeah, I remember. I saw a few of those kisses,” Abbie said, trying not cringe too hard at the memory.

“She and I weren’t getting along all that well then, as you remember… anyway, it’s been a while and I didn’t know if things were different now… if the occasion should present itself where I would be… kissing someone… again… if things… I don’t know,” he said, still not looking at her or the book.

“A kiss is just a kiss,” Abbie said, laughing just a little at all of this. “The fundamental things apply, Crane.”

“Don’t mock me,” he said, looking at her seriously. “This concerns… you.”

“What now? How?” Abbie asked.

He took the book out of her hands and set it aside before putting a hand on each of her shoulders and pulling her just a little bit closer. She wanted to tip her face up to look at him but before she could, he kissed the top of her head. Just a soft, gentle kiss. When he backed away slightly, she looked up at him, gazing into his eyes. His breathing was no longer as steady as it had been and as they looked at each other, they both breathed in and out, opposite of the other. Her heart started racing and she wasn’t sure how this turned into this so quickly but here they were, in a little bookstore, about to share their first kiss. At least she hoped he had the nerve to do it.

She stood up on her tiptoes and he stood with his legs just so that he could kiss her forehead now. He put his forehead against hers and they just stared into each other’s eyes, still breathing. She wasn’t sure how she was still breathing but she was.

He kissed her.




He kissed her and it was everything she had hoped for.

Just long enough so she could commit to memory the taste of him. Short enough to make her want more.

And she got more. She pulled his face down and showed him how she liked to be kissed. Yes, books were one thing but nothing beat practice. Her fingers twisted in his long hair, holding him close as her tongue parted his lips.

They were in a public place but yet somehow she had let this get far enough that he parted her thighs with a knee and she was rubbing against him as they kissed. His hands held her tight around her waist and the world was spinning… like she was some girl getting her first kiss all over again.

She was, sort of. The first first kiss that was going to matter for the rest of her life. The last first kiss she ever planned to have.

“Abbie,” he said, pulling away from her, and licking his rosy lips. His face was completely flushed now and she didn’t want to stop but knew that they couldn’t continue this here.

“Yes?” she asked, trying to catch her breath.

“I don’t think we’re going to need to buy that book,” he said and she laughed.

“No… I don’t think so. But what else do they have in here…” she asked, turning around in his arms and looking at the books on the shelves. Hard to believe that some of these were in print now, what with the internet acting as everyone’s guide these days.

“I don’t think we’re going to need any of these books, Abbie,” he said, pushing her hair aside, leaning in, and kissing her neck. She tilted her head to the side and he continued to place tender kisses across her jaw line and every inch of uncovered skin he could reach, taking a moment to suck on her earlobe. She shivered from the sensation and couldn’t wait for his mouth to explore all of her.

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure we can manage,” Abbie said, turning around and kissing him once more before staring into his eyes again. “We can manage just fine.”

The End

Healing - Gabriel x Reader

From my 300 Celebration (REQUESTS CLOSED), for @thewhiterabbit42
Character: Gabriel | Prompt:  #19. “I was afraid that you’d be afraid If I told you that I was afraid of intimacy.”  
: 2,183 (w o w)
Warnings: Angst… BUT SMUT AND FLUFF TOO. 

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*whispers* this is a continuation for It Happened One Night, cause that one made a lot of people sad. Sorry ily

His eyes.  

Staring into them was like looking at the sun through a glass of whiskey. You could swear they had light of their own. Maybe they did, thanks to his grace.  

On a normal day you would stare into his eyes for minutes, letting that solid amber warm you up. You adored how his eyes crinkled at the corners when he laughed, causing them to almost shut close. On a normal day that would be enough to have you smiling until the next one.  

But it wasn’t a normal day.

It actually hadn’t been a normal couple of months.

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anonymous asked:

Hey could you please explain why youre not an anti? Im not trying to be rude or anything its just that as a teenager the same age as the paladins i dont see how a seven/eight year difference can be good

Short version: It doesn’t matter.

Long version: Sigh. Without getting into a whole long diatribe on this whole age discourse thing, I’ll just sum it up by saying that no, a gap of 7-8 years is not a big deal. There are plenty of RL couples with gaps that big that are perfectly healthy and happy. The difference between a teenager and an adult can be a bit of a maturity issue, sure. The power dynamic between a leader and a subordinate can also make relationships tricky to navigate. But this is fiction. It’s easy to fix. Just age one character up or the other down. Or assume that they are all ACTUALLY teenagers, as multiple “official” sources have stated. (No, the Guidebook is not especially reliable. The show writers had nothing to do with it.)

Even if it WAS a problem, it still doesn’t matter. This is fandom. People are allowed to have unhealthy ships, not that I’m saying that any ship with Shiro and another paladin is unhealthy. It’s fiction. It doesn’t matter. This is not a moral issue. You are allowed to be squicked by ships you don’t like, for any reason, but that doesn’t mean that you have a moral mandate to oppose them, vocally or otherwise. Nor does anyone else. That is not your job.

If you don’t like what someone is doing, unfollow them. Download xkit and block the tag. If me NOT being an anti makes you uncomfortable, even though I don’t reblog or create fanwork with ships, unfollow me. It’s okay. I won’t be upset. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and make sure you’re comfortable. You are in charge of your own experience, especially in a fandom setting where lots of people make an effort to tag and add trigger warnings all over the place so you don’t have to be exposed to anything you don’t like.

What you can’t do is police the fandom. You can’t convict other fans of thoughtcrimes because they don’t feel the same way you do about a ship. Not only is it a very unhealthy and unproductive road for you to go down, it’s literally impossible. There will always be people out there who ship things that you don’t like and find problematic. The sooner you learn to accept that fact, the better off you’ll be.

BTS Scenario | Fight [One]

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Requested from Anonymous.

Warnings: Angst

One | Two

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